Simply Wall St Review – Is This Tool Worth It?

Updated July 6, 2024

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Simply Wall St is an investment platform that simplifies stock market research through easy-to-understand, visually engaging infographics and data visualizations, helping beginner to intermediate investors make informed decisions.

In the vast arena of investment analytics, Simply Wall St shines brightly. It makes stock market analysis straightforward for investors. Founded by Al Bentley in 2014, this Sydney-based fintech has transformed stock research and portfolio management.

It aims to make stock market insights accessible to everyone, from hobbyists to professional investors.

Key Takeaways

  • Simply Wall St, established by Al Bentley in 2014, revolutionizes investment analysis for every level of investor expertise.
  • Accolades from Forbes, CNBC, and TechCrunch highlight the platform's cutting-edge approach to stock evaluation.
  • The Simply Wall St user experience is often celebrated for transforming intricate data into digestible visual analytics.
  • It caters adeptly to both retail and professional investors, with a clear mission to make investment insight more accessible.
  • An ever-expanding repertoire of fundamental analysis tools cements its role in the modern investor's toolkit.

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Introduction to Simply Wall St Platform

Launched in Sydney, Australia, by Al Bentley, the Simply Wall St platform has revolutionized stock market analysis for individual investors. It offers robust stock research tools that simplify investment strategy. The platform is well-regarded for its stock picking service and thorough financial health analysis. These features make it a top choice for investors aiming to optimize their market presence.

At its heart, Simply Wall St commits to demystifying stock valuation and market trends for its users. The following features ensure users receive a full-fledged service:

  • Unlimited access to investment data, allowing for deep dives into market behavior and stock performance.
  • Visual reports that enhance understanding by depicting financial data through intuitive graphs and charts.
  • Tools specially designed to enhance investment strategies, capable of analyzing a broad spectrum of financial indicators.
  • An overarching commitment to helping users stay ahead in their investment journey by continually updating features in line with market trends.

Rising above conventional analysis tools, Simply Wall St caters to a broad range of investment expertise, from starters to seasoned investors. It ensures users are not only well-informed but confident in their investment decisions.

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Empowering Investors: The Mission and Growth of Simply Wall St

Simply Wall St aims to democratize stock analysis for everyone. Initially, it was a tool for new investors. Now, it's a key resource for experienced market players as well. With its innovative financial technology, Simply Wall St has evened out the investment playing field. Insights previously limited to professionals are now accessible to all users.

Company History and Founding Vision

Al Bentley founded Simply Wall St after facing difficulties analyzing stocks. He wanted to simplify the investment process. The platform he created turns complex financial data into clear infographics. This visually engaging approach has attracted many retail investors. They found it easier to grasp the complexities of the stock market.

Expansion to Professional Investors

Simply Wall St's success with retail investors led to its expansion. It started catering to professional investors as well. The platform now includes advanced tools and broader data sets designed for financial experts. This growth reflects the company's goal to make high-level investment analysis more accessible. It supports the broader adoption of financial technology.

Awards and Recognition

The platform has significantly impacted the financial technology industry. It has won awards and featured in Forbes. These honors validate its innovative approach to investment analysis. They highlight Simply Wall St's role in evolving financial technology. With every recognition, the platform cements its status as a leader in the field.

Simply Wall St Review: Analyzing Platform Features

Simply Wall St has become a hallmark for exceptional analytical tools for both individual investors and professionals. It stands out by deeply analyzing stocks with advanced technology. This makes complex financial data more understandable. The platform is key for investors doing fundamental analysis and checking a company’s financial health.

1. Detailed Stock Research Reports

The foundation of Simply Wall St is its detailed stock research reports. These reports offer insights into a company's operations, financial stability, and performance. They help investors make data-informed decisions. Insights span across industries and places. Reports aim to clarify stock valuation, risks, and potential for investors.

2. Historical Performance Data and Future Growth Projections

Knowing how a company has performed over time is essential. Simply Wall St provides extensive historical data and forecasts future growth. This is crucial for thorough stock analysis. It allows investors to identify trends, understand risks, and estimate future profits more accurately.

3. Comprehensive Company Reports and Stock Screener Utility

Simply Wall St offers detailed reports on companies’ financial health. These reports mix numbers with qualitative analysis, offering a complete view. The platform’s stock screener further aids users. It lets them filter stocks by various financial metrics. This double-sided approach aids both new and experienced investors in strategic decisions.

The User Experience: Navigating Simply Wall St

Exploring Simply Wall St, one finds a dedication to superb user experiences for today’s investors. This platform is known for its easy-to-use interface. It serves both novice and advanced investors with straightforward navigation and insightful investment data.

User-Friendly Interface

Simply Wall St welcomes users with a toolkit that spells clarity and ease. It aims to reduce the learning curve. This makes it possible for investors at any level to quickly leverage stock screening and analysis. Its user-friendly design ensures smooth decision-making. It also provides adaptability across different devices and screen sizes.

Insightful Stock Analysis Visual Reports

Simply Wall St's visual reports, like the 'snowflake' model, make it unique. These reports translate complex financial information into easy-to-understand graphics. They offer insights that reveal the core strengths and weaknesses of stocks, aiding in quick investment assessments. This approach allows for efficient financial analysis, boosting investors' capabilities.

Customer Service and User Feedback

The customer support at Simply Wall St is highly praised for its effectiveness and commitment. They focus on solving problems and improving navigation for users. Their team stands as a model of the platform's ethical values. User feedback highlights their ability to address issues swiftly and skillfully. This ensures all concerns are treated with utmost importance and professionalism.

Understanding Investor Benefits with Simply Wall St

Today's financial markets are complex and challenging. Tools that enhance comprehension and provide detailed analysis are crucial. Simply Wall St excels by offering robust features tailored for investors. These features help in leveraging dividend payments and stock buybacks for smarter investment decisions.

Shareholder Payments and Portfolio Health Analysis

Simply Wall St gives investors access to a wide range of tools. These are designed for a thorough analysis of shareholder returns.

  • Detailed dividend payments data, allowing users to see historical dividend amounts and frequencies.
  • Insights into stock buybacks, which can indicate a company's confidence in its undervalued shares.
  • Investment risk assessment tools, aiding in understanding the safety of dividend incomes.

This information is vital for keeping a portfolio healthy. It empowers investors to decide confidently on holding or selling their stocks. This decision is based on the income from dividends and buybacks.

Financial Ratios and Revenue Estimations

Simply Wall St also shines in offering analysis on financial ratios and future revenue estimations. These analyses are key in evaluating a company's stability and growth potential:

  • Comparing a company's performance with its industry peers.
  • Financial health assessment through crucial ratios like debt-to-equity and return on equity.
  • Integrated future revenue projections, offering insights into a company's growth and profitability.

Thanks to these features, users can thoroughly evaluate investment opportunities. They become well-versed in the opportunities and risks associated with their investments.

Simply Wall St Membership Plans Explained

Simply Wall St offers various membership tiers, each aiming to meet the distinct needs of investors. They utilize a subscription-based model for their investment tools. Each plan is outlined below, focusing on its offerings:

  • Free Plan: This plan is best for beginners or those investing casually. It provides access to basic stock reports and historical data. It's an excellent entry point for newcomers wanting to understand market trends without investing money.
  • Premium Plan: Costing $10 per month, the Premium plan suits more active investors. It includes personalized portfolio recommendations, alarm features for important market shifts, and advanced analysis tools. These elements aim to refine investment tactics.
  • Unlimited Plan: At $20 per month, the Unlimited plan caters to the advanced investor. It offers unrestricted access to in-depth stock reports and analytical tools. It's ideal for seasoned investors needing comprehensive data and flexible investing methods.

The layout of plans ranges from the Free option for those dipping their toes in, to Premium and Unlimited for dedicated investors. These tiers cater to varying degrees of involvement with specialized subscription-based tools. Each plan is crafted to support investors at different stages of their journey.


Throughout our exploration of the Simply Wall St platform, we've seen its broad array of benefits. It's clear it plays a crucial role in investment decisions. The platform merges sophisticated stock analysis tools with rich data. This creates an optimal setting for strategic financial planning. 

At its core, Simply Wall St bridges the gap between accessible financial data and practical investment strategies. It opens the door to high-quality analytics for all users, supporting their decisions.

For those aiming to boost their investment skills, Simply Wall St delivers a powerful, user-focused platform. It not only reveals opportunities but also educates and empowers users, in a fast-paced, information-driven market.


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  • Pricing: $499-$2398 / year
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