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Updated May 22, 2024

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Trading Tickers 2 is an intensive trading course, designed by Tim Grittani, that covers advanced strategies for trading penny stocks. This course offers knowledge on essential trading concepts and techniques, coupled with real trade examples.

Ambitious traders, ready to escalate their skills, are on a constant lookout for high-caliber stock market education. The Trading Tickers 2 course, the latest breakthrough designed by the renowned day trader, Tim Grittani, might just be the critical tool for those dedicated to mastering the art of trading.

Building upon his first successful installment, this comprehensive resource offers a unique viewpoint on advanced day trading strategies honed through real-market experience. 

For those who seek to emulate Grittani's journey from a modest investment to a multimillion-dollar portfolio, this sequel offers an in-depth, tactical road map.

Key Takeaways

  • In-depth exploration of advanced day trading strategies taught by Tim Grittani.
  • Comprehensive coverage of both foundational and nuanced aspects of stock market training.
  • Real-life insights into the triumphs and challenges encountered in the stock market.
  • Eight chapters offering an expansive look into the methodologies and mindset behind successful trading.
  • Essential for anyone looking to elevate their trading prowess through a tested and successful trading course.
  • Updated approaches in Trading Tickers 2 that provide a modern twist to established investment tactics.

Introduction to Tim Grittani's Trading Course

Tim Grittani's resounding success story resonates deeply within the trading community. His transformation of a humble $1,500 investment into a staggering wealth of over $10 million is nothing short of inspiring for traders worldwide. The Trading Tickers course, along with its sequel, Trading Tickers 2, encapsulates the best of Grittani's trading insights and profitable trading strategies.

Originating as a protégé of the renowned Timothy Sykes, Tim Grittani has since transcended the role of student to become a master in his own right. Broadcasting from Puerto Rico, his trove of knowledge is now accessible through these comprehensive educational platforms. These courses are much more than mere tutorials; they are an expedition through the core of day trading, honed to cultivate not just skill, but an unwavering commitment to the discipline.

  • Discover the foundations of Tim Grittani’s trading ethos shaped by years of experience.
  • Explore detailed, realistic strategies designed for sustainability and growth in the volatile trading market.
  • Dive into an immersive learning experience curated to steer both novices and seasoned traders towards greater trading proficiency.

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What's New in Trading Tickers 2

Keeping pace with the stock market evolution demands a high degree of trading adaptability, something that Tim Grittani has mastered and shares extensively in his updated course, Trading Tickers 2.

Recognizing the dynamic nature of modern markets, Grittani offers traders insights into how to stay ahead, refine their strategies, and maintain stringent discipline in trading.

Adaptation to Market Changes

In the face of an ever-changing stock landscape, Grittani's system emphasizes the importance of evolving with market conditions. This new release expands on how traders should adapt their methodologies, recognizing that static strategies may no longer hold up against the realities of today's financial markets.

Enhanced Risk Management Strategies

Trading Tickers 2 places a strong emphasis on the critical concept of risk-reward balance, underscoring the essence of discipline in trading. With practical advice drawn from Grittani's personal trading experiences and mistakes, the course introduces new principles and tactics geared towards reinforcing effective risk management.

  • Understanding of recent market shifts to fine-tune trading approaches.
  • Journaling techniques inspired by Brett Steenbarger to enhance self-analysis.
  • Application of refined rules that have been tested and verified by Grittani himself.

An Extensive Look at Course Content and Structure

Immerse yourself in the comprehensive educational journey provided by Trading Tickers 2, where each chapter unfolds Tim Grittani’s advanced mastery over day trading. The course structure is designed to incrementally build on your trading acumen, embedding the necessary expertise to elevate your skills through both reflections on essential trading setups and engagement with vital live trading examples.

Detailed Chapter Breakdown

Trading Tickers 2 offers a clear and logical progression through its eight meticulously crafted chapters:

  • Chapter 1: A deep dive into the selection and optimization of trading resources, including brokers, scanners, and technical indicators.
  • Chapter 2: Comprehensive exploration of essential trading setups, revisiting and updating proven strategies from the predecessor course for today's market dynamics.
  • Chapter 3: An in-depth analysis into the importance of journaling trades and the impact of psychological discipline on trading outcomes.
  • Chapter 4: Step by step guidance on employing advanced charting techniques for precise entry and exit points.
  • Chapter 5: Tracking spreadsheet intricacies, enabling a data-driven approach to refine one’s individual trading strategy.
  • Chapter 6: Case studies showcasing the evolution and application of strategies like "Doji Day 1" and "Reversal Long," enhanced with insightful trading footage commentary.
  • Chapter 7: Unique perspectives on position management, providing updated methodologies according to current market behavior.
  • Chapter 8: Rounding out the course with live trading examples that put theory into practice, featuring real-life cases from tickers such as $MRNA, $WKHS, and $GNUS.

Trading Tickers 2 Comprehensive Coverage

With the course’s extensive coverage, traders are equipped with the knowledge to navigate the market confidently, applying Grittani’s optimized trading setups. Each segment of the course brings about a wealth of practical insights, grounded in real-world applications that are both instructive and inspirational.

The inclusion of trading footage commentary is set up to provide not just theory, but a ringside view of the action-packed world of day trading:

  • Fine-tuned strategies put to the test with current and high-stakes trading situations.
  • Evocative commentary on trading footage that dissects pivotal moments in a day trader’s journey, providing clarity on decision-making processes in real-time.
  • Invaluable live trading examples that showcase the practical steps necessary to harness volatility and achieve consistent trading profits.

By the close of the course, traders are anticipated to have gained a robust understanding of modern day trading landscapes, ready to employ strategies that have been pressure-tested by one of the industry’s respected practitioners.

The Community Factor: Support and Collaboration

The interactive landscape of Trading Tickers 2 distinguishes the program as more than just an educational course—it's a launchpad into a vibrant trading community. Participants are not left to navigate the volatile waters of the stock market alone. Instead, they are immersed in a collaborative space that promotes peer support and collective growth.

This section explores the manifold benefits that stem from participation within the Trading Tickers 2 community.

Interacting with the Trading Tickers 2 Community

Engagement within the community is a cornerstone of the Trading Tickers 2 experience. Members are encouraged to participate in discussions, posing questions, and offering insights based on their individual perspectives.

This engagement provides the peer support vital for both novice and experienced traders, helping to foster a supportive environment conducive to educational and trading progress.

Real-Time Learning from Community Trade Shares

One of the most educational aspects of Trading Tickers 2 is the opportunity for real-time learning made possible by community trade shares. Community members openly share their trades, complete with rationales and outcomes, permitting others to learn from their experiences in the live market environment.

  • Instant feedback on trading decisions
  • Diverse strategies observed in practice
  • Parallel learning from others' successes and mistakes

This system of collaboration in trading enriches the learning process and profoundly impacts one’s trading acumen. The collective intelligence within the community paves the way for enhanced decision-making and reinforces the value of shared knowledge in the pursuit of trading proficiency.

Understanding the Strategy: The Philosophy Behind Tim Grittani's Success

Embracing a trading philosophy that transcends mere numbers, Tim Grittani's approach to successful day trading centers on risk management and a comprehensive evaluation of the trading process. His methods reflect not just a quest for profitability, but a disciplined blueprint for trading with precision.

  • Steadfast risk management is the cornerstone of Grittani’s trading philosophy. By prioritizing risk over reward, he ensures that every trade taken is calculated and within a pre-defined risk threshold.
  • Successful day trading, according to Grittani, relies heavily on adapting to market changes. This flexibility is embedded within his trading strategies, allowing for dynamic responses to real-time market conditions.
  • A critical aspect of Grittani's philosophy is his emphasis on the learning process over instantaneous profit. He advocates for a mindset where continuous learning and strategy refinement take precedence over the accumulation of gains.

Infused with insights from Brett Steenbarger’s "The Daily Trading Coach," Grittani’s strategic consolidation supports traders in their journey towards achieving consistency in the market.

By adhering to a structured trading journal and enforcing rules personal to his trading habits, Grittani has designed a system that minimizes the recurrence of past trading mistakes. This personalized approach showcases the importance of introspection and tailored rule-setting in the realm of day trading.

  1. Documenting trades in a meticulous trading journal offers transparency into what strategies work, facilitating an analytical approach to trading decisions.
  2. Rules set by Grittani act as a safeguard against emotional trading, ensuring that decisions are systematic and less prone to the psychological pressures of the market.

With risk management as the linchpin of his trading foundation, Grittani’s trading philosophy encapsulates the essence of a disciplined framework necessary for successful day trading. Qualities such as patience, diligence, and the continuous pursuit of knowledge are echoes throughout his tactics, serving as a testament to the mindset required for long-term success in the stock market.


In the landscape of stock market training, Trading Tickers 2 stands out as a formidable source of knowledge. Tim Grittani's course emerges as a beacon for those poised to embark on or enhance their journey in successful day trading.

Allowing participants to delve into Grittani's proven stratagems, the course serves as a comprehensive guide that extends beyond mere theory. The substantial inclusion of live trade demonstrations is an invaluable aspect of the course, facilitating real-time learning and application of complex concepts.

The significance of this program is further intensified through a community that offers support and exchange of practical insights, augmenting the learning experience.

Those in pursuit of excellence within the volatile realm of penny stocks will find Trading Tickers 2 to be a pivotal resource.


  • Service: Trading Course
  • One-Time Price: $1799
  • Promotion: Combo deal for trading tickers 1&2

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