Wavebasis Review – Is This Trading Tool Worth It?

Updated July 6, 2024

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Sierra Chart is a comprehensive and professional trading platform that provides advanced charting capabilities, real-time market data, and extensive analytical tools for traders and investors in various financial markets.

Traders and analysts constantly search for tools that provide an edge in the financial markets. Wavebasis Software shines as a standout choice for Elliott Wave Analysis, offering a high level of precision and efficiency.

It plays a crucial role in helping traders unlock complex market dynamics and craft effective strategies. This review will examine its features, analyze feedback from its users, and determine how it stacks up against alternative analysis tools.

Key Takeaways

  • Wavebasis is highly commended for its precise Elliott Wave analysis capabilities.
  • The software boasts user-friendly trading tools that earn it a high percentage of 5-star reviews.
  • Its automated trading software is favored for its accuracy in providing automated wave counts and price targets.
  • Experienced traders acknowledge Wavebasis's superiority over other Elliott Wave software in the market.
  • The cloud-based platform of Wavebasis emphasizes its commitment to accessibility and enhanced trading strategy.

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Introduction to Wavebasis: A New Era in Technical Analysis

Wavebasis Software ushers in a groundbreaking moment in financial trading tools by merging classical Elliott Wave principles with modern technology. This specialized Technical Analysis Platform caters to the needs of both novices and seasoned traders. It transforms their market strategies.

The heart of Wavebasis' innovation lies in an intuitive interface that simplifies Elliott Wave analysis. It automates the complex parts of wave counting, boosting accuracy. This significantly reduces the time it takes for beginners to grasp Elliott Wave techniques.

  • Accessibility: Wavebasis Software is crafted for ease of use, making advanced market analysis open to more people.
  • Efficiency: With real-time analysis tools, traders can quickly make sound decisions. They rely on automatic wave counts and pattern recognition.
  • Flexibility: It supports various markets and instruments, aiding traders with different focus areas.

The Elliott Wave principle remains essential for technical analysts. Wavebasis boosts this tool's effectiveness and ease of use, providing in-depth wave counts and forecasting. Its dedication to precision and reliability is unmatched.

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Wavebasis' Advanced Features and Tools

Wavebasis shines in the realm of technical analysis with its broad array of sophisticated trading tools. These are designed to boost the abilities of traders at all levels. In this overview, we'll explore three of its standout advanced functions that highlight the platform's exceptionalities.

Automatic Wave Counts and Pattern Forecasts

Automatic Elliott Wave pattern recognition is at the heart of Wavebasis's offering. It automates wave counts, allowing traders to dissect market trends with much higher accuracy.

By sidestepping the need for manual wave plotting, the tool's algorithms adeptly spot patterns. They also forecast future market activity, vital for crafting savvy strategies. This merges AI's efficiency with an almost human insight into market subtleties.

Integration with TradingView Charts

The comparison between Wavebasis and TradingView charts reveals a seamless integration. Wavebasis prides itself on proprietary charting tools that deliver sharp, actionable insights. Such tools are easy to use and interactive. Traders can seamlessly alternate between various analysis scenarios and time frames.

This smooth integration becomes invaluable for those managing complex portfolios.

Smart Tools for Enhanced Trade Efficiency

Wavebasis incorporates 'smart tools' to push trading efficiency to new heights. These tools include:

  • Dynamic Fibonacci levels that adjust with user inputs.
  • Auto-marked zones for finding support and resistance, refining trade setups.
  • Diverse overlays for effortless comparison and analysis across different assets.

Together, they amplify the effectiveness of automated wave counts. They empower traders to oversee various accounts and stay competitive in volatile markets. Thus, Wavebasis demonstrates that the right technical tools can shift subjective analysis toward systematic trading approaches.

User Experiences with Wavebasis

Exploring user feedback and assessing customer service are key in distinguishing good from great financial trading software. Wavebasis shines in this respect, known for its advanced Elliott Wave analysis capabilities. It also receives high marks for engaging its users effectively.

Real-Life Outcomes from Wavebasis Users

Wavebasis reviews often speak to the tangible benefits traders gain from this software. A few outcomes stand out:

  • Increased accuracy in forecasting market movements, credited to the software’s in-depth analysis tools.
  • Significant time savings in trend analysis, thanks to automated wave counting features.
  • Improved trading strategies, as traders underline practical improvements from platform use.

These outcomes craft a portfolio of success stories, fostering confidence in Wavebasis.

Customer Service: Above and Beyond Expectations

The caliber of support provided by a tech product is as essential as the software itself. Wavebasis's customer service receives widespread acclaim:

  • Support is available during critical trading times and holidays, ensuring users have the help they need.
  • Experienced traders offer direct support, understanding and meeting user needs precisely, raising the quality of their assistance.
  • The team provides responsive and useful guidance, enabling even novices to effectively apply Elliott Wave analysis.

This exceptional level of service not only retains users but turns them into advocates in the trader community.

Performance and Reliability of Wavebasis Software

When examining Software Reliability and performance of Wavebasis, it is vital to weigh its advanced capabilities against its improvement areas. This approach yields a comprehensive understanding of its operational success.

  • Wavebasis Efficiency: Wavebasis is celebrated for its efficiency in analyzing Elliott Wave patterns. Its sophisticated algorithm expedites analysis, though intensive tasks can cause lag.
  • Performance Metrics: Analyzing Performance Metrics is crucial in Technical Software Evaluation. Wavebasis excels in facilitating seamless navigations across different time frames, offering real-time market insights.
  • Technical Software Evaluation: Despite its strengths, some users have pointed out issues with responsiveness during peak usage times. This is especially critical in trading environments where speed is of the essence.
  • Future Wave Predictions: The tool’s ability to predict future waves is notably accurate, making it essential for traders’ strategic planning.

Wavebasis has shown significant strengths in functionality and innovation, yet the speed issue during high-load periods is pivotal for improvement. Addressing this will enhance its reliability, maintaining its edge in the competitive technical analysis software market.

Comparing Wavebasis to Other Elliott Wave Software

Choosing the right tools for trading strategies needs a detailed Elliott Wave Software Comparison. Wavebasis has gained recognition for its automated trading software solution. But how does it compare with its rivals?

  • Ease of Use: Wavebasis provides an intuitive interface, noted for its accessibility over other market analysis tools. This assists novice traders in faster learning.
  • Automation Features: Wavebasis offers robust automation, including automatic wave counts and forecasts. These features aim to save time and enhance trading precision.
  • Comparison with MotiveWave: When evaluating Wavebasis vs. other tools, MotiveWave has many features but Wavebasis excels in automatic wave counting and user-friendly analytics.
  • Pricing: Pricing is vital in choosing market analysis tools. Wavebasis stands out as a cost-effective option, offering quality features at a better price point.
  • Customer Support: Wavebasis is known for its responsive customer service. This aspect is often overlooked by other Elliott Wave software providers.

In the realm of Elliott Wave Software Comparison, Wavebasis is a top pick for traders. It offers notable advantages in automation and useability. It is favored by both novices and seasoned traders seeking efficient market analysis tools.


As we wrap up, Wavebasis stands out as a top-notch tool in Elliott Wave analysis, marrying functionality with easy accessibility. It serves both beginners and seasoned traders with its array of features.

The trading community has warmly received it, especially for its user-friendly design and analytical depth. Yet, some critique its sales practices and report software glitches.

Despite these critiques, the majority view Wavebasis as an effective aid in Elliott Wave analysis. It's celebrated for excellent customer support and smart tools.


  • Service: Elliott Wave Software
  • Pricing: $49-$399/month
  • Promotion: Free Trial

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