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Updated March 14, 2024

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OneGold is a platform that allows investors to buy, sell, and manage precious metals like gold and silver digitally. Users can invest in physical gold and silver through OneGold's platform, offering a secure and convenient way to own precious metals.

The investment landscape is witnessing a paradigm shift with the advent of digital platforms that simplify the acquisition and management of assets. In the world of precious metals, OneGold leads the charge—a secure precious metal platform that has revolutionized the digital gold investment space.

Setting its headquarters in Oklahoma City, OK, OneGold has garnered a reputation for a seamless Onegold user experience, a feat achieved by combining technology with traditional investment savvy.

Investors looking for a modern touch to their portfolio can turn to OneGold's digital silver investment opportunities, with U.S. gold and silver products that are both competitively priced and easily traded. The intertwined strength of technology and precious metal expertise makes OneGold's platform a beacon for those seeking to diversify their investments securely and efficiently.

Key Takeaways

  • Digital precious metal investments are redefining asset management, with OneGold at the forefront of this transformation.
  • OneGold provides a secure precious metal platform that integrates the ease of digital transactions with the solidity of traditional investing.
  • Investors can experience enhanced portfolio management through the OneGold user experience, designed for both seasoned and amateur investors.
  • Competitive pricing of U.S. gold and silver assets positions OneGold as a savvy option for digital gold and silver investment.
  • The platform ensures reduced operational costs, making it a cost-effective choice for precious metal enthusiasts.

Understanding OneGold's Platform

In the dynamic world of precious metals, investors seek platforms that offer both reliability and innovation. OneGold stands at the intersection of tradition and technology, providing a seamless avenue for accessing the precious metals industry.

As digital economies become increasingly prevalent, the significance of a trusted marketplace for investment-grade metals is underscored. OneGold, forged through a strategic AMPEX partnership and Sprott collaboration, exemplifies this new era in metal trading.

Creation by Industry Leaders

The providence of OneGold's platform is no ordinary tale; it's the result of a synergy between AMPEX's influential legacy in the precious metals industry and Sprott's wealth management acumen.

AMPEX, with a history dating back to 1999 and significant sales to its name, brings unparalleled expertise to this joint venture. Sprott's reputable background in managing over $7 billion in assets since 1981 augments this partnership, setting a high bar for investment solutions. Together, they have molded OneGold into a premier destination for digital precious metals.

Digital Representation of Precious Metals

OneGold digital assets break the mold of traditional investing by tethering the timeless value of metals to the agility of the digital age. Each digital asset on the OneGold platform is backed by physical precious metals, assuring investors of tangible value in their online transactions.

This form of asset digitization not only offers flexibility but also imbues the investment process with a layer of security, knowing that behind each digital footprint is a real, vaulted commodity.

Goldco is an industry leader in the precious metals space, offering a comprehensive approach to protecting your retirement savings in an ever-changing economic landscape.


  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

Comprehensive Features of OneGold App

OneGold investments set the standard for online precious metals portfolios, providing innovative solutions for both savvy and novice investors. This platform distinguishes itself with a suite of tools designed for digital assets trading, enhancing the user experience and maximizing investment potential.

Among these, the AutoInvest feature is a prominent tool, catering to investors who want to capitalize on recurring investment opportunities and benefit from dollar-cost averaging.

  • 24/7 Trading - Accessible through a seamless mobile app, offering investors the freedom to trade at any hour from any location.
  • Real-Time Market Insights - Providing immediate updates on market conditions, enabling investors to make informed decisions.
  • Custom Alert Settings - Empowering users to set notifications for strategic investment timing, ensuring they never miss an optimal trading window.
  • AutoInvest Feature - Simplifying the investment process by automating contributions according to predetermined schedules and amounts.
  • Precious Metals IRAs - Assisting investors in diversifying their retirement portfolios with the inclusion of precious metals as IRAs.
  • Secure Vaulted Metals - Guarantee the safety of physical assets which underpin the digital investments, with top-notch security measures in place.

Effortless conversion of digital holdings into secure vaulted metals is a cornerstone of OneGold’s promise, proposing an uncomplicated and cost-effective redemption process. This feature reinforces investor confidence, knowing that their digital investments have tangible backing in physical metals, available when they choose to redeem. OneGold thrives on ensuring that its clients can trade, save, and invest with ease and assurance in the dynamic world of precious met

The OneGold Marketplace Experience

OneGold has paved the way for a seamless journey into the world of precious metal investments. By providing a fully digital marketplace, OneGold allows for a simplified precious metal account setup, ensuring a personalized and user-engaging platform for both new and seasoned investors.

With an array of investment choices and transparent asset redemption policies, OneGold has revolutionized how individuals interact with their metal assets.

Account Setup and Browsing Options

Engaging with OneGold begins with an uncomplicated account setup process. Prospective investors are provided with a frictionless entry into the digital marketplace where they can select from various precious metals tailored to their investment needs. The user-friendly interface grants immediate access to a spectrum of pricing options, enabling users to make informed decisions with ease.

  • Streamlined registration with no associated fees
  • Rapid access to live pricing for informed decision making
  • Diverse browsing options for gold, silver, and platinum investments

Investment, Redemption, and Withdrawal Procedures

OneGold's innovative platform allows for investments around the clock, further enriched by the flexibility of metal asset redemption and withdrawal options. Investors are empowered with the ability to transact as per their convenience, ensuring maximum control over their investments. Through OneGold, liquidating digital assets is as efficient and secure as the initial purchase.

  1. Selecting precious metals and executing buy or sell orders at any time
  2. Options for metal asset redemption from a comprehensive catalogue of AMPEX products
  3. Withdrawal capabilities that return funds securely back to the investor's payment source

In the digital age, OneGold stands out by providing a robust digital marketplace for precious metal investments, offering an optimized account setup process and a variety of redemption and withdrawal procedures that cater to the convenience of modern investors.

OneGold Review: Pricing, Deposits, and Fees

Investing in precious metals is not only about choosing the right assets but also understanding the associated costs. OneGold offers straightforward pricing plans to ensure investors can make informed decisions. Initiating an investment with OneGold is facilitated by an easily accessible funding system and comprehensible fee structure.

Account Funding and Transaction Costs

OneGold welcomes investors to start their journey in precious metals with a competitive minimum deposit. Catering to both new and seasoned investors, OneGold has set the minimum deposit at $100.

This requirement is designed to encourage investors to embark on their investing journey with a manageable threshold, supporting fractional purchases which means that diversifying your portfolio with precious metals can be both inclusive and accessible.

  • Competitive OneGold pricing plans follow the live market trends for precious metals.
  • Fractional purchases are supported, allowing investors to buy according to their budget.
  • Various payment options are available, including check, credit card, bank account, or Bitcoin.
  • Domestic investors benefit from free shipping, while international clients may be subject to additional fees.

Understanding Storage Fees

Regarding the secure storage of your digital gold, silver, or platinum, OneGold establishes clear and affordable fees.

These storage fees are a small percentage of your precious metal's value, calculated annually and billed quarterly to maintain simplicity and predictability in the costs associated with secure storage.

  1. Gold is stored at a rate of 0.12% per annum, ensuring cost-effective security.
  2. For silver and platinum, the annual storage fees are slightly higher at 0.30%, reflecting different market dynamics.
  3. All investors are subject to a minimal $5 storage fee, meeting the needs of both small-scale and large-volume investors.

By addressing OneGold pricing plans, minimum deposits, and storage fees with such transparency, OneGold not only aligns with investor-friendly practices but also provides a solid foundation for those seeking to diversify their investment portfolio with precious metals.

Assuring Investment Security with OneGold

For investors who prioritize security in their asset portfolio, OneGold stands as a beacon of reliability.

The platform elevates the standard for protecting investments by not only offering investment-grade precious metals but also reinforcing the integrity of these assets with uncompromising safety measures.

Fully Backed Digital Assets

OneGold ensures that each digital asset is a direct representation of secure digital assets held in a vault. This means investors have the peace of mind knowing their digital purchase translates into actual, physical precious metals.

The integrity of these digital assets is reaffirmed through rigorous reconciliation processes conducted daily, linking every digital share to its genuine metal counterpart.

Insurance and Vault Security

Secure storage is a non-negotiable aspect of precious metal investment. OneGold acknowledges this by deploying enhanced vault security measures and backing every investment with robust Lloyd's of London insurance policies.

Beyond the assurance of physical security, this insurance provision signifies OneGold's commitment to investor protection against a wide range of potential risks. Detailed audits and transparency reports are made readily available, illustrating the tangible layers of security enveloping each investment.

User Feedback and External Ratings

OneGold's commitment to creating a seamless investment experience is reflected in the overwhelmingly positive customer feedback it has received. Many users commend the platform for its straightforward navigation and comprehensive features, attributing their smooth investment journey to the user-friendly design of OneGold's app and website.

  • Several OneGold reviews mentioned the platform's exceptional customer service, noting quick and helpful responses to inquiries.
  • The AutoInvest feature, in particular, is often praised for its contribution to simplifying the process of growing one's precious metals portfolio.
  • Issues such as delays in fund withdrawals are rare and are often swiftly resolved, with the customer ratings reflecting confidence in OneGold's ability to address and rectify such concerns.

Platform evaluations across various trusted sites such as Google Play and the Apple App Store signal high user satisfaction, with many users rating the service favorably for its reliability and ease of use. Despite the complexity that often accompanies investing in precious metals, OneGold has succeeded in demystifying the process, earning them a reputation for accessible and secure investing.


As we reach the final stretch of this comprehensive OneGold review, it's clear that this investment platform has redefined the landscape of precious metals investing with its innovative digital approach. Tailored to both the seasoned and novice investor, OneGold shines as a secure, accessible, and user-friendly gateway into the world of digital gold and silver investment. 

By synergizing technology and traditional investments, OneGold's platform serves as a testament to the evolving nature of financial assets and the growing appeal of precious metals as a valuable inclusion in any diverse investment portfolio.

In summary, for those seeking to incorporate gold, silver, or other precious metals into their financial strategies, OneGold presents an attractive proposition. It offers a blend of convenience, reliability, and forward-thinking that resonates with today's investor. 


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  • Products Offered: Gold, silver
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