TopStep vs FTMO – Which Services Offers The Better Value?

Updated May 12, 2024

The world of trading is rapidly changing, leading traders to hunt for the most fitting platform to grow their funded trading pursuits. In the clutter of funding options, TopStep and FTMO emerge as prominent contenders in the US's trading platform space. 

Each firm is transforming traders' approach to the markets, offering unique paths towards becoming a professional trader. While TopStep caters to budding futures traders with robust educational content, FTMO attracts with its lucrative profit sharing and a wide selection of tradable markets.

The decision to partner with a trading platform is critical; it involves matching your goals with what the platform offers to advance your trading career.

Key Takeaways

  • TopStep and FTMO are significant Forex funding providers for traders aiming for a funded career.
  • These proprietary trading firms are based in the United States, presenting diverse opportunities for traders.
  • TopStep excels in futures trading and provides educational tools for different skill levels.
  • FTMO offers a broad range of assets like Forex, Indices, and Cryptocurrency.
  • FTMO's attractive profit split may appeal to traders seeking better financial rewards.

Risk Management

Day trading platform

Prop trading firm



€155 - €1080

Profit Share


Forex, Commodities, Indices, Crypto, Stocks, Bonds

Current Promotion


Introduction to Proprietary Trading Firms

Proprietary trading firms are a chance for those dreaming of a career in trading, using the firm's money. Firms like TopStep and FTMO offer such opportunities, rewarding excellence in their trading evaluation. These firms aim to invest in traders who master the financial markets with skill and order. This mutual support promotes growth and success for both traders and firms alike.

The journey in proprietary trading hinges on the trading evaluation. This crucial step tests a trader's risk management and profit-making consistency within set guidelines. It helps in deciding which traders are entrusted with significant capital.

For ambitious traders, funding programs are key to launching a professional career. Mastering these challenges means accessing vital capital and support to excel in financial trading. The system rewards performance, where successful traders' gains also benefit the firms.

  • Proprietary trading firms provide access to larger capital bases.
  • Trader funding programs serve as crucial milestones for traders eager to establish their mark in the finance world.
  • Capital allocation for traders is performance contingent, ensuring only the competent handle significant sums.
  • The trading evaluation process is rigorous but integral to a trader's progression within the firm.
  • A professional trading career is within reach for those who combine strategic acumen with disciplined risk management.

These firms craft an ecosystem that supports sustainable trading careers. Through their funding programs and capital access, aspiring traders have a platform to potentially excel. This infrastructure is vital for reaching professional success in trading.

Topstep is a trading evaluation program that allows traders to demonstrate their skills using simulated accounts and potentially earn a funded trading account by meeting predefined profit targets and risk parameters.

ABOUT Topstep

  • Accessible starting capital requirements
  • Comprehensive support for popular trading platforms
  • Extensive range of educational tools with live classes
  • 14-day trial for new members

TopStep vs FTMO: Comparing Trading Opportunities

A detailed trading platforms comparison reveals significant differences between TopStep and FTMO, aligning with each trader's unique skills and ambitions.

For those immersed in futures trading, TopStep provides a specialized setting. It enforces strict rules including maximum drawdown limits, a minimum number of trading days, and daily loss limits. These criteria aim to encourage responsible trading behaviors and ensure consistency in trader evaluation standards.

FTMO, on the other hand, offers a broader array of trading opportunities, catering to various assets. It is ideal for enthusiasts of Forex, Commodities, Indices, Crypto, Stocks, and Bonds. This variety illustrates the necessity for a deep trading platforms comparison. Through such analysis, traders can assess each platform's offerings against their own strategies and preferences.

Quick Recap:

  • TopStep caters specifically to futures trading, setting rigid guidelines to support its educational goals.
  • In contrast, FTMO embraces a wide range of assets, from Forex trading to securities, serving diverse trading portfolios.
  • Each platform's trader evaluation process demands strict compliance with their criteria and challenges, requiring careful consideration by traders.

Deciding between TopStep and FTMO requires careful thought about the assets one wishes to trade, the terms they're prepared to accept, and their long-term trading goals. It is the interplay of these factors that will determine a trader’s path and prosperity in the financial markets.

Key Features and Trading Conditions

Prospective traders must weigh their options between the TopStep Trading Combine and the FTMO challenge carefully. Each program is more than a funding opportunity; they are tests of discipline, skill, and understanding of the markets. Knowing the specifics and conditions of each can guide a trader towards the right choice.

TopStep's Trading Combine Specifics

The TopStep Trading Combine aims at those seeking success in the futures market. Stringent conditions foster consistency and risk management. Traders face rules on position sizes. The "Consistency Rule" is crucial, ensuring traders not only profit but also trade reliably.

  • Minimum and Maximum Position Size
  • Consistency Rule for Stable Trading Output
  • Exclusive Futures Trading Focus

FTMO's Varied Securities and Profit Share

FTMO, in contrast, offers access to a wider range of securities. These include forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. Its appeal lies in the up to 90% profit share for traders. Achieving success with FTMO means proving one's skill across various market conditions while following specific trading guidelines.

  • Diverse Range of Tradable Securities
  • Up to 90% Profit Share Opportunity
  • Two-Stage Challenge Emphasizing Market Adaptability

Understanding the nuances of both TopStep's Trading Combine and FTMO's challenge is crucial. This knowledge helps traders make an informed decision. The right choice can significantly impact their trading careers, given the potential for a funded account.

Proprietary Trading Education Resources

In the realm of proprietary trading, access to knowledge and resources can greatly influence a trader's journey. TopStep and FTMO are keenly aware of this fact, hence their focus on trading education. This education acts as a vital support for traders, aiding both rookies and seasoned experts navigate the financial market's intricacies.

The trader support resources from TopStep and FTMO aim to not just educate but also empower. They offer detailed market analyses, webinars, and interactive tools. These resources equip traders with knowledge that's directly relevant to the challenges they encounter on these platforms.

  • Comprehensive Guides: Step-by-step trading guides to navigate proprietary trading intricacies.
  • Tactical Webinars: Live sessions covering vital trading strategies and market insights.
  • Community Forums: Platforms for traders to exchange ideas and seek advice from peers.
  • Skill Enhancement Tools: Simulators and other software to refine trading techniques.

Such educational efforts play a crucial role in proprietary trading development. They provide traders with essential tools for success. TopStep and FTMO showcase their commitment to education. This highlights their dedication to a supportive environment where continual learning and enhancement drive every trading decision.

Evaluating Costs and Value for Traders

For traders scrutinizing the trading platform costs, understanding the financial impact is crucial. An effective cost-benefit analysis is key to determine if the trading value justifies the expenses. Let's inspect the monthly fee structures of TopStep and FTMO, focusing on the buying power and value for traders.

Understanding TopStep's Pricing Structure

TopStep uses a tiered pricing system, starting at $49 and going up to $149 monthly. This allows traders to pick a plan that matches their strategy and market involvement level. Each tier offers distinct buying power suited for different levels of trader expertise and risk tolerance.

  • Lowest tier suitable for beginners or those with lower risk tolerance.
  • Mid-tier options for intermediate traders seeking to scale up.
  • Highest tier offering the greatest buying power for seasoned traders.

Assessing FTMO's Pricing and Value Proposition

FTMO crafts plans for a variety of traders, from cautious to highly ambitious. With prices from €155 to €1080 monthly, traders must assess if the access to more securities justifies the cost. The spectrum of plans is designed to meet diverse trading ambitions and capital accessibility.

  • Entry-level plans offer a gateway to the platform's resources.
  • Moderate plans balance cost against access to a wider market range.
  • Premium plans target those who are committed to full-scale professional trading.

Traders must consider their trading aspirations and budget when choosing a platform. A thorough analysis of each platform's cost versus value is crucial for a successful trading career.

Funding and Accounts: What to Expect

Embarking on a journey with proprietary trading firms offers new opportunities. Understanding TopStep funded accounts and FTMO trading accounts is crucial. Each trader has different goals, so knowing what each platform provides is essential for clear expectations. This is vital before entering the realm of professional trading.

TopStep Funding Plans

TopStep caters to traders interested in futures with a wide range of funding plans. These plans are crafted to support growth and meet various trading objectives. Each plan sets specific benchmarks for traders, promoting discipline and risk management in the futures market.

  • Consistency rules to guide trading habits
  • Scaling plans for gradual capital increase
  • Clear objectives aligned with risk thresholds
  • Education and support throughout the trading combine

FTMO's Account Options and Features

FTMO’s inclusive approach offers accounts across different asset classes. Their FTMO trading accounts cover forex, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and bonds. This range is designed for traders’ diverse interests and strategies.

  • Flexible options catering to different trading instruments
  • Account features that support a wide array of strategies
  • Profit-sharing incentives to motivate traders' success
  • Educational resources available during the challenge phase

Choosing the right fit for your trading aspirations is crucial. It depends on your personal goals and preferred asset classes. The journey to funded trading involves careful consideration. One must align platform offerings with their trading strategy and financial aims.

Payment Methods and Accessibility

Understanding the payment methods of TopStep and FTMO is crucial for smooth transactions. Each firm offers several transaction methods, catering to traders' diverse preferences. This ensures both flexibility and convenience.

TopStep supports debit and credit cards and includes PayPal, enhancing account funding accessibility. For those favoring digital wallets or other services, PayPal's inclusion with TopStep is beneficial. Nevertheless, it's relevant to mention that TopStep does not accept prepaid or gift cards directly. Such cards are only usable through PayPal.

  • TopStep predominantly accepts debit and credit cards, alongside PayPal, expanding the accessibility for traders to fund their accounts.
  • For those who prefer utilizing digital wallets or alternative payment services, TopStep's adoption of PayPal is a significant advantage.
  • However, it's important to note that TopStep does not accept prepaid or gift cards. Traders looking to use such payment methods can only do so indirectly through PayPal.

FTMO, conversely, presents a wider array of payment options:

  • Debit and credit cards are widely accepted, reflecting industry standards.
  • Bank wire transfers enable secure transactions for more considerable amounts, appealing to professional traders.
  • By accepting various cryptocurrencies, FTMO caters to those preferring digital currencies.
  • It also integrates payment services like Google Pay and Skrill, increasing its payment options. Yet, FTMO doesn't support PayPal, unlike TopStep.

When selecting a trading platform, it's important for traders to choose based on their financial habits. They should ensure the platform accommodates their preferred payment methods. Both TopStep and FTMO aim to meet the demands for modern payment solutions. Each, however, focuses on different methods, showcasing their dedication to trader satisfaction.

Which Platform Suits Your Trading Style Best?

Beginning a career in trading requires careful consideration, particularly in choosing a platform. TopStep Trading and FTMO stand as significant options, catering to different strategies and preferences. It is essential for traders to select based on their unique style and objectives. This ensures their choice propels them towards growth and profits.

Futurist or Diverse Trader: Choosing Between TopStep and FTMO

TopStep Trading appeals to experts in the futures market. This platform specializes in enabling traders to capitalize on commodity and index trends.

On the other side, FTMO offers a broader range, including forex and crypto, ideal for traders who prefer variety. Thus, the choice boils down to whether one is a dedicated futurist or a versatile investor looking for diverse opportunities.

Matching Your Strategy with the Right Platform

Successful trading hinges on matching your strategy with the appropriate platform. TopStep and FTMO set distinct trading rules. Aligning with these rules can either boost or limit a trader’s success.

Choosing the right platform, whether it’s for strict risk control at TopStep or exploring FTMO’s extensive options, is vital. This decision is key to ensuring a trader's long-term success and progress.


In the world of proprietary trading, TopStep and FTMO offer unique solutions for varied traders. If you focus on futures and have specific strategies, TopStep might suit you best. It offers lower monthly costs and resources that could match your financial and trading skills perfectly.

FTMO, on the other hand, attracts those skilled in multiple securities. Its appeal lies in the high profit splits and a vast range of trading options. From forex to stocks and cryptocurrencies, it’s a platform for traders seeking diversity. Choosing FTMO depends on your desire to explore numerous financial markets.

Choosing the right funded trading account requires knowing yourself as a trader. You should weigh TopStep's and FTMO's features against your trading objectives. This critical analysis helps in selecting a platform that supports your growth and profitability in trading.


  • Service: Funded Trader Program
  • Pricing: $49/month
  • Promotion: 20% discount for new members

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