TradingView vs TrendSpider – A Comprehensive Comparison

Updated May 2, 2024

As the financial markets become ever more complex, traders seek the most effective tools for navigating a sea of fluctuating prices and emerging opportunities. Essential to their arsenal is the robust technical analysis software that acts as a beacon through the fog of market data.

This charting platform comparison demonstrates that whether you're a nimble day trader or a strategic swing trader, the advanced technical chart patterns and day trader tools offered by platforms like TradingView and TrendSpider are transforming the art of technical trading.

While TradingView has garnered a substantial following with its comprehensive offering since 2011, TrendSpider's rise since 2016 showcases its potent mix of innovation and performance.

As we unpack the details of these two formidable platforms, we invite you to explore how each aligns with your trading requirements, budget, and preferred approach to financial market analysis.

Key Takeaways

  • Discern the distinct features of TradingView and TrendSpider crucial for technical market analysis.
  • Evaluate the affordability and value proposition of each platform's subscription services.
  • Understand the importance of community resources and how social trading networks enhance the trading experience.
  • Recognize the significance of mobile trading capabilities for on-the-go market decisions.
  • Assess the robustness of backtesting strategies and the impact of broker integration on trade execution.
  • Gain insight into the rich array of technical indicators offered by these charting powerhouses.

Subscription Fees

$149 monthly

$12.95 - $49.95/month

Securities Analyzed

Stocks, ETFs, FOREX, Crypto, OTC Stocks, Cboe Indices, Futures

Stocks, Indices, Crypto, FOREX, Futures, Bonds

Investment Strategies

AI-Enhanced technical trading, including building your own algorithms and setting rules

Technical tools are a starting point, also includes robust social networking aspect for collaborating with other traders

Smartphone App

Yes, full functionality

Yes, partial functionality

Best Use

Full-time Day/Swing Traders

New Day/Swing Tradings

Current Promotion


Understanding TradingView and Its Broad Market Appeal

Often lauded as a premier TradingView charting platform, TradingView has transformed the way millions of investors engage with global financial exchanges.

Leveraging cutting-edge analysis tools and real-time financial data, it provides a comprehensive solution with impressive mobile accessibility and a user-friendly interface for traders worldwide.

Charting and Analysis Tools for Diverse Financial Markets

TradingView's core strength lies in its ability to harness and present financial information across an array of markets with uncompromising precision. The platform supports price action analysis and offers market insights that cater to a variety of trading strategies by leveraging data from an expansive list of global financial exchanges.

From Forex to futures, commodities to cryptocurrencies, users have access to a breadth of assets, simplifying the complexities of financial trading into approachable formats for amateurs and professionals alike.

The Vibrancy of TradingView's Social Trading Community

Perhaps one of the most significant features that sets TradingView apart is its vibrant social trading network. Here, traders of all levels find common ground, sharing insights and exchanging ideas with a technical trading community that fosters both growth and collaboration.

The ability to witness and dissect the decision-making process of seasoned traders offers an unprecedented learning curve for newcomers, and amplifies the collective intelligence of the trading community as a whole.

Accessibility Across Devices and Brokers

Comprehending the need for constant connectivity, TradingView enhances the trading experience through seamless broker connectivity and robust mobile accessibility. The platform's design allows traders to stay active and informed, whether on a tablet for on-the-go analysis or a desktop for deep-diving into trading models.

Despite some gaps in broker support, TradingView's global reach and reliability in providing timely data have solidified its role as a trusty companion to traders at every level.

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The Innovation Behind TrendSpider's Analytical Tools

Embracing the forefront of trading technology, TrendSpider stands out in the financial analytics arena with its sophisticated blend of automated technical analysis and cutting-edge AI technology in trading.

This platform has revolutionized quantitative trading with advanced charting design, providing investors with actionable insight and precise trendline detection across a multitude of assets.

Automated Technical Analysis with AI Integration

Traders capitalize on TrendSpider’s AI-driven automated pattern recognition to navigate the complexities of the market. The fusion of AI algorithms and technical screener tools equips users with unparalleled abilities to spot emerging patterns, utilize volume-weighted data, and identify market trends with minimal human intervention.

Investment strategies have never been more informed or agile than with the aid of TrendSpider's AI technology.

Unique Features: Proprietary Raindrop Charts and Strategy Testing

In the unique arsenal of TrendSpider’s features are the proprietary Raindrop Charts—a visual tool like no other, encapsulating price movement and volume into a single, dynamic chart. Strategy backtesting becomes an uncomplicated endeavor as traders test drive their trading strategies against historical data.

Moreover, the real-time market scanner ensures that investors are privy to the latest market shifts as they happen, enabling informed decision-making and agile adjustments to trading approaches.

TradingView vs TrendSpider: Key Features Comparison

In this highly competitive marketplace of trading analysis platforms, two names stand out for their unique offerings and tailored user experiences: TradingView and TrendSpider. Each brings its own set of tools and features to the table, often leaving traders contemplating which platform better serves their strategic needs.

We delve into a comprehensive side-by-side comparison of their key features, assessing everything from cost-effectiveness to advanced technical capabilities.

Cost Analysis: Subscription Tiers and Value for Money

On the financial front, TradingView is renowned for its cost-effective trading tools, accommodating users with a variety of platform pricing tiers that cater to both the enthusiastic beginner and the savvy intermediate trader.

In contrast, TrendSpider positions itself as a premium service, with pricing that reflects the platform's intricacies desired by experienced traders who require advanced chart customization and comprehensive financial analytics within their investment tools.

Focusing on the Target Audience: Beginner vs Experienced Traders

Navigating through each platform highlights the dedication to their target audiences. TradingView's user experience in trading is finely tuned for novices and intermediates, offering a plethora of learning resources and a tightly knit social trading network.

On the other end of the spectrum, TrendSpider gears its features towards technical trader requirements, equipping the more seasoned analysts with the high-level market analysis features they expect.

Comparing Chart Customization and Layout Flexibility

When it comes to customizing the trading canvas, both platforms boast an impressive array of tools. TrendSpider enables users to synchronize multiple chart layouts up to 16 different time frames, satisfying even the most meticulous of traders.

TradingView, however, takes platform usability to another level, with multi-monitor support and indicator variety, allowing for a more expansive and tailored charting experience.

Indicators and Scripting: Pine Script vs Javascript

The implementation of scripting languages for indicators and trading strategies is where TradingView and TrendSpider particularly excel. TradingView's Pine Script provides traders with an accessible yet powerful scripting environment, facilitating the creation of custom indicators and trading strategies.

Conversely, TrendSpider's utilization of Javascript caters to those with more technical prowess, offering robust possibilities in indicator variety and advanced chart customization that align with sophisticated trading strategies and financial analytics.

Backtesting and Alert Systems: A Trader's Best Tools for Strategy

In the fast-paced world of trading, efficiency and precision are key. Mastery of the right tools can give traders a significant advantage.

One such category of tools includes backtesting software and alert systems, which form the bedrock of strategy evaluation and market timing.

Examining Historical Data Through Backtesting

For traders, historical data analysis is not just about studying past trends, but also about implementing this knowledge to forecast future market behavior. Backtesting software allows traders to simulate their trading strategies on past data, providing valuable insights into the strategy's potential for success. The process of strategy evaluation using this software pinpoints strengths and weaknesses, facilitating strategy optimization.

Both TradingView and TrendSpider are equipped with robust backtesting tools designed to enhance trading efficiency, offering insights into vital performance metrics and improving risk management.

Real-time Alerts: Staying on top of Market Movements

Beyond charting and testing, staying informed with real-time market alerts is pivotal. TradingView and TrendSpider both offer alert systems capable of notifying traders through various channels like SMS, email, and webhooks.

TradingView users can set up alerts based on price movements, indicators, or even drawing tool breaches. Similarly, TrendSpider's alerts can be customized to flag changes in trendlines or patterns, ensuring traders don't miss key market movements.

Mobile Trading Experience: TradingView and TrendSpider on the Go

The revolution of mobile trading has not gone unnoticed by the financial community, with premier platforms like TradingView and TrendSpider ensuring their users are equipped with powerful mobile trading apps. These applications bolster trading flexibility and provide on-the-go market analysis to cater to the dynamic lives of traders.

Understanding the nuances of mobile app features offered by these platforms is pivotal for users who rely deeply on technical analysis software and real-time alerts on smartphones to make informed trading decisions.

TradingView's Mobile Application Versatility

TradingView has proactively responded to the surge in mobile trading by delivering an Android-compatible trading platform, alongside its iOS offerings. This cross-platform charting approach has been fundamental in enabling iOS and Android users alike to engage in technical market analysis whenever and wherever they choose, underscoring the platform's commitment to user experience in mobile trading.

Despite some trade-offs, such as the absence of the pivotal Pine Script editor, the TradingView mobile app remains a beacon of trading proficiency, boasting a suite of mobile app features that mirror much of what users enjoy on the desktop version.

TrendSpider's iOS Exclusive App Insights

While TrendSpider has chosen a more targeted route with an iOS exclusive app, it doesn't shy away from offering a comprehensive set of trading tools tailored to Apple users. Conceived with the exigencies of mobile users in mind, their technical analysis software for iOS exhibits a high degree of trading flexibility without forsaking core functionalities vital for in-depth chart analysis and strategy planning.

Real-time alerts on this platform are streamlined to support spontaneous market actions, ensuring users never miss a beat in the fast-paced arena of stock and forex trading. The user experience in mobile trading with TrendSpider, therefore, remains top-tier, albeit within the iOS ecosystem.

Real Costs: Subscription Fees and Hidden Charges

When it comes to selecting a trading platform, understanding the associated costs is crucial. The fees you pay for the platform itself and the accompanying data can have a significant impact on your investment's return on investment (ROI). Let's break down the pricing structures and hidden fees that may affect your decision between TradingView and TrendSpider.

Overview of Tiered Pricing

Both TradingView and TrendSpider offer tiered subscription models designed to meet the needs of different types of traders. Whether you are just dipping your toes into trading or are a seasoned investor, knowing the details of these tiers is key:

  • TradingView starts off with a basic plan at $14.95 per month, scaling up with advanced features on higher-end subscriptions.
  • TrendSpider's plans kick off at $39.00 per month, but they bundle more comprehensive data analysis tools even in their basic package.

While evaluating the trading platform subscription fees, consider the tier that aligns with your preferred features, tools, and necessary data. Remember, the lowest tier might not always satisfy your trading requirements.

Assessing Value for Money and ROI

Finding true value in a trading platform extends beyond the sticker price. You need to consider the ROI of your subscription based on how effectively the platform’s tools and data enhance your trading strategies. Here's a look at what you should weigh:

  1. Reflect on the significance of real-time data costs—TrendSpider covers these within its subscription fee, while TradingView may require additional payments.
  2. Contemplate the frequency and complexity of your trades. More active traders with intricate strategies may benefit from a platform that offers extensive real-time data and analytics.
  3. Assess the platform's capacity to adapt to your evolving trading style—can it grow with you, or will you quickly outpace its offerings?

The goal is to strike a balance between the trading platform's subscription fees and the tangible benefits you receive. Whether it’s through improved trade decision-making, detailed analytics, or time savings, ensure that your investment into the platform contributes positively to your overall trading performance.


When it comes to investment platform decision-making, the competition between TradingView and TrendSpider is significant, each standing out for unique reasons.

TradingView, known for its comprehensive community features and affordability, offers a wide range of charting options for traders of various skill levels. This platform is a good fit for those who prefer a diverse set of tools and an environment where insights and strategies can be shared.

TrendSpider, however, is the go-to for trading tool comparison when advanced technical tools are the priority, delivering a high level of automation in technical analysis. Its sophisticated algorithms and comprehensive data sources are designed for the more experienced traders who seek depth in their analytical pursuits. This platform may come at a premium, but it equips seasoned investors with optimized charting solutions that can cater to even the most intricate strategies.


  • Service: Charting Tool & Screener
  • Pricing: $12.95-$59.95/month (depending on plan)
  • Promotion: Try FREE for 30-days

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