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Updated May 12, 2024

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Topstep Trader is a platform that allows traders to practice and prove their skills in simulated trading environments in order to earn funding for their live trading accounts.

Since 2012, TopstepTrader, usually known as Topstep, leads in the proprietary trading platform arena. It's a pioneer in supporting traders via funded programs. The futures trading community has warmly welcomed Topstep, creating a special place for it.

By offering risk-free market access, Topstep has changed how traders engage with the markets. This review delves into TopstepTrader's functionality, its services, and its influence on trading.

Key Takeaways

  • Topstep excels as a proprietary trading platform, offering substantial payouts and a strong track record within futures trading.
  • Funded trader programs at Topstep have seen a payout of over $16 million in the past three years, highlighting its success.
  • The Topstep 1-Step program introduced in 2023 streamlines the path to becoming a funded trader.
  • Compatibility with 14 different trading platforms demonstrates Topstep's flexibility and accessibility.
  • Recognition by INC.5000 underscores Topstep's rapid growth and influence in the proprietary trading industry.

An Overview of Topstep Trader

In the realm of proprietary trading, funded accounts have transformed how traders with limited funds access the market. Firms like Topstep provide these accounts, giving traders a chance to prove their skills without financial stress.

A detailed examination of Topstep highlights its leadership in the market. They are known for trading combines—a guided route to achieving funded accounts.

The Rise of Funded Trading Accounts

Funded accounts have become impactful in trading, offering a critical chance to trade without personal capital. This shift benefits rising traders who possess talent but lack money.

TopstepTrader shines in this changing scene by delivering proprietary trading opportunities. They use a novel model to grant traders funded accounts for actual market trading.

Topstep's Market Presence Since 2012

Founded in 2012, Topstep has earned a spot for dependability and commitment in the competitive trading realm. It draws traders from over 143 countries to participate in its trading combines.

This global appeal is supported by impressive payout figures, surpassing $16 million since 2020. Their streamlined 1-Step program reflects the company's approach. It signifies a deep commitment to trader success and market expansion.

Topstep is a trading evaluation program that allows traders to demonstrate their skills using simulated accounts and potentially earn a funded trading account by meeting predefined profit targets and risk parameters.

ABOUT Topstep

  • Accessible starting capital requirements
  • Comprehensive support for popular trading platforms
  • Extensive range of educational tools with live classes
  • 14-day trial for new members

A Deep Dive into Topstep's Funded Account Options

Exploring the different avenues for entering the world of funded futures trading, one realizes the significance of Topstep's Trading Combine. As a structured program offering substantial opportunities, potential traders evaluate Topstep account options, often seeking financial leverage without exorbitant risks.

Topstep, a pioneer in the funded trading space, provides appealing avenues for traders. Just like professional athletes have to prove their skills to join a team, traders must demonstrate their acumen through the Trading Combine.

This is not just any challenge — it's a guided pathway to a profession in the trading world, and here’s how it lays out:

  • $50K Trading Combine: A starter plan for emerging traders
  • $100K Trading Combine: An intermediate plan for those with some market experience
  • $150K Trading Combine: An advanced plan for seasoned traders

Finding oneself in a tight corner is not uncommon in the volatile sphere of trading. For those facing setbacks, Topstep provides an option to reset the account. This feature is designed to give traders another shot at success. The cost of this reset varies based on the size of the Trading Combine account, reinforcing the firm's flexible approach to trader development.

Understanding the New 1-Step 1 Rule Program

The trading scene is always changing. The launch of Topstep's 1-Step 1 Rule program marks a pivotal move towards making trading more accessible and simpler for those looking to get funded. This new policy adds to Topstep’s already strong set of tools, reflecting the firm's ongoing impact on the trading sphere.

The Excitement Around Topstep's Program Changes

The 1-Step 1 Rule program has created a buzz in the trading world by introducing a simpler evaluation phase. Unlike the previous multi-level system, this approach requires traders to focus on a single set of objectives. Achieving these goals is now the only step to gaining funding.

  • Reduces complexity and expedites the evaluation process.
  • Offers clarity and simplicity, encouraging more traders to participate.
  • Enables faster transition from practice to real-world futures trading markets.

How Topstep's Program Improves on Traditional Models

Topstep's updates are more than just simplifications; they also improve the trading journey. Focusing on risk management and consistent strategies in a simulated setup makes the funding process simpler. It's now clearer than ever how to become a funded trader with Topstep.

  1. Streamlines the path to attaining funded trading status.
  2. Focuses on core trading skills over a set of complicated requirements.
  3. Allows traders to leverage their expertise in futures trading without the hassle of multiple evaluation levels.

The 1-Step 1 Rule program's changes are a response to what today's traders want and need. They promise a more direct and skilled pathway into the realm of successful funded traders.

Examining Topstep's Costs and Payout Structure

In exploring proprietary trading with Topstep, people typically wonder about costs and earnings. Discussing Topstep costs, it's clear that subscription fees vary, catering to different trading needs. These fees are an investment in a trader's potential to attain trading account profits.

Access to financial markets via Topstep enables traders to pursue their goals without significant initial capital.

Comparing Subscription Fees

Topstep's clear fee structure is a portal to futures trading. Its cost-effective plans reflect the company's dedication to nurturing global trading talent. Currently, a 70% discount makes these plans more accessible than ever. Understanding these Topstep costs is essential for appreciating the service's value.

  • The $50k Trading Combine, comes with a monthly fee of $165, striking an attractive balance for many up-and-coming traders.
  • Those with greater ambition might opt for the $100k version, requiring a fee of $325 per month.
  • Top-tier futures traders gravitate towards the $150k combine, with its corresponding fee of $375 monthly.

Navigating Topstep's Profit and Payout Regulations

Trading with Topstep offers not only reduced costs but also attractive Topstep payout policy benefits. Disciplined, skilled traders keep a large part of their trading account profits. They're also part of a payout structure that rewards consistency. The initial $10,000 withdrawal is meant to motivate, with a 90% profit share thereafter maintaining focus towards achievements.

  • Immediate Access: An initial withdrawal of up to $10,000.
  • Continued Profit Share: Thereafter, traders enjoy a 90% share of the profits.
  • Weekly Withdrawals: Enabling frequent access to earned profits.
  • Profitability Period: Full profit access following 30 profitable trading days.

Starting as a trader with Topstep focuses more on long-term growth and profit chances. The thoughtful cost structure and encouraging payout policy highlight Topstep as a vital supporter of trading careers. It helps bridge the gap between talent and trading market possibilities.

Trading Platforms and Resources Supported by Topstep Trader

For both new and experienced futures traders, selecting Topstep trading platforms is crucial for their success. Topstep offers 16 different platforms, including well-known NinjaTrader, innovative TopstepX, and flexible TradingView. This variety underscores their commitment to trading flexibility and market access.

The importance of access to powerful day trading tools is well understood by Topstep. In their Trading Combine, traders gain access to essential platforms. During this evaluation stage, eight premier platforms are available for free. This demonstrates Topstep's commitment to an affordable entry into the market.

  • Multiple platform options tailored to varied trading needs and preferences.
  • Free access to select platforms during the Trading Combine for unhindered practice and assessment.
  • Industry-leading platforms such as NinjaTrader available to enhance trading performance.

Topstep resources go beyond just platform choices to provide a full toolkit for success. They offer educational courses, live classes, and personalized coaching. These resources are designed to support traders' growth and improve their decision-making skills.

  • Comprehensive educational resources for developing trading knowledge and skills.
  • Live classes and performance coaching to refine strategies in real-time.
  • A cohesive suite of tools designed to enhance trading acumen and market navigation.

In summary, the combination of trading platforms and educational resources makes Topstep an excellent partner. They support traders in mastering the complex world of day trading in the fast-paced futures market.

The Rules and Objectives that Define Topstep's Model

Understanding Topstep's framework is critical for traders aiming to excel in this dynamic prop trading firm. It begins with mastering the fundamental rules of Topstep. These are designed to ready traders for the markets.

They also instill risk management and consistent trading principles. By adopting these core ideals, traders gain the tools needed to tackle the futures markets' challenges.

The Importance of Adhering to Topstep's Trading Plan

Topstep has crafted rules to encourage a disciplined trading approach. These guidelines act as a roadmap for trading operations, essential for a trader's success and longevity.

Following these rules fosters a tactical mindset, particularly with a maximum loss limit safeguarding against market volatility. Traders who internalize these principles typically move closer to their goals with increased assurance and mastery.

Key Objectives to Qualify for a Funded Account

Topstep sets clear objectives for obtaining a funded account, aligned with consistent trading standards. Traders must hit a profit target and keep a consistent strategy. They also need to adhere to a maximum loss limit for their account size, emphasizing risk control.

This challenges them to prove their trading skill and wise capital management. Together, these goals create a system where deserving traders can succeed.


In concluding this Topstep review, we acknowledge its status as a pioneer in proprietary trading services. With its quality educational tools and realistic market simulations, it has shown deep commitment to creating successful futures traders.

Its transparent pricing and variety of trading platforms give traders of all levels a genuine opportunity. The ability for traders to keep a high percentage of their earnings highlights Topstep's revolutionary role in the futures trading market.

Our analysis solidifies Topstep's leading position in the prop trading sector. Their blend of innovative trading support, education, and community involvement creates a conducive environment for trader growth. For those looking to enter futures trading and keep most of their profits, Topstep provides a well-supported and strategic path towards fulfilling trading goals.


  • Service: Funded Trader Program
  • Pricing: $49/month
  • Promotion: 20% discount for new members

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