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Updated May 16, 2024

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Option Alpha is an online learning platform for options trading that provides comprehensive training, tools, and community support. Their offerings range from beginner lessons to more complex strategies, with the aim to help traders maximize their profits while minimizing risk.

Welcome to the cutting-edge world of automated trading platforms, where efficiency meets sophistication. The realm of options trading is rapidly evolving, with technology such as Option Alpha bringing algorithmic trading capabilities within reach of passionate traders.

With a keen focus on risk management and trading strategies, Option Alpha stands out by enabling users to automate critical elements of their trading approach without needing to be a coding expert.

This intuitive platform is ideal for traders who are eager to streamline their options trading workflow and enhance their decision-making with advanced automation tools.

Key Takeaways

  • Option Alpha is a dynamic automated trading platform specialized in options trading.
  • The platform incorporates algorithmic trading with a strong emphasis on risk management.
  • Users can automate trading strategies with ease, thanks to user-friendly bot functionalities.
  • Option Alpha's educational resources are vast, including tutorials, webinars, and a trading simulator.
  • No coding skills are required to leverage the sophisticated trading automation provided.
  • The platform may be more suitable for traders with an existing understanding of options trading.

Introduction to Option Alpha's Automated Trading Platform

Option Alpha's pioneering journey into automated trading platform services has encapsulated the essence of innovation in algorithmic trading. At the forefront of this evolution are the highly praised Option Alpha bots, meticulously designed to conserve valuable time for traders and escalate the velocity of trade executions beyond that which is typically attainable through manual processes.

For traders keen on integrating trading automation into their strategy, this platform offers an unparalleled blend of performance and ease-of-use.

  • Initial setup of bots encapsulates a hassle-free procedure, guiding users through stages like bot designation, account integration, and the stipulations of allocation preferences and position boundaries.
  • The ingenious 'SmartPricing' functionality refines the trade initiation process, giving users the edge by automating the search for potential trades and the consequent executions.
  • Option Alpha has cemented its position as a user-friendly choice for traders with its scanner and monitor automation that not only simplifies opportunity identification but also automates subsequent trades without sacrificing precision.
  • Indeed, the platform fosters risk mitigation through its feature of instant testing, allowing traders to engage in a risk-free evaluation of their configurations before taking them live.

In a marketplace that is constantly shifting and presenting new challenges, Option Alpha remains a beacon for those striving to remain competitive through automated trading. The ease with which traders can harness the power of Option Alpha bots makes the prospect of adopting an automated trading system not only compelling but also indispensable for the contemporary trader.

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Understanding Option Alpha's Educational Resources

For those venturing into the dynamic world of options trading, developing robust trading strategies and a foundational options trading knowledge is crucial. Option Alpha steps in as an invaluable resource, offering educational materials crafted by industry experts designed to elevate your trading acumen.

Whether you're a novice or experienced trader, the diverse collection of learning tools, including options trading courses, educational webinars, and a cohesive trader community, positions you to navigate the markets with confidence.

1. The Extensive Library of Video Tutorials and Podcasts

Delve into an extensive library of video tutorials covering core concepts like risk management and advanced trading strategies. Kirk Du Plessis, the founder of Option Alpha, hosts informative weekly podcasts catering to the latest market trends and strategies deployed by professional options traders, making it a practical platform for continuous learning.

2. Webinars, Trading Courses, and Community Forum

An array of educational webinars awaits, led by specialists with a keen insight into the complex mechanisms of the market. Valley deep into comprehensive options trading courses, and tap into the collective wisdom of a vibrant trader community through engaging forum discussions.

This multifaceted approach ensures a nurturing environment that fosters growth and collaborative learning.

3. Learning Through a Trading Simulator and Backtesting Tools

Option Alpha promotes risk-free strategy testing through an innovative trade simulation tool, allowing users to apply their knowledge in a safe sandbox environment.

Augmenting this experience, the backtesting software does not just validate trading strategies but refines them, underscoring Option Alpha's commitment to a well-rounded educational experience.

The Nuts and Bolts of Option Alpha's Trading Bots

Embracing the future of investing, Option Alpha offers a streamlined platform designed to automate trading processes with ease and efficiency. With an intuitive trading bot setup, users from various backgrounds can leverage the algorithmic trading features to refine their investment strategies.

  • User-Friendly Interface: From pre-built templates to a cloning feature, setting up a trading bot is straightforward, allowing traders to customize their strategies promptly.
  • Trade Capital Allocation: Control your investment amounts with precision, ensuring that the bots trade within your preferred financial limits and risk thresholds.
  • Position Management: Skillfully manage an impressive number of positions, up to over 200, illustrating advanced capabilities in handling diverse trading scenarios.

With a focus on flexibility and customization, Option Alpha's advanced bots serve as a testament to the power of modern trading technology. Traders can confidently automate trading processes, knowing they have the tools necessary for success at their fingertips.

'SmartPricing' Explained: Maximizing Return on Trades

Within the fast-paced world of options trading, every second and penny count. This makes the bid-ask spread a crucial aspect to manage effectively. Option Alpha's SmartPricing technology harnesses the complexity of limit order sequences to ensure traders gain an edge. By executing trades closer to the mid-price and smartly navigating the bid-ask spread, investors can often secure a more favorable trade price.

SmartPricing technology is a game-changer in automated trading, meticulously constructed to optimize the execution price of trades without needing constant monitoring by the trader.

Here's how SmartPricing gives you the technological advantage:

  • Works by setting a sequence of limit orders that incrementally adjust, aiming for improved prices within the bid-ask spread.
  • Streamlines the typically labor-intensive process of modifying limit orders manually.
  • Enhances the potential for better pricing, thereby positively impacting the return on each trade carried out.
  • Especially beneficial in options trading, where bid-ask spreads can be wider and more dynamic.
  • Empowers traders by allowing them to focus on strategy rather than the repetitiveness of order management.

The integration of SmartPricing technology is just one example of Option Alpha's commitment to advanced, yet accessible, trading tools that cater to the needs of modern traders striving for efficiency and effectiveness.

Option Alpha Membership Tiers and Features

Embarking on your options trading journey with Option Alpha's membership levels is both rewarding and insightful. From complimentary tools designed for beginners to exclusive services for seasoned professionals, find an array of features suited to evoke trading mastery, no matter your experience level.

Breaking Down the Free Membership Perks

Option Alpha's free membership tier paves the way for new traders, offering a robust start with access to pivotal educational resources. Discover the array of free membership benefits that await:

  • Comprehensive video tutorials for a solid foundational understanding.
  • Insightful podcasts featuring market updates to keep you informed.
  • Engaging blog articles tackling the latest trading trends and strategies.
  • Trading simulator access to hone your skills without financial risk.
  • An active community forum for peer-to-peer learning and exchange.

Tradier account holders may unlock extended Pro benefits, making the free tier not just a starting point but a pathway to advanced possibilities.

Pro Membership Benefits for Advanced Traders

If you're moving past the fundamentals and delving into the mechanics of options trading, the Pro tier is designed with your growth in mind. A suite of elite trading tools and resources becomes your arsenal:

  • Exclusive options trading courses for comprehensive knowledge expansion.
  • Advanced backtesting optimization tools to refine your strategies.
  • Algorithmic trading bots amplify your trading efficiency and precision.
  • Increased limits for backtesting and bot allocation to accommodate your expanding operations.
  • Prioritized support to ensure timely assistance and uninterrupted trading.

Pro membership equips you with a richer, more dynamic set of tools to face the markets confidently.

Elite Membership: Tailored for the Professionals

For the trading connoisseur, the Elite tier is synonymous with bespoke care and high-caliber resources. Expect nothing less than tailored content and guidance to elevate your trading stature:

  • One-on-one personalized coaching from professional traders.
  • Dedicated trade alerts to capture opportunities the moment they arise.
  • An extensive allowance of bots and backtests to scale operations comprehensively.

Elite membership defines a realm of limitless potential, translating nuanced trading ambitions into tangible success.

Pricing Structure and Value Proposition

Understanding the various Option Alpha fees, membership cost, and pricing plans is essential for traders aiming to select the plan that best suits their trading style and experience level. Option Alpha's tiered pricing strategy is designed to accommodate the needs of traders at all stages of their investment journey, from the aspiring novice to the seasoned professional.

  • Standard Plan: Ideal for beginners, offering access to essential trading bots, entry-level backtesting, and basic trade volume.
  • Pro Plan: Geared towards experienced traders, this plan expands on bot access, increases backtesting limits, and enhances monthly trading volume.
  • Pro+ Plan: For the dedicated trader seeking the full array of features, including maximum bot allocation, extensive backtesting capabilities, and the highest trading volume allowances.

Option Alpha promotes a compelling value proposition with its annual subscription offerings. Committing to an annual subscription plan not only provides a decrease in the overall membership cost but also solidifies a trader's investment in their educational and trading objectives. The reduced monthly expense proves advantageous for those dedicated to a long-term engagement with the platform's resources and tools.

By presenting a structured assortment of pricing plans, Option Alpha positions itself as a versatile platform that values both affordability and advanced functionality. This approach allows traders to scale up or modify their investment in the platform's services as they progress in their trading expertise and needs.

Probing into the Pros and Cons of Option Alpha

Option Alpha has carved a niche as an automated trading analysis powerhouse and an options education platform, transforming how individuals interact with the options market. It champions the automation of trade strategy execution, minimizing the challenges of manual trading limitations.

For newcomers and veterans alike, it demystifies complex concepts, allowing for an enhanced user experience through various educational tools.


  • Automated Trading Technology: Users benefit from cutting-edge algorithmic trading capabilities without the need to develop coding skills, simplifying the creation and management of trading bots.
  • Options Education: The platform serves as a comprehensive learning hub with an array of free educational resources, from articles and video tutorials to advanced webinars, catering to traders across the spectrum of experience.
  • User Accessibility: Option Alpha is committed to user-friendliness, with a well-structured platform that supports traders in making educated decisions in the dynamic options market.

However, users must navigate certain limitations:


  • Manual Trading Analysis: The platform has room to grow in offering a more robust suite of technical analysis tools for manual traders who prefer an in-depth analytical approach to their trading decisions.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Currently lacking a mobile application, Option Alpha may limit traders who prefer to manage their trading portfolios on-the-go, although plans for such an app could soon bridge this gap.

Ultimately, the decision to use Option Alpha should come after careful consideration of one's trading needs and whether its features align well with individual trading strategies and learning preferences, particularly when considering a premium membership investment.


As an options trading platform, Option Alpha makes a compelling case for traders who approach their investments with a careful and strategic lens.

Its effectiveness is evident in the robust suite of tools and educational services, tailored to nurture novice traders and refine the skills of seasoned professionals. For these experienced investors, Option Alpha's value lies not just in its automation capabilities, but also in its commitment to risk management and providing a systematic, evidence-based trading approach.

Despite its many advantages, the platform might present certain limitations for traders in pursuit of quick profits or those who prefer to operate on the go, with the absence of mobile application accessibility.

Nevertheless, for individuals who prioritize automated trading and educational growth, Option Alpha stands out as a sophisticated and effective choice that aligns with a thorough and thoughtful trading methodology.


  • Service: Trading Course
  • Pricing: $99-$199/month
  • Promotion: None

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