TopStep vs Apex Trader Funding – Which Option Best Suits You

Updated May 12, 2024

In the fast-paced world of financial markets, trader development programs are key. They shape the careers of both new and experienced traders. When it comes to proprietary trading firm comparisons, TopStep and Apex Trader Funding stand out. 

TopStep offers a structured program called the Trading Combine, while Apex provides a more flexible model with higher profit opportunities.

This analysis aims to explore how each platform supports trader goals and balances the need for discipline with the desire for quick rewards.

Key Takeaways

  • TopStep and Apex Trader Funding are leading names in the proprietary trading firms comparison, each with unique approaches to trader development.
  • TopStep's Trading Combine program emphasizes strict risk management and educational growth for traders.
  • Apex Trader Funding offers a simplified, one-step evaluation process with more financial breathing room and fewer trading constraints.
  • Both firms present attractive profit share models, but Apex Trader Funding allows traders to retain 100% of their first $25,000 in earnings.
  • The decision between TopStep and Apex Trader Funding will largely depend on the trader's preference for a rigorous educational structure or greater operational freedom.

Risk Management

Strict rules

Minimal rules


Monthly subscription

One-time payment

Profit Share



Initial Balance

$50,000 - $150,000

Up to $300,000

Max Positions


Up to 12

Current Promotion


Introducing Proprietary Trading Platforms: TopStep and Apex Trader Funding

Proprietary trading platforms offer unique pathways for traders. They aim to utilize institutional capital effectively. TopStep and Apex Trader Funding lead in this sector, providing distinct approaches for trader assessment and growth.

Understanding the TopStep Trading Combine Approach

TopStep is celebrated for its rigorous TopStep Trading Combine. It's focused on a detailed evaluation method. This method tests profit-making skills and stresses the importance of managing risks. The goal is to build a solid trading foundation, equipping traders for the complexities of the real market.

  • Emphasis on educational resources to cultivate market proficiency
  • Structured risk management criteria as a cornerstone for advancement
  • Progressive steps ensuring readiness for financial market engagement

Exploring the One-Step Evaluation Process of Apex Trader Funding

Apex Trader Funding, in contrast to TopStep, has a straightforward one-step evaluation. It gives traders access to a significant initial balance, allowing for the execution of expansive strategies. By streamlining entry and minimizing rules, Apex caters to traders who value independence.

  • Generous starting balance to empower ambitious trading strategies
  • Integration with platforms such as MetaTrader 5 for technical prowess
  • Fewer restrictions fostering a climate of trader autonomy

Apex Trader Funding is a prop trading firm that provides traders with the opportunity to trade the firm's capital while keeping a share of the profits generated. The firm offers funding, trading technology, risk management and exceptional support to help traders succeed in the financial markets.

ABOUT Apex Trader Funding

  • A range of account sizes with contract size up to $300,000
  • Simple rule set that is easy to follow
  • Allows a wide range of trading strategies
  • Offers a competitive profit split

Assessing Risk Management and Trading Flexibility

Grasping the essential role of trading risk management is vital for traders aiming to protect their capital in finance's unpredictable realm. Proprietary trading entities like TopStep and Apex Trader Funding have devised unique strategies to meet their clients' varied trading preferences.

TopStep emphasizes stringent risk measures, in contrast to Apex Trader Funding, which gives traders more leeway, fitting those with solid risk management foundations.

TopStep's Strict Risk Management Protocols

TopStep has established a strict rule set to promote disciplined trading behavior. This includes daily loss limits to prevent significant single-session losses. Weekly loss limits also exist to curb prolonged trading downturns, letting traders maintain their market presence. These measures underscore the critical role of risk management in trading success.

Apex Trader's Minimized Rule-Set for Maximized Trading Autonomy

Apex Trader Funding, however, opts for a philosophy that enhances traders' independence. It removes daily loss limits, entrusting traders to rely on their own judgment and experience. A cap on maximum trading drawdown exists as a safeguard, blending freedom with a boundary for risk-taking.

Delineating Risk Management Approaches:

  • TopStep: Implements fixed loss limits and a dynamic drawdown structure to enforce a conservative trading style.
  • Apex Trader: Offers a relaxed set of guidelines to empower traders to rely on their individual risk assessments.

Comparing Trading Flexibility Levels:

  • TopStep: Encourages mastery of markets within defined parameters, fostering growth in trading discipline.
  • Apex Trader: Prioritizes creative freedom in the trading process, appealing to veterans who seek minimal restrictions.

The strategies of both firms recognize that trading success varies with individual styles. While TopStep fosters discipline through structure, Apex Trader Funding supports a more liberated, flexible trading approach.

Evaluating Profit Share Schemes and Trading Objectives

In the realm of proprietary trading firms, grasping the concept of profit share models is vital. These models are not just aimed at drawing in skilled traders. They also aspire to tie the traders' trading profits with the firm’s financial goals. Such a mutual relationship lays the foundation for strong trader incentives. It helps ensure success for both the trader and the firm.

Consider TopStep's approach. It presents a tempting 90% profit share to its traders, alongside the chance to keep up to $10,000 of initial earnings. After this point, traders are pushed to achieve higher profitability with TopStep's goal-oriented targets. This method offers traders a significant reward. Simultaneously, it fosters a disciplined atmosphere that aligns with the firm’s goal of developing skilled traders.

Apex Trader Funding, alternatively, lets traders keep all their initial $25,000 in profits. After reaching this milestone, traders enjoy a high 90% profit share. Apex's strategy outlines a clear route to substantial earnings. It's crafted to attract advanced traders, offering them a rewarding system for their expertise.

TopStep's profit-sharing model:

  • 90% profit share for traders
  • Retention of initial $10,000 in full
  • Set profit targets to enhance performance

Apex Trader Funding's incentive scheme:

  • 100% of the first $25,000 in profits for the trader
  • Subsequent earnings at a 90% profit share
  • No ceiling on earning potential to entice traders

The effectiveness of these profit share models plays a key role in a trader's success. Each model carefully highlights the firm's commitment to the prosperity of its traders. At the same time, it aims to meet its own financial goals.

By designing compelling trader incentives, trading firms create a competitive, yet supportive, setting. This environment allows both traders and firms to flourish together.

Analyzing the Pricing Structures of TopStep and Apex Trader

When exploring trading platforms, one crucial aspect is the cost of keeping an account. Traders closely analyze prices to find the best fit with their financial plans and activity levels. TopStep and Apex Trader Funding distinguish themselves with unique pricing models in this competitive market.

Monthly Subscriptions vs. One-Time Payments

Monthly subscriptions are common in various sectors, and TopStep has brought this model to trading. Traders can adjust their outlays based on account size, affecting leverage and earnings potential. This consistent billing method suits those who value predictability in costs.

Apex Trader Funding, however, proposes a different model with its one-time payment option. This approach offers evaluation access without recurring fees, ideal for those confident in their trading approach and looking to cut long-term expenses. It contrasts with the ongoing charges of subscriptions.

Available Discounts and Current Promotions

  • TopStep often offers discount codes, easing the entry cost of monthly fees.
  • Apex Trader Funding presents promotions that make the one-time investment more appealing.

Both companies understand the value of discounts in attracting and keeping traders. For those seeking the best value, timing and research are key to finding great deals, no matter the payment model.

Exploring the Educational Resources and Trading Support

In the competitive world of proprietary trading, having access to solid educational resources is crucial for a trader's growth.

TopStep leads by providing a thorough proprietary trading education. They adapt to various learning styles with their diverse educational tools, which include:

  • Interactive webinars that explore trading strategies and market analysis.
  • Engaging podcasts with industry experts and seasoned traders.
  • A trading blog that offers fresh insights on market trends and learning material.

TopStep's commitment to trading support is clear. They aim to create disciplined traders who can efficiently move through the markets.

On the other side, Apex Trader Funding targets those who understand trading fundamentals and prefer a more hands-off approach to learning. They provide:

  • A trading platform known for its performance and reliability.
  • Access to professional tools for independent analysis and strategic execution.

Apex Trader Funding appeals to traders seeking hands-on experience rather than structured lessons. It champions the idea of trading independence and self-guided education.

When deciding between TopStep and Apex Trader Funding, the choice comes down to a trader's preference for comprehensive educational support or an independent, practical platform. Each option presents distinct benefits for advancing a trading career, emphasizing constant learning and adaptability.


In the realm of proprietary trading platforms, TopStep and Apex Trader Funding are notable. Each offers unique support for trader development.

TopStep is praised for its risk management foundation and rich educational content. It suits those focusing on disciplined trading and learning for career growth.

Apex Trader Funding, on the other hand, is known for easy funding, few restrictions, and attractive profit shares. It appeals to traders seeking flexibility and confident in financial self-management. This platform is ideal for those past the learning phase, aiming to maximize profits. Apex attracts seasoned traders with its flexible conditions.

Finding the right platform is a personal choice, depending on trading style, goals, and preferences. Both TopStep and Apex Trader Funding cater to varying stages of a trading journey, providing valuable support. This choice is key in a trader's career, influencing future success.


  • Service: Funded Trader Program
  • Pricing: $49/month
  • Promotion: 20% discount for new members

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