TC2000 Review – How Good Is The Trading Software?

Updated February 7, 2024

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TC2000 is a popular stock market analysis and trading software that provides advanced tools for technical analysis and charting. Developed by Worden Brothers, Inc., TC2000 has gained widespread popularity among traders and investors for its user-friendly interface and powerful features.

When it comes to navigating the multifaceted world of stock trading, the TC2000 trading platform emerges as a noteworthy ally for active traders and investors alike.

Developed by the distinguished Worden Brothers, TC2000 is not just another tool in the trader's arsenal; it is synonymous with innovation in market analysis and investing with TC2000 becomes a strategic endeavor under its wing.

In providing a TC2000 software review, one cannot overlook the platform's acclaimed accolades, such as the best analytical software under $500 title by Stocks & Commodities Magazine, maintained for over two decades. This esteem is no small feat and speaks volumes about the refined quality and relentless dedication to excellence that the TC2000 trading platform embodies.

Key Takeaways

  • TC2000 is a premium platform esteemed for its exceptional charting and analysis tools.
  • Worden Brothers have been recognized for their outstanding trading software development.
  • Investing with TC2000 offers traders innovative tools tailored to their active trading needs.
  • The platform provides a suite of features at various pricing options, suitable for diverse trading strategies.
  • TC2000's dedication to refining the user experience has been awarded repeatedly, setting it apart in the industry.

Introduction to TC2000 Trading Platform

Embarking on an exploration of the TC2000 trading platform, it becomes evident why it stands as an award-winning trading platform with a legacy of success and innovation. Throughout the years, TC2000 has been defined by its commitment to providing user-friendly trading software imbued with the best analytical tools to facilitate active trading and investing.

Let’s delve into the remarkable journey and user-centric design that have propelled TC2000 to the forefront of the trading software industry.

History and Awards

The TC2000 history is steeped in a tradition of excellence, originating from its inception by Worden Brothers. Recognized regularly for its advanced analytical capabilities, the platform has received acclaim as one of the top trading tools available to investors.

Testament to its enduring quality, TC2000 has been acknowledged with numerous awards, solidifying its reputation as a comprehensive and reliable solution for market participants.

User Experience and Interface

At the heart of TC2000's philosophy is a devotion to a user-friendly trading experience, a facet that is apparent throughout its software design. The platform’s interface is carefully crafted to ensure that both novice traders and seasoned professionals can navigate and execute trades with ease and precision.

Innovations such as the "Change Symbol" feature exemplify the platform’s functionality, emphasizing efficiency in a trading environment where every second counts.

Charting Tools and Customization in TC2000

TC2000 has carved out a notable space in the realm of technical analysis, setting itself apart with a suite of customizable charts and TC2000 charting capabilities tailored to the nuanced needs of serious traders.

These tools, matched with a user-friendly experience, present data visualization in a manner that not only informs but empowers traders in their decision-making processes.

Advanced Chart Features

At the core of TC2000's advanced trading indicators is the platform's capacity for comprehensive chart customization. Users can modify nearly every aspect, from color themes to data representation styles, crafting a visual experience that resonates with their individual analysis approach.

The data box feature is particularly enlightening, offering quick access to a plethora of data points such as percentage changes, volume, and returns. Navigating through historical price data is seamless, courtesy of the platform's fluid chart zooming and scrolling functions, designed to ensure that traders do not miss any critical price action.

Unique Indicator Implementations

Another facet where TC2000 shines is in its innovative approach to implementing technical analysis tools. The platform allows for the crafting of custom indicators, a standout feature offering the freedom to input personalized formulas, thereby creating tailored alerts that align with users' strategies.

Additionally, specialized indicators like the relative strength indicator empower traders to conduct comparative performance analysis directly within their charts, enhancing their insight into market sectors or individual stocks.

  • Customizable chart aspects, including color and layout
  • Insightful data box with essential information on demand
  • Smooth chart zooming and scrolling
  • Facilitation of custom indicator creation for personalized alerts
  • Relative strength indicator for comparing stock performances

The Power of TC2000's Stock Scanners

Investors and traders seeking an edge in the stock market often turn to stock scanners for timely and effective market analysis. TC2000's EasyScan technology is a standout feature, known for its efficient and thorough scanning capabilities. Recognizing patterns and uncovering trading opportunities can be daunting without the right tools, but TC2000 scanners streamline this process by offering customizable scans that align with various trading strategies.

With TC2000, the power to conduct detailed market analysis is at your fingertips. The platform's advanced scanners provide a comprehensive range of filters to sift through thousands of stocks in search of those meeting specific trader criteria. This functionality is indispensable, especially for momentum traders who thrive on identifying trends and taking action before the rest of the market catches on.

  • Efficiency in Identifying Leading Stocks
  • Comprehensive Filters to Tailor Searches
  • Ranking System for Performance Comparison

Enabling you to filter stocks based on fundamental and technical analysis criteria, TC2000's EasyScan does more than just enumerate potential trades; it helps prioritize them. It diminishes the noise traders face daily, directing their focus to the stocks most likely to yield promising results. And with continuous updates, you can watch the market move and adjust your strategies in real time. This real-time response is what can make all the difference in day trading.

An example of EasyScan's capabilities can be seen in its handling of volume spikes, price movements, and industry strength—all of which can be tailored to the individual's needs. Whether your strategy is built around high-growth stocks, value investments, or contrarian approaches, TC2000 has the tools to support your trade decisions.

Exclusive Features of TC2000

TC2000 trading platform stands out in the financial markets with distinct features that cater to the needs of modern traders. Among these, the renowned EasyScan stock screener and advanced broker integration elevate the platform's capabilities, enabling users to harness the full potential of their trading strategies.

EasyScan Technology

The EasyScan stock screener is a revolutionary feature of TC2000 that serves as the linchpin for investors looking for fast and accurate market screening. Its dynamic functionality allows traders to sift through thousands of stocks in real time, pinpointing the ones that match their criteria with impeccable precision.

Whether it's finding new opportunities or keeping tabs on a specific sector, EasyScan provides a competitive advantage in the dynamic trading environment.

Broker Integration and Trade Execution

Broker integration within TC2000 is the gateway to proficient trading. It enables direct trading execution with a seamless experience from chart analysis to trade execution.

The ability to trade from charts not only streamlines the trading process but also reduces the chances of error, ensuring quick market entry. This feature underscores the capability of TC2000 to cater to the needs of day traders who seek a unified and efficient trading workflow.




EasyScan Stock Screener

Dynamic market screener capable of real-time analysis

Identifies trading opportunities with speed and precision

Broker Integration

Facilitates direct and seamless transition from analysis to trade

Simplifies the trading process, enhancing efficiency

Trade from Charts

Allows execution of trades directly within the charts

Optimizes decision-making time by merging strategy with action

Direct Trading Execution

Quick access to market with streamlined execution service

Reduces lag between decision and execution, crucial for day trading

Analyzing TC2000's Pricing and Packages

Within the competitive landscape of trading platforms, TC2000 stands out not just for its robust features, but also for its approach to pricing, making it an affordable trading software option for many. Recognizing the different needs of traders, TC2000 has crafted a range of service packages to suit varying levels of analysis and investment activity.

Below, we delve into a comparison with its competitors and outline the different service levels available, highlighting the competitive software pricing structure that has attracted a loyal user base.

Comparing Cost with Competitors

TC2000 pricing is strategically designed to compete favorably in the marketplace. Even with its advanced features and reputable stature, the platform ensures affordability remains a cornerstone of its offering.

Traders seeking a balance between cost and capability will find that TC2000 offers a compelling option when compared to other high-end trading solutions. Below is a comparative overview of how TC2000's pricing stands against similar platforms:


Basic Plan

Mid-Level Plan

Premium Plan

Free Trial

Additional Features






Advanced scanning, alerts

Competitor A





Global exchanges data

Competitor B





Limited scanning

Understanding the Different Service Levels

TC2000 tailors its service levels to cater to various trader requirements and investment scales. From the cost-conscious beginner to the feature-hungry professional, there is a clear path of upgrade and value addition within the TC2000 ecosystem. Let's explore the key distinctions between the various service packages that TC2000 offers:

  • Silver Package: Ideal for beginners, including basic charting, alerting, and WatchList capabilities.
  • Gold Package: Designed for the active trader, with enhanced alert capabilities and more advanced scanning and filtering tools.
  • Platinum Package: The premier choice for seasoned professionals offering exclusive features, priority support, and comprehensive analytical tools.

Trading Management and TC2000 Brokerage Services

TC2000 brokerage services have been meticulously engineered to enhance trade management for traders of all experience levels. By offering a harmonious mix of low margin rates and optimized trading orders execution, TC2000 stands out as a robust platform suitable for both amateur and veteran market participants.

The integration of comprehensive trade management tools with the benefits of TC2000's charting features creates an efficient trading environment where strategy and execution align seamlessly.

Order Types and Execution Speed

Speed and variety in order execution remain pivotal for traders. TC2000's brokerage capabilities address this need with a range of order types designed to cater to diverse trading strategies. Whether it's a stop-limit, trailing stop, or conditional orders, traders can execute complex strategies with precision.

Additionally, the platform's technical proficiency ensures swift execution, preventing slippage and maximizing potential profit gains.

Margin Rates and Account Features

The pursuit of favorable margin rates is crucial for traders looking to maximize their financial leverage. TC2000 brokerage is competently positioned in the market, providing some of the lowest margin rates available. Coupled with an array of account features, it allows traders to manage portfolios efficiently while optimizing their buying power.


TC2000 Brokerage

Industry Standard

Margin Rates

Competitively low


Order Execution Speed

High-speed execution

Standard speed

Order Types Available

Multiple options (e.g., stop-limit, trailing stop)

Limited variety

Direct Chart Trading

Seamless integration

Often not available

Commission on Trades

Competitive rates

Standard rates

Account Features

Designed for all levels of traders

Basic features

How TC2000 Facilitates Fundamental Analysis and Screening

Fundamental analysis remains a cornerstone of smart investing, and TC2000 provides exceptional tools for investors to dig deep into financial indicators for better stock selection. The platform's fundamental tools offer real-time data that enable both novice and tenured investors to apply nuanced stock screening strategies with ease.

Delving into fundamental analysis with TC2000 is seamless, thanks to its wide spectrum of financial indicators. Traders can effortlessly extrapolate earnings per share (EPS), return on equity (ROE), and debt-to-equity ratios amongst others. TC2000's capacity to create custom indicators is particularly useful, allowing for analysis that goes beyond surface-level metrics.

TC2000 Fundamental Tool



Custom Watch Lists

Real-time tracking of selected financial metrics customizable to your investment criteria.

Stock screening and tracking

Earnings Data

Comprehensive earnings reports that inform on historical and projected profitability.

Assessing company performance

Financial Health Indicators

A breakdown of financial soundness including debt, equity, and operational margins.

Evaluating long-term investment viability

Custom Indicators

Ability to craft tailored indicators from a range of financial data points to suit your analysis requirements.

Creating unique screening criteria

By striking a balance between fundamental analysis and stock screening, TC2000 allows investors to approach the market with a comprehensive outlook. The platform's blend of technical and fundamental tools positions it as a highly regarded resource for rigorous stock analysis and informed decision-making.

  1. Utilize advanced stock screening to filter through the market based on specific financial indicators.
  2. Leverage custom indicators to gain insights tailored to your unique investment strategy.
  3. Integrate live watch lists with charts for an interconnected analysis experience that captures market movements in real-time.

Investors who capitalize on TC2000's fundamental tools are well-equipped to analyze the intrinsic value of stocks, finding robust investment opportunities. With a user-friendly interface and multifaceted analyzing capabilities, TC2000 stands as a beacon for those committed to performing diligent fundamental analysis in their trading journey.

Customer Support and Community within TC2000

For traders who prioritize exceptional support and collaborative learning environments, TC2000 stands out through its dedicated TC2000 customer service, comprehensive trading education resources, and close-knit investor community forums. Acknowledging the complexities of the trading world, TC2000 and Worden Brothers offer robust training resources, ensuring that both novice and experienced investors have the tools to succeed.

Access to Training and Tutorials

Worden Brothers training programs are designed to assist traders in mastering the TC2000 platform. From navigating the software to leveraging its advanced features for market analysis, the tutorials provide actionable insights. New users can quickly become proficient, minimizing their learning curve, and experienced traders can refine their strategies with ongoing training opportunities.

  • Introductory webinars for new TC2000 users
  • Advanced charting techniques and EasyScan setup guides
  • Live seminars offering deeper dives into market strategies
  • Regularly updated video tutorials on feature enhancements

Community Forums and User Feedback

The investor community forums present a unique space for TC2000 users to engage with peers, share strategies, and gain market insights. The platform encourages active communication, allowing traders to offer feedback and discuss trends. Here, from the productive discourse emerges an opportunity for learning, growth, and the refining of trading techniques among like-minded investors.

  • Discussion threads on trading tactics and platform utilization
  • User-to-user assistance on troubleshooting and feature usage
  • Worden Brothers' staff participation for expert guidance
  • Feedback implementation – making it a user-influenced trading platform

Pros and Cons: Is TC2000 Right for You?

As an active trader, selecting the right trading platform can be as crucial as your trading strategy itself. TC2000 offers robust features that cater to certain profiles of traders, but knowing its advantages and downsides is key for you to decide if it's the ideal match for your trading needs.

Assessing the Fit for Different Trader Profiles

  • Day Traders: With real-time data, advanced charting, and EasyScan, TC2000 is well-equipped to serve the fast-paced environment day traders thrive in.
  • Stock Market Investors: Those focused on equities will find the platform's tools for technical analysis and brokerage services particularly beneficial.
  • Novice Traders: The user-friendly interface and educational resources make it easier for beginners to start their trading journey.

Key Strengths and Areas for Improvement

TC2000 is renowned for its analytical prowess and user-centric engineering, but it also has areas where it could potentially enhance its offerings.


  • Exceptional charting tools with customization options
  • Integration with a dedicated brokerage for nimble trade execution
  • Proprietary EasyScan technology for effective market scanning
  • Dedicated customer support and comprehensive educational resources


  • Limited asset classes - absence of futures, currencies, and cryptocurrencies
  • No native backtesting features for strategy verification
  • Preference for the desktop platform over a web or mobile application
  • Some traders may find the cost of premium features a barrier

Determining whether TC2000 aligns with your trader profile requires a closer look at these strengths and weaknesses, keeping in mind your particular trading preferences and objectives.

While the platform offers a powerful package for stock trade analysis and execution, its suitability will ultimately depend on whether its pros outweigh the cons for your specific trading approach.


Summarizing the TC2000 software review, this platform emerges as a comprehensive trading solution, skillfully crafted by the Worden Brothers. It distinguishes itself with exceptional charting capabilities, advanced stock screening tools, and seamless broker integration—elements that elevate the trading practice for investors and active traders.

The blend of innovative EasyScan technology and a user-centric interface solidifies TC2000 as a standout in the arena of stock market analysis.

While navigating through the investing platform review, one must acknowledge the specific orientation of TC2000 which is primarily focused on equities. Despite this specialization, traders benefit from competitive pricing structures and the reliability of prompt customer assistance. These facets are instrumental in constructing a conducive environment for informed decision-making and efficient trade execution.

As we conclude, our trading software summary emphasizes that despite certain limitations, the TC2000 trading platform maintains a commitment to delivering a premium trading experience. For traders seeking a robust set of tools, backed by dedication to innovative advancements and customer success, the Worden Brothers trading solutions offer a dynamic and resourceful ecosystem for investing endeavors.


  • Service: Stock scanning software
  • Pricing: $10/month to $59.99/month
  • Promotion: Get a $25 discount for every month that you make a trade or have an account value of more than $30,000

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