TD Ameritrade Gold IRA Review

Updated July 7, 2024

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TD Ameritrade Gold IRA is a retirement account that allows investors to include gold and other precious metals in their IRA portfolio, providing a hedge against inflation and potential economic downturns.

In the quest for retirement savings stability, more Americans are looking at precious metals. They are especially interested in gold IRAs. As retirement investment changes, TD Ameritrade's Gold IRA has become significant. It offers a mix of tradition and innovation.

This review will explore TD Ameritrade's Gold IRA, showing how it aids investors in facing economic unpredictability.

Key Takeaways

  • The TD Ameritrade Gold IRA presents a distinct opportunity for retirement investment through the stability of precious metals.
  • By aligning with TD Ameritrade's IRA program, investors can potentially achieve a more secure retirement financial landscape.
  • This investment route spotlights the enduring value of gold, aiming to safeguard assets from the volatility inherent in fiat currencies.
  • TD Ameritrade's offerings underscore a response to investors' call for diversification and sound investment amidst global economic fluctuations.

Consider Investing With Top Gold IRA Companies:

Fees: None

Min. Investment: $25,000

Fees: $180/year

Min. Investment: $5,000

Fees: $225/year

Min. Investment: $2,000

About TD Ameritrade Gold IRA

Many Americans are deeply concerned about maintaining a comfortable lifestyle after retirement. TD Ameritrade offers a Self-directed Gold IRA, appealing to those looking to enhance their retirement savings beyond 401(k)s and Social Security. This account type is key for building a diversified investment array, following expert financial advice.

At TD Ameritrade, the focus on Self-directed Gold IRAs is about empowering investors with knowledge and comprehensive financial strategies. Investors receive a range of tools and expert guidance to select the appropriate investments for their retirement objectives. TD Ameritrade specialists assist clients in understanding the value of precious metals in their retirement plans.

  • Enhancement of retirement savings through strategic precious metal investment.
  • Guidance from seasoned financial advisors to craft a personalized retirement plan.
  • Opportunities to diversify investment portfolios, reducing risk and improving potential returns over time.

Ultimately, the TD Ameritrade Gold IRA is an effective option for bolstering retirement strategies. It provides support from skilled financial advisors. This assistance ensures clients make decisions that reflect their financial ambitions and retirement plans.

Goldco is an industry leader in the precious metals space, offering a comprehensive approach to protecting your retirement savings in an ever-changing economic landscape.


  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

Company History and Performance

TD Ameritrade embarked on its financial services journey in 1975, rooted in Omaha, Nebraska. It emerged as a significant force in investment advisory, known for its comprehensive financial services. Its credibility has been built over years of dedicated service.

Origins and Growth of TD Ameritrade

From the outset, TD Ameritrade aimed to empower investors, broadening its offerings to include financial advice and investment strategies. Its innovation and commitment to customer empowerment have cemented its status within the finance industry.

Customer Feedback and BBB Ratings

Though not accredited by the BBB and having mixed reviews, TD Ameritrade is still favored by many for its financial services and investment solutions. Its approach to customer feedback and issue resolution highlights its commitment to service excellence.

TD Ameritrade stands out for its transparent operations, which play a key role in sustaining client trust. This transparency, alongside its deep roots in financial advisories, keeps it competitive in the financial advisories sector.

Understanding Types of Gold IRAs

Choosing the right gold IRA is crucial for reaching retirement goals and optimizing tax planning. We delve into the contrasts between traditional and ROTH gold IRAs, highlighting how each affects your financial approach.

  • Traditional Gold IRA: This IRA permits investments with pre-tax dollars, allowing growth tax-deferred. Investors can often deduct their contributions, making it appealing for reducing taxable income annually.
  • ROTH Gold IRA: Funded with post-tax dollars, the ROTH gold IRA offers tax-free withdrawals in retirement, under certain stipulations. It suits those expecting higher future taxes or preferring tax-free distributions.

To plan efficiently for retirement taxes with either IRA type, understand their tax benefits. Choosing between immediate tax advantages with a traditional IRA or future tax exemptions with a ROTH IRA each offers a solid strategy for securing your financial future. Plus, both leverage the constancy of gold in your portfolio.

Setting Up a Gold IRA with TD Ameritrade

Opening a gold IRA at TD Ameritrade makes the investment in precious metals straightforward. It's a favorable option for individuals aiming to enhance their retirement portfolios. Here's a guide to begin your journey with this reputable financial entity.

Account Creation Process

Starting your gold IRA begins with account creation. TD Ameritrade offers an efficient online application to establish your account swiftly. You must provide your identification documents after entering required information to meet regulatory standards.

Choosing Precious Metals and Custodians

Once your account is set up, selecting precious metals and a trusted gold IRA custodian is vital. TD Ameritrade collaborates with reputable custodians for the acquisition, sale, and storage of gold and other metals. Opting for a reliable custodian ensures your investments are managed safely and within regulatory compliance.

Contribution and Rollover Options

The final step to activate your gold IRA is funding the account. This can be achieved through direct contributions or by transferring funds from another IRA or 401(k). The TD Ameritrade team offers guidance throughout this stage, making sure your transfer or rollover complies with IRS rules, thereby avoiding potential fines.

Custodians and Storage Solutions

Choosing the right custodians and secure storage options is vital for a gold IRA. TD Ameritrade commonly serves as the initial custodian. Yet, investors have the freedom to select from a range of accredited depositories. This decision greatly affects the security of the precious metals and the associated storage costs.

Understanding the differences between gold IRA custodians and storage facilities is key. Considerations include their storage fees, security protocols, and locations. Here's what investors should evaluate:

  • Variety of Choices: There are accredited depositories across the United States and internationally. For example, in the Cayman Islands, providing a range of secure precious metal storage options.
  • Security Features: Optimal security is crucial. Facilities boast advanced monitoring, timed locks, and insured vaults to protect investments.
  • Understanding Storage Fees: Storage fees differ widely among facilities. They often cover insurance, security, and the metals' logistical management.

Investors should thoroughly research and compare gold IRA custodians and storage fees. By doing so, they optimize their investment and ensure their assets are secure. Vetting custodians and storage facilities thoroughly can provide peace of mind. It ensures the secure and efficient management of precious metal investments.

Detailed Comparison: TD Ameritrade and Top Competitors

Evaluating TD Ameritrade in the context of gold investment companies reveals critical insights. This section explores how TD Ameritrade matches up with leading companies like Goldco, American Hartford Gold, and Augusta Precious Metals. We will look at their service offerings, the structure of their fees, and the nature of customer support provided.

Comparative Analysis of Services and Fees

TD Ameritrade is well-known for its extensive services that benefit both new and experienced investors. Yet, when contrasted with specialized gold investment competitors, differences become apparent. The contrasts are particularly noticeable in fee structures and the range of investment options available.

  • Goldco appeals to those looking for full-fledged advisory services, offering competitive fees and a personalized customer journey.
  • American Hartford Gold draws in investors with its flexible options and no minimum purchase necessary, making it ideal for those starting off.
  • Augusta Precious Metals is celebrated for its clear fees and a commitment to transparency, thus protecting investors from unexpected costs.

Customer Service Excellence of Competitors

The quality of customer service plays a significant role in influencing investor contentment and trust. Here's a glimpse into how the foremost gold investment companies fare in delivering customer satisfaction:

  • Goldco is known for exceptional client service, highlighted by its educational efforts and responsive support team.
  • American Hartford Gold is recognized for ensuring high levels of customer engagement, offering a more customized precious metal investment experience.
  • Augusta Precious Metals assigns a dedicated customer success agent to each client, navigating them smoothly through the intricacies of metal investments.

What Sets Top Companies like Goldco, American Hartford Gold, and Augusta Precious Metals Apart

While TD Ameritrade provides a vast array of financial services, specialized gold investment companies offer distinctive advantages:

  • Goldco is distinguished by its high-profile endorsements and financial authority recommendations, enhancing its credibility and attractiveness.
  • American Hartford Gold enables a highly adaptable investment pathway, benefiting those seeking customizable solutions without the burden of substantial initial investments.
  • Augusta Precious Metals dedicates itself to customer satisfaction, backed by numerous awards and positive client feedback that underscore its dependability and proficiency.


Securing a solid financial future and attaining peace of mind for retirement are significant challenges. TD Ameritrade excels in the gold IRA investment sphere, offering reliability and comprehensive service. Investors seeking to include precious metals in their retirement plans find a robust ally in TD Ameritrade.

However, thorough research is essential for investors, given the variety of competitors. Firms like Goldco, American Hartford Gold, and Augusta Precious Metals provide unique services that may better suit certain investment goals.


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  • Products: Gold, silver, copper, palladium and platinum
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