SurgeTrader vs FTMO – Which Prop Firm Is Better?

Updated May 15, 2024

In the vibrant realm of Forex, proprietary firms SurgeTrader and FTMO stand as guiding lights for traders dreaming of success. They both offer substantial backing and advanced resources, proving vital for those aspiring to excel.

Each firm's unique strengths are clear: SurgeTrader excels with a clear evaluation method and an apparent fee structure. Meanwhile, FTMO highlights extensive educational resources and a broad spectrum of trading instruments.

Choosing between them thus revolves around a crucial question: which better prepares you for the cutthroat world of Forex trading?

Key Takeaways

  • SurgeTrader provides various programs for traders at different skill levels, making them more appealing to a wide range of Forex traders.
  • FTMO is designed for skilled traders, with a detailed evaluation process and advanced resources necessary for success in the Forex market.
  • Both firms, SurgeTrader and FTMO, have unique evaluation methods that highlight the importance of matching with a trader's specific style and objectives.
  • SurgeTrader focuses on clear fee structures and flexibility in trading styles, while FTMO emphasizes trading discipline and honing skills.

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Introduction to Proprietary Trading Firms

The financial trading scene keeps evolving, with proprietary trading firms leading the change. They are key players, offering traders the capital and resources they need for success. As proprietary trading grows, choosing the right firm is critical for traders who want to optimize their potential.

What is Proprietary Trading and its Growing Popularity

Proprietary trading, or 'prop trading', is the act of trading financial instruments using a firm's capital rather than client's money. It utilizes unique strategies to magnify returns, benefitting from market shifts.

The method is attractive because it involves less personal financial risk. Under strong backing, such as from SurgeTrader or with FTMO's training, the potential for profit is substantial.

The Challenge of Choosing the Right Prop Firm

  • Compatibility with Trading Style: It is crucial to match a firm’s trading policies with your personal strategies and goals.
  • Financial Leverage and Risk Management: Evaluating each firm's capital investment and risk approach helps determine the best fit.
  • Access to Training and Tools: Firms like FTMO prioritize trading education, which is essential for honing strategies and improving market analysis skills.

Overview of SurgeTrader and FTMO

SurgeTrader and FTMO stand out in the proprietary trading world with unique educational approaches. SurgeTrader, supported by Valo Holdings since 2021, offers flexibility and simplicity, catering to various trading styles.

On the other hand, FTMO, originating in Prague, is focused on trader skill enhancement through rigorous training and evaluation. Choosing between these firms is about finding a match with their operational strengths and educational programs.

Topstep is a trading evaluation program that allows traders to demonstrate their skills using simulated accounts and potentially earn a funded trading account by meeting predefined profit targets and risk parameters.

ABOUT Topstep

  • Accessible starting capital requirements
  • Comprehensive support for popular trading platforms
  • Extensive range of educational tools with live classes
  • 14-day trial for new members

Key Features of SurgeTrader

SurgeTrader is leading the way in proprietary trading, distinguished by features that highlight its dedication to a dynamic approach and fostering a welcoming trading environment. This discussion will explore the key factors that set SurgeTrader apart, including its support for greater freedom and a conducive trading backdrop.

Traders aiming for freedom from strict bounds and a supportive trading terrain find SurgeTrader quite appealing.

Simplified Evaluation for Flexible Trading

Their unique SurgeTrader trading options allow for a simplified assessment, giving traders the chance to showcase their trading prowess without the usual burdens.

At SurgeTrader, proving your trading skills doesn't have to mean overcoming tough obstacles or waiting through lengthy evaluations. This sets a tone of fairness and empowerment, as skillful traders can operate in a climate that values their abilities.

Transparent Fee Structure

When it comes to fees, SurgeTrader stands out for its open approach. Traders get a clear view of what they will be paying and the opportunities for earnings.

Such transparency is key, ensuring traders are well-informed about their financial commitments. With SurgeTrader, you won't find any surprises in the fine print.

Responsive Customer Support and Relaxed Rules

The platform's top-notch customer service is available 24/7, providing quick answers to any questions traders might have. Additionally, the platform offers few trading restrictions. This allows for the implementation of strategies at will, strategies that have proven to work for traders.

The combination of easy rules and swift support positions SurgeTrader as the go-to platform for traders at all stages of expertise.

Understanding FTMO's Platform

FTMO's platform is engineered to both challenge and bolster traders. It acts as a conduit for mastering the complexities of the trading world. It is complemented by top-tier educational support for traders and adaptable market conditions.

Rigorous Two-Step Evaluation Program

The selection process at FTMO involves a stringent two-part evaluation. Prospective traders undergo the FTMO Challenge and then the Verification phase. These steps rigorously assess one's discipline, risk control, and trading skill set. They ensure that traders who proceed possess the necessary traits to manage significant funds.

Educational Resources and Stringent Trading Conditions

FTMO equips its traders with a rich trove of educational material. This includes diverse trading strategies and scenarios. Alongside, the platform maintains strict trading conditions. This pairing helps cultivate a disciplined trading mindset, essential for navigating volatile markets.

FTMO’s strong educational foundation assists traders at all levels of expertise. It guides novices toward achieving professional proficiency. It is further complemented by ongoing support and access to advanced trading tools.

Advanced Platform with Extensive Tradable Assets

The advanced FTMO platform features sophisticated trading tools and a broad array of assets. Traders can engage in markets spanning forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. This variety allows for diversified portfolios and increased market interaction.

FTMO's technological sophistication enables the execution of dynamic trading methodologies. It also supports in-depth market analysis. Such capabilities position it as a premier choice for traders striving for excellence.

SurgeTrader vs FTMO: Evaluation Processes Unveiled

The journey towards a funded account with a proprietary trading firm often starts with an audition. This process shows differences between firms such as SurgeTrader and FTMO. It is designed to find traders capable of meeting profit goals and following loss limits across different market scenarios.

  • SurgeTrader's Audition Phase: SurgeTrader provides a simple evaluation process with the option of a single or dual-step stage. This choice allows traders to quickly progress if they achieve the required profits. This feature is beneficial for those eager to start a funded account promptly.
  • FTMO's Two-Stage Evaluation: FTMO, on the other hand, has a methodic two-stage evaluation system. The first part gauges a trader's ability to reach profit and loss goals. After this, traders go through a verification step. Here, they prove their trading consistency and discipline before gaining a funded account.

The unique paths each firm offers highlight their dedication to creating trading atmospheres reflecting their core values. They focus on promoting flexibility or disciplined risk management, marking their individual philosophies.

Comparative Analysis of Profit Splits and Trading Capital

Exploring proprietary trading involves scrutinizing the profit-sharing dynamics and managed account sizes. SurgeTrader and FTMO present alluring options for traders. However, they differ in their initial splits and pathways to growth within their ecosystems.

  • Profit Sharing Models: SurgeTrader initiates profit sharing at a 75/25 split in favor of the trader, benefitting newcomers. Conversely, FTMO boasts an 80/20 split at the outset, enticing those seeking larger immediate trade profits.
  • Managed Account Balances: Both entities begin with sizable account caps. Yet, SurgeTrader outshines FTMO with a $500,000 cap versus FTMO's $400,000. This cap influences a trader's maximum potential earnings within each company.
  • Pathways to Growth: Exceptional traders, especially those pursuing an aggressive strategy, can elevate their profit share to 90/10 in both firms. This elite tier is reserved for those who consistently profit with adept risk management.
  • Support for Aggressive Trading Programs: In the realm of aggressive trading strategies, the balance between risk and return is pivotal. SurgeTrader allows their top traders to manage up to $1 million, exceeding FTMO's $2 million limit. This generous policy motivates traders striving to expand their business substantially.

Grasping these details aids traders in selecting the ideal platform for their strategic and financial objectives. This is whether they prefer a more conservative profit-accumulating method or excel in the demands of an aggressive trading setting.

Diverse Range of Tradable Assets and Platforms

SurgeTrader and FTMO empower traders with a vast array of assets on sophisticated platforms. They are equipped with numerous tools and resources to refine trading methodologies and manage assets. Both companies focus on improving market engagement and asset management strategies, catering to diverse trading preferences.

SurgeTrader and FTMO Asset Comparisons

  • Tradable assets like stocks, Forex, cryptocurrencies, metals, energies, indices, and bonds are available on SurgeTrader and FTMO.
  • Where they differ is in what they lack – futures, stock options, ETFs, and mutual funds are not offered. This allows for a wider variety of other assets.
  • Both platforms stress the value of asset diversification. It aids traders in maintaining balanced portfolios and mitigating market volatility risks.

Exploring Trading Platform Options

  • MT4 and MT5 are available on both platforms. They're key for market analysis and execution of trades.
  • FTMO offers the cTrader platform, expanding its range to include various advanced platforms. This caters to the diverse needs of traders for different interfaces and tools.
  • SurgeTrader and FTMO share a dedication to a robust trading infrastructure. This is visible in their choice of asset options and platform diversity, aiming for comprehensive trading environments.


In the dynamic world of Forex, choosing the right proprietary firm is critical for traders aiming for success. SurgeTrader and FTMO are key players, offering distinct paths for trading career growth.

SurgeTrader is ideal for those who value simplicity and quick market adaptation. With its easy-to-use platform and adaptable policies, it focuses on providing freedom and ease for traders.

On the other hand, FTMO offers a structured trading environment that appeals to those seeking discipline. It provides extensive educational resources and rigorous evaluations. This approach suits traders who prefer a systematic method for managing risks and capital. 

Whether you're interested in SurgeTrader's flexibility or FTMO's educational advantages, thorough consideration is necessary. The key is to choose based on your personal trading goals and strategies.


  • Service: Funded Trader Program
  • Fees: Varies by account
  • Promotion: 20% discount for new members

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