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Updated May 26, 2024

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Motley Fool Everlasting Stocks is an investment service that provides recommendations for stocks that are long-term investments. It focuses on finding industry-leading companies with sustainable advantages and growth potential that investors can hold onto for years.

In the world of investment advice, sifting through the multitude of services promising to meet your financial goals can be overwhelming.

The Motley Fool, a recognized name in investment research led by co-founders David and Tom Gardner, offers a suite of tools designed to empower investors. One such service that stands out is Everlasting Stocks, a long-term investment strategy that has been capturing attention since its launch. 

In this Motley Fool review, we'll delve into the Everlasting Stocks performance, exploring how it could potentially offer a winning approach for your investment portfolio.

Key Takeaways

  • Everlasting Stocks is presented as an enduring investment advice service from The Motley Fool tailored for long-term financial goals.
  • Since David Gardner's step back, Tom Gardner continues to select stocks that aim for sustained performance and growth.
  • Investors are provided with two new stock picks each month, fostered by up-to-date and thorough analysis.
  • Everlasting Stocks has a proven track record, historically outperforming the S&P 500.
  • This service is designed to engage investors across the spectrum, from beginners to experienced, all seeking market-beating returns.

An Overview of Motley Fool Everlasting Stocks

The realm of personal finance and wealth building is teeming with advice and strategies, each with its unique methodology and promise of return. Wading through these, The Motley Fool's Everlasting Stocks emerges as a beacon for those seeking long-term investment opportunities.

This investment research service, which prides itself on its forward-looking Everlasting Stocks philosophy, has made quite an impact in the world of financial advisement.

What is Motley Fool Everlasting Stocks?

With Everlasting Stocks, The Motley Fool has distilled a formula for identifying a growth stock portfolio that is not just another set of recommendations, but an ethos of investment that is engineered for "buy today and hold forever."

Pioneered by Tom Gardner, this service breaks away from conventional periodic or short-term investments and leans heavily into the concept of a permanent portfolio fixture.

The Investment Philosophy Behind Everlasting Stocks

The philosophy underpinning Everlasting Stocks is anchored in a resolute belief in long-term investment. Unlike the ephemeral tactics that pepper the stock market landscape, The Motley Fool, through its Everlasting Stocks service, introduces a thoughtful fusion of discipline and insight. Let's explore the foundation of this strategy:

  • Millions of The Motley Fool’s own capital substantiates their investment picks, echoing a strong vote of confidence from within.
  • At its core is a team of seasoned analysts and stock advisors embarking on meticulous investment research to uncover stocks equipped for stellar growth over many years.
  • These efforts culminate in a curated list of stocks that embody the Everlasting Stocks philosophy, shaping a robust approach for long-term investment and setting a high benchmark for competitors.

It is this stringent yet dynamic combination of The Motley Fool’s confidence and methodical selection process that positions Everlasting Stocks as a cornerstone for those aiming to build a lasting and prosperous financial portfolio.

The Motley Fool is a financial and investment advice company that provides expert analysis, stock recommendations, and educational content to help individuals make informed decisions in the world of investing. 

ABOUT the motley fool

  • Over 100 Stock Picks with 100%+ Returns
  • Community With 700,000+ Loyal Members
  • 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Averaged Stock Pick Return over 550% (vs. 139% for the S&P)

Performance Analysis: Everlasting Stocks vs. S&P 500

Investigating the market performance of The Motley Fool's Everlasting Stocks is essential for understanding its impact on investment returns. A keen stock returns analysis reveals that Everlasting Stocks have not just achieved, but soared high with returns that noticeably outstrip traditional market benchmarks.

A stark S&P 500 comparison shows that Everlasting Stocks has outpaced the index, offering investors a clear advantage in their quest for long-term wealth accumulation.

  • Everlasting Stocks impressive growth with returns reaching 578% over a select period - a feat that illustrates the service's potential for investors.
  • Comparative analysis shows Everlasting Stocks outperforming other Motley Fool services, such as Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers, by a substantial margin.
  • The quintessential value lies in the service's ability to eclipse the S&P 500 by more than fourfold. This level of outperformance is indicative of its strategic long-term investment approach.
  • The compelling track record of Everlasting Stocks suggests a high potential for sustainable, long-term returns with relatively less portfolio activity — making it an attractive option for the modern investor.

Such data exemplifies why Everlasting Stocks might be considered a formidable player in the investment landscape. It's not merely about the gains but the service's capacity to provide consistent returns over time, solidifying its position as a viable alternative to traditional market indices.

Breaking Down the Subscription: What's Included?

Investing with Motley Fool's Everlasting Stocks is more than a mere subscription; it's a comprehensive toolkit designed for both budding and seasoned investors aiming to construct a robust, long-lasting portfolio.

Let's delve into the subscription features that subscribers receive, assuring them premium stock recommendations and exclusive investment resources.

Initial Stock Picks

Beginning your investment journey can be the toughest step, but Everlasting Stocks eases this process by immediately granting you access to 15 meticulously researched stock picks. These foundational selections are pivotal to setting the stage for a balanced and potentially prosperous investment portfolio, handpicked by Motley Fool's experienced analysts.

Monthly Stock Recommendations

Consistent growth and adaptation are key in the ever-changing landscape of the stock market. Subscribers receive two new stock recommendations each month, carefully chosen to enhance their portfolio's diversity and adaptability against unpredictable market shifts.

Access to Expert Analysis and Research

  • Subscribers are privy to rich investment resources such as in-depth articles, illuminating videos, and analytical rankings.
  • A discussion board is available, fostering a community where investors can engage and share insights bolstering collective financial acumen.
  • An intuitive feature allows subscribers to create a personalized watchlist for regular updates on stocks of interest.
  • Premium Live Content features daily investing shows focusing on trends across various market sectors, all based on the renowned Motley Fool analysis.

Understanding the Strategy: Long-Term Holdings and Growth

At the heart of a robust investment strategy is the commitment to long-term growth and stability. The Everlasting Stocks approach embraces this ethos through its 'buy and hold' methodology. It stands as a testament to the time-honored investment wisdom: true wealth generation requires patience and foresight.

Buy and Hold: The Core Strategy

Staying the course with a buy and hold strategy has distinguished Everlasting Stocks as a champion of long-term investment success. The philosophy here is straightforward yet powerful—identify high-potential stocks and maintain them for the long haul.

By committing to hold these assets indefinitely, investors tap into the magic of compounding returns, which can significantly amplify wealth over extended periods.

Diversification and Portfolio Building

Portfolio diversification is a cornerstone of any prudent investment strategy. Everlasting Stocks advocates for a balanced and diverse portfolio, casting a wide net across at least 25 stocks to mitigate risks associated with market volatility. This portfolio-building approach not only fortifies against singular stock downturns but also positions investors to capture growth across different sectors and industries, fostering the cultivation of a resilient and dynamic investment portfolio.

  • Opt for quality stocks with strong fundamentals to anchor your portfolio with steady growth.
  • Spread investments across various sectors to harness the strength of different economic waves.
  • Regularly infuse new capital to reinforce your portfolio’s growth potential and leverage market opportunities.

Adherence to these guiding principles asserts the commitment to an investment strategy poised for substantial long-term growth, bolstered by the tenets of buy and hold and portfolio diversification.

Real User Experiences: Community Insights and Discussions

The landscape of investing has been significantly enriched by the emergence of online investor communities. Particularly for subscribers of The Motley Fool's Everlasting Stocks, these platforms have become invaluable for the gleaned subscriber testimonials and peer insights that contribute to more foundational and confident investment decisions.

The Value of Community in Investment Decisions

Investment is not just about crunching numbers and analyzing charts; it also involves a human element that often does not get the spotlight it deserves. Being part of an investor community provides individuals with access to a vast array of experiences and knowledge, directly influencing investment strategies.

In these discussion boards, one does not simply find himself or herself isolated amidst the ebb and flow of market trends but is rather a part of a collective journey towards achieving financial goals.

  • Subscriber testimonials that validate stock picks and strategies
  • Real-time feedback and commentary on market events and their implications
  • A chance to learn from the successes and setbacks of fellow investors
  • Expansion of one's financial literacy through peer insights

Engaging with the Everlasting Stocks Subscriber Community

Joining the Everlasting Stocks subscriber community is akin to entering a dynamic investment symposium. Here, discussions are not only encouraged but are seen as essential building blocks for a more nuanced understanding of your own portfolio.

Whether you're a new investor or seasoned in the game, the practical tips shared in these forum-like spaces can be a guiding light.

  • Share personal experiences and strategies to foster collective wisdom.
  • Access a support system where concerns and inquiries are addressed.
  • Use the strength of the investor community to stay resilient during market downturns.
  • Analyze subscriber testimonials for perspective on the Everlasting Stocks performance.

Underpinning every interaction is a culture of mutual support, a sense of belonging to a like-minded group of individuals all striving towards one goal: the wise growth of their investments. Whether it is accolades for well-performing stock or an in-depth discussion on emerging market trends, the Everlasting Stocks community is at the heart of the service's appeal.

Everlasting Stocks Pricing, Promotions, and Guarantees

Understanding the financial commitment of subscribing to Motley Fool Everlasting Stocks is crucial for investors considering this service. With a focus on providing value, the pricing structure is designed to accommodate the needs of serious long-term investors.

Here we lay out the details of the subscription cost, as well as the promotional discounts available, to help you make a fully informed decision.

Fee Structure and Value Estimation

Everlasting Stocks carries an annual subscription cost reflective of its premium status in the investment advice domain. The standard pricing is set at $299 per year.

However, new subscribers can often benefit from promotional discounts that meaningfully decrease the financial barrier to entry. These promotions are an opportunity for new investors to access Everlasting Stocks' insights at a reduced financial commitment.

  • Standard annual subscription cost: $299
  • Promotional discount for new subscribers: First-year subscription potentially as low as $99

Risk-Free Trial and Money-Back Guarantee

The Everlasting Stocks service stands behind the value it provides with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This no-risk trial period allows subscribers to experience the full benefits of the service, ensuring it aligns with their investment goals and preferences without the immediate pressure of a long-term financial commitment.

It's an assurance that underscores the confidence Motley Fool has in Everlasting Stocks as an essential tool for investors.

  • 30-day risk-free trial for all new subscribers
  • Complete money-back guarantee within this period


Delving into the world of investing can be as daunting as it is exhilarating, but with the right guidance and stock market advice, the pathway to prosperity becomes clearer.

The Motley Fool's Everlasting Stocks service emerges as a contemporary beacon for those navigating the choppy waters of investment decision-making. The service provides an integrated set of tools that empower both novice and seasoned investors to refine their portfolio optimization, ensuring each decision is informed by comprehensive research and community wisdom.

Ultimately, as individuals contemplate their financial futures, the importance of aligning their financial goals with their service subscription cannot be overstated. Everlasting Stocks presents a compelling option, promising to shepherd portfolios toward long-term success.

Those prepared to embrace a patient, calculated approach to investing may find this service aligns seamlessly with their aspirations, positioning them to capitalize on the potential for growth that lies ahead.


  • Service: Investment Newsletter
  • Price: $299/year
  • Promotion: 50% off for new members

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