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Updated June 21, 2024

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West Hills Capital is a financial services company specializing in precious metals investment opportunities, offering clients resources for wealth preservation and growth through gold and silver assets.

West Hills Capital positions itself as a defense against economic turmoil. It promises investors comprehensive risk management strategies, with an array of gold, platinum, and silver options. But it’s crucial to look closer. As they invite prospective clients with the promise of a more secure retirement and a free guide on precious metals IRAs, we dig deeper, challenging their claims.

The question of how open West Hills Capital is about important details like fees and IRA custodian relationships remains. We closely examine these important factors to facilitate wise decision-making.

Key Takeaways

  • West Hills Capital positions itself as a fortress of retirement planning, offering precious metals IRAs.
  • The importance of diversifying investment portfolios with gold and silver investments is a central aspect of their services.
  • Despite pledging dedication to transparent, fair dealing, the company's online presence raises questions due to limited reviews and murky fee structures.
  • Educational resources and access to in-house IRA experts underline West Hills Capital’s commitment to investor education.

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West Hills Capital Review: A Comprehensive Evaluation

Exploring West Hills Capital reveals a leading name in precious metals, stationed in Wichita, Kansas. Since 2012, this entity has focused on enhancing investor knowledge. With Joe Unger at the helm and Reid Hansen as the tech guru, the firm commits to outstanding West Hills Capital products. They also prioritize building meaningful relationships with their investors.

Company Background and Services

West Hills Capital excels in supplying various gold, silver, and platinum items. Their unique sales approach emphasizes education on market trends over mere transactional exchanges. They aim to equip their clients with the insights needed for adept navigation through the unpredictable terrain of precious metal investments.

Reputation and Customer Feedback

While West Hills Capital enjoys recognition from notable outfits like Business Insider and Inc. 500, its online presence suggests room for improvement. Few reviews on major platforms indicate a disconnect in achieving service excellence. This scenario underscores the importance for prospective clients to dig deeper into the company’s reliability and the praise it has received for customer service.

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Product Portfolio: An Overview of West Hills Capital Offerings

West Hills Capital presents a diverse array of investment-grade precious metals. This positions it as a strong option for experienced and new investors looking to diversify their holdings.

Their offerings include gold bullion, platinum investment pieces, and a variety of silver coins. Each item is selected to meet the specific needs of investors and comply with IRS regulations for precious metals IRAs.

  • Gold Bullion: Comprising high-purity bars and coins, these items cater to both investors and collectors. Pricing is transparent, making it easy to understand the value.
  • Platinum Investment: Known for its scarcity and value, platinum options provide an intriguing alternative to gold. This appeals to investors looking for new opportunities.
  • Silver Coins: These include bullion and collectors' pieces, offering a way to invest at a more accessible price point compared to gold.
  • Collectors' Coins: Beyond their material value, these coins also offer historical and artistic significance. They attract a wide range of collectors and investors alike.

The variety of precious metals options showcases West Hills Capital's dedication to meeting diverse investment preferences. Although its catalog covers a broad spectrum, it's important to note the lack of palladium and rhodium options.

This might indicate plans for future expansion or an oversight. Regardless, it underscores the necessity for investors to perform thorough research when considering their choices.

An Insight into West Hills Capital's IRA Services

West Hills Capital excels at using their expertise in precious metals IRAs to support investors. They aim for tailored strategies that meet retirement goals. Emphasis on portfolio diversification is key, providing investors with guides. These guides help navigate towards security and growth in retirement.

Their services transcend just offering precious metals IRA options. Committed to transparency, West Hills Capital navigates clients through intricate choices. They avoid misleading promises. Their focus is strategic, integrating gold, silver, and other metals into portfolios. This combats market fluctuations effectively.

  • IRA Investment Services: They give investors essential reading on investment strategies. This includes the advantages of precious metals IRAs.
  • Portfolio Diversification: Expert advice is given for a diversified portfolio. This is vital for reducing market volatility risks.
  • Precious Metals IRA Options: Custom recommendations for gold, silver, and other metals for IRA investments are provided. They ensure IRS compliance.
  • Retirement Goals: Strategies match individual retirement dreams. This creates a pathway for long-term financial security.

West Hills Capital offers extensive services for aligning investments with retirement aims. However, potential clients should get more information directly from the firm. This concerns specific IRA types and custodial partnerships. It ensures the investment strategy is clear and transparent.

Exploring IRA Custodian and Storage Options with West Hills Capital

When you consider a precious metals IRA with West Hills Capital, understanding the roles of secure IRA custodians and precious metals storage safeguards is essential. These factors are key to ensuring IRA compliance and securing your investment.

Navigating Precious Metals IRA Custodians

Choosing the right IRA custodian is essential for your precious metals IRA's security and compliance. A secure IRA custodian ensures regulatory adherence, secure management, and proper reporting of your investments.

Nevertheless, finding information on West Hills Capital's custodian partnerships can be challenging. The company has not fully disclosed this information on their platforms.

The Significance of Secure Depository Storage

Storage is crucial for the safety and upkeep of your metals. It's important to understand the security and insurance coverage of depositories. While West Hills Capital facilitates precious metals IRA setups, details on their secure depository options and the exact security measures are not well-defined. The lack of transparency can be concerning for investors focused on security.

  • Review available information on IRA custodian credentials and storage safety to ensure robust protection.
  • Inquire directly about IRA fees and minimum investment thresholds.
  • Confirm the presence of comprehensive insurance cover and other protective measures for stored assets.

It is vital to ensure thorough understanding and transparency about IRA custodians and storage options with West Hills Capital. This ensures the security of your investment.

The Process of Signing Up for an IRA with West Hills Capital

Embarking on securing your financial future with West Hills Capital involves gold and silver investments. The company streamlines the opening of a precious metals IRA. Clients receive guidance at every turn, ensuring a smooth experience.

Starting Your Journey: Contacting IRA Experts

The IRA rollover process with West Hills Capital starts by talking to an IRA expert. This consultation aims to review your current assets and explore the advantages of adding precious metals. It's about diversifying your investments to strengthen your portfolio.

From Rollovers to Funding: The Transaction Steps

Looking to start fresh or rollover an existing account? West Hills Capital's IRA experts make moving to a precious metals IRA straightforward, avoiding IRS penalties. Below are the essential steps:

  1. Contact an Expert: Talk about your financial goals and get detailed advice on the perks of transferring existing retirement funds.
  2. Review your Portfolio: Get specialized investment advice to choose the right IRA-eligible precious metals for your portfolio.
  3. Execute the Rollover: Depend on the IRA professionals to make swapping your accounts to a new precious metals IRA easy and rule-compliant.
  4. Purchase and Secure Shipment: After funding your account, buy your metals and organize their delivery to a certified depository securely.

Every phase is crafted for the client's ease and safety, ensuring you receive tailored assistance while funding and establishing your precious metals IRA.

Payment and Shipping Policies of West Hills Capital

West Hills Capital ensures secure and satisfying transactions in purchasing precious metals. They accept diverse payment methods and provide comprehensive shipping insurance. These policies are crafted to improve the customer's buying journey.

Positive Customer Experiences with Fee-Free Shipping

Complimentary shipping for orders over $199 is a key benefit at West Hills Capital. This approach motivates customers to buy in bulk. Every shipment is insured, protecting the valuable items shipped. Buyers incur no extra costs, enhancing their overall experience.

  • Elimination of shipping costs on qualifying orders enhances affordability.
  • Comprehensive shipping insurance on every order ensures that customers feel secure throughout the delivery process.
  • Efficient and discreet delivery of precious metals maintains privacy and trust.

The Palette of Payment Options Available

West Hills Capital accepts a myriad of mainstream payment methods. Customers can use American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and PayPal. This flexibility makes purchasing easy and convenient. Their payment policy is inclusive, ensuring a broad customer base is catered to.

  • Availability of multiple payment platforms caters to a broader customer base.
  • Secure transaction processes are in place to protect personal and financial information.
  • Though not explicitly mentioned, queries about alternative payment methods like personal checks or cash are addressed by customer service.


West Hills Capital has emerged as a confident voice promoting precious metals for diversified portfolios. They offer a range of products for investors interested in gold, silver, and platinum. This demonstrates their thorough grasp of market subtleties.

Their transparent approach and advocacy for well-informed decisions create trust. Yet, the need for clarity on IRA details and custodial partnerships remains. Addressing this would further enhance their respected services.

The company's story is predominantly positive. They focus on education, customer support, and a value-based strategy. West West Hills Capital is adept at building trust and drawing in those seeking a financially secure partner.


  • Services: Bullion Dealer
  • Products: Gold, silver, copper, palladium and platinum
  • Promotion: None

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