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Updated April 30, 2024

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Tandem Trader is an educational trading program created by professional day trader and author Nathan Michaud, designed to teach aspiring traders the techniques and strategies for successful stock trading in the market.

In the high-stakes world of day trading, continuous learning and strategy refinement are indispensable. Nathan Michaud, a household name in day trading circles, has solidified this notion with his comprehensive day trading course, Tandem Trader.

Released in 2014 and crafted with the precision of a seasoned trader, Tandem Trader provides a dynamic and practical dive into the intricacies of day trading, straddling a line that separates theory from action with ease.

Whether you’re a neophyte to the screens or a seasoned financier looking to polish your approach, Nathan's course delivers over 12 hours of critical insights and real-time trading walkthroughs.

Key Takeaways

  • Nathan Michaud is renowned in the trading world for his effective and practical day trading strategies.
  • Tandem Trader offers in-depth scrutiny and a profound understanding of live trading dynamics.
  • The comprehensive content provided can serve as a robust foundation for both beginner and advanced traders.
  • The course encourages the application of Michaud's methodologies for real-time decision-making.
  • Continuous learning and the application of Nathan Michaud's trading strategies may significantly bolster trading acumen.

Introducing Tandem Trader by Investors Underground

Embarking on a journey through the high-stakes world of day trading can be daunting, but with the guidance of Nathan Michaud's Tandem Trader, both novice and seasoned traders can navigate the market with confidence.

As part of the comprehensive day trading educational library at Investors Underground, Tandem Trader stands out with its practical features and the accessible expertise of its creator.

Meet Nathan Michaud: Founder of Investors Underground

Nathan Michaud's reputation precedes him in the trading community as a seasoned professional with a history of notable successes. Transforming his early experiences into a robust platform for education and engagement, Nathan's expertise is the foundation upon which Tandem Trader is built.

His unique focus on intraday momentum strategies for liquid NASDAQ stocks eschews riskier, less predictable territories, instead championing a methodology steeped in knowledge and discipline.

What Tandem Trader Offers to Aspiring Traders

The features of Tandem Trader span an impressive range, from in-depth chat rooms to a breadth of over 1,000 video lessons, all curated to foster learning within the trading community. The course is adeptly designed to encapsulate Nathan Michaud’s expertise, offering a transparent view into his strategic processes.

Included as part of the Investors Underground Elite subscription, Tandem Trader is accessible at a value with the provision of coupon codes for additional savings. The ultimate aim? To arm traders with the essential tools and knowledge for consistently profitable decision-making in the dynamic day trading landscape.

Investors Underground is a renowned day trading community known for providing top-notch education, real-time trade alerts, and comprehensive video tutorials. Their resources, geared towards both novice and experienced traders, focus on diverse trading strategies.

ABOUT the Investors underground

  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Trustpilot rating of 4.5
  • Over 1000+ community members
  • 700+ video lessons and guides
  • Study groups, trade recaps, and Q&A sessions.

Unpacking the Course Content

A deep dive into the day trading course breakdown reveals that Tandem Trader offers an immersive study experience. Prepared by seasoned trader, Nathan Michaud, each section of the course is meticulously designed to address vital aspects of day trading.

With Tandem Trader chapters capturing various trading techniques, the progression is logical from foundational concepts to advanced tactics.

Starting with a candid look at Nathan Michaud’s own trading evolution, participants gain insights into common pitfalls and early mistakes to steer clear of. The transparency in Nathan sharing his journey adds a personal touch that's both engaging and instructive.

  1. Breaking Down Breakouts and Fades: Learn the mechanics of powerful setup types and when to apply them.
  2. Volume and Range Analysis: Understand the significant role these elements play in gauging movements and trade potential.
  3. Timed Trades Execution: Master the decision-making process for entry and exit points throughout the trading day.
  4. NASDAQ Textbook Setups: Dive into carefully crafted long setups ideal for NASDAQ stocks.
  5. Shorts Strategies and Faders: Explore the intricacies of short-selling, including how to recognize and approach stocks ripe for a fade.
  6. Over-the-Counter (OTC) and Level 2: Navigate the complexities of OTC markets and make informed choices using level 2 data.

As students progress through the course, they experience live trading tuition, where theories and strategies are put into action. This allows traders to witness the application of lessons in real market environments, enhancing understanding and providing a template for their own trades.

  • Stock Scanning Techniques: Learn how to identify potential trade candidates efficiently.
  • Real Trader Interviews: Gain perspectives from experienced traders, culminating the learning experience with personalized insights.

The culmination of meticulous chapter planning presents a powerful educational journey, equipping traders with the knowledge to tackle markets with confidence.

Key Trading Strategies and Concepts Explored

In the realm of day trading, understanding the core strategies and concepts is the cornerstone of developing a day trading success roadmap. Nathan Michaud's Tandem Trader delves into these critical elements, providing traders with a comprehensive framework to enhance their trading setups and risk management strategies.

Volume and Range: The Essence of Trade Selection

Selecting the right trades is pivotal, and Michaud teaches that volume and range are the compasses guiding this decision. High volume equates to liquidity, which is essential for entering and exiting trades efficiently, while sufficient range offers traders the potential for taking profitable positions.

The ideal trading scenario involves a convergence of consistent volume and an appealing range, which Michaud identifies as the sweet spot for day trading activities.

Trades on the Long and Short Side: Balancing the Approach

Michaud's balanced approach addresses both sides of the market, elucidating the mechanics behind successful long and short trading setups. Risk management strategies stand at the forefront, with a clear framework provided for setting risk levels and leveraging trades that show promise.

By dissecting trades such as the ABCD pattern, Michaud equips traders with the insights to manage positions effectively, ensuring they can capitalize on the market's ebb and flow, maintain discipline, and pursue steady growth. The key to success is aligning one's trading strategy with disciplined risk management and a well-calibrated approach to market analysis.

Live Trading Sessions: The Core Learning Experience

Amid the various educational tools featured in Tandem Trader, the live trading sessions stand out as the embodiment of hands-on learning. These sessions illuminate Nathan Michaud’s deployment of live trade applications, exposing the dynamic nature of intraday trading techniques.

They offer an unfiltered glimpse into the rapid decision-making process of a seasoned trader, providing invaluable context for market psychology understanding.

ABCD Pattern: The Blueprint for Success

Among the myriad of strategies, the ABCD pattern occupies a central role, being frequently revisited throughout Tandem Trader. By drawing on actual trades, Michaud clearly delineates how this pattern serves as a systematic approach for identifying entry and exit points with clear risk-to-reward parameters.

  • Illustration of trade setup and execution
  • Examination of the pattern's reliability and application in varying market conditions
  • Demonstration of how the ABCD pattern simplifies complex market movements

Parabolic Shorts: Capitalizing on Market Extremes

The intensity of parabolic moves and the lucrative opportunities they present are dissected with precision in the course. Insightful live session examples guide traders through the nuances of these high-stake situations, balancing the potential for substantial profits with disciplined risk management.

  1. Interpretation of market sentiment leading to extreme price action
  2. Strategic planning for entry, holding, and exit during volatile movements
  3. Adherence to trading rules to counter the psychological challenges of parabolic events

Tools and Resources for Effective Stock Scanning

Navigating the stock market with proficiency requires harnessing powerful tools and resources, key among them being the ability to execute a thorough stock scan methodology.

In the Tandem Trader course, Nathan Michaud mentors traders on the significance of creating daily watch lists — an essential practice for any serious day trader. Michaud’s lessons extend into demonstrating how to personalize the use of the FINVIZ screening tool to filter out the noise and zero in on stocks worth watching.

Understanding how to curate this daily list not only prepares traders for the upcoming trading day but also ingrains the discipline needed for the long-term development of trading skills. Below is an outline of the principles that Michaud advocates when constructing these watch lists:

  • Identify the stock sectors that show the most promise based on economic indicators and market news.
  • Use the FINVIZ screening tool to apply specific settings that correlate with successful trade patterns, like price volatility and volume.
  • Analyze the price action of stocks on previous watch lists to identify recurring opportunities or patterns.

Michaud’s methodology doesn't just provide a list; it's an educational journey into the subtleties of watch list curation. By analyzing his approach, traders gain the acumen to discern between merely good to trade stocks and those with the potential to yield high returns.

The process of creating a watch list becomes second nature, influencing trading decisions grounded in strategy rather than conjecture.

Finalizing a daily watch list with the proven stock scan methodology outlined in Tandem Trader is what sets apart novices from adept traders. The adept use of FINVIZ as a screening tool is an illustrative point of study, ensuring that any trader who pays attention is well-equipped to tackle the market's ebbs and flows confidently.

Community Insights and Real User Experiences

The vibrant Investors Underground community has been vocal about their experiences with the Tandem Trader course. Gathering insights from various trader reviews and Tandem Trader testimonials allows both novices and seasoned day traders to gauge the course's effectiveness through the lens of community-driven assessments.

Community Ratings and Feedback

Trader reviews across the Investors Underground community paint a multi-faceted picture of Tandem Trader's reception. While some traders have exalted the course for its depth and practical applications, others express their reservations, contributing to a diverse spectrum of feedback.

This breadth of testimonial evidence serves as a helpful resource for individuals considering the course.

Community Engagement: Joining Discussions and Accessing Support

The communal aspect is an integral part of the Tandem Trader experience, fostering a supportive environment through active discussion forums. Here, members are able to exchange trading tactics, offer mutual support, and share firsthand Tandem Trader testimonials.

Such engagement not only enhances learning and application of new strategies but also solidifies the course's stature as a collaborative educational platform within the Investors Underground community.


In summation, Nathan Michaud's Tandem Trader course epitomizes a comprehensive journey into the intricacies of day trading.

This educational tool effectively bridges the gap between theoretical trading concepts and active market participation. With an emphasis on live trade execution, the course invites students into the dynamic and often intensive realm of real-time decision-making. Each chapter expands upon vital trading knowledge, solidifying Michaud's standing as a seasoned market educator.

The course's in-depth content, paired with community-driven forums and reliable strategies, equates to a beacon of learning for those seeking to elevate their understanding of the stock market. It's an investment that fosters the pursuit of market mastery and refined trading acumen.

Ultimately, the takeaway for any potential investor or day trader would be the substantial worth found within Tandem Trader – not just as an educational resource, but as a cornerstone for long-term trading success. As we distill our Tandem Trader final thoughts, it's transparent that the course stands as a testament to the value of knowledge and the power of an informed trading community.


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  • One-Time Price: $1497
  • Promotion: Bundle discounts for packages

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