Why Priority Gold is a Trusted Name in Gold Investing

Updated May 28, 2024

In the fast-paced finance world, Priority Gold shines as a beacon of stability and trust. Since launching in 2015, this California firm has gained a strong footing in gold investing. It serves clients all over the U.S. with more than just precious metals dealing. They are dedicated to keeping wealth safe with smart gold investment methods.

Priority Gold boasts an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, showing its dedication to reliability and integrity. Their website is SSL-secured, ensuring safe online transactions. Besides gold and silver bullion, they offer rare coins and large 10oz silver bars suitable for retirement accounts like IRAs and SEP IRAs. This makes them vital for building a secure retirement plan with precious metals.

The team at Priority Gold focuses on making investing personal. They put a big emphasis on customer service to improve any retirement plan. In a world full of quick trends, Priority Gold remains a trusted name for those looking to invest in gold.

Key Takeaways

  • Priority Gold has solidified its reputation as a trusted gold investment company focused on wealth preservation.
  • An A+ rating from the BBB and secure online transactions emphasize Priority Gold's commitment to client safety and trust.
  • Their specialization in IRA-verified products highlights their role in strategic gold investment strategies.
  • Comprehensive advice and personalized management services showcase their dedication to customer-centric retirement planning.
  • Recognition as a premier precious metals investment company is a testament to Priority Gold's commitment to quality and trust.

Exploring the Legacy of Priority Gold in Precious Metals Investment

Priority Gold has been a key player in precious metals from the start. It is known for its gold and silver smarts. Today, it sets the success standard for both experienced and new investors. We will look into what makes Priority Lab stand out in the precious metals world.

  • Precious Metals Legacies: Priority Gold's smart moves and steady support have built a strong legacy in the industry. Their powerful strategies have changed how people see gold and silver investments.
  • Priority Gold Investments: The company is dedicated to teaching its customers and offering smart investment choices. Thanks to this approach, Priority Gold is at the top, with offerings that meet various investor needs.
  • Gold and Silver Expertise: Priority Gold’s team of experts has always given top-notch advice and management. This builds trust among investors who are trying to understand the tricky world of metal investments.
  • Industry Success: Its high ratings from groups like the Business Consumer Alliance and TrustLink show Priority Gold’s excellence and ethical ways. This proves its strong position and good practices in the business.

Priority Gold excels at making precious metals investment easy to understand. It guarantees unmatched quality and trust in the field. This has cemented its role as a trusted leader among investors.

Goldco is an industry leader in the precious metals space, offering a comprehensive approach to protecting your retirement savings in an ever-changing economic landscape.


  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • Money.com 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

Comprehensive Services Offered by Priority Gold

Priority Gold gives a wide range of services aimed at helping investors with precious metals. They specialize in gold and silver IRAs. The company offers custom investment advice and manages asset allocation. They also use tax-loss harvesting to improve your investment results. Known for their competitive prices and great customer service, Priority Gold is ideal for both new and experienced investors.

  • Gold and Silver IRAs: They help clients start and manage gold and silver IRAs. This sets a solid base for strong retirement savings.
  • Investment Advice: Clients get specialized advice fitting their financial goals. This aids them in choosing wisely among precious metal investments.
  • Asset Allocation: Right asset mix is key for good returns and risk management. Priority Gold gives custom plans for every client.
  • Tax-Loss Harvesting: Selling assets at a loss to lower capital gains tax is a strategy. Priority Gold helps clients use it to boost their investments after taxes.

Priority Gold is also great at handling large financial deals safely and efficiently. For orders above $10,000, clients get free shipping and insurance for one year. And, for IRA rollovers more than $50,000, they don’t charge storage and admin fees for the first year. This shows their dedication to offering value and easing investors' financial costs.

Their Gold IRA Starter Program is perfect for newcomers to precious metals investing. It gives a clear plan to kickstart and build retirement savings.

The Benefits of Diversifying with Precious Metal IRAs

Investing today is all about finding smart ways to protect and grow your money. Precious metal IRAs are a top choice for many smart investors. They blend the reliability of gold and silver with the perks of retirement accounts.

Understanding the Importance of Precious Metal IRAs

Precious Metal IRAs are a solid way to keep your wealth safe. They use the lasting value of metals like gold and silver. These metals have shone through economic ups and downs, perfect for inflation protection.

When you add IRS-approved gold and silver to your IRA, you mix safety with growth chances. It's a smart move for your future wealth.

How Priority Gold Makes IRA Investment Seamless

Priority Gold makes adding gold and silver to IRAs easy. This helps investors spread their retirement savings without hassle. You get the tax perks of IRAs while protecting your money from economic surprises.

Priority Gold's Commitment to User-Friendly Account Setup

Priority Gold knows how important an easy account setup is. This is especially true for those new to saving for retirement or managing a self-directed IRA. They offer various easy-to-use resources. This makes the account setup process simple for every investor, no matter their level of experience.

  1. Step-by-legal-Step Guide: These guides help users understand the complex retirement investment process. They offer a clear path through the setup process.
  2. Online IRA Guide: You can find this guide for free on the Priority Gold website. It's crucial for grasping the details of self-directed IRAs and saving for retirement.
  3. Educational Blog and Glossary: With regular updates, these tools offer insights into investment strategies and market trends. They help investors make smart decisions.

Priority Gold is dedicated to teaching its customers. This shows its commitment to making investments easy to understand. By ensuring access to simple-to-use tools, Priority Gold helps its clients make choices that improve their financial futures.

Safeguarding Your Investments: Priority Gold's Custodial Partnerships

Priority Gold has joined forces with top custodians in the field. This move is key to making sure your investments are safe and expertly managed. They are all about keeping your valuable assets both safe and in good hands.

Partnering with Highly Regarded Custodians

Priority Gold works with trusted trustees like Preferred Trust Company. They're known for their strict follow-up on IRS rules and top-notch care. This partnership is all about securing investments through careful management. It boosts investor trust and keeps the asset management process solid.

Choosing the Right Storage Options

Priority Gold knows that safe and correct storage of your investment matters a lot. They offer different ways to store your precious metals, thanks to their depository partners. Whether it's segregated or allocated storage, there's a perfect choice for every investor.

  • Segregated storage offers the safety of separate storage spaces for individual clients’ assets, enhancing the security and individual accountability of each investment.
  • Allocated storage ensures that the physical metals are readily available under the client’s name, guaranteeing transparency and direct ownership.

The main goal here is keeping client trust and happiness, which is vital for secure, long-lasting investments. With its smart choice of custodians, Priority Gold is a leader in security and client-centered services.

Real Customer Testimonials: Confidence in Priority Gold

Investing in precious metals is important. For many, how happy customers are tells a lot about a company. Priority Gold is great at this. Many customers have raved about them. They have awesome reviews on famous sites.

  • Customers love Priority Gold's prices. They match the market but also help investors make more money.
  • The team at Priority Gold knows their stuff. People really value their help from start to end.
  • Trust and being professional are big for them. New customers feel good about their choices with Priority Gold.

Looking at what customers say, we see Priority Gold is top-notch. They get great scores on sites like the BBB, TrustPilot, and BCA. Their good name stands out in the gold market.

If you want a trusted gold investment partner, think about Priority Gold. They get glowing reviews and keep customers very happy. Their team's commitment and care really support investors, whether you're new or experienced.

Examining the Pros and Cons of Partnering with Priority Gold

Looking into investing with Priority Gold, you should consider the benefits and options they offer. At the same time, think about how they could make their services even better.

Why Investors Choose Priority Gold

  • Investing Advantages: Priority Gold attracts investors with its competitive prices. It helps both experienced and new investors. They offer great customer service to make investing easy and supportive.
  • Customer Service Excellence: The exceptionally attentive support staff goes above and clear to align investment options with the individual financial goals of their clients, making it a preferred choice for those seeking personalized service.
  • Portfolio Options: The company has a wide range of precious metals, mainly coins. This is perfect for IRAs and preserving wealth.

Areas Where Priority Gold Could Expand

  1. Broader Product Range: Priority Gold has a lot of coins to choose from. Adding bullion bars and rounds could attract even more investors.
  2. Enhanced Online Customer Interaction: A live chat feature would make customer service even better. It would offer quick help and make clients happier.

Addressing the Concerns: Is Priority Gold Legitimate?

When picking a trusted gold dealer, its truthfulness and cred is key. Priority Gold tackles these worries openly with full honesty and right business actions. Here's how Priority Gold proves its truthfulness and steadiness in the precious metals field:

  • Priority Gold legitimacy is proven by sticking to high moral rules and following legal guidelines. This makes sure all deals are safe and clear.
  • With excellent self-directed IRA services, Priority Gold lets investors manage their gold and silver investments. This means they can look after their retirement cash themselves.
  • Being a reliable gold dealer, Priority Gold has great feedback from many happy customers. This is also shown by top scores on well-known review sites.

People wanting a safe method to add precious metals to their retirement plans can count on Priority Gold. They offer honesty and committed help.


Priority Gold stands out in gold investment, showing great resilience and foresight. This company is known for its commitment to trustworthy gold investment. It offers a powerful story as a top company helping people make safe investments for the future.

Priority Gold’s approach combines deep knowledge with a respect for customers. This blends to highlight the company's value to investors. Precious metals like gold and silver are key for keeping wealth safe. Priority Gold makes these metals easy to invest in through gold and silver IRAs.

At the heart of Priority Gold is its focus on trust and quality service. It builds strong relationships with its clients, underpinning its excellent reputation. Along with great service, Priority Gold provides its investors with educational resources. This helps them make smart choices about their financial future.

For anyone wanting to protect their assets and improve their financial situation, Priority Gold is a guiding light. It operates with full transparency and integrity. Priority Gold shows it is a wise choice for investors wanting to add precious metals to their portfolios. In short, Priority Gold builds trust, offers learning opportunities, and commits to helping clients achieve a wealthy future with gold and silver IRAs.

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