Trade Ideas Standard vs Premium Plan

Updated May 15, 2024

Delving into the dynamic world of the stock market requires sharp tools tailored to navigate its twists and turns. This becomes crucial when it's time to analyze and execute trades with precision. A detailed Trade Ideas review reveals that it stands out as a powerful AI trading platform, providing cutting-edge stock market tools to assist both newcomers and seasoned traders.

With two distinct trading software plans—Standard and Premium—Trade Ideas caters to a spectrum of trading strategies and user preferences. 

Below, we'll unpack the nuances of the Standard and Premium plans, helping you decide which can best serve your market endeavors.

Key Takeaways

  • The Standard plan is a cost-effective solution for traders focusing on core functionalities.
  • Trade Ideas' Premium plan offers a full spectrum of trading tools for serious market players.
  • Comparing plan features helps traders align their choice with their strategic needs.
  • Both subscriptions present annual options for significant cost savings.
  • Understanding the differences in plan offerings is crucial for maximizing trading performance.
  • Sophisticated AI and automation tools are central to the Premium plan's value proposition.



Type of Service

Basic trading tools and real-time alerts

Advanced AI trading and backtesting

Best Use

Beginner to intermediate trading

Advanced trading and strategy development

Customer Support

Standard support

Enhanced support with advanced features

Customization and Tools

Essential tools for basic trading

Enhanced tools for complex strategies

Pricing Page

Understanding Trade Ideas Subscription Plans

As one hones their trading strategy, it’s paramount to select a trading software that aligns with both financial goals and tool requirements.

Trade Ideas, as a leader in this realm, offers subscription plans that cater to a diverse array of trader needs, from novices focused on the fundamentals of stock scanning tools to experts needing in-depth technical indicators.

Trade Ideas Standard Plan: An Overview

The Standard plan is a beacon for traders committed to refining their trading strategy without stretching their budget. At a subscriptions cost of $84 monthly or $999 annually, this plan empowers users with a suite of essential stock scanning tools, and a balance of sophistication and value.

The efficient pricing structures of Trade Ideas make this an enticing option for those weighing monthly vs annual plans, where annual commitments reap cost savings.

Trade Ideas Premium Plan: Advanced Features Explained

For the serious trader, Trade Ideas pricing for the Premium plan reflects its comprehensive feature set. At $167 monthly or $1999 annually, this all-encompassing plan includes the full spectrum of Trade Ideas’ capabilities. Advanced charting tools, proprietary AI algorithms, and unparalleled market insights are just a snippet of the offerings designed for those who leave no stone unturned in their trading strategy.

Deciding Between Monthly and Annual Subscriptions

The conundrum of selecting monthly vs annual plans is a significant one. Monthly subscriptions offer flexibility, permitting traders to adapt to their evolving strategy and financial constraints.

Meanwhile, annual subscriptions, although initially more substantial in outlay, ultimately yield considerable savings, making them a prudent choice for those committed to leveraging Trade Ideas’ array of stock scanning tools and insights over a longer horizon.

  • Monthly Plan: Ideal for those seeking short-term flexibility or are new to Trade Ideas.
  • Annual Plan: Cost-effective for long-term traders who are ready for full immersion and maximum savings.

Trade Ideas provides a comprehensive suite of tools and services for active traders and investors, offering real-time market scanning, stock screening, and algorithmic trading strategies to help users identify potential investment opportunities in the stock market.

ABOUT the Trade Ideas

  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Reviewed by Benzinga 5-Star
  • Editors’ Choice Award from WealthUp
  • Earned over 8,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

Key Functionalities of Trade Ideas Standard Plan

For traders seeking a powerful yet cost-effective platform, Trade Ideas Standard provides a suite of functionalities that are essential for day-to-day trading activities. Amongst these core features, traders have found the most value in the real-time stock scanning capabilities, which deliver instant stock information to stay ahead of market trends.

The flexibility of customizable layouts allows traders to arrange their workflow to their preference, dramatically improving efficiency and focus.

  • Real-time stock scanning offers immediate data on stock movements, enabling users to make swift, informed decisions.
  • Customizable layouts cater to individual trading styles, setting up the trading space for optimal navigation and control.
  • Trading alerts keep traders abreast of significant market events and price movements, ensuring they never miss an opportunity.
  • Market data access is comprehensive, with the inclusion of pre-market and after-hours trading data, vital for those looking to capitalize on all possible market scenarios.
  • The integrated stock screener filters stocks based on user-defined criteria, aiding in the quick identification of potentially profitable trades.

In addition to these key offerings, Trade Ideas Standard also includes robust charting options with the ability to view 10 charts simultaneously. Over 20 trading templates curated by seasoned traders help streamline analysis and trading strategy development.

An unlimited number of personal watchlists means that you can keep track of an extensive portfolio of interests, while in-app and pre-built custom formula editors further tailor the trading experience to your unique strategies.

While it presents fewer charts and less customization compared to its Premium counterpart, the Trade Ideas Standard plan remains a formidable toolset for traders aiming to enhance their trading discipline and efficiency through thoughtful design and solid market data.

Trade Ideas Premium Exclusive Features

When it comes to staying ahead in the stock market, Trade Ideas Premium is the go-to resource for traders seeking a powerful competitive edge. With exclusive, state-of-the-art features, this premium offering goes beyond the norm to provide users with a comprehensive suite of tools designed to maximize trading efficiency and effectiveness.

Let's delve into the special features that set the Trade Ideas Premium plan apart.

AI Virtual Trading Analyst Holly in Depth

At the heart of Trade Ideas Premium lies Holly AI, an advanced Virtual Trading Analyst powered by proprietary algorithms. Holly AI stands out in the realm of AI trade signals, providing actionable insights and enhancing risk assessment with precision.

By harnessing the power of machine learning, Holly AI analyzes historical data and market patterns to present traders with high-probability trading scenarios, each scored and graded to reflect the designed risk-reward ratio.

Automated Trading with Brokerage Plus

Elevate your trading strategy with the exclusive Brokerage Plus module, a pivotal feature of Trade Ideas Premium that supports automated trade execution. The beauty of Brokerage Plus lies in its ability to integrate directly with your brokerage account, allowing for swift and seamless order placement based on predefined criteria or Holly AI's recommendations.

This integration provides traders with the agility to capitalize on market opportunities in real time, maintaining a competitive edge through speed and accuracy.

OddsMaker: Comprehensive Backtesting Tool

OddsMaker is the trader's ultimate backtesting ally. This powerful tool grants traders the capacity to rigorously test and refine backtesting strategies without a single line of code.

By offering comprehensive analysis on the viability of trading strategies, OddsMaker enables traders to assess the profit potential of their ideas, meticulously analyze past trade performance data, and optimize strategy returns with a thorough understanding of the market's intricate dynamics.

Trade Ideas Standard vs Premium: In-Depth Feature Comparison

When considering Trade Ideas as the cornerstone of trading analysis and decision-making, discerning the distinctive advantages between the Standard and Premium plans is crucial. Each offering is geared towards optimizing the user's trading experience through a suite of features, from precise stock market charts to actionable trade simulations.

The analysis that follows dives into the core attributes that set these plans apart, allowing for a judicious selection based on each trader's specific needs.

Real-Time Data and Charting Capabilities

The foundation of any informed trading decision is the caliber of real-time data and charting tools at one's disposal. Both the Standard and Premium plans of Trade Ideas cater to this prerequisite; however, the scale and depth of the offerings vary. Stock market charts, replete with real-time data, lay the groundwork for astute trading analysis.

While Trade Ideas Standard offers a robust array of charting options and technical indicators, Premium elevates this feature by providing an enhanced suite for an even more detailed examination of market trends and potential trades.

Customizable Tools and Layouts

Customization is a prized feature for traders of all levels, enabling them to tailor their dashboards and information streams for efficient monitoring. The versatility of trading layouts and the ability to mold tools to one's trading strategy form the bedrock of Trade Ideas' user experience.

The Standard plan hands traders the key to a treasure trove of scans and screeners, allowing for a considerable degree of personalization. 

In contrast, the Premium option takes this a notch higher by unlocking advanced customization capabilities, especially appealing for seasoned traders who demand a greater breadth of moldable tools.

Simulated and Live Trading Features

Where theory meets practice, both Trade Ideas plans shine. From the simulation of trading strategies to receiving timely stock alerts, these subscription tiers offer invaluable features that cater to both novices and experts. The crowning jewel of the Premium plan, however, is the integration of intelligent AI technology.

This feature not only supplies users with simulated trading scenarios but also dynamically adjusts to the live market conditions, providing an enriched, automated trading experience that echoes the real world.

This sophisticated simulation environment distinguishes Premium as the superior option for those serious about elevating their trading to a place where data science meets market intuition.


The process of trade software selection can be daunting, yet the comparison between Trade Ideas Standard and Premium simplifies the landscape for traders at all levels. Whether you're crafting investing strategies as a newcomer or honing market analysis tools as a seasoned investor, Trade Ideas presents tailored solutions.

The Standard plan is a financially accessible stepping stone that furnishes traders with the essential toolkit needed for market entry, while the Premium plan is the epitome of Trade Ideas' innovative capabilities, offering a comprehensive suite for those who leave no stone unturned in the quest for trading mastery.

Ultimately, the trading plan choice should mirror your personal trading aspirations and readiness to navigate the complexities of the stock market. With this informative comparison, your path towards an informed decision—aligning investment, effort, and technology—is now clearer.


  • Service: Stock scanning software
  • Annual Price: $97 (normally $397/yr)
  • Promotion: 14-day free trial and quarterly discounts

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