TradingView Review: How Good Is The Platform?

Updated February 7, 2024

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TradingView is a web-based platform that provides a wide range of tools and features for traders and investors to analyze financial markets. Launched in 2011, it has gained popularity for its user-friendly interface, powerful charting capabilities, and social networking aspects.

An in-depth dive into TradingView presents a panorama of a platform that reigns supreme among those who immerse themselves in the financial markets. This intuitive trading platform has carved a niche for itself by offering comprehensive tools designed to cater to an array of investors and traders.

With its data-driven and user-centric approach, TradingView garners acclaim for bestowing traders with insightful analysis and real-time insights required to navigate the complex world of investing.

Whether you're a beginner looking to understand the ropes or a seasoned professional in pursuit of cutting-edge analytics, TradingView stands as your digital ally in decoding the markets.

Key Takeaways

  • Unveiling of TradingView's comprehensive tools that cater to different levels of trading proficiency.
  • Insights into the intuitive user interface of TradingView, reinforcing its reputation as a friendly platform.
  • A closer look at how TradingView's live data and analysis enhance investor decision-making.
  • Overview of the collaborative dimensions TradingView introduces to the investment process.
  • Recognition of TradingView's global user base, which underscores its worldwide reliability and popularity.

Introduction to TradingView

As the financial markets become ever more intertwined with technology, TradingView emerges as a beacon for both rookies and veterans in the financial realm.

With its blend of real-time market data and a user-oriented approach, it establishes an ecosystem where every trader, regardless of their experience, finds valuable tools at their disposal. TradingView's unique offering lies in its melding of the TradingView novice and expert interface into one seamless experience.

What TradingView Offers to Traders

TradingView is more than just a platform; it's a comprehensive environment enriched with tools, charts, and a passionate community that thrives on shared knowledge and strategies.

Catering to a diverse audience, from those looking for basic charting capabilities to others who demand in-depth technical analysis, the platform's tiered subscription plans offer a tailored experience. Accessibility to powerful features such as live market data access empowers traders to make quick, informed decisions.

  • Customizable dashboards to suit trader preferences
  • Advanced charting tools for detailed market analysis
  • Interactive trading ideas and crowd-sourced wisdom
  • Real-time data and alerts to keep traders at the forefront of market movements

Accessibility Across Devices

TradingView excels in providing a uniform trading experience across various devices, ensuring that users can navigate the markets with agility and precision. Whether one prefers trading on a desktop at home or checking positions on a mobile device while on the move, TradingView's cross-platform compatibility stands as a testament to its agile design.

This positions TradingView at the crux of community-driven trading insights, due to the ability for traders to stay connected with the pulsating market and their peers at all times.

  1. Desktop-friendly interface for full-fledged trading sessions
  2. Mobile-optimized features for on-the-go market analysis
  3. Tablet accessibility for broader view and complex analysis
  4. Seamless synchronization across devices to keep your analysis and trades up-to-date

The User Experience: Navigating TradingView's Interface

The essence of a powerful trading environment lies in its ability to provide an experience that aligns with the needs and expectations of its users. TradingView stands out by implementing a user-centric design philosophy, ensuring that from the first click, traders find themselves in an ecosystem that feels tailor-made for their trading journey. The result is a TradingView user experience that is both intuitive and productive, whether one is a long-time investor or a day trader just starting out.

Central to the platform's philosophy is a streamlined charting navigation, allowing users to move seamlessly through the intricacies of market analysis with confidence and precision. This approach to interface design is apparent when observing the ease with which traders can customize and manipulate their workspaces.

  • Efficient Layout Customization - Rapidly adjust the layout to fit multiple charts and instruments on the same screen.
  • Diverse Range of Technical Tools - Access a vast array of charting tools and indicators to enhance trading analysis.
  • Actionable Alerts - Set up custom alerts for immediate notification on market movements and indicators.
  • Global Connectivity - Engage with a community of traders from around the world for shared insights and strategies.

When it comes to customization, TradingView's interface is replete with options. Users can personalize nearly every aspect of their charts, from color schemes to the types of charts displayed. The objective is to make sure every user's screen is a reflection of their unique analytical requirements.

Moving beyond individualistic trading practices, TradingView integrates a community network that enriches the user experience. This collective arena is where users can exchange ideas, challenge each other's forecasts, and collaboratively refine their market interpretations, all within the same user-friendly interface that makes personal charting so compelling.

TradingView's commitment to user-centric design is made manifest in its dedication to providing a user experience that is sophisticated in its capabilities yet straightforward in its utilization. With streamlined charting navigation at the forefront, the platform ensures that each user's analytical journey on TradingView is as efficient as it is enlightening.

Comprehensive Charting Tools for Technical Analysis

In the realm of investment and trading, the power lies in making well-informed decisions, backed by efficient analysis of market data. TradingView has emerged as a leader in this space, providing advanced charting software that empowers traders to perform comprehensive technical analysis. With the capability to develop and refine a personal trading strategy, the platform offers unparalleled customization and an array of technical indicators.

Customization and Flexibility in Charting

Charting is a critical tool for technical analysis, and TradingView understands the importance of flexibility. Users appreciate the ability to customize the interface and utilize various chart types, all designed to enhance the analytical process. Whether you prefer line charts for their simplicity or candlestick charts for their depth of information, the platform’s versatility caters to any trader’s preference.

Technical Indicators and Drawing Tools

TradingView's array of over 100 technical indicators serves as a testament to its commitment to providing traders with the tools needed for meticulous market examinations. This substantial selection aids in the detection of market trends and forms the core of any trading strategy. Additionally, intuitive drawing tools are available to visualize these trends, making it easier to pinpoint potential trade entries and exits.

Chart Types

Technical Indicators

Drawing Tools

Line Charts

Moving Averages

Trend Lines

Bar Charts

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

Fibonacci Retracements

Candlestick Charts


Price Channels


Stochastic Oscillator

Gann Fans

Renko Charts

Bollinger Bands


The wealth of tools provided by TradingView caters to those passionate about developing their personal trading strategy, offering the freedom to dive as deep into data analysis as one's skills allow. The result is an informed approach to the market that is uniquely tailored to the individual's trading style, bolstered by a robust set of analytical resources.

TradingView for the Mobile Investor

The modern trader needs tools that move as fast as the markets do. Recognizing this, TradingView has tailored its mobile app to facilitate 24/7 market access, ensuring you have the comprehensive features of desktop in the palm of your hands. The TradingView mobile app doesn’t just replicate the desktop experience; it optimizes it for on-the-go trading analysis, giving traders the power to pivot with the pulse of the markets.

The app's importance is underscored by its consistent performance across various mobile devices. Its intuitive design allows for seamless transition from a monitor to a mobile screen, with tools recalibrated for efficiency and clarity on smaller devices. Essential features such as charting, real-time quotes, alerts, and a bustling social network of traders are integrated into the mobile experience.

  1. App Availability: Compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring versatility regardless of your device preference.
  2. Core Functionalities: Retains all primary features for market analysis, charts, watchlists, and social interactions from the web-based application.
  3. User Interface: Provides a coherent user experience with easy navigation custom-tailored for touchscreens.

Truly an indispensable tool for contemporary traders, the TradingView mobile app is your reliable source for informed decision-making, wherever your investments take you. Ready for the rigors of the market at a moment's notice, the app is an extension of a trader's strategic vision, granting access to the world of finance at a touch.

Subscription Tiers: Finding the Right Fit

As traders delve into the financial markets, the selection of the right TradingView subscription plan becomes pivotal. With a spectrum of choices, from free access to premium features, each tier is designed to cater to specific trading needs and levels of expertise.

Free vs Paid Plans: What You Need to Know

TradingView offers a baseline free package that enables beginners to explore the world of trading without initial costs. However, the free version comes with certain limitations that may prompt the transition to advanced subscription models. The paid plans, which include Pro, Pro+, and Premium options, unlock additional features tailored for those who require more professional trading tools and capabilities.

Professional Tools for the Seasoned Trader

Seasoned traders looking for an edge in the markets will find the premium options of TradingView subscription plans particularly beneficial. They offer a suite of advanced tools designed for in-depth market analysis and the execution of complex trading strategies.



Charts per Layout

Indicators per Chart

Enhanced Watchlists

Server-Side Alerts






Basic Alerts






Up to 10






Up to 30







Note: Prices are subject to change. Please refer to the TradingView website for the latest subscription information.

Real-Time Data and Social Networking

TradingView has emerged as a leading platform by fusing real-time market updates with a vibrant social trading network. This combination is more than just a feature; it's the backbone of a system designed to empower traders with collective trading intellect and up-to-the-minute market information. Here's a closer look at how these key aspects integrate to elevate trading to a new echelon of connectedness and insight.

Integration with the Trading Community

TradingView's platform goes beyond individual analysis by fostering a spirited and intelligent community where traders connect and share strategies. This kind of engagement is pivotal in democratizing financial wisdom, allowing novices and veterans alike to tap into a wellspring of collective trading intellect that can refine personal trading strategies.

Learning from the Collective Wisdom

The convergence of social interaction and trading goes a step further with the platform's focus on collaborative learning. By valuing the shared knowledge of its users, TradingView creates an educational habitat where traders can not only consume real-time market updates but also interpret them through the lens of the community's collective insights.

Fundamental Analysis Tools to Support Investment Decisions

TradingView stands as an exceptional platform for investors interested in fundamental data analysis. With an array of tools at your disposal, you can delve deep into the financial performance metrics of companies to form insightful investment strategies. Whether you're scrutinizing quarterly earnings reports or evaluating long-term financial stability, TradingView equips you with the necessary data to make informed choices.

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of the critical financial metrics available on TradingView and their importance in assessing a company's market stance:



Common Uses


Total income generated from business operations

Indicates the company's ability to sell goods and services

Net Income

Profits remaining after all expenses have been deducted

Reflects the company's profitability and financial success

Market Capitalization

The total market value of the company's outstanding shares

Helps gauge company size and investment worth

PE Ratio

Ratio for valuing a company that measures its current share price relative to its per-share earnings

Assists in determining market expectations and stock valuation

Debt-to-Equity Ratio

Indicator of a company's financial leverage calculated by dividing its total liabilities by stockholders' equity

Provides insight into financial risk and capital structure

Using these metrics, TradingView aids investors in crafting a portfolio that resonates with their risk tolerance and investment goals. By integrating fundamental data analysis into your research, you lay the groundwork for cultivating insightful investment strategies built on a foundation of solid, quantifiable metrics.

Exploring the TradingView Screener Feature

TradingView has revolutionized the world of financial analysis with its dynamic array of stock screener tools. These powerful features enable investors to swiftly navigate through stock markets’ vast data using customizable filters tailored to diverse trading strategies. Beyond simplifying the search for potential investments, TradingView screeners are indispensable for crafting an investor's edge in the marketplace.

How Screeners Can Augment Your Trading Strategy

Integrating stock screener tools into your trading strategy can offer a significant advantage by filtering out the noise and honing in on stocks that meet specific criteria. Whether you are looking for undervalued gems or momentum leaders, the right set of filters can be your ally in identifying these opportunities with efficiency and precision.

Leveraging Pre-Built and Custom Screeners

For traders seeking immediate utility, TradingView provides a selection of pre-built screeners that are ready to deploy, encompassing various popular trading strategies and market conditions. However, the platform truly shines when it comes to customization, allowing investors to create and save their own unique set of filters that resonate with their individual market perspectives and goals.

Screener Types


Common Uses

Pre-Built Screeners

Ready-to-use filters based on standard trading strategies

Quick analysis for traders of all levels

Volume and Price Screeners

Identify stocks with unusual volume spikes or price movements

Ideal for momentum and breakout traders

Fundamental Screeners

Sort stocks by financials such as P/E ratio, earnings growth, or dividend yield

Perfect for value and long-term investors

Customizable Filters

Create and save personal filter criteria for future use

Advanced analytics for professional traders with specific requirements

Benefits of TradingView's Alerts and Notifications

In the dynamic world of trading, staying ahead of market changes is crucial. TradingView addresses this need with its powerful real-time alerts and notifications feature, enabling traders to implement a responsive trading strategy effectively. These alerts serve as vigilant sentinels, notifying you of market developments that correlate with your predefined criteria. Whether at your desk or on the move, these instant updates can be the key to making informed decisions quickly.

  • Customize real-time alerts for price movements, indicator crossovers, or even economic announcement outreaches.
  • Engage with TradingView notifications to receive updates on your selected stocks, cryptocurrencies, or forex pairs.
  • Adapt swiftly with a responsive trading strategy that pivots as market dynamics evolve, facilitated by prompt alerts.

Crafting an alert is a straightforward process on TradingView: choose the alert condition, set its parameters, and decide how you wish to be notified. This customization works in tandem with any trading style, from the meticulous long-term investor to the agile day trader.

Alert Type


Use Case

Price Level

Notifies when price hits a specific level.

Ideal for entry or exit points.


Triggers when an indicator reaches a certain value or condition.

Useful for technical analysis-based decisions.


Alerts when trading volume crosses a threshold.

Helps spot surges in activity for potential breakouts.

Economic Events

Sends a signal before or after an economic event release.

Assists in planning around market volatility.

TradingView's alert system, backed by its reliable servers, ensures you won't miss critical market shifts that matter to your portfolio. By staying informed through real-time alerts and acting upon TradingView notifications, you can refine your responsive trading strategy for superior market performance.

TradingView Education and Resources for Continuous Learning

In an industry where knowledge equates to power, TradingView emerges as a beacon for those seeking to elevate their trading acumen. Emphasizing the importance of ongoing education, the platform offers a treasure trove of learning materials, designed to cater to both greenhorns and veterans of the financial markets.

Enhance Your Skills with Tutorials and Webinars

TradingView tutorials, ranging from beginner to advanced levels, are carefully structured to offer step-by-step guidance. Whether you're grappling with the basics of charting or are eager to unveil the intricacies of complex trading indicators, these resources are crafted to bolster your investment skill enhancement. Additionally, live webinars serve as an interactive stage, allowing traders to engage with experts and assimilate real-world insights for practical application.

Access a Library of Knowledge with Articles and Guides

Beyond dynamic learning sessions, TradingView extends its commitment to trader education with an extensive library of articles and guides. These trading education resources dissect various market scenarios, unveil strategies, and prepare traders to navigate the ever-fluctuating tides of global markets. At your fingertips lies a compendium of financial wisdom, reinforcing the value of informed decision-making in successful investment endeavors.


Throughout this comprehensive TradingView platform review, we have delved into the features and functionalities that make TradingView a smart investment tool for traders at all levels. Its intuitive interface, paired with in-depth technical and fundamental analysis capabilities, provides a bedrock for making strategic trading decisions. From the beginner friendly environments to the intricate tools for the seasoned experts, TradingView's design and execution stand out in the digital trading space.

The platform's commitment to real-time data access and its bustling community ecosystem offer unique opportunities for growth and interaction that far surpass the solitary confines of traditional trading. With subscription options scaling to meet diverse needs and budgets, TradingView ensures that valuable insights are within reach for all its users. The added benefit of robust educational resources supports ongoing advancement, reinforcing the user's command over market trends and strategies.

In essence, TradingView emerges as a leader among trading platforms, striking an admirable balance between complexity and user-friendliness. This strategic harmony, when leveraged by insightful investors, can lead to informed and purposeful investment moves. TradingView positions itself not just as a tool, but as a comprehensive companion for those navigating the ebbs and flows of the financial markets.


  • Service: Charting tool
  • Annual Price: $97/yr to $599/yr (depending on plan)
  • Promotion: Try FREE for 30-days

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