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Updated May 12, 2024

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OneUp Trader provides traders with the opportunity to trade with company capital and earn profits through its funded account program. With a focus on performance and risk management, OneUp Trader provides traders with the tools and resources necessary to succeed in the financial markets.

OneUp Trader hails from the lively city of Wilmington, Delaware, setting itself apart as a leading prop trading firm. It provides driven individuals with the opportunity to oversee a funded account. Unlike many, this establishment specializes in Futures in multiple sectors—such as equity, forex, agriculture, and more. 

This review offers an in-depth look into OneUp Trader's offerings, including leverage and payout intricacies, and trading regulations. Does its high Trustpilot ranking truly reflect traders’ experiences?

Join us as we dissect the OneUp Trader evaluation insights and their implications for your trading path.

Key Takeaways

  • OneUp Trader is a US-based prop trading firm with a mission to fund proficient futures traders.
  • Trading evaluation is a crucial step to secure OneUp Trader funding, with accounts up to $250,000 on offer.
  • The firm caters to a wide range of futures categories, enhancing the scope for traders.
  • OneUp Trader boasts a favorable profit split, starting at 100% for the initial earnings and adjusting to a 90/10 ratio.
  • A one-step evaluation process, multiple platform options, and a trial period underscore OneUp Trader's commitment to user satisfaction.

Introduction to OneUp Trader

OneUp Trader has earned its place in the proprietary trading world, known for its robust and straightforward approach. It operates solely in the United States. Here, traders find a clear path to grow their trading skills and handle substantial funded accounts.

The firm boasts a high 4.7 Trustpilot rating, proving its trustworthiness and high trader satisfaction levels. This rating is a testament to its reliability and the positive experiences traders have had with the firm.

  • The firm provides a simple but comprehensive evaluation program for Futures traders.
  • During the evaluation, strict rules and profit goals are set to ensure only the most skilled and disciplined succeed.
  • Those who pass the evaluation are offered up to $250,000 in fundings, boosting their potential significantly.

With solid partnerships in the trading funding sector, OneUp Trader opens doors for traders to reach their goals with less risk. Its clear and achievable guidelines highlight its commitment to helping traders at all stages of their journey succeed.

Topstep is a trading evaluation program that allows traders to demonstrate their skills using simulated accounts and potentially earn a funded trading account by meeting predefined profit targets and risk parameters.

ABOUT Topstep

  • Accessible starting capital requirements
  • Comprehensive support for popular trading platforms
  • Extensive range of educational tools with live classes
  • 14-day trial for new members

OneUp Trader Review: Exploring the Platform's Offerings

OneUp Trader offers an extensive platform for diversifying investment strategies. It spans from Equity Futures to Foreign Exchange Futures and agricultural markets. This broad variety meets a wide array of trading needs and preferences.

Types of Futures Offered for Trading

OneUp Trader's array of Futures is diverse, supporting various financial tactics. Traders can delve into:

  • Equity Futures
  • Forex Futures
  • Commodity Futures, such as agricultural, energy, and metals
  • Interest Rate Futures

This selection enables traders to seize opportunities in different sectors. It helps them keep up with the ever-changing global financial landscape.

Understanding the Different Account Sizes

OneUp Trader recognizes traders' varying capital and risk preferences. As such, it provides several account sizes:

  • $25,000 account with a limit of 3 contracts
  • $50,000 account with a limit of 10 contracts
  • $100,000 account for seasoned traders with a limit of 20 contracts
  • $250,000 account for those heavily involved, with a cap of 25 contracts

With a 1:1 leverage across the board, OneUp Trader ensures straightforward and risk-aware trading. Starting at $125 and going up to $650 a month, this scalable approach is designed to accommodate traders of all levels.

Profit Split and Payout Structure

OneUp Trader propels trader performance through an enticing profit-sharing method:

  • The trader keeps 100% of the first $10,000 in profits.
  • After that, a 90/10 split in favor of the trader continues.

Such a setup not only motivates traders to excel but also supports steady profit withdrawals. It offers a means for successful traders to maintain financial independence, solidifying OneUp Trader's status among proprietary platforms.

Evaluating Trading Conditions and Rules

OneUp Trader has streamlined its evaluation process. This strategy allows traders to familiarize themselves with defined trading conditions. It is designed to assess a trader’s capability to achieve certain profit goals and to comply with drawdown limits. This all must be done within a specific timeframe, creating a challenging yet rewarding environment.

  • Minimum Trading Days: Participants must actively trade for a minimum of 15 days. This duration reveals a trader’s discipline and prowess over a reasonable period.
  • Profitability Targets: The goal is set at 6% profit. Achieving this goal showcases a trader’s adaptability and market understanding under real conditions.
  • Drawdown Limits: Traders must avoid exceeding the set drawdown limits. These limits are flexible, adjusting according to account size. Their purpose is to ensure sound risk management practices.
  • Dynamic Scaling: The evaluation also scrutinizes how well a trader can scale their positions. This skill is crucial, as it directly affects capital allocation strategies for managing larger accounts.
  • Risk Management Rules: Traders must adhere to specific rules, such as refraining from trading during major news events. These guidelines aim to lower the risk exposure during volatile times.

The evaluation stage immerses traders in realistic trading environments. It pushes them to showcase their adaptability, ability to secure profit, and rigorous risk management. These traits are essential for success not just within the evaluation but also in professional trading.

By prioritizing these fundamental qualities, OneUp Trader ensures the advancement of disciplined, knowledgeable traders to funded accounts.

Strengthening Your Strategy: OneUp Trader Tools & Platforms

In the prop trading space, OneUp Trader shines with its wide range of supportive tools. Their selection of trading platforms plays a vital role in enhancing trade execution and analysis. Moreover, these platforms prove crucial for providing support to traders.

The Range of Supported Trading Platforms

OneUp Trader supports a range of platforms. This includes NinjaTrader, R | Trader, AgenaTrader, and Sierra Chart. They provide powerful solutions for traders at any level. Real-time market data is integrated, aiding in smart trading decisions.

Each platform brings distinct benefits to the table:

  • NinjaTrader: Ideal for both beginners and seasoned traders, known for advanced charting and trading simulation features.
  • R | Trader Pro: Offers direct market access and is highly valued for real-time data streaming.
  • MultiCharts: Favoured for its backtesting features which allow traders to test strategies using historical data.
  • Sierra Chart: Known for its lightweight and customizable interface, providing efficiency and deep market insights.

Custom Tools and Social Trading Features

OneUp Trader acknowledges the importance of current market information and community collaboration. It enriches its platform with custom tools aimed at creating a traders' social network.

These tools boost traders' abilities to perform detailed market and financial analysis. This empowers them to make knowledgeable decisions based on real-time data and shared insights.

  • Market News and Live Economic Data: Traders receive immediate access to important economic events and news stories that can impact market conditions.
  • Financial Analysis Tools: Empower traders to dissect financial markets through advanced analytical tools, contributing to more strategic trading moves.
  • Social Trading Network: Facilitates a dynamic community where traders can share strategies, insights, and advice, significantly enriching the trading experience by leveraging collective knowledge.
  • Educational Resources: Webinars and quality video content are available to help traders continually develop their skills and stay ahead in the competitive market.

By incorporating these tools and platforms, OneUp Trader doesn't just aid in portfolio management but also connects traders with a vibrant community. This collaboration fosters mutual success in the markets.

Security and Customer Support: The Backbone of OneUp Trader

At OneUp Trader, robust security measures and exceptional customer support create a basis for its service excellence. This ensures the safety and support of every trader’s journey.

Data Encryption and Privacy Policies

OneUp Trader focuses on security and protecting client data with advanced encryption methods. These privacy measures maintain the confidentiality of trader information. Traders can ask for details on these protocols, showing OneUp Trader's commitment to transparency and user privacy.

Customer Service: Availability and Responsiveness

OneUp Trader stands out with 24/7 customer support, offering real-time assistance for trader inquiries or issues. This not only increases trader satisfaction but also boosts the user experience. Through channels like Discord, traders can interact directly with support, feeling valued and supported in their trading activities.


OneUp Trader is recognized as a reliable entity, deeply dedicated to its users' growth in futures trading. It offers both new and experienced traders a clear route to elevate their trading careers. This is through a simple evaluation and a range of account sizes that cater to diverse trading styles and risk levels.

One of the standout advantages of OneUp Trader is the wide selection of futures contracts. This lets traders explore global financial markets freely. The company also provides access to top-tier trading platforms. Thus, traders are well-equipped for success, backed by a renowned prop trading firm.

OneUp Trader also prides itself on its superior customer service, which is crucial for a great trading experience. Considering all these factors, OneUp Trader is an excellent choice for traders looking to boost their skills and advance their careers.


  • Service: Funded Trader Program
  • Pricing:  Varies by account
  • Promotion: 50% discount for new members

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