Top Collectible Coins Available at American Coin Co

Updated June 12, 2024

At American Coin Co., treasures meld history with potential future financial gain. Collectors and investors find that the best coin collections offer more than just display pieces. They are assets with worth rooted in history and intrinsic value. American Coin Co. curates a selection of collectible coins, from uncirculated gems to rare historical finds.

Picture owning a 2020 $1 American Silver Eagle, shining with potential. Or consider the 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Banknotes 2008 AA Series, a testament to its country's economic past. Investors might gravitate towards gold, like the prized 2019 and 2020 $50 1 Ounce Gold American Eagle BU. With up-to-date pricing and a dynamic selection, American Coin Co. is ideal for enhancing collections and possibly net worth.

Key Takeaways

  • American Coin Co. bridges numismatics passions and practical coin investing.
  • Its exclusive portfolio boasts top coin collections with uncirculated and historical pieces.
  • Inventory highlights include the 2020 $1 American Silver Eagle and 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Banknotes.
  • Gold collectors have access to precious items like the Brilliant Uncirculated 2019 and 2020 $50 1 Ounce Gold American Eagles.
  • Live pricing and rare coin variety position American Coin Co. as a premier spot for enhancing any coin collection.

Premier Silver Selections at American Coin Co.

At American Coin Co., the dedication to quality and history is clear in their silver coin offerings. These pieces aren't just attractive to collectors; they're also smart investments in the precious metals sector.

2020 $1 American Silver Eagle Brilliant Uncirculated

The 2020 $1 American Silver Eagle, priced at $67.79, is notable for its Brilliant Uncirculated condition. It's essential for any serious collector. This coin displays exceptional craftsmanship, enhancing both its market value and allure to collectors.

The Diverse Array of Silver Eagles and Their Value

  • Consistency in Quality: The American Silver Eagle series is known for uniform quality and Brilliant Uncirculated condition. They serve as dependable additions to collections or investment portfolios.
  • Investment Potential: Silver Eagles offer more than beauty; they're a sturdy investment that retains value over time.

Understanding the Beauty of Pre-1965 US 90% Silver Coins

Pre-1965 US coins, containing 90% silver, are sold in mixed denominations at $46.61 per face value dollar. They provide a direct link to American history. Additionally, their value as silver and collectibles enhances their appeal.

Goldco is an industry leader in the precious metals space, offering a comprehensive approach to protecting your retirement savings in an ever-changing economic landscape.


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Exquisite Gold Pieces From American Coin Co.'s Collection

The fascination with gold shines brightly at American Coin Co. through their distinguished gold collection. Among these, the Gold American Eagle stands out. This 1 ounce gold coin transcends mere bullion. It captures the essence of beauty and imagination for both collectors and investors.

2019 & 2020 $50 1 Ounce Gold American Eagle BU

The 2019 and 2020 $50 Gold American Eagle coins gleam in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Their impeccable craftsmanship is priced at $3,154.75 for the 2019 model and $3,140.47 for the 2020 version. These coins are not only significant for collections but also as bullion investments. They are celebrated for their exquisite beauty and purity, marking them as symbols of wealth and opulence.

Investing in Gold: Future Returns and Collectible Worth

Adding 1 ounce Gold American Eagles to an investment portfolio also enhances a collector’s assortment. Valued for their historical significance and aesthetic appeal, these coins serve a dual role. They are both a collectible treasure and a financial fortification. They promise future returns while being prized as collectible gold pieces. They embody the timeless attraction of gold as a secure investment choice. Their meticulously crafted design signifies gold's role as a foundation in any strategy aimed at capital growth and preservation.

The Perfect Blend of Numismatics and Investment

At American Coin Co., numismatics and sound investment strategies form a unique mix. This offers a special opportunity for enthusiasts and investors. The collection includes coins with significant historical and financial potential. This diversity attracts a wide audience with various investment experiences.

  • Collectible coins from American Coin Co. are more than metal pieces; they're pieces of history. Each coin tells stories from its time. Their historical value increases their global appeal to collectors.
  • Investing in these coins goes beyond ordinary asset classes. They offer a tangible link to history that could grow in value.
  • Their historical importance and financial potential make these coins sought-after. They stand out in both the collectible and investment spheres.

The American Coin Co. has carefully selected collectible coins that exemplify the ideal union of numismatics and investment. Focusing on both beauty and economic value, American Coin Co. serves collectors and investors. They cater to those looking to enrich their portfolios with assets providing more than mere financial returns.

Unique Collectibles: Zimbabwe Banknotes and Vietnamese Dong

The market for unique collectibles is growing. American Coin Co. highlights some of the most extraordinary money items today. Among these are the Zimbabwe Banknotes and the Vietnamese Dong. They give collectors a sense of international flavor and historical intrigue.

100 Trillion Zimbabwe Banknotes 2008 Series

American Coin Co. offers a chance to own a part of hyperinflation history. This chance comes with the 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Banknotes from the 2008 AA Series. At $199.48, these items are not just currency. They tell tales of economic trials and endurance.

The Trillion Set - A Collector's Dream

For those enamored by Zimbabwe Banknotes, American Coin Co. has The Trillion Set. This mint collection contains 100, 50, 20, and 10 Trillion Zimbabwe Banknotes. Priced at $403.19, it’s a must-have for rare money collectors. It highlights the phenomenon of trillion-dollar bills.

One Million Vietnamese Dong VND: Rarity in Circulation

American Coin Co. also presents One Million Vietnamese Dong (VND), which costs $121.47. This unique currency allows collectors to add a distinct Asian asset to their collection. More than just money, it's a piece of Vietnamese economic story. It’s sought after by experts in rare currencies.

  • Zimbabwe Banknotes: A symbol of hyperinflation history
  • Vietnamese Dong: An exotic addition to any serious collection
  • Rare Money: Offers a tangible connection to diverse global histories

Through these items, American Coin Co. not only enhances collectors' selections. It also opens a door to the intricate, captivating realm of collectible currency.

Classic U.S. Coinage: American Coin Co.'s Historical Assortment

At American Coin Co., the fascination with historical coins is deeply set. The collection showcases a variety of U.S. collectible coins, illustrating the nation's history through their design and era. These pieces are not just historically significant; they are also exceptional numismatic gems. They appeal to both enthusiasts and serious collectors.

  • Historical Coins: Explore American Coin Co.'s carefully selected historical coins. Each piece narrates a distinct story from significant periods. The collection boasts rare finds, including early American silver dollars and sought-after Liberty Head nickels. These are fundamental for any serious collector.
  • Classic Coinage: Experience the classic coinage that mirrors the U.S. monetary history's evolution. It features beautifully preserved Barber quarters and Morgan silver dollars. These coins are celebrated for their detailed designs and historical importance.
  • Numismatic Treasures: Unearth the numismatic treasures within the collection. This selection includes not only coins but historic silver certificates and limited mintage commemorative pieces as well. Each item offers value and a tangible piece of history, appealing to both novice and seasoned collectors.

American Coin Co. is committed to preserving and offering pieces of American heritage. It provides collectors with access to some of the finest U.S. collectible coins available. Whether you're expanding an established collection or beginning a new hobby, the classic coinage and numismatic treasures here will undoubtedly enhance any collection.

Wholesale Deals and Bulk Purchases on US Coins & Rolls

At American Coin Co., we offer stellar value through wholesale deals. These deals and bulk purchases cater specifically to collectors and investors. Ideal for both retail and institutional clients, they help expand collections or investment portfolios.

Nickel and Penny Bags for Bulk Buyers

For those looking to purchase US coins in large quantities, we provide nickel and penny bags. These options are economical and perfect for collectors or bulk buyers. They represent an excellent starting point for new collectors and offer savings for seasoned ones.

Save on Coin Rolls with Wholesale Coin Bags

We feature coin rolls in wholesale coin bags, from pennies to half-dollars, ensuring savings. Catering to all collectors, these coin rolls promise quality and variety. Investing in these during wholesale deals is a smart move for portfolio enhancement.

  • Bulk Purchase Options: Deep discounts on large quantity buys.
  • Variety: A range of US coins including nickel and penny bags, as well as coin rolls suitable for all levels of collecting.
  • Value for Money: Greater savings on coin rolls and nickel and penny bags during wholesale deals.

Essential Coin Collecting Supplies for Every Numismatist

At American Coin Co., we stress the critical role of proper coin maintenance. Quality coin collecting supplies are crucial, not just for enthusiasts but for the safeguarding of your collection’s value and state. Regardless if you're deeply experienced or newly keen, the correct numismatic tools will greatly improve your coins' lifespan and aesthetic. It's about more than just a hobby; it’s about preserving your investment.

  • Coin Storage Solutions: Designed to shield your coins from environmental hazards, American Coin Co.’s variety of coin storage options include specially designed albums and holders. These storage solutions ensure that coins are kept in a secure, organized, and corrosion-free environment.
  • Protective Cases: To prevent physical damage such as scratches or dents, investing in robust protective cases is crucial. These cases are not only practical for safeguarding your coins but also make for an attractive display, allowing you to showcase your collection while keeping it safe.
  • Display Albums: Ideal for both display and preservation, these albums allow collectors to organize and present their coins in a visually appealing manner. American Coin Co. offers a selection of high-quality display albums that are designed to protect each coin’s surface and edges while allowing clear visibility.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Supplies: Proper coin care involves routine maintenance. From gentle cleaning cloths to solutions formulated specifically for numismatic use, these essentials help maintain the original appearance of coins without causing damage to their delicate surfaces.

Selecting the perfect coin collecting supplies is critical for keeping your collection in mint condition. American Coin Co. equips collectors with premier numismatic accessories. This ensures your coin care and storage are both effortless and efficient, safeguarding your collection’s beauty and worth.

The American Coin Co. Advantage: Why Choose Us

When you're looking for a coin collecting and investing partner, American Coin Co. stands out. They are recognized for their trusted expertise and their status as an authorized dealer. This gives collectors and investors an undeniable advantage.

Authorized Dealer and Trusted Coin Expertise

Opting for American Coin Co. ensures access to authentic products and services. Their team, with over 200 years of combined experience, brings a deep understanding of coins. This level of expertise is crucial, whether you're new to coin collecting or an experienced investor. It helps in finding rare and precious items.

Comprehensive Numismatic Services on Offer

American Coin Co. goes beyond just buying and selling coins; it offers a full spectrum of numismatic services. From helping with estate liquidation to providing Individual Retirement Account (IRA) solutions, they cover it all. These services cater to the varied needs of clients, promoting a comprehensive approach to both collecting and investing.

Sell Your Collection: American Coin Co.'s Purchase Program

If you're looking to sell collectible coins, American Coin Co. has a purchase program for you. It's designed to make selling coins both straightforward and profitable. Whether you're clearing out your entire collection or just a few items, their program aims to give you the best returns.

  • Transparent Evaluations: Every coin and numismatic item is assessed by experts. This ensures you get a fair market value.
  • Immediate Payments: After the evaluation and offer acceptance, American Coin Co. delivers quick and secure payment. This means you can liquidate your collection without delays.
  • Specialized Services: They handle sales big and small, from a single coin to vast collections. American Coin Co. adapts its services to fit your specific needs, making it the go-to solution for selling coins.

American Coin Co. excels at making the process of selling collectible coins easy, offering top prices and expert handling of your items. Reach out to them now to start the process and leverage their renowned coin selling expertise.


American Coin Co. has carved out its place as a leading force in the world of coin collecting and investment. It stands out as a prime destination for both enthusiasts and investors. The selection offered is vast, featuring both rare collectibles and investment-grade coins. Every piece reflects the deep numismatic knowledge American Coin Co. is celebrated for.

This company is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. It operates with the goal of enhancing the collections of both enthusiasts and investors. This is their mission.

Collectors benefit from live pricing, allowing them to make choices aligned with market trends. This ensures their investments are well-grounded. Both experienced and new numismatists find value here, acquiring pieces with both historical importance and potential for future gain. These items tell stories of the past while offering financial promise.

American Coin Co. upholds a promise of excellence in quality, trust, and expert numismatic guidance. It's the ideal choice for anyone looking to start or expand a coin collection or diversify their investment portfolio. By going beyond the simple act of buying and selling, American Coin Co. supports its customers’ aspirations. They aim to blend history with financial success, making every transaction meaningful.

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