TradeDay vs TopStep – Which Prop Firm Offers More Value?

Updated May 12, 2024

The proprietary trading firm landscape is constantly transforming. It offers traders opportunities to access the financial markets with funded accounts. TradeDay and TopStep are at the forefront of this movement. They provide unique platforms aimed at promoting trading proficiency. 

These firms offer frameworks that allow traders to operate without the risk of losing their own money. Thus, they accommodate various trader needs and desires. This prompts a detailed examination of both platforms to be both necessary and enlightening.

Key Takeaways

  • TradeDay and TopStep are leading proprietary trading firms that offer traders pathways to success in the financial markets with funded accounts.
  • TradeDay's Evaluation Challenge focuses on transparent, simple trading rules and comprehensive profit-sharing structures.
  • TopStep features a realistic trading simulation and extensive educational content, including live classes to emulate financial market conditions.
  • User ratings for both platforms are indicative of high trader satisfaction and the efficacy of their respective offerings.
  • Understanding the distinctive attributes of TradeDay and TopStep is essential for traders seeking a platform that aligns with their individual trading strategies and goals.

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Understanding Proprietary Trading Platforms

Proprietary trading platforms merge financial expertise with market opportunities. They allow firms to use their funds in trading, unlike using client money. Through these platforms, a multitude of strategies and risk management techniques are employed to effectively maneuver through the financial markets.

What is Proprietary Trading?

Proprietary trading entails institutions or traders investing their capital to profit directly from markets. This approach allows executing varied trades over different durations and financial instruments. Key to this is leveraging market knowledge and unique algorithms. These elements aid in maximizing returns sans the typical constraints found in client-centered trading.

The Role of Prop Trading Firms in the Financial Markets

Prop trading firms are not mere market participants but are central to financial market dynamics. They function importantly in two main areas: liquidity creation and price setting. Here are some vital roles they play:

  • Market Making: As market makers, these firms inject liquidity, smoothing price movements and reducing market volatility.
  • Risk Management: Through stringent risk controls, prop trading firms limit potential losses. This approach underpins the stability needed across financial markets.
  • Innovation and Strategy Testing: Prop trading provides a realm for testing new trading strategies and tech. These can be honed before broader market implementation.

In essence, firms such as TradeDay and TopStep elevate the trading field. They cultivate adept traders, steering through complex financial markets. These entities not only enhance trading skills but drive a more dynamic, efficient, and competitive arena. They advocate for strategic leverage and rigorous risk management.

Topstep is a trading evaluation program that allows traders to demonstrate their skills using simulated accounts and potentially earn a funded trading account by meeting predefined profit targets and risk parameters.

ABOUT Topstep

  • Accessible starting capital requirements
  • Comprehensive support for popular trading platforms
  • Extensive range of educational tools with live classes
  • 14-day trial for new members

Introducing TradeDay: A Simplified Approach to Trading

TradeDay stands out as a guiding light for newcomers in trading. It offers a straightforward path to financial prosperity in the trading arena. Created by seasoned experts, it bridges the theory-practice gap with a focus on clear, practical trading education. The TradeDay Evaluation Challenge is pivotal in fostering trading skill and strategic insight.

The Evaluation Challenge and Its Impact on Traders

The TradeDay Evaluation Challenge is key to its innovative strategy. It tests and sharpens traders' skills in a controlled setting. Successful candidates manage a TradeDay-funded account, earning actual profits. This challenge aims to discover adept traders and instill vital discipline and market understanding for lasting success.

TradeDay's Educational and Supportive Resources

  • Interactive webinars and insightful coaching make up its extensive trader training. These elements equip traders with crucial market strategies and knowledge.
  • TradeDay offers a range of educational tools tailored to fit each trader's learning pace. This initiative aims to enhance trading skills comprehensively.
  • Through webinars, TradeDay becomes a hub for explaining and applying trading ideas in practical situations. This approach demystifies complex trading concepts.
  • Personalized coaching enhances the flexible learning options, signifying TradeDay's commitment to customized trader development. This personal touch often leads to significant improvements in trade decisions.

TradeDay caters to traders of all levels, ensuring support for every skill stage. Its ecosystem doesn't just focus on trading, but on developing a disciplined, informed trading methodology.

TopStepTrader: A Gateway to Disciplined Trading

TopStepTrader presents a unique challenge for those aiming for trading excellence. It highlights its education programs that meticulously prepare traders. They learn to confront the markets with heightened confidence and discipline. This sets a new standard in financial training, distinguishing it from others.

The Trading Combine Program and Live Trading Simulation

The Trading Combine is the core of TopStepTrader's offerings. It tests a trader's ability to generate profits while managing risk. This structured program mimics a real trading scenario without endangering personal assets. It acts as a critical test, advancing only those who can consistently earn and manage risks to trade with TopStepTrader's funds.

Fostering Success with Comprehensive Education and Tools

Alongside the Trading Combine, TopStepTrader enriches traders with a broad educational system. It encompasses live classes to interactive tools, ensuring traders receive continual support and learning opportunities. These resources deepen market understanding. They help traders improve their strategies and instill the discipline essential for real-world trading success.

  • Realistic trading environment with the Trading Combine to emulate live market conditions
  • Continuous learning through an educational framework designed to enhance trading skills
  • Dedication to nurturing disciplined trading habits through practical simulation and support

TradeDay vs TopStep: Key Features and User Experiences

Comparing TradeDay and TopStep reveals crucial differences in their key features and user experiences. This analysis is essential for traders looking to identify the platform that aligns with their trading technique and requirements. Each platform has unique attributes that cater to diverse trader needs.


TradeDay stands out with a wide selection of trading instruments, offering variety to traders who value diversity in their investments. It also facilitates a flexible trading environment through integration with multiple platforms.

Its competitive profit-sharing model is attractive to those aiming to optimize earnings. The comprehensive educational resources available are invaluable in advancing traders' knowledge and skill sets.


TopStep prioritizes simulating real trading scenarios, essential for acclimating traders to the stresses of actual trading. Users benefit from the broad support across various platforms, ensuring comfort with the chosen interface.

The platform's structured education programs are especially beneficial, promoting continual learning and skill development for traders at all levels.

Both platforms place a significant emphasis on funded account trading. This allows traders to engage in the markets without investing personal funds right away. It's a pivotal feature for many, enabling access to financial markets under specific conditions and trading goals.

Diving Into Educational Resources: TradeDay and TopStep Compared

For those keen on trading education, TradeDay and TopStep offer substantial learning resources. These are aimed at improving market strategies and sharpening trading skills. Each platform's educational strengths become clear upon closer inspection.

TradeDay distinguishes itself with a wide array of learning materials. These cater to traders at various levels of experience. The webinars provided delve into diverse topics, from market analysis to risk management. Personalized coaching sessions highlight TradeDay's dedication to customized trading education.

TopStep, on the other hand, employs a methodical strategy for trader development. Through live classes led by experienced professionals, learners receive instant feedback and partake in interactive sessions. This ensures each class addresses both the theory and the real-world issues traders encounter.

TradeDay's learning resources:

  • Thematic webinars for diverse trading topics
  • Individual coaching for personalized guidance

TopStep's educational approach:

  • Structured live classes for immersive learning
  • Curated curriculum catering to different trading skills levels

Both platforms commit significantly to trader education. TradeDay opts for a more flexible approach, while TopStep adheres to a strict learning path. Traders must decide which educational style aligns with their learning needs and trading goals. However, both agree on the vital role of trading education for financial market success.

Profit Sharing and Withdrawal Policies: Which Platform Stands Out?

Traders looking to partner with a proprietary platform find profit sharing and withdrawal policies vital. Identifying the more favorable option reveals a platform's commitment to traders' success and openness.

Evaluating TradeDay's Attractive Profit Sharing Model

TradeDay stands out with its appealing profit sharing model, allowing traders to retain much of their earnings. The generosity of their split, paired with user-friendly withdrawal policies, highlights their commitment. This approach underscores TradeDay's focus on transparent and trader-centric agreements.

TopStep's Advantage in Profit Split and Withdrawal Transparency

Contrastingly, TopStep offers an exceptional 90% profit split, significantly benefiting traders. Their straightforward withdrawal procedures emphasize consistency and honesty. These practices foster a deep trust between TopStep and its users, showcasing its value for transparency.

Comparing TradeDay and TopStep, both platforms excel in profit sharing and withdrawal practices. They stand out for their clear, trader-focused policies, underlying a mutual respect for what traders seek on their journey.

Quick Recap:

  • Profit-sharing model: Both platforms present appealing offers, though TopStep takes the lead with its higher percentage.
  • Trader earnings: The possibility for higher earnings exists with TopStep, but it demands fulfillment of certain criteria.
  • Withdrawal policies: TopStep excels in policy transparency, establishing trust and simplifying transactions for its traders.
  • TradeDay vs TopStep profitability: Each platform offers opportunities for profit, but success depends on the trader's skill and understanding of the platforms' distinct rules and profit shares.


In the current funded trading landscape, TradeDay and TopStep are leading platforms. They equip traders with tools to enhance trading skills and leverage. The choice between them depends on individual trading goals and expectations.

TradeDay appeals to those seeking a simple, intuitive setup with educational support. It's ideal for newcomers or those who favor an uncomplicated trading environment.

TopStep stands out for its detailed trading education and supportive community. It targets traders who prioritize structured learning and community engagement. The platform's extensive educational materials emphasize the need for a strong foundation.

In summary, TradeDay and TopStep shine for different reasons. TradeDay is known for its easy Evaluation Challenge and adaptable trading conditions. TopStep is recognized for its thorough Trading Combine program and dedication to education. The choice depends on one's trading goals and learning preferences.


  • Service: Funded Trader Program
  • Pricing: $49/month
  • Promotion: 20% discount for new members

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