Trademetria Review – How Good Is This Trading Journal?

Updated May 14, 2024

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Trademetria is a trading journal designed to assist traders in analyzing, testing, and improving their trading strategies. It offers a range of analytical tools, real-time data, and customizable alerts.

As traders quest for dominance in the rapid finance arena, efficient trade-tracking platforms become vital. Trademetria stands out, poised to alter trading performance and portfolio management with its robust toolset. 

This review explores the platform's role in sharpening traders' market strategies. It offers detailed insights into their trading behavior and financial choices.

Key Takeaways

  • Trademetria serves as a pivotal tool for performance tracking and deep trade analysis.
  • Strategically crafted features support traders in refining their approaches for better market outcomes.
  • The software's design addresses both the foresight and reflection aspects crucial to successful trading.
  • Compatibility with over 140 brokers worldwide widens Trademetria's accessibility to a broad spectrum of traders.
  • User-friendly dashboards and goal-tracking functionalities enable strategic portfolio management.

Understanding Trademetria: A Comprehensive Trading Companion

In the complex world of financial markets, traders constantly search for ways to enhance their strategies. Trademetria stands out as a key online tool, surpassing the simple functions of usual trading journals. It supports the demanding activities of day trading and aids in building sustainable investment strategies.

At the heart of its functionality, Trademetria offers a comprehensive set of tools. These are designed for deep analysis of trading activities, giving users vital feedback on their practices. It enables traders to evaluate key performance metrics, including profit factors. This assessment allows them to finetune their approaches for improved results.

The service is particularly valuable for traders who base their decisions on solid data and who require detailed analyses of their performance. However, trading companies in need of an automatic solution for importing trades may see Trademetria's features as somewhat lacking.

To achieve top-notch trading results, Trademetria is an essential resource. It equips traders with extensive analytics, shining a light on crucial performance indicators. This platform is beneficial whether one engages in quick-paced day trading or is focused on long-term investment planning.

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Trademetria Review: A Comprehensive Overview

Trademetria is essential for those aiming to enhance their trading operations. It has gained prominence by assisting users in closely monitoring their trading path. Its diverse range of analysis tools and a customizable dashboard ensure attention to each aspect.

This approach elevates Trademetria above a regular trading portfolio tracker, emphasizing its comprehensive functionality.

Tracking, Analysis, and Portfolio Management

Investors seeking a detailed perspective of their trading portfolio will find Trademetria invaluable. It offers an advanced tracking system that provides in-depth insights into trading habits and portfolio variety, including stocks, options, and cryptocurrencies.

Through detailed tracking, investors gain a deep understanding, leading to smarter decisions and strategic shifts. These adjustments support both immediate and future investment aspirations.

Seamless Integration with Over 140 Brokers

Trademetria's widespread compatibility makes it attractive globally. Its ability to integrate with over 140 brokers establishes it as a leading tool for trade analysis.

Traders across the world can hence consolidate their trading data on one platform confidently. This feature underscores Trademetria's commitment to broad broker support.

Customizable Features for Enhanced Trading Insight

The adaptability of Trademetria's dashboard is crucial. It enables users to tailor the interface to reflect their individual trading style and focus areas, making important data more visible.

With advanced analysis tools, investors achieve a better perspective on their market standing and opportunities. Trademetria supports users with comprehensive research and challenges, enhancing their strategy and maximizing gains.

Key Features of Trademetria

Trademetria drastically simplifies the enhancement of your trading performance. It offers an impressive selection of features tailored for today's trader. Effortless trade journaling, advanced analytics, simplified trade imports, and intricate risk management analysis converge on a single platform.

Trade Journaling and Analytics Dashboard

The essence of Trademetria is its powerful trade journaling and analytics dashboard. It adeptly supports tracking for various assets like equities, forex, and futures. Furthermore, it provides deep analytics to examine your trading activities comprehensively.

With well-crafted graphics and smart reporting tools, traders can discover patterns, refine strategies, and improve decision-making.

Effortless Trade Import Options

  • Manual Entry: Capture every detail of your trades with hands-on precision.
  • Template CSV: Utilize tailored spreadsheets for efficient bulk data input.
  • Broker CSV: Employ broker-specific formats to maintain consistency.
  • Auto-Sync via API: Connect directly to your brokerage for real-time data retrieval and updates.

Trademetria prides itself on flexibility, presenting several trade import options that cater to individual needs and technical proficiency.

Real-Time Risk Management

Trademetria ensures a secure trading experience by incorporating cutting-edge risk management tools, including Dr. Van Tharp's R-multiples. These essential metrics empower traders to gauge the risk level of each trade, tailor their strategies more effectively, and handle financial outcomes with precision.

In the fast-paced trading arena, these real-time insights are crucial for maintaining longevity and navigating challenges.

Diving Deeper: Trading Analytics and Metrics

Trademetria revolutionizes trading with its vast suite of trading analytics. It equips investors to deeply analyze their trading habits and strategies. These critical analytics are essential for boosting trading outcomes. With performance metrics, traders gain insights for better decision-making and strategy refinement.

Traders can utilize crucial indicators like profit factors, expectancy, and win rates. These metrics are vital for assessing trade effectiveness.

Trademetria’s asset allocation visualization offers users a clearer view of their finances. It enhances portfolio management and provides a detailed, yet easy-to-understand, layout of asset distribution. The platform’s engaging pie charts not only attract attention but also fulfill a crucial analytical role. They make understanding finances straightforward and actionable for all user levels.

  • Profit Factor: Understanding the gains relative to losses over a period.
  • Expectancy: Calculating the average return per trade to forecast earnings.
  • Win Rate: Evaluating the percentage of trades that are profitable.
  • Holding Times: Assessing the duration of each trade to optimize entry and exit points.

Trademetria encourages traders to better their strategies through detailed analytics. It enables them to spot successful patterns and adjust ineffective tactics. This thorough level of analysis aids in establishing solid trading methods. It fosters financial growth by supporting well-informed trading decisions.

Getting Started with Trademetria

Embarking on your Trademetria journey is as straightforward as can be. Setting up this trading software is designed to be hassle-free. This ensures that you can focus on your market activities without any setup obstacles.

Trademetria welcomes users who are just starting or who manage extensive investment portfolios. It offers easy steps to get you started quickly and efficiently.

  1. Visit the Trademetria website and create your account to initiate your trading software setup.
  2. After activating your account, choose between manual trade entries or automated importing options that support various brokers.
  3. For a more automated experience, configure the platform's API for real-time trade data synchronization effortlessly.

With Trademetria, you're not just entering data. You're setting up for advanced trade analysis and strategy development. As your trade data expands, Trademetria's features evolve into valuable tools. They mirror your trading style, enabling you to refine strategies and achieve new trading goals.

  • Manual data entry gives you detailed control over your records, ensuring thorough personal management.
  • Automated importing saves time without sacrificing accuracy, ideal for the tech-savvy trader.
  • API connections offer continuous, real-time trade updates, facilitating a constant stream of data.

Whether you prefer simplicity or detailed analysis, Trademetria caters to your trading preferences. Its adaptable platform supports a variety of trading activities and styles. Trademetria offers a reliable foundation for improving your trading efficiency and accuracy. Take advantage of the opportunity to enhance your trading experience today.

Comparing Plans: Free vs Basic vs Pro

Trademetria designs pricing levels for traders at various stages, offering resources suited to different needs. Finding the right plan affects trading success by controlling access to tools, thus influencing trading efficiency. Each plan, Free, Basic, and Pro, provides specific features that enhance trading effectiveness.

Understanding the Free Subscription

The Free subscription suits those new to trading, allowing them to explore Trademetria with no cost. It limits trade volume management but still offers essential insights for developing trade tracking skills. This plan helps users familiarize themselves with the platform's features.

Benefits of the Basic Plan

The Basic plan expands the capacity for importing orders, critical for active traders documenting their activities. For $17.90 per month, it adds API integration for streamlined trading analysis and better portfolio management, enhancing trading capabilities.

Advanced Trading with the Pro Plan

The Pro plan serves professional traders seeking an unrestricted trading environment for $23.30 monthly. It guarantees access to comprehensive tools critical for managing multiple accounts. Supporting up to 50 accounts, it ensures efficient trading across various instruments and markets.


Throughout our in-depth analysis, Trademetria has showcased its vital role for traders. Its suite of features reflects a commitment to enhance the trading process. This includes improving trade analysis and strategic planning.

Also, the platform's blend of user-friendly design and advanced analysis tools sets Trademetria apart in the competitive trading journal market. It offers something for everyone, from beginners to experts. Users benefit greatly from features like detailed trade logs and performance metrics. Moreover, its structured pricing ensures it's accessible at different stages of a trader's journey.

Trademetria's positive reception within the trading community speaks volumes about its effectiveness and reliability. User feedback and expert reviews praise its precision and customer support. It holds promise for those aiming to enhance their trading skills and analysis rigorously.


  • Service: Trading Journal
  • Pricing: $0-$23/month
  • Promotion: None

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