TradingView Alternatives – 8 Competitors Worth Checking Out

Updated May 18, 2024

TradingView has gained popularity over the years as a global financial assets technical analysis and research tool. But this doesn't mean that you, as an investor, are tied to using TradingView. Maybe you like some of its features but aren't pleased with others because they don't suit your trading needs. Don't worry, this article collates all TradingView alternatives for you. 

In this guide, we analyze key features, tools, and overall performance of top TradingView alternatives to help you make an informed choice.

What is TradingView?

TradingView is a cloud-based platform that offers traders social networking, advanced charting tools, and technical indicators to help them make wise investment decisions. It handles financial assets like cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, and forex. TradingView has advanced analytical features like stock screening, charting, and backtesting tools. 

The platform's mobile-friendly and web-based interface can be accessed by traders from anywhere in the world. It's also ideal for active traders, as it allows for integrated trading through brokerage accounts. Other notable features include investor live streams, paper trading, stock alerts, and a powerful stock screener.


Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas is a powerful stock scanning and artificial intelligence tool designed to help traders find profitable trading opportunities in the financial markets.

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TC2000 is a charting and trading platform that offers powerful technical analysis tools, real-time data, and customizable layouts to help traders make informed decisions in the stock market.

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Trendspider is a comprehensive technical analysis platform that uses advanced charting tools, algorithmic scanning, and backtesting capabilities to help traders identify and capitalize on market trends.

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Finviz is a popular financial website that provides market information, news, and analysis tools to help traders and investors make informed decisions.

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Barchart is a financial technology company that provides market data, analysis, and trading tools for traders, investors, and financial institutions.

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Koyfin is a financial data and analytics platform that offers a wide range of tools and insights to help investors and traders make informed decisions in the stock market.

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Meta Stock

MetaStock is a charting and technical analysis software popular among traders for its advanced tools, customizable indicators, and broad data coverage for analyzing financial markets.

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Stock Rover

Stock Rover is an investment research platform that enables users to analyze and track their stock portfolios with comprehensive screening, analysis, and comparison tools.

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Top 8 Best TradingView Alternatives in 2024

After carrying out intensive research on multiple TradingView alternatives, here are our best picks;

1. Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas offers investors real-time AI analysis, charts, news, and market scanning. The platform is designed for investors interested in day/active trading. It comprises a real-time scanner with over 500 price alerts and 40 pre-configured active trading strategies. 

The Trade Ideas Holly AI is integrated with AI algorithms, which is a time changer since it allows users to perform millions of backtests. While both TradeIdeas and TradingView have great backtesting tools, the TradeIdeas Oddsmaker efficiently analyzes short-term trading strategies.

While TradingView allows you to display 8 charts simultaneously, you can display up to 10 charts with TradeIdeas. This is not all; you can integrate the charts into several brokers for automated trades. Although TradingView still offers broker integration for trade automation, this should be carried out through bots like SignalStack, which requires you to be versed with webhooks.


  • Strong trading community
  • Artificial Intelligence algorithms for auto trading
  • Powerful stock scanner
  • Allows trading simulation without investments
  • Provides extensive training and educational resources


  • No mobile app
  • Complex user interface

2. TC2000

TC200 is a great TradingView alternative for investors interested in options, ETFs, and stock trading. Like TradingView, the platform is easily accessible through a mobile app or a browser. Unlike the TradingView platform, which inclines towards technical analysis, TC2000 has an EasyScan stock screener fully packed with 80+ technical indicators, 70+ fundamental metrics, and 11 option variables.

The TC2000’s advanced charting features allow you to display multiple securities and time frames on the same charts, regularly called a comparison chart. Moreover, by using TC2000's brokerage accounts, you can trade options and stocks directly from customized charts featuring flexible execution rules.


  • Customizable screens
  • Offers simulated and live trading
  • Provides technical and fundamental analysis
  • Has both pre and post-market modes
  • A great mobile app


  • Needs high-resolution monitors for better results
  • Charges commissions for trades

3. TrendSpider

Though a new entry into financial markets, TrendSpider is highly recognized by many investors as a TradingView alternative thanks to its cutting-edge technical analysis tools. TrendSpider specifically uses AI algorithms to efficiently automate chart patterns, candlestick patterns, plot trendlines, and Fibonacci retracements. This saves time and removes guesswork in technical analysis.

Additionally, you can quickly carry out a multi-timeframe analysis of the above features to assess resistance levels and critical support on one chart. Although TradingView has similar automated technical tools, it doesn't provide multi-timeframe and trendline analysis. 

Both platforms have great backtesters that allow you to backtest trading strategies on thousands of historical candles. However, one must have coding knowledge to use the TradingView backtester and customize trading strategies. Another unique feature of TrendSpider is its dynamic alerts, which allow more flexibility compared to TradingViews' standard price alerts.


  • Automated trendline analysis
  • Doesn't require coding
  • Robust historical backtesting
  • Multi timeframe analysis
  • Chart pattern and candlestick recognition


  • No mobile app
  • Lacks fundamental screening

4. FinViz

FinViz is rated among the best TradingView alternatives mainly because of its free version. Users can access features like heat maps, yearly financial statements, stock screening, and delayed charts for its free version. While TradingView offers similar but more detailed features for data coverage, they are paid for.

TradingView is more of a technical analysis tool, while FinViz goes deeper into descriptive, technical, and fundamental analysis, which is great for diversity. FinViz premium users can access up to 24 years of backtested data, one of the longest time frames. This makes it an ideal tool for building long-term trading strategies.


  • Advanced Intraday charts
  • Extensive backtesting
  • Provides insider trading information
  • Robust filters
  • Automated chart pattern recognition


  • No mobile app
  • Free version includes ads 

5. Barchart

Barchart and TradingView are both tremendous financial tools for traders. Barchart has fundamental and technical assets analysis tools, while TradingView handles technical analysis. Therefore, Barchart is ideal for traders interested in financial market data, research, and analysis.

Although Barchart lacks an active trading community like TradingView, it offers users market analysis and news from financial professionals. Barchart has operated for over 20 years and has a strong reputation for consistently delivering accurate and reliable data. 

While TradingView takes the upper hand because of its advanced charting features, Barchart's standard charts are still efficient for providing technical overviews and fundamental analysis.


  • Offers both technical and fundamental data analysis
  • Covers a wide range of asset classes
  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent market research platform
  • Easily navigable user interface


  • Doesn't offer trading integration
  • Lacks an active trading community

6. Koyfin

While TradingView is well-suited for technical analysis and provides users with customizable charts, Koyfin focuses on fundamental data analysis on stocks, bonds, ETFs, etc. Koyfin's strength lies in its ability to analyze macro data, making it a go-to option for financial investors.

The TradingView portal comprises many features that can be overwhelming for new users, while Koyfin has an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. Though Koyfin doesn't include many customization options like TradingView, its interface is designed to fit the interests of financial experts. This is made possible through efficiency and quick information delivery.


  • Great at analyzing fundamental data
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Covers multiple asset classes
  • Great for identifying long-term trends
  • Offers macroeconomic data


  • Limited customizable options

7. MetaStock

Many investors love MetaStock because of its efficient AI forecasting and backtesting capabilities. It's a technical analysis and charting platform covering currencies, stocks, ETFs, and options. Its partnership with Refinitiv Xenith sets it aside from TradingView because it provides real-time charting necessary for conducting detailed fundamental and technical analysis. 

Though MetaStock has up to 150 technical indicators, they are sufficient to help you analyze your trading strategy's entry and exit points. This is unlike TradingView, which boasts over 100,000 built-in strategies and indicators, but some aren't reliable. 

Furthermore, for MetaStcosk, you can test a single strategy against multiple securities, unlike TradingView, which only allows you to backtest one strategy against a single security.


  • Includes expert advisors
  • Unique stock price forecasting
  • Excellent deep backtesting
  • Fantastic customer support
  • Provides robust and reliable data 


  • Lacks broker integration, and users need a separate platform to trade on

8. Stock Rover

Stock Rover is a platform designed to serve the needs of long-term investors who focus on fundamental and technical financial market analysis. Unlike TradingView, Which mainly focuses on active traders interested in advanced trading and charting tools, Stock Rover is unique in its ability to provide over 500 financial metrics and statements for up to 10 years.

Stock Rover lets you get comprehensive portfolio analytics on any chosen period according to component performance, returns, volatility, etc. The trade evaluator, a recent introduction, helps you evaluate all the trades in your portfolio. Lastly, Stock Rover helps dividend stock investors track their future incomes.


  • Hundreds scanning metrics
  • Advanced charting features
  • Efficient portfolio management
  • Excellent stock screener
  • Custom priority email alerts


  • Limited asset class sets

How to Choose a Good TradingView Alternative

Though there are multiple factors you should consider, here are the key ones;

  • Value - Most trading services outlined here have free versions, which is good for new traders. However, you won't access more advanced tools. Unlocking these tools requires paying monthly or yearly subscription charges, which can be quite costly. So, what value are the services giving you, and how do they help you get your money back?
  • Customer Support - Customer support is a vital aspect of success in the trading world. Before choosing a particular platform, evaluate the availability and efficiency of its customer support services. Since trading operates daily, including weekends, the platform support should be reachable anytime through email, phone, or live chat support.
  • Costs - Understand the fees and pricing models to make viable financial choices that align with your trading strategy. The costs are mainly subscriptions, spreads, trading commissions, inactivity, and deposit/withdrawal fees.
  • Educational resources - Do the TradingView alternatives provide more robust features and educational resources for you to learn? The availability of these resources helps give you more value as you continue to grow. 


Although TradingView is a top-rated advanced charting, community engagement, and technical analysis platform, it can't satisfy everyone's interests. The above TradingView alternatives give traders and investors industry-leading financial research tools. You can work with TradingView or choose an option that aligns with your trading needs.

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