Mountain West IRA Review

Updated July 8, 2024

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Mountain West IRA specializes in self-directed retirement accounts, enabling individuals to diversify their investment portfolios by investing in alternative assets.

Mountain West IRA has steadily garnered a reputation for reliability and innovation in the realm of self-directed retirement accounts. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the diverse investment options, user-friendly services, and customer experiences that set Mountain West IRA apart.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just beginning your retirement planning journey, discover if Mountain West IRA is the right fit for your financial goals.

Key Takeaways

  • Mountain West IRA specializes in helping individuals personalize their retirement investment options through self-directed IRAs.
  • They are located in Boise, Idaho, with convenient business hours so clients can easily receive support and guidance.
  • The institution is known for its expertise in investing in alternative assets, maximizing the tax benefits of retirement planning.
  • With customer-centric service and a wealth of experience, Mountain West IRA is poised to empower investors towards achieving their financial retirement goals.
  • Open to the public and accepting various forms of payment, they strive to remove barriers to retirement investment education and resources.

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Introduction to Mountain West IRA

Mountain West IRA, based in Boise, Idaho, is at the forefront of self-directed retirement planning. They offer clients the chance to invest in alternative assets such as real estate, notes, and limited partnerships. Unlike conventional retirement plans, they focus on enhancing wealth creation.

This approach serves the needs of individuals and small businesses keen on managing their investment strategies.

Exploring Self-Directed Retirement Plans

Self-directed retirement plans give investors control over their savings, widening investment options. This not only personalizes the investment journey but may also lead to higher returns. Boise, Idaho, is recognized for these innovative solutions. Mountain West IRA leads in guiding clients through tax-free and tax-deferred investment strategies.

The Mountain West IRA Advantage for Small Businesses and Individuals

Mountain West IRA delivers benefits to small business retirement planning by offering services tailored to business owners' financial objectives. Their specific focus on Boise, Idaho, allows them to devise strategies overlooked by traditional plans. Moreover, individuals enjoy the firm’s commitment to outstanding service. Supported by years of industry expertise, they excel in retirement planning.

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  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

Services and Investment Options with Mountain West IRA

Mountain West IRA emphasizes offering a wide range of investment options and customized retirement plans. This approach benefits both experienced and new investors. It provides a solid foundation for building significant retirement wealth. Their unique strategy includes a wide array of permissible investments and swift transaction processes. This mix creates the perfect environment for investors to prosper.

Extensive List of Allowable Investments

  • Real estate investments
  • Private placements
  • Precious metals
  • Limited partnerships
  • Trust deeds
  • Tax liens
  • Private lending
  • Private company stock

Customized Retirement Strategies for Diverse Financial Goals

Mountain West IRA offers the flexibility to tailor retirement plans. This enables clients to match their investment choices with their financial aspirations.

Whether aiming for immediate returns or building wealth for the future, strategies are tailored to each individual’s risk tolerance and preferences. This leads to more personalized and effective retirement planning.

  • Quick transaction processing, typically within 3 business days
  • An expedited 24-hour processing option for urgent investments
  • Diverse investment freedoms not typically associated with traditional IRA custodians

Understanding the Fee Structure

Mountain West IRA focuses on cost-effective retirement solutions to remove uncertainty with IRA fees. This ensures individuals can approach retirement planning without fear of hidden costs. The fee structure is transparent, listing setup and termination fees along with a detailed schedule for various services.

  • Initial Setup Fee: There's a one-time $50 fee to start your self-directed IRA, tailored to your investment needs.
  • Annual Account Maintenance: The maintenance fees change based on the assets and investment types, ensuring personalized service.
  • Termination Fee: Ending your IRA incurs a $150 fee, which covers all necessary administrative costs for account closure.
  • Additional Services: Prices for extra services like real estate processing and private lending vary based on complexity and requirements.

To help clients estimate costs, Mountain West IRA provides a self-directed IRA fee calculator. This tool makes it easier to compare custodial fees tailored to one's retirement strategies and investment preferences. It offers a quick estimate of fees, aiding in financial decisions and cost-effective retirement planning..

Technology and Security Measures at Mountain West IRA

In this digital age, Mountain West IRA blends top-notch client service tech with strong security measures. This ensures your retirement investments are safe. They prioritize safeguarding your personal and financial details. This commitment builds trust and offers clients peace of mind.

  • Advanced Encryption: Mountain West IRA shields sensitive data with industry-standard encryption protocols. This blocks unauthorized access, keeping client information confidential and secure.
  • Continuous Monitoring: The firm's systems are under 24/7 observation. This proactive approach identifies and blocks suspicious activities early. It protects against cyber threats, safeguarding secure retirement investments.
  • Dedicated Support: Mountain West IRA boasts responsive tech for client service. They have a dedicated team for any security concerns. This not only boosts security but enhances client experiences too.
  • Regular Updates: They constantly upgrade their system and technology. This strategy keeps them ahead of vulnerabilities, ensuring their technology protects clients effectively.
  • Data Privacy: They rigorously follow strict data privacy laws and regulations. This underscores their dedication to protecting client confidentiality and building trust.

Mountain West IRA creates a safe haven for retirement investments. It's a dependable ally for a financially secure future. Their fusion of elite client service technology with strict security measures underscores their deep commitment to safeguarding client interests.

Management Expertise and Company Background

Jon and Lisa Galane lead Mountain West IRA with unmatched insight into self-directed IRAs. Their guidance has propelled the firm to a leading position. Moreover, they've built a robust educational system that enriches every client's experience.

Leadership Profiles: Jon and Lisa Galane

Jon Galane is renowned in the self-directed IRA arena, with a rich background in financial planning and tailored retirement investment strategies.

Lisa Galane, co-leader, brings a strategic vision, ensuring operations meet industry and client standards. Their combined expertise fosters the company's success and credibility.

Commitment to Education and Client Empowerment

  • Continuous Education: Jon and Lisa Galane highlight the need to stay updated on retirement planning trends and laws. They offer this through regular webinars and workshops.
  • Resource Availability: Under their direction, Mountain West IRA provides numerous educational tools. These include detailed guides and articles, crucial for informed investment decisions.
  • Personalized Advice: Their team is always prepared to give expert, customized advice. This helps clients easily and confidently navigate retirement investment's complexities.

Client Experiences and Satisfaction

Mountain West IRA centers its efforts on excellent customer service, significantly boosting investor satisfaction. Both new investors and those with longstanding relationships highlight one key factor: They value the personal and dedicated approach to financial advising and retirement planning.

Clients often praise the company for its prompt response to inquiries, demonstrating strong customer service. Access to expert advice and bespoke strategies makes investors feel more confident. Furthermore, the availability of a broad spectrum of investment options allows for portfolio diversification, aligning with individual financial objectives.

The recognition from the Boise community highlights Mountain West IRA's commitment to excellence. This steadfast dedication enhances the financial advising quality. It ensures every investor enjoys a rewarding and enriching experience.


As we conclude our exploration of Mountain West IRA, their unique position stands out. They excel in secure retirement planning. Their services, including self-directed IRA and 401(k) administration, empower investors.

Each investor, whether an entrepreneur or individual, receives tailored retirement advice. This assures financial control and a brighter future.

Mountain West IRA is clearly a top choice for enhancing retirement preparedness. Offering flexibility, expertise, and unparalleled support, they're ideal for anyone seeking a robust retirement strategy. For investors aiming to fulfill their financial dreams, Mountain West IRA is a reliable ally.


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