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Updated March 4, 2024

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RC Bullion is a precious metals dealer that specializes in the buying and selling of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion products. They offer a variety of investment options for individuals looking to diversify their portfolios with physical precious metals.

Welcome to an in-depth look at RC Bullion, a distinguished precious metals dealer based in the scenic coastal city of Manhattan Beach, California.

Crafting success in the field of precious metals investing, this Manhattan Beach-based company has carved out a reputation for its exceptional customer service standards and proficiency in gold IRA companies. 

Whether you aim to diversify your portfolio or seek the stability of tangible assets, RC Bullion stands out with its expertise and commitment to investor satisfaction.

Key Takeaways

  • RC Bullion has built a solid reputation as a trusted precious metals dealer since its inception in 2013.
  • Accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), they uphold high standards of customer service and integrity in business.
  • They offer a diverse range of bullion products from top mints around the world, including American, Canadian, Australian, and Chinese options.
  • Their commitment to investor education and equipped IRA department positions them as a top choice for retirement portfolio diversification.
  • RC Bullion's enduring popularity and positive customer feedback point to a consistent track record in precious metal investments.

Exploring the Heritage and Services of RC Bullion

Delving into the rich RC Bullion heritage reveals a steadfast commitment to providing secure investment opportunities in precious metal products.

Since opening their doors in July 2013, RC Bullion has played a pivotal role in helping clients achieve their investment goals, evidenced by their Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation, a testament to their trustworthiness and service quality.

History and Accreditation

RC Bullion's journey in the precious metals market began in July 2013, with a focus on upholding the highest industry standards.

This dedication to excellence led to the BBB accreditation in June 2015, underlining RC Bullion's reputable standing in the financial services sector. This recognition speaks volumes about the firm's integrity and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive Product Range

The selection of precious metal products offered by RC Bullion caters to both the seasoned investor and those new to the metals market.

Their extensive inventory includes iconic items such as the Proof Gold Eagle, the Gold Buffalo, and the Chinese Gold Panda coins, among others, crafted from gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

IRA and 401(k) Rollover Expertise

Specializing in IRA rollovers, RC Bullion provides unparalleled guidance through the complexities of transferring retirement accounts.

Their IRA department services are tailored to facilitate this process smoothly and efficiently, ensuring clients can convert their 401(k) plans into precious metals investments seamlessly and in compliance with IRS regulations, without the worry of tax penalties.

Goldco is an industry leader in the precious metals space, offering a comprehensive approach to protecting your retirement savings in an ever-changing economic landscape.


  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • Money.com 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

RC Bullion's Investment Products

For those looking to diversify their portfolio with tangible assets, RC Bullion provides an exceptional range of precious metal options catering to various investment strategies.

Understand the essence of tangible wealth with RC Bullion's distinctive product offerings that stand out in the realm of investment grade coins and bullion selection.

Diverse Bullion Selection

RC Bullion's commitment to offering an extensive bullion selection is evident through their inventory that spans from the traditional to the exotic. Investors have the chance to select from:

  • Classic gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bars
  • Modern bullion coins from renowned mints worldwide
  • Specialty items for discerning collectors

This assortment allows investors to tailor their holdings according to their risk tolerance and market outlook.

Certified Coin Offerings

Recognizing the significance of authenticity and condition, RC Bullion features a selection of certified coin offerings. These coins have been meticulously evaluated and graded by trusted numismatic experts, including:

  1. Numismatic Guaranty Corporation of America (NGC)
  2. Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)

Sought-after by both investors and collectors, these certified coins add a layer of confidence to your precious metals portfolio.

Exclusive Investment Options

Examining RC Bullion's unique array of products, one can uncover exclusive investment options that showcase potential for substantial appreciation. High-caliber items like the Chinese Gold Panda coin are well-regarded for:

  • Their rarity and growing demand in the global market
  • Annual design changes that appeal to collectors
  • Investment potential fueled by limited mintages

While not all offerings are accompanied by detailed descriptions, visual depictions of their artistry are provided, highlighting both the reverse and obverse details, much to the delight of those passionate about collectible coins.

The Importance of Secure Storage and Delivery with RC Bullion

When investing in precious metals, the security of both the storage and delivery process is paramount. RC Bullion takes this aspect of their service very seriously, ensuring that investors have peace of mind at every stage of their investment journey.

By choosing a combination of highly trusted methods and partners for securing their clients' investments, RC Bullion sets a high standard in the industry.

Partnership with Delaware Depository

RC Bullion has forged a strong partnership with the Delaware Depository to provide secure precious metals storage for their clients. The depository is reputed for its advanced security features and the following benefits:

  • Segregated storage options ensuring personal allocation of assets
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage for stored assets
  • Strategic location outside major financial and political centers for added security

This collaboration emphasizes RC Bullion's commitment to offering insured storage solutions at a facility that investors can trust.

Guaranteed Delivery and Shipping Procedures

RC Bullion understands the importance of not only securing precious metals but also delivering them safely to your doorstep. The company's delivery protocol includes:

  1. Secure shipping methods with reliable carriers
  2. Clear communication and tracking information for every shipment
  3. Insurance on all parcels to protect against loss or damage in transit
  4. A guarantee of timely delivery with recourse for any shipping issues

With RC Bullion delivery, clients can be confident that their precious metals will arrive safely and in a manner that reflects the value of their investment.

Understanding Pricing, Fees, and Value with RC Bullion

When considering investment with RC Bullion, it's essential to understand the dynamics of RC Bullion pricing and how it relates to the broader precious metals market pricing.

The company's commitment to aligning their prices with the market ensures transparency, but investors are encouraged to conduct due diligence to understand the full cost implications of their investment decisions.

Transparent Pricing Approach

RC Bullion acknowledges the importance of clarity in pricing for its customers. As such, they update their bullion products with prices pegged to the real-time movements in the precious metals market.

This approach allows investors to make informed decisions based on the most current market data. However, expanding on this transparency by detailing all potential fees can significantly enhance the customer's ability to assess the true cost of their investments.

Analyzing Customer Feedback on Value

Positive customer reviews often cite the value and satisfaction derived from transactions with RC Bullion. Investors appreciate the competitive RC Bullion value in the precious metals industry.

Despite this, a common thread in customer feedback is the desire for more explicit information on any additional costs that may not be immediately apparent on the company's platform. Addressing this feedback by providing a comprehensive fee structure would strengthen RC Bullion's commitment to customer satisfaction and trust.

RC Bullion Review: A Deep Dive into Customer Experience

Understanding the RC Bullion customer experience is essential for prospective investors considering this precious metals industry leader. The insights provided by RC Bullion reviews on various platforms, especially Trustlink, help paint a detailed picture of what new clients can expect. With over 100 customer reviews reflecting approval and satisfaction, RC Bullion has proven its dedication to creating a supportive and efficient client journey.

Despite the glowing accolades, some feedback has highlighted an area that could be improved: RC Bullion's transparency regarding fees and minimum investment requirements. This feedback accentuates the importance for investors to have complete financial details for an informed comparison with other precious metals dealers.

Nevertheless, RC Bullion’s A+ BBB rating stands as a testament to their reputable service and status as a trusted authority in the industry. Below is a closer look at several aspects that contribute to the esteemed RC Bullion customer experience.

  • Customer Support - The experienced team is frequently praised for their responsiveness and in-depth knowledge of precious metals transactions.
  • Commitment to Service - RC Bullion emphasizes the importance of reliability and trust in every customer interaction, from inquiry to final transaction.
  • Industry Expertise - Clients consistently recognize RC Bullion's expertise in guiding both novice and seasoned investors through the nuances of precious metal investment.

RC Bullion’s commitment to fostering a positive customer experience remains an integral part of their brand identity, and it continues to be reflected in the high level of customer satisfaction reported across review sites.


In summation, this RC Bullion summary underscores the company's esteemed position as a trusted name in the realm of precious metals investment.

Their consistency in providing quality service and commitment to educating investors has been evident through the exploration of their offerings and their customer-centric approach. 

Specifically noteworthy is their proficiency in facilitating IRA rollovers, which can be a significant advantage for those seeking to fortify their retirement planning with precious metals.

It is, however, vital for prospective investors to gain a clear understanding of all associated fees and custodianship details when choosing to partner with a precious metals dealer. Before moving forward, potential clients are encouraged to engage in discussions with RC Bullion to obtain comprehensive information that will ensure well-informed investment decisions.


  • Service: Gold IRA services
  • Products Offered: Gold & silver
  • Promotion: None

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