Take Profit Trader vs TopStep – Who Has The Better Terms?

Updated May 15, 2024

In the world of proprietary trading, providers like Take Profit Trader and TopStep are essential. They offer traders opportunities for capital and sharing profits. 

This deep analysis explores the unique features of each, highlighting how they improve the trading journey. We will look at their funding strategies, the quality of their educational platforms, and essential market strategies.

Key Takeaways

  • Take Profit Trader and TopStepTrader are vital in the field of proprietary trading, providing crucial capital for traders.
  • Both excel in futures trading, each with a support system suited to enhance trading success.
  • Take Profit Trader impresses with an 80% profit sharing and quick withdrawals, drawing in futures traders.
  • TopStepTrader shines with its complete education package, including live classes, to prepare traders for day trading intricacies.
  • This makes the two brands ideal for different trader types, with Take Profit Trader focusing on ease and TopStepTrader on learning development.

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Understanding Proprietary Trading Firms

Proprietary trading firms play a pivotal role in financial markets, providing essential access to capital for traders. They create thriving environments for wealth generation. By grasping the workings of these firms, one can fully recognize the chances they offer in trading.

These firms utilize their own funds to garner profits, differentiating themselves from other financial entities. Through this, they assume the inherent risks but also keep the majority of their earnings. This setup drives a deeply strategic approach to navigating the financial markets.

Proprietary trading firms explained: 

These firms trade their own capital to earn profits, distinct from traditional brokerages or financial advisory services. By doing so, they absorb the risks and retain most of the profits they generate, which motivates a highly strategic approach to financial markets.

Trader capital access: 

One key benefit of proprietary trading firms is their capital provision to traders. This is immensely beneficial for talented traders lacking in funds to make substantial trades. It enables traders to handle bigger positions, and thus, amplify their earning prospects without an upfront personal financial outlay.

Profit sharing in trading:

While these firms supply vital capital, they also engage in profit sharing. The precise terms of this arrangement vary, usually entailing a fixed profit percentage returning to the firm. This structure cultivates a shared enthusiasm for triumph, aligning both traders' and firms' ambitions.

At their essence, proprietary trading firms offer crucial capital and growth opportunities for market participants eager to upscale their trading activities. The symbiotic bond between trader success and firm gains exemplifies the unique mutualism within these business models.

Topstep is a trading evaluation program that allows traders to demonstrate their skills using simulated accounts and potentially earn a funded trading account by meeting predefined profit targets and risk parameters.

ABOUT Topstep

  • Accessible starting capital requirements
  • Comprehensive support for popular trading platforms
  • Extensive range of educational tools with live classes
  • 14-day trial for new members

Introducing Take Profit Trader

Take Profit Trader has become notable within the futures market trading realm, aiming to transform trading perceptions and practices. With James Sixsmith at the helm, his passion for trading shines through; he instills a strong focus on education and careful risk handling. This differentiates the firm significantly, employing straightforward yet potent proprietary strategies.

Origins and Mission

With a clear objective, Take Profit Trader set out to make trading education accessible for all, fostering a community where information and tactics are openly shared. James Sixsmith didn't just aim to launch a trading platform. His goal was to build a nurturing space for traders to excel amidst market complexities.

Focus on Futures Market

The futures market, with its inherent potential, is of particular interest to Take Profit Trader. This sector offers substantial trading opportunities, though it's known for its unpredictability. The firm’s educational foundation is designed to equip traders with solid strategies and a deep understanding of the market.

Simple Trading Rules and Strategy Development

In response to market volatility, Take Profit Trader advocates for straightforward trading principles alongside sophisticated strategy creation. This dual focus enables traders to adapt quickly to market shifts while protecting their investments. The emphasis on bespoke firm strategies prepares all associated traders to navigate the futures market’s challenges with efficiency.

Exploring TopStep

TopStepTrader, often known as TopStep, stands out for supporting new traders. Its unique TopStepTrader combine mimics real-market conditions. Traders experience pressures and opportunities akin to live trading. This setting is pivotal for genuine trader growth, laying a strong foundation for advancement.

The Trading Combine Program

The Trading Combine forms the core of TopStep's strategy. It assesses a trader's profit-making and risk management skills. In a simulated setting, traders face various scenarios. This emphasizes disciplined trading. Successful participants are rewarded with actual trading accounts, highlighting their focus on trader progress.

Platform versatility and Integration

TopStep boasts compatibility with 14 platforms, showcasing strong platform support. This flexibility enables traders to work in familiar environments. They use well-trusted tools, minimizing technical distractions. This allows them to concentrate on their trading strategies.

Structured Approach Towards Trader Education

TopStep prioritizes trader education. They employ a detailed educational method, offering live classes and numerous trading resources. Traders get prepared for a range of market situations. This thorough education ensures every trader, no matter their starting level, gains the skills and support required to excel in complex markets.

Take Profit Trader vs TopStep: Profit Sharing and Withdrawal Processes

In the proprietary trading world, knowing how profit sharing and trader withdrawals work is key for those aiming to juggle financial flexibility and trading profits. Take Profit Trader and TopStep provide great options that fit a range of financial and career ambitions.

  • Take Profit Trader stands out with an 80% profit share. This is a big draw for traders wanting substantial earnings from their trades. Plus, with its quick withdrawal option, traders can manage their money without delay, showcasing impressive financial maneuverability.
  • TopStep, however, gives a more generous 90% share, offering serious potential for profit. Yet, its withdrawal process isn’t as fast as Take Profit Trader’s. This slowness in getting access to earnings is something to keep in mind for those who need their money quickly.

This explanation highlights the dual importance of profit sharing rates and trader withdrawals speed. These elements play a vital role in the financial flexibility necessary to handle personal and professional costs and to plow back into future trading gains. Both trading firms offer intriguing options, each with its own unique benefits that might suit certain traders better.

Analyzing Educational Tools and Resources

TopStep and Take Profit Trader both offer extensive trading education tools, yet their methods and resources are distinctly unique. For traders deciding which platform best suits their learning preferences and educational requirements, understanding these differences is key.

Depth of TopStep's Educational Offerings

TopStep is renowned for its wide range of educational tools for traders. The foundation of their educational approach is live classes. These classes are designed for traders at all levels of expertise. They enable learners to interact with experienced traders in real-time. Additionally, these sessions provide deep insights into various trading strategies.

A broad spectrum of trading educational tools backs these live interactions. This includes webinars, eBooks, and video tutorials. Such resources aim to sharpen the trading skills of their community comprehensively.

Take Profit Trader’s Approach to Trader Education

Conversely, Take Profit Trader prioritizes establishing a solid foundation with straightforward trading rules. Their materials strive to foster a disciplined trading mindset. This aspect is vital for mastering market challenges.

Although their resources are fewer than TopStep's, their educational focus ensures that traders can swiftly use what they've learned in actual trading contexts.

  • TopStep’s educational resources provide extensive knowledge and practical experience via live classes, leading to a deep understanding of market dynamics.
  • Take Profit Trader focuses on practical, rule-based learning, perfect for those seeking structured trading principles and clear strategies.

Both platforms are dedicated to enhancing trader competencies with their distinct educational philosophies. It’s important for potential traders to assess how these educational offerings align with their individual trading objectives and learning needs.

Platform Compatibility and Trading Experience

In today's fast-paced trading world, a platform's compatibility with different software and the flexibility it provides are key for traders. Seamless integration of trading software, platform reliability, and creating a flexible trading space are vital. These aspects help traders quickly adjust to market shifts and enhance their strategies.

Take Profit Trader's Flexible Platform Options

Take Profit Trader is committed to offering diverse trading platforms, creating a flexible environment for traders. This dedication includes ensuring platforms and software can integrate smoothly, allowing for effective customization and use of setups. Here is an overview of how Take Profit Trader improves the user experience:

  • Support for multiple third-party platforms, ensuring users can trade on familiar interfaces.
  • Highly customizable interfaces that allow traders to adjust their dashboards to meet their needs.
  • Integration with analytical tools and automated trading systems to simplify operations and improve decision-making.

TopStep's Range of Supported Trading Platforms

TopStep broadens the integration of trading software by supporting 16 different platforms. This breadth of support not only demonstrates TopStep's dedication to compatibility but also its focus on flexibility. Key features showcasing TopStep's adaptability include:

  • Access to a vast selection of platforms, ideal for all traders, from beginners to experts, ensuring a suitable trading environment for each.
  • Each platform undergoes thorough testing for reliability, benefiting trading strategies and learning experiences.
  • Regular updates and tech support for all platforms, keeping traders informed with the latest features.


When looking into trading platform evaluation, Take Profit Trader and TopStep are top choices for those who seek funded trading accounts' benefits. They both offer unique features that cater to different aspects of the trading world. 

Take Profit Trader, for instance, provides quick access to earned funds, which is a big plus for those who appreciate simplicity and speed. On the other hand, TopStep excels in education, offering a wealth of resources for strategic trading comparison and making disciplined decisions.

To choose the best platform, traders need to match their funded trading accounts with their unique trading styles and learning needs. Take Profit Trader and TopStep each offer powerful benefits that, when used appropriately, can lead to trading success. Whether prioritizing easy profit access or comprehensive education, both platforms provide strong choices for any trader's toolkit.


  • Service: Funded Trader Program
  • Pricing: $49/month
  • Promotion: 20% discount for new members

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