Why Choose 7k Metals for Precious Metal Investments?

Updated May 22, 2024

Investing in precious metals is a great way to protect your money. Located in Idaho, 7k Metals stands out by offering a special exclusive membership setup. It was created by Josh Anderson, Zach Davis, and Roger Ball in 2016. With their deep know-how, they've made it easier for everyone to invest in gold and silver. This helps people from different walks of life strive for financial independence.

7k Metals offers an easier way to own precious metals at a great price. They work directly with top suppliers. This means you can get high-quality products without spending too much. Now, anyone can boost their investments with the safety and strength of precious metals.

Key Takeaways

  • 7k Metals, established by experienced industry professionals, specializes in precious metal investments
  • Their subscription-based platform provides exceptional accessibility for financial independence
  • With a focus on wealth preservation, they offer a unique investment experience
  • Members receive competitive prices by bypassing traditional middlemen in the purchase process
  • 7k Metals' approach enables exclusive membership to individuals with diverse economic backgrounds

Understanding 7k Metals and Its Founding Principles

7k Metals is built on principles that guide its mission in the precious metals field. These ideas combine financial security with the need for everyone to know how to invest. They show how crucial it is to have investment knowledge that's easy for all to reach.

The Mission Behind 7k Metals

7k Metals aims to protect people from economic ups and downs by bringing precious metals to more folks. The founders use their know-how of the market to help customers buy metals wisely. This approach boosts their financial safety.

Expertise of the Founders in Precious Metals

The people who started 7k Metals know a lot about investing in precious metals. They saw that many people didn't get how to approach these investments. So, they set up 7k Metals to make investing in gold and silver clearer.

They also wanted to teach investors why precious metals are key for a smart investment plan. This training reflects the company's main values.

The Buyer’s Certification Program is another way they help investors. This program teaches buyers how to pick the right metals for their needs. It's all about making smart choices based on strong knowledge of investments.

Goldco is an industry leader in the precious metals space, offering a comprehensive approach to protecting your retirement savings in an ever-changing economic landscape.


  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • Money.com 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

7k Metals' Approach to Precious Metal Investments

At 7k Metals, they aim to widen the scope of precious metal investments. Their product range is diverse and their buying strategies are innovative. They provide a lot of value and make it easy for their members to buy.

Bullion, Coins, and Collectibles: A Diverse Selection

7k Metals gives its members a chance to expand their investment portfolios. They offer traditional bullion, graded coins, and rare collectibles. This selection includes:

  • Top-quality gold and silver bullion for those who value these metals.
  • Graded coins that are certified for quality, making them sought after in the collectors' market.
  • Unique collectibles that are rare and have historical significance.

Innovations in Gold and Silver Purchasing

7k Metals leads with innovative ways to buy precious metals. They make acquiring precious metals easy and advantageous. Some key innovations are:

  • An automated system for setting up recurring precious metals investments, making portfolio building effortless.
  • The Auto Saver Program ensures valuable coins are delivered monthly, promoting regular investment.
  • Direct deals with mints and suppliers mean buying is more affordable, offering lower prices to members.

With these initiatives, 7k Metals aims to maximize the investment potential of precious metals for each member. They cater to both experienced investors and newcomers in the bullion and coin market.

The Importance of Precious Metals in Financial Portfolios

Precious metals, known for their beauty and rarity, play a key role in investments. Adding gold and silver to your portfolio is a smart move. It helps keep your buying power strong, especially when the economy is shaky.

After the gold standard ended in 1971, the way we value money changed. Precious metals became important for protecting against inflation. With no real backing, currencies are at risk of losing value. But metals like gold and silver stay valuable because they are scarce and accepted worldwide.

  • Precious metals maintain intrinsic value over time, unlike paper currency that can be subject to devaluation.
  • Inclusion in financial portfolios allows diversification that helps safeguard against fluctuating market conditions.
  • They act as an insurance against systemic financial concerns and currency devaluation, reinforcing financial stability.

Adding precious metals to your investment mix is about more than just growing your wealth. It's a shield against the harmful impacts of economic ups and downs. This move ensures your money's buying power is protected, securing your financial future.

Membership Perks of Joining 7k Metals

Joining 7k Metals opens the door to many benefits. Members enjoy special programs and exclusive collections. These perks improve both your knowledge and your collection. Being a member is not just about buying precious metals. It's also an investment in your financial education and a chance to access rare collecting opportunities.

Exclusive Buyer's Certification Program

The Buyer's Certification Program is a key benefit of 7k Metals membership. It teaches both new and seasoned collectors about precious metal investments. The program helps members understand their buying preferences. This aligns with their investment goals and how much risk they can take. It leads to smarter and more strategic investing.

Access to Limited Edition and Rare Coins

Members get special access to limited edition and rare coins. These coins aren't usually available to the public. Having exclusive access lets members build diverse collections. These collections can grow in value over time. This makes 7k Metals more than just a place to buy. It's a vital collecting partner.

Understanding the Purchasing Power of Precious Metals

The idea of purchasing power is key in understanding money's true value over time. 7k Metals shows that currencies not tied to gold, especially since 1971, lose value faster. This is because more money gets printed. When more money is made, each dollar buys less.

Precious metals, however, stand firm against this loss of value. They are rare and real, which helps them keep or grow their value. Unlike paper money, they're not weakened by government decisions or excessive printing. Precious metals serve as an essential defense against reduced purchasing power.

  • The uninterrupted value: History, for instance the value shift of silver coins from 1965 to today, shows precious metals maintain buying power over time.
  • Acts as a stable currency: Precious metals stay steady against the ups and downs that hit regular money, helping protect against inflation.

7k Metals teaches its members to see precious metals not just as investments. They are a smart way to protect money against uncertain economic times and constant loss of money value.

7k Metals' Unique Auto Saver Program Explained

The Auto Saver Program by 7k Metals changes how we save and grow wealth. It helps members save in a disciplined way, focusing on long-term wealth. Each member gets to build a valuable collection of precious metals. This includes the highly sought-after MS70 Silver Eagle coin.

How the Auto Saver Program Builds Wealth

This program makes saving consistent and easy. It teaches the importance of saving regularly for wealth growth. It also makes buying precious metals automatic. So, members see their wealth grow over time through their collections.

Collectible Coins: The MS70 Silver Eagle

The MS70 Silver Eagle is at the heart of the Auto Saver Program. It's known for its beauty and investment value. The coin is perfect, which makes it very desired by collectors and investors. Having such coins helps build a valuable and strong portfolio. This portfolio stands strong against economic changes and grows in value.

  • Facilitates regular investment in precious metals.
  • Eliminates the need for day-to-day management of investments.
  • Provides an accessible pathway for building wealth through the acquisition of assets like the MS70 Silver Eagle.
  • Encourages a disciplined approach, turning periodic investment into a substantial portfolio over time.

7k Metals' Auto Saver Program makes wealth building easy. It uses the power of precious metals. This helps investors grow their wealth steadily and securely.

Pricing Structures and Affordability with 7k Metals

7k Metals focuses on making precious metals more affordable through competitive pricing. They save costs by cutting out middlemen. This means members enjoy lower prices, showing 7k Metals' promise to provide better value with clear and fair pricing.

Competitive Pricing Eliminating the Middleman

7k Metals believes in removing the middleman to lower costs. This move helps members save money. So, their competitive prices are not just words; they're real savings that members benefit from all the time.

Understanding the Membership Costs and Benefits

The membership plans at 7k Metals fit different budgets and goals. They offer everything from basic to premium memberships. Each level has its own perks, making the investment journey better:

  • Transparency in fee structure, ensuring no hidden costs.
  • Diverse membership options that fit various budgets and investment strategies.
  • Access to exclusive market insights and buying opportunities.

Together, these benefits make it easier for all investors to get involved with precious metals. They can invest confidently, knowing they're making well-informed decisions for their financial future.

Comparing 7k Metals with Traditional Investment Models

Diversifying your investments is key to reducing risk and improving returns. Traditional modes like stocks, bonds, and real estate are often considered. Yet, many wise investors now see the value in precious metals. Tools such as 7k Metals make it easier to add these metals to your portfolio, enhancing its strength.

  • Portfolio Diversity: Precious metals add variety to your portfolio. They react differently to market changes compared to stocks or real estate. This helps protect your investments when the market drops, as metals often maintain their value separately.
  • Metal Markets: Investing in metals goes beyond just buying bullion. 7k Metals opens up the world of metal markets. Here, coins and collectibles might grow in value uniquely, creating new opportunities.
  • Comparative Stability: Unlike traditional investments, which can be shaky due to economic shifts or global events, precious metals generally keep their worth. This can make your finances more secure when times are uncertain.

Knowing how traditional investments mix with precious metals can reduce risks and boost potential earnings. This strategy prepares investors to handle market intricacies, leading to a steadier and more diverse investment portfolio.

7k Metals' Impact on Asset Protection and Wealth Preservation

Precious metals like gold and silver are more than just rare. They are key for keeping wealth safe. 7k Metals offers lots of ways to make your financial portfolio stronger. They use metals that help save on taxes and boost financial safety.

Tax Advantages of Investing in Precious Metals

Investing in precious metals at 7k Metals comes with tax perks. Gold and silver can be part of IRAs that save you tax money. These metals can really cut down on capital gains taxes. This makes them a big part of saving wealth.

Maximizing Financial Security with Tangible Assets

Gold and silver are solid protections against market ups and downs. Owning these metals makes you feel secure, unlike paper assets. 7k Metals helps its members pick the best assets to protect their wealth from big swings.

Testimonials and Success Stories from 7k Metals Members

7k Metals members have shared their success stories and financial wins, showing how great the investment programs are. They talk about reaching financial security and growing their wealth with 7k Metals' help. It's all about the journey to becoming more financially stable.

  • Many members point out how important the educational resources were for their financial choices. They helped them get more from their precious metal investments.
  • Success stories often tell about the exclusive buyer's networks 7k Metals has. These networks give access to special metals markets, making portfolios grow.
  • People often share how they became financially independent through the Auto Saver program. It encourages saving, leading to big personal financial achievements.

These testimonials are not just positive reviews. They're real stories from real people about the benefits they've seen. They help build trust for anyone thinking about joining 7k Metals. It shows how investing in precious metals with 7k Metals' advice can bring financial rewards.

Educational Support and Resources Provided by 7k Metals

7k Metals focuses strongly on education. They believe learning is key for their members to make wise investment choices. Through education and detailed market analysis, they ensure every investor can understand and work through the complex precious metals market.

Buyer's Certification Program and Investment Knowledge

The Buyer's Certification Program is a key part of 7k Metals' education effort. It covers everything from basic terms to complex market trends. This program aims to boost members' knowledge. It helps them make better investment plans confidently.

Navigating the Market with Informed Decisions

With the Buyer’s Certification Program and more resources, 7k Metals members are ready to deeply analyze the market. This training helps them make smart choices. That's key in the changing precious metals market. The resources offered help spot both chances and risks, matching their investment moves with the market.


7k Metals shines as a guide to financial growth through smart investments in precious metals. It teaches members how to increase and safeguard their wealth. A close look at 7k Metals shows their focus on education and wise buying. This makes investing in gold, silver, and other precious metals simpler for everyone.

The company offers a wide range of options and support to its users. They have unique collectibles and programs like the Auto Saver. These help people add valuable items to their investment mix. These assets remain valuable, not affected by stock market ups and downs. Many members share their success stories, proving the benefits of partnering with 7k Metals.

In summary, 7k Metals is dedicated to helping its investors succeed. It provides top-notch tools and guidance for financial security and growth. Those looking for smart ways to diversify their assets will find a strong ally in 7k Metals. This platform helps members excel in the challenging economic environment of today.

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