VectorVest Review – How Good Are Their Services?

Updated June 17, 2024

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VectorVest is a stock analysis and portfolio management system that provides users with powerful tools to analyze, rank, and track stocks. It offers valuable insights and guidance to help investors make informed decisions and optimize their investment portfolios.

Investors across the United States are always seeking tools that can sharpen their trading acumen and support their decision-making with sophisticated analysis.

VectorVest, with its comprehensive suite of stock analytic and portfolio management tools, stands out as a promising contender. As investors grapple with the volatility and infinite complexities of the stock market, VectorVest's platform emerges as a beacon, guiding them with actionable insights. 

This analysis delivers an honest look at VectorVest ratings and the elements that constitute its foundation as a resilient stock analysis platform.

Key Takeaways

  • VectorVest's commitment to enhancing the investment experience makes it a valuable ally for both novice traders and market veterans alike.
  • The platform's strength lies in tracking and analyzing a vast array of over 18,000 stocks globally, including major markets like the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, and the U.K.
  • Investors are equipped with tools through VectorVest to support critical investment decisions and trade positioning.
  • VectorVest provides an edge to users by presenting real-time data intertwined with proprietary evaluation metrics.
  • The service is touted for its ability to streamline investors' market entry and exit strategies in alignment with individual trading styles and goals.

Introduction to VectorVest's Comprehensive Tools

VectorVest, renowned for its innovative stock analytic tools, ensures that users are equipped to make informed trading decisions. With an array of features designed for savvy market participation, this platform provides a competitive edge in the bustling world of trading. It's not just about raw data; VectorVest imbues its users with actionable intelligence, facilitating a strategic approach to investing.

  • An extensive database covers thousands of stocks from global markets, offering detailed tracking capability.
  • Comprehensive analysis features guide investors through complex market conditions with ease.
  • Proprietary algorithms and ratings systems underpin informed decision-making processes.
  • A user-friendly interface brings critical information to the forefront, simplifying investment strategies.

VectorVest positions itself as more than just a tool; it's a trading partner that ensures its users are well-prepared to navigate the intricacies of stock markets across the globe.

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VectorVest Review: Unpacking the Platform's Core Features

Delving into the distinct functionalities VectorVest offers, investors can gain a comprehensive stock market view with optimized performance tools and resources.

The blend of insightful analytics and user-tailored applications defines VectorVest's innovative approach to investment analysis and portfolio management.

1. The Market Timing Dashboard and Its Impact on Investment Decisions

VectorVest's Market Timing Dashboard stands as the linchpin for investors seeking to synchronize their moves with the rhythm of the market. Its color-coded indicators offer at-a-glance insights, gauging market conditions with a visual language where green reflects bullish potential and red warns of a potential downtrend, empowering users with strategic market timing.

2. Proprietary Technical Indicators That Set VectorVest Apart

With VectorVest proprietary indicators, traders gain an edge in identifying stock potential. Relative Safety, Relative Timing, and Relative Value benchmarks provide an encompassing evaluation of stock health, distilling complex data into actionable insights. Together, these proprietary indicators forge the cornerstone of VectorVest's analytical proficiency.

3. Unisearch Stock Scanner and its Pre-Built Strategies for Efficient Trading

The Unisearch stock scanner, equipped with VectorVest's proprietary indicators, streamlines the search for high-potential stocks. Amply supported by trading strategies developed from VectorVest's extensive financial analytics expertise, this feature propels investors toward refined trade selection with comparative ease.

4. Enhanced Charting Capabilities and Layouts for In-Depth Analysis

An Enhanced charting interface within VectorVest presents a rich canvas for technical indicators and fundamental data visualization. The platform allows for custom strategy layout applications, facilitating a tailored analytical experience that speaks directly to the investor's unique trading methodology.

5. Building and Monitoring Custom Watch Lists with VectorVest

Investors can construct bespoke Stock watch lists leveraging VectorVest's thorough algorithmic analysis, categorizing choices by individualized trading strategies. Complementing this, the VectorVest alert system remains vigilant, delivering real-time notifications to ensure no crucial market movement goes unnoticed for the discerning trader.

VectorVest's Educational Resources and Customer Support

At the heart of VectorVest’s commitment to stock market learning lies a robust assortment of VectorVest educational resources, designed to elevate the investing acumen of their clients. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned investor, VectorVest's educational offerings provide valuable insights and knowledge to navigate the complexities of the stock market with confidence.

Ranging from beginner to advanced levels, the resources are accessible and tailored to meet the needs of each investor efficiently.

  • Interactive videos and webcasts impart hands-on training for various investment strategies and tools.
  • Insightful articles and blog posts keep clients updated with the latest trends and essential market insights.
  • Detailed digital courses and tutorials walk users through VectorVest’s features and investment methodologies.

VectorVest's customer support services are a testament to their user-centric approach, ensuring users can seamlessly access guidance and have their queries addressed swiftly. A dedicated customer support team provides immediate assistance through several platforms:

  • Live chat feature for real-time problem-solving.
  • Direct phone support for in-depth conversations and solutions.
  • Email correspondence for detailed inquiries and feedback.

This comprehensive support infrastructure ensures that VectorVest users are well-equipped with the necessary tools and support to make informed decisions and maximize their investments in the stock market.

Security and Privacy: Understanding VectorVest's Data Protections

VectorVest recognizes the significance of data security in the digital age, particularly when it involves stock trading expertise and the handling of personally identifiable information.

As part of their commitment to maintaining high standards of service delivery, VectorVest ensures that user data is treated with utmost care, fortified by the latest in data protection methodologies.

Information Collection and Use for Enhanced User Experience

In its mission to provide personalized service, VectorVest collects information that is necessary for enhancing the user experience. By understanding their clients' needs through data like trading activity and preferences, VectorVest can offer tailored educational content and tweak service delivery for optimal support.

All the while, strict privacy policies are in place to ensure that personally identifiable information is never compromised.

Commitment to Robust Data Encryption and Security Protocols

VectorVest employs industry-leading data encryption and security protocols to protect user information from unauthorized access. This commitment is reflected in their use of advanced encryption standards to secure data across their network, steadfastly aligning with international data protection laws.

Clients can trade with confidence, knowing that their sensitive information is guarded with cutting-edge security measures.

Investing with VectorVest: Subscription Packages and Cost Details

VectorVest tailors its offerings to accommodate various investor profiles by presenting a structured array of subscription packages. Recognizing that individuals have diverse needs and preferences when it comes to stock market investing, these packages are meticulously crafted to align with the unique demands of each trader.

Whether you're a beginner looking to dip your toes into the waters of stock analysis or an advanced trader requiring real-time data and comprehensive trading plans, VectorVest has thoughtfully designed subscription tiers to fulfill these requirements.

  • Basic Subscription: Ideal for those new to stock investing, the Basic tier provides a solid foundation with end-of-day stock analysis updates, ensuring users have access to fresh data for making informed decisions for the next trading day.
  • Enhanced Subscription: Geared towards the more engaged investor, this subscription takes things a step further by offering more frequent updates. With additional analysis tools and capabilities, subscribers can fine-tune their trading approach with greater precision.
  • Premium Subscription: For serious traders who demand the utmost from their stock analysis software, the Premium tier offers continuous updates with real-time data. This package provides maximum responsiveness to market changes and is equipped with all the bells and whistles VectorVest has to offer, including dynamic trading stops and state-of-the-art trading systems.

VectorVest understands the importance of experiencing the full capacity of its platform before commitment. Therefore, they present an attractive trial offer.

With a 30-day trial available for a nominal fee, users can explore the depth of VectorVest subscriptions, test out various trading plans, and determine which real-time data resources resonate best with their investment style before transitioning to a full-fledged monthly subscription.


In wrapping up this VectorVest review, we've delved into a multitude of facets that solidify its standing as a significant player among stock market tools. The platform's robust compilation of stock analysis utilities, combined with its educational resources, offers a sound solution for U.S. investors at various levels of expertise.

With personalized coaching and a user-centric approach, VectorVest equips its users with the knowledge required to navigate the intricacies of portfolio management effectively. Moreover, the varied subscription models present flexible options tailored to individual investment goals and budgetary considerations.

Ultimately, VectorVest emerges as a comprehensive solution for investors seeking to optimize their trading strategies through sophisticated analytics and real-time insights. Whether seasoned or novice, users can leverage the platform's extensive resources to make more informed decisions in the U.S. stock market.


  • Service: Stock Analysis Software
  • Pricing: $69-$149/Month
  • Promotion: Only $9.95 for your first month

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