The5ers vs FTMO – Which Prop Firm Should Your Go For?

Updated May 15, 2024

In the competitive world of The5ers and FTMO, proprietary trading firms stand out by offering unique opportunities. To decide which is right for them, forex traders must consider aspects like funding programs, growth potential, and support services. 

This analysis goes in-depth on The5ers funding programs and the FTMO challenge model. This information is vital for those aiming to thrive in the forex market.

Key Takeaways

  • The5ers and FTMO are leading proprietary trading firms that specialize in forex funding and trader development.
  • The5ers offers a Milestone Growth Plan with a flexible profit split, appealing to those aiming for quick progression.
  • FTMO is notable for its challenge-based model designed to instill discipline and facilitate consistent trading performance.
  • Both firms provide personalized trader support and foster educational growth through various resources.
  • Choosing between The5ers and FTMO depends on a trader's preference for growth potential versus structured trading evaluations.


Funded Trading Accounts

Funded Trading Accounts


Evaluation Fee: Zero up-front option
Profit Share: 50% - 100%

Evaluation Fee: Varies
Profit Share: 80% - 90%

Customer Service

Email and Chat Support

Email, Chat, and Phone Support

Best Use

Traders who prefer higher potential profit share and lower evaluation fees

Traders who prioritize consistency

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The Rise of Proprietary Trading Firms

The forex trading scene is evolving, thanks to the growth of prop trading. Firms like The5ers and FTMO are at the forefront, giving traders platforms to manage funded accounts. This is crucial for those starting out with little capital.

When comparing proprietary firms, we see unique benefits. The5ers and FTMO both offer impressive leverage and risk management tools, essential for trading across various platforms. They also support the flexibility to work remotely, which is ideal for traders worldwide.

  • The5ers distinguish themselves by allowing traders to benefit from a profit-sharing model and presenting lower barriers to entry.
  • FTMO, in contrast, puts traders through a rigorous evaluation process, emphasizing disciplined and skilled trading.

These firms are providing competitive and unique opportunities. They cater to both experienced and new traders around the globe.

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Understanding The5ers Funding Programs

The5ers offers unique funding programs for forex traders, eliminating the need for upfront costs. These programs provide a conducive environment for traders to progress. They remove common financial barriers and limitations on trading growth.

Flexible Profit Split and Growth Scheme

The profit split arrangement at The5ers benefits traders significantly. It promotes a trading environment focused on growth, letting traders keep a large portion of their profits. Such a scheme drives motivation, leading to potential increases in earnings and long-term trading success.

Unique Milestone Growth Plan

The Milestone Growth Plan is a standout feature of The5ers, designed to significantly boost traders' capital after hitting certain profit milestones. It enables traders to aim for peak performance without the worry of hitting a growth limit. The open-ended growth potential energizes the trading experience.

No Upfront Evaluation Costs

What sets The5ers apart is the lack of an evaluation fee. This approach allows traders to capitalize on market opportunities and utilize the firm's resources without initial costs. It offers a smoother path for skilled traders to secure funding and scale their trading operations, positively impacting their forex career journey.

FTMO's Challenge-Based Funding Model

FTMO stands out with its innovative approach, aimed at finding skilled traders. Its structure, the FTMO Challenge, tests traders' abilities. It aligns their skills with stringent financial goals. This is set within specific time frames.

Two-Step Evaluation Process

The evaluation process at FTMO unfolds in two key stages: The FTMO Challenge and the Verification phase. This dual-phase evaluation aims to test traders. It sees if they can meet set trading targets under realistic market simulations. It accurately reflects their strategy effectiveness and risk control.

Strict Trading Objectives for Traders

In the FTMO Challenge, participants face certain trading objectives. These include profit targets, max loss limits, and consistency rules. This design fosters disciplined trading practices. It ensures only the most strategic can handle the live markets.

Subscription Fees and Profit Split Options

FTMO's model does require subscription fees for the Challenge and verification. However, the profit split scheme rewards successful traders. It is structured to benefit both the trader and FTMO, encouraging a partnership. This setup breeds long-term success and growth.

Growth Potential with The5ers and FTMO

For ambitious Forex traders, the distinction between The5ers and FTMO is crucial. Each offers unique strategies to enhance growth potential. They focus on scaling traders' success differently, from rapid account advancement to deliberate growth planning.

The5ers' Accelerated Growth Opportunities

The5ers introduce an accelerated growth via an account doubling strategy. This method quickly increases account size when traders hit specific profit margins. There's no limit to how much an account can grow under this scheme. It's aimed at boosting traders' financial outcomes and their self-assurance.

FTMO's Structured Scaling Plan

FTMO, on the other hand, promotes growth through a structured, phased system. It allows for consistent trading performance to gradually raise account balances to $2 million. This approach ensures stable growth and stresses the importance of sustainable trading for long-term achievement.

  • Consistency: Advancing to higher account balances requires traders to show continuous profitability.
  • Scalability: This system is built to allow significant jumps in account sizes, fostering both financial and career development.

The5ers and FTMO each offer compelling paths for Forex traders to maximize growth potential. Their programs are suited to various trading preferences and goals.

Brokerage Fees and Cost-Efficiency

Grasping a trading platform's fee structure is pivotal for those aiming to peak their earnings while staying budget-friendly. The distinct fee methods between The5ers and FTMO serve various trader profiles, each with unique needs and risk comfort levels.

  • The5ers: It stands out with its low entry barrier, exempting traders from upfront evaluation fees. This approach is attractive for those looking to begin with no immediate financial burden. Their profit-sharing scheme is also appealing, granting traders 50% to 100% of the profits, which increases as they achieve the company’s set milestones.
  • FTMO: Contrarily, FTMO adopts a model requiring a one-time evaluation fee. The fee varies by account size, yet qualifying traders receive a significant 80% to 90% share of their profits. This shares a common goal with industry standards for efficiently costed trading.

When contemplating joining a proprietary trading firm, considering the trading account fees and their cost-effectiveness is critical. A trader's choice between The5ers and FTMO must reflect their financial condition and growth strategy in trading.

Comparative Analysis of Support Services

In the competitive world of proprietary forex trading, the level of support provided is crucial. It significantly impacts a trader's success and satisfaction levels. This analysis delves into the support services of The5ers and FTMO, highlighting their approaches to personalized support, community engagement, and educational content.

Personalized Support vs. Community Engagement

The5ers stands out with its individualized forex trading support. They assign dedicated account managers to each trader. These experts customize their advice to fit the unique strategies and needs of every trader. Such personalized guidance significantly enhances the trading experience through expert, direct interactions.

FTMO, on the other hand, leverages community engagement. They utilize online platforms and the FTMO Trader App to foster a collaborative environment. Here, traders exchange strategies, experiences, and ideas, benefiting from collective insights.

Educational Resources and Trading Tools

  • Trading Knowledge Base: Both The5ers and FTMO have vast trading knowledge bases. These resources are filled with educational content on forex. They help traders grasp complex forex concepts and stay abreast of market trends.
  • Educational Forex Content: They offer extensive learning materials, from webinars to video tutorials. Aimed at traders at all levels, these materials are designed to enhance trading skills effectively.
  • Trading Tool Tutorials: Moreover, tutorials on trading tools are available. These encourage a hands-on approach to learning. Traders can immediately apply what they've learned to their trading platforms, fostering a learn-by-doing methodology.

Both firms demonstrate a strong commitment to building a knowledgeable, skilled, and interactive trading community. They integrate support services throughout a trader’s journey. This significantly improves the learning process and trading results.

The5ers vs FTMO: External Customer Reviews & Ratings

To make well-informed choices, potential traders must grasp how others perceive their experiences with proprietary trading firms. Insights into The5ers and FTMO are gleaned from trader feedback, platform ratings, and the overall satisfaction of customers on external review sites. These elements shed light on the firms' reliability and quality.

  • Trader Feedback: The trading community often praises both The5ers and FTMO for their supportive environments and the significant capital they provide for trading.
  • Platform Ratings: High ratings grace The5ers on Trustpilot and Google My Business, celebrated for its user-friendly nature and clear trading conditions. FTMO also boasts high praise on Trustpilot and Google Play, recognized for its thorough, yet fair evaluation process.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Users express high satisfaction with both firms. The5ers is lauded for no initial evaluation fees and its options for profit sharing, enhancing customer happiness. FTMO’s structured scaling plan and community support are pivotal in achieving their positive feedback.

Potential traders find these reviews and ratings crucial. They reveal genuine user experiences, guiding choices between The5ers and FTMO, depending on personal trading styles and support needs.


The5ers and FTMO are at the forefront of proprietary trading, each with unique features and policies. The5ers function under a funding model without upfront fees, attracting those new to professional trading. This flexible profit-sharing setup offers an appealing start minus the financial burden.

Conversely, FTMO operates on a challenge-based model that values and cultivates discipline. Its structured path towards profit escalation involves evaluation fees, which may deter some.

Picking the right prop trading platform demands evaluating economic factors and available support services. While both platforms provide educational resources, they vary in community engagement and trader support.

Traders need to assess if they align more with The5ers' growth-focused programs or FTMO's structured strategies.


  • Service: Funded Trader Program
  • Pricing: Varies by account type
  • Promotion: 5% discount for new members

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