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Updated May 12, 2024

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Take Profit Trader is a proprietary trading firm that provides traders with the opportunity to trade the firm's capital and earn a share of the profits. The firm offers training and support to help traders develop their skills and achieve success in the financial markets.

In the future market, taking success without risking one's own capital seems impossible. Take Profit Trader, led by market expert James Sixsmith, offers a groundbreaking approach. It provides significant funds for trading and a remarkable 80-90% profit split. This model goes beyond the norm, redefining how traders can succeed.

This evaluation introduces the intricate workings of the platform, inviting assessment. Can this proprietary trading venture truly change the game, offering less risk and more educational benefits?

Key Takeaways

  • Take Profit Trader is revolutionizing the proprietary trading industry by providing significant capital while mitigating personal financial risks.
  • James Sixsmith's trading platform offers an impressive profit split of 80-90%, reshaping the profit-sharing model in futures trading.
  • The platform is deeply rooted in trading education, providing free resources and courses to enhance traders' skills and knowledge.
  • Take Profit Trader’s foundation is constructed on transparent and trader-oriented principles, emphasizing risk reduction and trader competence.
  • Traders receive support for their future market investments through a model designed to align closely with their success.

Introduction to Take Profit Trader

Take Profit Trader has emerged as a prominent player in the futures markets. It is founded by James Sixsmith. The firm is on a mission to financially support futures traders. They aim to bring about a new era of trading, focused on empowerment and growth for all. Their approach to education and success is both innovative and effective.

James Sixsmith's vision has lifted Take Profit Trader to new heights. It sets a higher standard in the world of proprietary trading. Beyond just funding, the firm equips traders with vital tools for prosperity. This creates an environment centered around the success and continual learning of its members.

  • Trader Education and Risk Management: The firm is known for its clear and fair trading guidelines. This simplicity allows traders to grasp and apply these rules with ease and efficiency.
  • Funding Futures Traders: Take Profit Trader provides sizable capital to its traders. This support enables them to explore and exploit more market opportunities, all without risking their own finances.
  • Empowering Through Innovation: It is driving a trading evolution, with its traders leading the way. They have access to cutting-edge tools, real-time data, and never-ending assistance, putting them ahead in the industry.

By continuing its dedication to trader support and education, Take Profit Trader leads the proprietary trading sector. Joining it is not just about trading – it’s a commitment to changing the game. Striving to create an environment that is open, empowering, and future-focused.

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Reviewing the Take Profit Trader Platform

The Take Profit Trader platform excels in the competitive trading sphere due to its unique approach towards trader benefits and the variety of tradable items it offers. It is designed to serve both seasoned professionals and newcomers. This approach is a key part of its attractiveness.

Understanding the Profit Split and Max Drawdown

Take Profit Trader is known for its beneficial profit split policy. Traders can enjoy a significant portion, 80-90%, of their profits. This policy varies with account types. It ensures traders are well-rewarded for their efforts.

The platform also provides traders with a flexible max drawdown strategy. This strategy scales with account size. It promotes careful risk management while allowing for different trading strategies to be carried out effectively.

Exploring Tradable Products and Future Additions

At the moment, Take Profit Trader is focused on futures trading. However, it has plans to broaden its range to include stocks, forex, and cryptocurrencies. This indicates an effort to provide more investment options and to embrace technological advancements for a wider market presence.

Traders are excited about these upcoming trading expansions. They see it as an opportunity to further diversify their portfolios. The combined success of the platform and its future plans ensure that many traders will have a rewarding experience.

The Educational Framework Offered by Take Profit Trader

Take Profit Trader crafted a structured education plan for traders at any level. It aims to bolster the essential trading skills to succeed. Their approach ensures comprehensive coverage for all.

Complimentary Trading Resources

Providing free educational material is integral for an all-encompassing learning experience. Take Profit Trader offers free webinars, e-books, and real-time analyses. These are vital for a strong educational foundation.

  • Introductory webinars on market fundamentals.
  • E-books that cover a variety of trading strategies.
  • Real-time market analysis to illustrate trading concepts.

Such resources are pivotal, allowing traders to learn and make strategic decisions without financial risk. They jumpstart an informative trading journey.

Course Offerings and Learning Paths

Take Profit Trader's courses are structured for targeted guidance. They cater to different skill levels and objectives. The educational blend includes basic-to-advanced instrument trading, risk management, and psychological preparation for trading.

  • Beginner courses that lay the groundwork for trading various instruments.
  • Intermediate paths that delve into complex trading systems and risk management.
  • Advanced seminars focusing on strategic trade planning and the psychological aspects of trading.

This diverse educational lineup equips every trader with the necessary skills and knowledge. It ensures they journey towards trading success with assurance.

Take Profit Trader's Transparent Trading Rules

Take Profit Trader's impact in the trading sphere is rooted in a dedication to openness. This core value underpins their long-term success, providing a solid ground for traders. It allows them to navigate with confidence and clear understanding.

The company has laid out transparent regulations, demystifying trading. This ensures a straightforward trading environment for everyone involved.

  • Trading Rules: Take Profit Trader has set clear and concise rules for fair play. These rules aim to bring confidence to traders, offering a dependable operation framework.
  • Take Profit Trader Policy: The platform's policy defines roles and expectations clearly. It uses precise language to outline terms and conditions for a solid grasp and observance, thus promoting transparent trading.
  • Take Profit Trader Regulations: These regulations are meticulously designed to meet legal and ethical standards. Their purpose is to guide towards compliant and honorable trading practices.

By adhering to transparent policies and guidelines, Take Profit Trader simplifies the trading platform experience. This simplicity allows traders to fully concentrate on their strategies. The culture of transparency not only uplifts traders. It also establishes a high standard of excellence and honesty in the trading industry.

Customer Feedback and Platform Ratings

Take Profit Trader frequently earns glowing reviews for its solid performance and reliability. These reviews repeatedly mention its user-friendly approach, which meets the needs of traders. It's no wonder the platform boasts a high Trustpilot score, rooting it as a dependable choice in proprietary trading.

  • Trustpilot's 4.4-star average underpins the objective satisfaction of users.
  • Client feedback often shines a light on the platform's ease in withdrawing funds, making profit access simple.
  • Its image is bolstered by the swift and helpful nature of its customer support. It effectively tackles all kinds of issues, like questions concerning funded account limits.

Take Profit Trader's strategy hinges on two pivotal pillars: transparency and an unwavering commitment to address issues. These efforts are meant to eliminate obstacles and maintain a wholesome trading arena.

Comparing Account Sizes and Pricing Structures

Take Profit Trader offers varied account sizes and trading fees. These are crafted for traders of all levels. It ensures every trader, be they beginners or experts, finds a suitable entry into the futures market.

Initial Capital Options for Traders

  • $25,000 for beginners wanting to start small in their learning phase.
  • $50,000 for those at an intermediate level, aiming to grow their operations.
  • $100,000 for seasoned traders prepared for more substantial investments.
  • $150,000 for advanced investors wanting deep market involvement.

Monthly Subscription Rate Variations

  • For the $25,000 account, the monthly fee is $150, ideal for newcomers.
  • The $50,000 account costs $210 a month, balancing cost and growth potential.
  • Monthly, $300 is charged for the $100,000 account, tailored to experienced traders.
  • For the $150,000 account, the fee stands at $360 per month, providing widespread futures market access.

Take Profit Trader utilizes diverse pricing and account options. This allows traders to hand-pick their desired investment level. It supports them in managing risks wisely while seizing market opportunities.


Take Profit Trader truly stands out in the prop trading sector. It is known for its efforts to educate traders through a comprehensive learning platform. This approach shows their commitment to help both new and experienced traders succeed.

They offer an easy-to-understand educational system, clear rules, and unwavering support. These factors make Take Profit Trader a reliable and effective place to improve trading skills. They create an environment where traders can thrive, with strong financial backing and straightforward guidelines for success.


  • Service: Funded Trader Program
  • Pricing: Varies by account type
  • Promotion: 40% discount for new members

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