Option Samurai Review – Is This Scanner Useful?

Updated June 9, 2024

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Option Samurai is a market analytics platform that assists options traders in discovering potential trading opportunities by providing real-time data, comprehensive analysis, and actionable insights across the options market.

In the realm of trading, the right tools can make a significant difference in one's success. This is particularly true for options traders who require a reliable options scanner.

Up for discussion is Option Samurai, a promising options scanning platform that has garnered attention in the trading community for its blend of user-friendly experience and sophisticated trade filters. Catering to a variety of options trading strategies, this stock options screener offers both preset and customizable scans to suit the diverse needs of traders. 

Whether it’s the clear visualization of complex data or the tailored trade filters, Option Samurai claims to streamline the search for profitable opportunities in the options market.

Key Takeaways

  • Option Samurai provides over 150 trade filters for precise options scans.
  • User-friendly design is at the core, making it suitable for traders at all levels.
  • Includes 24 options trading strategies for a diversified approach.
  • 44 predefined scans offer quick strategy alignment for various market conditions.
  • Customizable scans allow traders to tailor searches to their individual needs.

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Introducing Option Samurai

At the nexus of options trading and technology lies Option Samurai, a trading platform renowned for its streamlined design that eschews the complexity common in financial tools. It stands as a gatekeeper for both neophytes and veterans of investment strategies, attuned to the delicate dance of offering simplicity while ensuring analytical depth remains uncompromised.

The platform is engineered to accommodate a medley of users, laying down a framework that propels beginners forward, yet scales to the stratagems sought by seasoned investors.

  • Scan Filters: The embodiment of utility, these filters facilitate a meticulous dissection of the options market, paving the way for tailored investment strategies.
  • Streamlined Design: With an emphasis on user-friendliness, the trading platform is devoid of intimidating intricacies, presenting an interface that speaks the language of accessibility.
  • Investment Strategies: Catering to a broad audience, the platform harbors an arsenal of techniques adaptable to assorted trading styles and risk appetites.

Through its well-conceived constitution, Option Samurai prioritizes the demystification of options trading while fostering a habitat where the art of strategy thrives without restraint. It is within this balance—between the austere and the sophisticated—that the platform carves its niche in the trading realms.

The ideology of Option Samurai is not just to simplify, but to do so without eroding the potency indispensable for informed trading decisions.

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Option Samurai Review: Features and Functionality

Delving deeper into the core of Option Samurai, this section examines the custom options scanner, predefined scans, and the overall user experience to provide a better understanding of how these features contribute to trading efficiency, strategy development, and ease of discovery for various investment opportunities.

1. Customizable Options Scans

The core functionality of Option Samurai lies in its ability to offer a highly customizable scanner, supporting traders in crafting their bespoke trade strategies. This custom options scanner integrates an extensive range of filtering options, from basic criteria such as expiration date to advanced analytical filters like skew rank.

Furthermore, traders can utilize trade triggers and financial metrics, including P/E ratios and analyst ratings, to refine their search, identifying trades that align with the specific contours of their investment thesis.

2. Predefined Scans and Strategies

Option Samurai doesn't leave novice traders to fend for themselves; it ushers them into the realm of options trading with 44 carefully predefined options scans. These scans are tagged with strategy tags to facilitate an approachable platform experience.

Whether an investor's sentiment is bullish or bearish, or if they are cautious and seek risk-managed positions, these predefined scans can act as a roadmap to align with their trading objectives.

3. Interface and Ease of Use

The user interface of Option Samurai is both user-friendly and designed with feature accessibility in mind. Traders of all levels will find the minimalist homepage and the user interface inviting, as it alleviates the complexity often associated with trading platforms.

The easy-to-navigate design fosters a quick learning curve and trading efficiency, encouraging users to explore and employ various trading tools with confidence. The ability to save and revisit preferred scans underscores the platform’s emphasis on a seamless trading experience.

Option Samurai's Unique Selling Propositions

In a competitive market where options traders seek an edge, Option Samurai stands out with its distinctive USPs that cater to diverse trading needs.

The platform smartly balances user accessibility with profound analytical depth, carving out a niche for itself among investment tools. This rare equilibrium offers a comprehensive solution for traders looking to manage their portfolios with precision.

  • Accessibility Meets Depth: A core USP of Option Samurai is its intuitive design, which welcomes beginners while delivering extensive analysis typically coveted by experts. This unique combination ensures that the platform's level of detail doesn't overwhelm newcomers but also doesn't fall short for seasoned traders seeking deeper insights.
  • Comprehensive Trading Analytics: Traders who thrive on data-driven decisions will find Option Samurai’s trading analytics robust. The platform offers an array of filters and predefined scans that transform voluminous data into actionable trading strategies, fostering informed and tactical trading.
  • Portfolio Management Prowess: Option Samurai offers more than just options scanning; it extends its capabilities to portfolio management. The evolving trade log feature supports traders in tracking their options trades efficiently, making it easier to analyze performance and adjust strategies.
  • Competitive Edge Through Filters: The depth of filters available provides users with a significant competitive edge. With over 150 filters to choose from, traders can slice through market noise, pinpointing strategies that align with very specific investment objectives and market conditions.
  • Ready-to-Use Predefined Scans: The suite of predefined scans is another major USP, offering traders high-quality starting points for identifying investment opportunities swiftly. These scans cover an extensive range of market scenarios, strategy outlooks, and risk profiles.

These USPs collectively foster a trading environment where insights, efficiency, and adaptability converge, endowing Option Samurai with the potential to markedly enhance trading outcomes and portfolio management for traders across the spectrum of experience.

Maintaining an Options Trade Log with Option Samurai

For traders seeking to elevate their trading performance, Option Samurai has introduced an invaluable tool in its options trade log. This feature is essential for investors who need to track open options trades and conduct thorough trade analysis.

Despite being in the early stages, this trade log is already changing the way traders approach their record-keeping. As traders accumulate more data, reviewing past trades becomes straightforward, facilitating a deeper understanding of one's trading habits and strategy efficiency.

  • Individual trade insights can be recorded, increased visibility into the unique aspects of each trade.
  • Trades are easily sortable by strategy, allowing traders to assess the effectiveness of a specific approach.
  • The expiration month categorization aids in understanding the time-frame dynamics of various option trades.
  • Sorting by ticker symbol consolidates trades by underlying assets for concentrated trade analysis.

Although current limitations exist, such as the absence of direct brokerage integration and comprehensive analytics tools, the convenience brought by the existing framework of the options trade log cannot be overstated.

Traders can manage multiple accounts within the platform, setting the stage for Option Samurai to become a hub for complete trade management. As the platform evolves, users may anticipate enhancements that will streamline trading performance evaluation and bolster strategic adjustments based on empirical trade data.

How Option Samurai Serves Different Trader Profiles

Option Samurai exhibits a versatile platform by bridging the gap between novice individuals and expert traders. It provides an inclusive environment for personal growth in financial markets and demystifies advanced trading through beginner tools and market strategies.

Traders of varying trading profiles find their place within the platform's framework, utilizing its rich resources to enhance their market participation.

Tools for the Novice Trader

For those new to the markets, Option Samurai extends a welcoming hand with tools designed for the beginner. It facilitates a smooth initiation into the world of options trading by offering:

  • Predefined scans that simplify the selection process with easily adjustable filter settings.
  • An educational approach that teaches through practice, allowing newcomers to learn by doing.
  • Guided interpretations of market data, creating an interpretive skill set from the ground up.

Emerging traders appreciate the guiding principles laid out by Option Samurai, providing a solid foundation for effective market strategies and a better understanding of trading profiles.

Advanced Filters for Seasoned Investors

Accommodating the complexity that seasoned investors require, Option Samurai offers an advanced set of tools capable of meticulous market analysis:

  • Customizable scans that reveal opportunities tailored to the individual's trading style.
  • A range of technical indicators for profound insights into market behaviors and trends.
  • Real-time alerts and updates enabling investors to respond swiftly to market changes.

These features stand as testaments to Option Samurai's commitment to providing a dynamic platform where advanced trading is not just a possibility but a mainstay for the experienced professional.

Understanding Option Samurai Pricing Plans

When it comes to options trading, having the right tools can make a significant difference in a trader's success. Option Samurai offers comprehensive trading plans tailored to individual traders' expertise and requirements.

With a focus on providing value at every skill level, the platform has structured its subscription options to accommodate a wide range of traders.

Beginner vs Advanced: Choosing the Right Plan

Option Samurai caters to traders of all experiences with a dichotomy in their offerings: the Beginner and the Advanced plan. The Beginner plan is configured with a beginner's journey in mind, featuring predefined scans and the capability to manage up to two accounts for efficient trade logging.

Conversely, the Advanced plan is structured for seasoned traders who demand more robust capabilities, offering unlimited account management and the integration of an Excel toolbox for streamlining workflows, along with advantageous intraday email alerts to stay abreast of market movers.

Comparing Cost Effectiveness

  • The Beginner plan is economically priced at $49 per month or a reduced annual rate of $468.
  • The Advanced plan, encapsulating a suite of advanced features, stands at $75 monthly or an annual fee of $708, offering considerable savings for long-term commitments.

Traders must assess the cost-effectiveness of each plan by considering the frequency of use, required features, and the potential returns on their investment through improved trading performance.

Free Trial: A Hands-On Experience

To eliminate any uncertainties about the platform's capabilities and fit for a trader's individual trading style, Option Samurai extends a 14-day trial offer. This trial period allows traders to explore both the fundamental and advanced features without initial financial commitment.

A hands-on trial is arguably the best way to evaluate the interface, usability, and effectiveness of any trading tool, and it ensures informed decision-making when it comes to selecting an appropriate trading plan.

Real User Experiences: Pros and Cons

Real-world user reviews offer valuable insights into the performance of Option Samurai, allowing potential users to gauge platform feedback and measure their expectations against actual trading outcomes. User satisfaction varies depending on individual needs and experiences with the platform.

Here are some compiled pros and cons based on authentic user feedback:


  • User-friendly interface: Traders of all levels commend the platform for its accessible and intuitive design, facilitating a smoother trading process.
  • Diverse strategies: A wide range of predefined strategies provides users with an array of trading options to suit different goals.
  • Extensive filters: The comprehensive selection of filters enables detailed market analysis and aids in identifying customized trade setups.
  • Learning environment: Novices find the platform educational, supporting the development of trading skills and boosting confidence.


  • Limited custom strategies: Some users wish for the ability to create fully custom strategies beyond those already provided by the platform.
  • Subscription cost: The pricing model, although competitive, is noted by some as a barrier, especially for users still exploring the possibilities of options trading.

Despite some drawbacks, the consensus among traders points to a high user satisfaction rate, particularly for those who take advantage of the free trial to explore the platform's capabilities. Option Samurai's features position it as a noteworthy contender in the realm of options trading platforms.


In wrapping up this Option Samurai review, it's clear that whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran in the realm of options trading, this platform stands as a noteworthy ally.

By fusing a user-friendly experience with powerful tools, Option Samurai addresses the needs of a wide audience. Among the myriad options scanners and stock options screeners available, it maintains a competitive stature due to its pragmatic blend of ease and sophistication.

With a 14-day trial that lets potential users navigate through its features without any fiscal commitment, the service invites traders to determine if its trading strategy features and trade logging functionalities coalesce with their personal trading styles.

While it does carry a certain cost, the investment is justifiable given the spectrum of scanning alternatives and comprehensive analytic resources it lays out. Furthermore, its limitations in custom strategy creation are offset by the robust prebuilt scans and educational support provided.


  • Service: Options Screener
  • Pricing: $19-$60/month
  • Promotion: 14-day free trial

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