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Updated July 10, 2024

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Mount Vernon Coin Company is a respected dealer specializing in U.S. and world coins, bullion, and paper currency, providing collectors with a diverse selection of numismatic items.

Since 1976, the Mount Vernon Coin Company has been a dominant presence in numismatics. It launched in Alexandria, Virginia, becoming a haven for coin collectors and precious metals investment enthusiasts. Its 1993 relocation to Annapolis, Maryland, signified a major milestone. 

Through this coin company overview, you will discover a company that cherishes its role in numismatic heritage and strives for continual advancement in the field.

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A Storied Legendary: Mount Vernon Coin Company's Rise in Numismatics

Since starting in 1976, Mount Vernon Coin Company has distinguished itself in American numismatic history. It highlights its dedication to understanding the historical significance of coins and currency. This focus solidifies its status among numismatic leaders, underlined by their established expertise. 

Originating in Alexandria, the company moved to Annapolis in 1993. This strategic relocation expanded its influence to the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area, cementing its reputation as a veteran coin dealer.

  • Numismatic Prowess: Centuries of numismatic ventures have imbued the Mount Vernon Coin Company with profound insights into coin collection and trade.
  • Local to National: Its initial setup in Alexandria and the move to Annapolis broadened its client base and market presence significantly.
  • Community Engagement: The company's engagement with beginners and expert collectors has nurtured a dedicated numismatic community.

Their commitment shines through their diverse offerings and educational materials for all levels of enthusiasts. Their skill in the numismatic sector paves the way for future growth. Thus, they continue a legacy rich in history, marked by ceaseless passion.

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  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

Exploring Customer Satisfaction: Testimonials and Reviews

Exploring customer feedback and testimonials reveals true experiences with Mount Vernon Coin Company. Insights from both long-time patrons and new investors are gathered here. They provide a detailed view of interactions with a notable numismatic hub.

Long-Term Customer Experiences

Long-standing collectors commend the company for its superior service and knowledge. One customer states, "Their help was pivotal for my Morgan silver dollars collection," highlighting a 15-year dedication.

Investor Feedback

Investors praising Mount Vernon Coin Company focus on the tangible benefits it offers their assets. One customer, for example, appreciates the easy-to-use platform and security. He says, "Free shipping on big orders adds significant value," emphasizing cost efficiency.

Assessing Online Customer Reviews

Direct testimonials shed light on individual collecting journeys, while online reviews offer a wider scope. These reviews provide valuable insights into the company's consistent service and quality. They guide new customers in making an educated choice.

Diving into the Inventory: What Mount Vernon Coin Company Offers

Mount Vernon Coin Company's vast inventory caters to a broad range of numismatic interests. From vintage treasures to contemporary collectibles, their offerings make the company a treasure trove. Collectors and investors alike find exceptional value here.

A Diverse Collection of Coins

The coin collection at Mount Vernon spans multiple eras and geographies. Early American copper coins, modern silver commemoratives, and more are all available. Each piece is meticulously authenticated and graded.

Specialty Sets: Proof and Mint Sets

Proof sets and mint sets appeal to those seeking flawless condition and exceptional quality. Proof sets are famed for their mirror-like finish. Meanwhile, mint sets provide uncirculated coins from each year. They're invaluable to history enthusiasts.

The Charm of Pre-Assembled Coin Sets

Pre-assembled coin sets, themed around Presidents of the United States or landmark events, save collectors time and effort. These sets streamline the collecting process. Additionally, they enhance the coins' historical value through narrative.

Currency Collectibles Beyond Coins

Exploring beyond coins, Mount Vernon offers currency collectibles such as rare banknotes and obsolete currencies. These items hold both historical and monetary value, appealing to diverse collectors.

Silver Bullion for Investment

Silver bullion stands as a stable, tangible asset for investors. Mount Vernon's variety of silver products includes bars and coins. They are ideal for portfolio diversification and inflation hedging.

Numismatic Supplies and Storage

Mount Vernon Coin Company also offers a range of numismatic supplies to preserve and display collections. From protective coin holders to display cases, each product is designed to secure your valuable collection.

Understanding the Value: Pricing and Purchasing on Mount Vernon's Platform

Mount Vernon Coin Company is a trusted platform for collectors aiming to enrich their collections with valuable coins. It offers clear insights into coin pricing, allowing collectors at every level to make wise investments. This combination of transparency and quality positions Mount Vernon Coin Company uniquely in the online coin purchasing space.

  • Transparent Pricing: Each coin’s price is clearly listed, reflecting its numismatic value based on rarity, demand, and condition.
  • Fair Coin Pricing: Mount Vernon Coin Company aligns its prices with current market conditions to ensure fairness and competitiveness.
  • Incentive Programs: Customers benefit from promotions like free shipping on orders over $200, making substantial acquisitions more appealing.

The process of making informed collectible investments demands an understanding of market trends and historical data. Mount Vernon Coin Company incorporates this knowledge into its customer service approach. This method helps collectors recognize the true value of items and plan their investments effectively.

For those new to online coin purchasing or looking to grow their collection, Mount Vernon Coin Company is an invaluable partner in exploring the vast world of numismatics.

User Experience: Navigating the Mount Vernon Coin Company Site

The Mount Vernon Coin Company offers a brilliantly designed website focusing on ease of use. Their platform provides a straightforward shopping journey with a safe payment process. This approach caters perfectly to both experts and hobbyists in coin collection.

  • Seamless navigation: The site showcases an easy-to-follow layout. Menus are well-placed and categories are clearly marked, aiding in quick finds. Keyword searches and filtering capabilities further refine the browsing experience.
  • User-friendly shopping: Each product page presents in-depth information and crisp visuals. This ensures customers of all levels can confidently make purchases.
  • Secure checkout process: With high-level encryption, the site safeguards personal information. This security fosters trust and a worry-free buying experience.

The Mount Vernon Coin Company’s website design underscores their commitment to customer happiness. It crafts an effective online shopping space with the user's needs in mind.

Analyzing Mount Vernon Coin Company's Market Presence and Credibility

In the vast arena of coin collecting, a company's credibility and how it's seen matters greatly. Mount Vernon Coin Company, with its long-standing dedication to consistency and quality, makes a noteworthy case. It proclaims its reputation without banking much on online opinions. This piece aims to peel back the layers on how it stands among its peers.

Online Presence and Public Perception

Gauging the public sentiment towards Mount Vernon Coin Company is somewhat tricky with scarce online feedback. What feedback exists points to a cautiously optimistic clientele, desiring clearer company interaction online. By increasing both the quality and quantity of its reviews, the firm could greatly improve its standing in the marketplace.

The Significance of BBB Accreditation

BBB accreditation frequently symbolizes reliability and transparency in business dealings. Without it, Mount Vernon Coin Company might not strike cautious investors as a safe bet. Earning this accreditation could elevate their stature in the eyes of potential clients, weaving a stronger trust thread.

Precious Metals IRAs Considerations

Although not a primary service, precious metals within IRAs represent a growth area Mount Vernon Coin has yet to tap into. Those keen on this investment path should look towards entities that excel in these services. They offer extensive options and exceptional support, essential for savvy retirement planning.

Rounding Out the Experience: Shipping and Customer Service Insights

The appeal of Mount Vernon Coin Company is significantly enhanced by their focus on customer service and shipping. Noteworthy features like free shipping for orders over $200 make buying coins more accessible. This policy benefits both hobbyists and serious collectors.

Their customer service strategy emphasizes a personalized touch, boosting their reputation. This ensures every transaction is managed with utmost professionalism.

  • Free Shipping: An offer that significantly reduces the cost barrier for collectors and investors, encouraging larger orders while ensuring safe and timely delivery.
  • Customer Service: Quick to respond and eager to resolve any issues, the support staff is well-trained in numismatics to provide informed and relevant advice.
  • Numismatic Order Fulfillment: Expert handling of orders, from the simplest to the most intricate, reflects their deep understanding of the numismatic landscape.

This comprehensive approach smoothens the buying experience. It encourages loyalty among customers. Whether a newbie or a seasoned collector, Mount Vernon Coin Company caters to your needs with meticulousness.


In the complex world of numismatic investment, Mount Vernon Coin Company shines as a key player. It provides a comprehensive platform for beginners and experts to upgrade their collection strategies.

This company boasts a stellar reputation, thanks to its wide range of coins and precious metals. Moreover, their commitment to customer satisfaction sets them apart as a true partner in the collecting journey.

Though the lack of BBB accreditation and mixed online reviews call for careful consideration, these factors highlight the need for due diligence in investments. With a focus on detail and proactive customer service, Mount Vernon Coin Company is a valuable ally in the collecting community.


  • Services: Gold Dealer
  • Products: Gold, silver, copper, palladium and platinum
  • Promotion: None

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