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Updated January 31, 2024

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Rockwell Trading is a company that specializes in providing strategies, tools, and education for individuals interested in trading stocks, options, and futures. They offer a variety of services including coaching, webinars, and software tools designed to help traders at all levels improve their trading skills and strategies.

Welcome to an in-depth exploration of Rockwell Trading services, where we delve into how their innovative investment research software and comprehensive trading educational resources are helping traders of all levels achieve their investment goals.

Established by Markus Heitkoetter in 2005, Rockwell Trading has made significant strides in simplifying the complex world of stock, options, and swing trading. 

Their flagship tool, the PowerX Optimizer, serves as a trusted companion for astute traders seeking strategic insights and spot-on market analysis, ensuring trading decisions are informed and precise, steeped in strategy rather than guesswork.

Join us as we unwrap the rich offerings this platform has for the modern trader.

Key Takeaways

  • Rockwell Trading's commitment to simplifying trading with efficient investment research software.
  • The educational dimension of Rockwell Trading, providing valuable resources to empower traders.
  • Insight into the effectiveness of the PowerX Optimizer as a cornerstone tool in trading disciplines.
  • A glimpse into how Rockwell Trading integrates strategies with instruction for actionable trading knowledge.
  • The importance of personalized trading approaches as facilitated by Rockwell Trading's suite of services.
  • Evaluation of Rockwell Trading's ability to cater to both novice and seasoned market participants.

The Genesis of Rockwell Trading

In the world of finance, true revolution is sparked by innovation and the drive to share knowledge. Markus Heitkoetter's inception of Rockwell Trading back in 2005 embodied these principles from the start.

With the intention to create more than just a trading company, Rockwell Trading was destined to become a beacon of trading education for aspiring traders worldwide.

Launching a Trading Revolution by Markus Heitkoetter

The venture began when Markus Heitkoetter took a bold leap, pivoting from a substantial career at IBM to the choppy waters of day trading. His purpose was clear: to transform his extensive first-hand experience into a robust educational platform.

Heitkoetter's journey, powered by a decade of personal trading insights, culminated in the dissemination of his expert methodologies to a growing audience eager to learn.

From an Educational Resource to a Trading Powerhouse

What began as one individual's pursuit to impart practical trading know-how has surged into a leading name in the online trading sphere. Rockwell Trading's ascent from a mere repository of trading education to an influential trading powerhouse spotlights its expansive suite of tools and resources designed to empower the individual investor.

This elevation signifies not just the growth of a company, but also the maturation of a community of informed traders.

  • Foundation laid in 2005 by Markus Heitkoetter with educational intent
  • Swift transformation from an educational resource to a comprehensive trading platform
  • Rockwell Trading's commitment to clear, actionable trading recommendations and research tools

The growth of Rockwell Trading is a testament to Markus Heitkoetter's original vision. The company's journey since its inception is a story of commitment not only to trading education but also to the success and empowerment of its clients.

Expertise Behind Rockwell Trading

The cornerstone of Rockwell Trading lies in the exceptional trading expertise of its leaders. At the forefront is Markus Heitkoetter, a highly respected figure in the trading community known for his ability to break down complex trading strategies into understandable concepts.

Heitkoetter's dedication to education has reached and enlightened over 360,000 traders around the globe, establishing him as a noteworthy pillar in the landscape of trading education.

Markus Heitkoetter's comprehensive knowledge is complemented by the practical experience of Mark Hodge. Hodge is a seasoned professional with an expansive twenty-year background in trading and investing. His experience as a previous financial advisor brings an additional layer of depth to Rockwell Trading's educational resources.

Uniting the company's strategic vison is the talented CEO, Debbie Morris. Her leadership fuels the organization's growth and amplifies its trading acumen. Morris ensures that Rockwell Trading's educational offerings remain not only top-notch but also inclusive, catering to both the eager novice and the proficient trader.

The collective expertise of these three professionals articulates a unique approach to trading education that is both patient and assertively proactive. Their focus areas include swing trading, chart trend analysis, and the innovative "Wheel Trades" strategy.

This trifecta of expertise fortifies Rockwell Trading's mission: to make trading education accessible and effective for all interested learners.

Leadership Role


Years of Experience



Markus Heitkoetter

Over 15 years

Strategy Simplification

Head Coach

Mark Hodge

20 years

Trading and Investing


Debbie Morris

Executive Leadership

Business Growth Strategy

  1. Simplifying complex strategies for global traders
  2. Combining practical trading experience with theoretical knowledge
  3. Driving inclusive trading education for various skill levels
  4. Focusing on swing trading, chart trend analysis, and the "Wheel Trades" strategy

Understanding Rockwell Trading Services

The suite of services offered by Rockwell Trading is designed to cater to a wide spectrum of traders, whether they are just starting their journey or looking to refine their established trading strategies. At the heart of their offering is the PowerX Optimizer, a platform that brings together real-time data and insightful analytics.

The PowerX Optimizer and Its Impact on Trade Analysis

The Rockwell Trading platform provides access to the innovative PowerX Optimizer, a tool that profoundly transforms trade analysis for its users. By implementing cutting-edge algorithms, the PowerX Optimizer aids traders in identifying profitable opportunities across various markets.

Trading Education and Coaching for All Levels

Rockwell Trading is committed to offering comprehensive live trading education that equally benefits beginners and seasoned traders. Through a curriculum that includes the PowerX Master Class and Wheel Options Strategy Master Class, clients receive personalized instruction tailored to their trading goals.

The Diamond and Platinum Mastermind plans further enhance learning with group calls and strategy sessions leading up to personalized coaching.

Live Trading Room for Real-Time Learning

For traders seeking an immersive experience, Rockwell Trading's Live Trading Room offers real-time demonstrations of trading strategies in action. This unique feature enables traders to learn directly from the company's expert traders, as they execute strategies and navigate the markets live.




PowerX Optimizer

Proprietary stock scanning and analysis tool

Enables quick identification of high probability trades

Education Courses

Includes PowerX Master Class and Wheel Options Strategy Master Class

Provides step-by-step instructions and rich educational content

Coaching Programs

Diamond and Platinum Mastermind plans with personalized coaching

Offers a more tailored approach to mastering trading strategies

Live Trading Room

Live sessions showing trade strategy execution in real-time

Facilitates experiential learning and enhanced understanding of market dynamics

Rockwell Trading's Strategies Unveiled

Digging into the Rockwell Trading suite of strategies, traders encounter innovative systems designed for substantial earnings through strategic options plays. Key among these is the Rockwell Wheel Strategy, a methodical approach to options trading, and the Theta Kings training, targeting the lucrative aspect of time decay in option premiums.

The Wheel Options Trading Strategy Explained

The Rockwell Wheel Strategy stands out in the options trading system for its approach to generating consistent income. It centers around the careful selection of stocks and the strategic sale of cash-secured put options.

Traders collect premiums upfront with a readiness to own the stock if assigned, but ideally, they aim to avoid assignment to prolong their income-generating trades, repeating the cycle anew each time.

Theta Kings: Capitalizing on Time Decay

Theta Kings is a comprehensive training program that guides traders through the complexities of option time decay—or 'theta'—to harness this element for profit. By focusing on the reduction of an option's value as expiration approaches, the course empowers traders with strategies that seek to maximize the collection of premiums on a regular cadence, enhancing their trading toolkit significantly.

  • Understanding the 'theta' element in options trading
  • Leveraging time decay for premium collection
  • Executing the Stacking the Deck strategy
  • Swing trading with time frames for maximum profitability


Rockwell Wheel Strategy

Theta Kings Training


Continuous premium collection without stock assignment

Exploiting time decay to secure high-premium trades


Selling cash-secured puts on solid stocks

Detailed analysis of options' time decay factors

Key Advantage

Stable income with potential stock ownership

Capitalizing on the inevitable aspect of time in options

Skill Level

Beginner to Advanced

Intermediate to Advanced


Designed for consistent returns

Focus on high potential during specific market conditions

Rockwell Trading's Educational Materials

Rockwell Trading has long been recognized for its contribution to trading education through a variety of comprehensive materials. The company provides a wide range of Rockwell Trading ebooks, each one focused on a pivotal aspect of trading, catering to different levels of experience and trading styles.

These invaluable trading education resources are designed to open up the world of trading to anyone with an interest, regardless of prior knowledge.

The cornerstone of Rockwell Trading's educational collection is the renowned PowerX Strategy book. This book lays out an efficient trading system that is praised for its clarity and effectiveness in the trading community. It stands as a testament to Rockwell's devotion to empowering traders with the knowledge necessary to carve out success in the markets. Below is a glance at the diverse educational offerings available for traders:

Resource Type


Format Available

Suitable for


The Complete Guide to Day Trading

PDF, Hardcover

Beginners to Intermediates


The Wheel Options Strategy Book

PDF, Hardcover

Intermediates to Advanced


The PowerX Strategy

PDF, Hardcover

All Levels

Each resource is meticulously created to enhance one's trading skills, from understanding day trading fundamentals to mastering the techniques like the Wheel Options Strategy. Traders at any level can dive in and begin their journey toward trading mastery, supported by Rockwell's clear and detailed educational content.

  • Digital editions like the downloadable PDFs provide instant access for eager learners.
  • For those who prefer a tangible copy, hardcovers can be purchased for offline study.
  • Certain resources are offered free of charge—the reader just needs to cover the shipping fees.

Rockwell Trading's commitment to trading education is further highlighted by consistent updates to their content, ensuring that traders remain frontline in the ever-evolving market landscape.

Customer Experiences and Testimonials

Personal accounts from users are essential in painting a genuine picture of the value a service provides. In the realm of trading platforms, customer feedback is not just influential—it’s pivotal for gauging effectiveness. Rockwell Trading reviews shed light on user experiences, offering key insights into the company’s services and customer satisfaction levels.

Garnering Trust Through User Reviews

Knowing what actual users think can create a foundation of trust, and Rockwell Trading has accumulated a sizeable amount of positive reviews across various platforms.

Customers have shared their experiences on sites such as Google My Business, Trustpilot, and Sitejabber, appreciating the transparency and consistency in Rockwell Trading's approach towards financial education and customer service.

Real Success Stories from Trader Community

Among the trading community, there are inspiring success stories stemming from users of Rockwell Trading's educational resources and software tools. Numerous traders have reported quantifiable improvements in their trading performance, underscoring the practical benefits of applying the strategies and insights gleaned from Rockwell Trading's materials.


Positive Highlights

Customer Suggestions

Updates and clarity of educational videos


Detailed and easy-to-follow instructions

More examples on strategy application

Responsive and helpful support team

Expanded mobile platform compatibility

Ensuring that the voice of the customer is heard, Rockwell Trading not only celebrates the success of its members but also actively listens to their feedback for future improvements.

It is this loop of feedback and refinement that keeps user experiences at its core and allows Rockwell Trading to maintain its commitment to traders' success.

Navigating the Pricing Structure

For potential and existing traders, understanding the investment required to access advanced trading platforms and education is a fundamental concern. Rockwell Trading provides tailored solutions with a diverse range of pricing structures designed to cater to the needs of different market participants. Let’s break down the costs associated with their premier offerings.


One-Time Fee

Lifetime Updates

Promotional Offer Availability

PowerX Optimizer




Theta Kings Package



Limited Time

PowerX Optimizer Pricing: Often the centerpiece for traders opting for Rockwell Trading, the PowerX Optimizer comes with a one-time fee. Once purchased, users benefit from lifetime updates, ensuring they remain at the cutting edge of market analysis.

Coaching Program Fees: To further enhance the trading education experience, Rockwell Trading offers bespoke coaching programs. Available through Platinum and Diamond tiered plans, each comes with a variety of session lengths and numbers, priced to reflect the degree of personalization and depth of training provided.

  • Platinum Plan - Offers extensive coaching suitable for traders seeking transformative growth.
  • Diamond Plan - Includes the most comprehensive coaching experience, designed for maximum engagement and highest levels of personal instruction.

For those committed to self-study or seeking supplemental materials, Rockwell Trading's educational books and guides are essential and accessible investments. While priced affordably, the initial outlay can often be offset through strategic use of promotional links, some of which offer the materials for free, only requiring the cost of shipping.

It's important to note that while upfront Rockwell Trading costs capture the attention, the value derived from extensive market knowledge and refined trading strategies can provide significant return on investment, particularly for those dedicated to applying learned principles over the long term.

Rockwell Trading in the Market Landscape

As the landscape of trading platforms becomes more competitive, Rockwell Trading solidifies its position by offering the PowerX Optimizer, a comprehensive market analysis tool that caters to an extensive range of financial instruments including stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies.

This proprietary tool empowers traders with the ability to execute trades directly through a majority of brokerage accounts seamlessly integrating with their chosen platforms.

Additionally, Rockwell Trading's emphasis on education reflects in its diverse suite of learning resources and coaching programs. This dedication to fostering trading knowledge ensures that traders at varying levels of expertise have the opportunity to succeed in the marketplace. The table below illustrates the features that distinguish Rockwell Trading as a unique entity among trading platforms.




PowerX Optimizer

Advanced scanning and analysis tool for diverse trading vehicles.

Elevates trade decision-making and efficiency.


Syncs with most brokerage platforms for direct order placement.

Streamlines the trading process and enhances user experience.

Educational Resources

Comprehensive courses, webinars, and coaching programs.

Enables traders to grow their knowledge and apply it practically.

Customer Success Focus

Customized support and educational paths for traders.

Supports customer engagement and long-term trading success.

Community Endorsements

A wealth of resoundingly positive reviews and recommendations.

Builds trust and credibility among new and existing users.

The favorable position of Rockwell Trading in the market is reinforced by its commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, features that are not only appreciated by novice traders but also by highly experienced investors who recommend Rockwell Trading for its robust trading platforms and market analysis tools.

Pros and Cons of Choosing Rockwell Trading

When evaluating Rockwell Trading as a resource for traders, it's imperative to weigh the trading tools benefits against any potential Rockwell Trading drawbacks. The platform prides itself on delivering top-notch investment education and practical trading tools, but it's crucial for traders to consider both sides of the coin before making a commitment.


  • Comprehensive investment education: Rockwell Trading provides an extensive range of educational materials, designed to cater to traders at all levels of experience.
  • Access to innovative trading tools: The PowerX Optimizer stands out as a sophisticated solution, aiding traders in conducting thorough market analysis and making informed decisions.
  • Positive user testimonials: A surge of positive reviews reflects Rockwell Trading's focus on customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of their trading strategies.


  • Too advanced for some: Traders with more conservative strategies may find certain tools and resources too progressive or complex.
  • Cost considerations: The investment needed for coaching programs can be substantial, possibly hindering those with limited financial resources.


In retrospect, the evolution of Rockwell Trading becomes evident through this comprehensive review. The fusion of powerful tools like the PowerX Optimizer with expansive educational offerings positions Rockwell Trading as a formidable presence in the trading education landscape.

This platform stands out for its practical emphasis on tools and learning pathways designed to support traders across the spectrum of experience.

Whether one is a novice looking to glean fundamental strategies or an experienced trader aiming to refine skills, the platform provides substantive opportunities for growth.

Summarizing the Rockwell Trading Review

A trading review summary of Rockwell Trading has to underscore the adaptive quality of its services—tailored coaching, live trading rooms, and the variety of educational materials that cater to distinct trading goals.

With feedback rooted in customer success stories, its market reputation carries the compelling narrative of a platform that contributes genuine value to its users. Incorporating real-time analysis and strategy-focused programs substantiates the company's commitment to its clients' investment journeys.

Parting Thoughts for Potential Traders

Making an investment decision could be as challenging as the trading itself, yet the final thoughts on Rockwell Trading affirm its appeal as an inclusive hub for traders. Considering the varied pricing structure and the depth of resources on offer, potential investors should weigh the long-term benefits against immediate costs.

Aligning one’s financial objectives with the strategic advantages provided by Rockwell Trading could prove to be a prudent step towards achieving trading proficiency and success.


  • Service: Trading Course
  • Annual Price: $0-$12,000 (Significant cost for 1 on 1 coaching)
  • Promotion: None

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