Motivewave vs TradingView – Which One Offers More Value?

Updated May 4, 2024

In the dynamic world of financial markets, robust trading tools are key. Numerous charting platforms exist, requiring a detailed comparison to find the best fit. MotiveWave and TradingView emerge as top contenders, each offering unique features for traders. 

MotiveWave excels with its advanced technical analysis and custom charting for in-depth market exploration. Meanwhile, TradingView appeals with an intuitive design, strong social integration, and tools for crypto analysis.

This review will delve into their offerings, covering service types, fees, customer support, usability, and features. We aim to determine which platform best meets traders' needs for efficacy and satisfaction.

Key Takeaways

  • MotiveWave and TradingView offer unique approaches to market analysis and trading execution.
  • MotiveWave differentiates itself with advanced technical analysis software and customization.
  • TradingView features a more community-centric experience, making it ideal for social trading and collaboration.
  • Both platforms possess a range of trading tools suitable for various trader demands and skill levels.
  • Understanding the respective strengths of MotiveWave and TradingView can inform an educated decision for the trader's needs.

Type of Service

Trading platform with advanced charting, technical analysis, and social trading

Trading platform with advanced charting, technical analysis, and order execution


$0 - $59.95/month

$99.95/month or $1,199.50/year

Customer Support

Email support for all members, phone support for Premium members

Email and phone support for all members

Best Use

Traders who want to share trading ideas and learn from a community of traders

Traders who need a comprehensive trading platform with advanced tools for all markets

Current Promotion


Introduction to Trading Platforms

Today's financial markets show that trading success greatly depends on the tools available to investors. Choosing the right charting platforms is not just a preference. It's essential for meeting specific user needs and enhancing performance.

The variety in offerings from Motivewave and TradingView highlights the range of modern trading platforms.

Importance of Choosing the Right Trading Tool

The right tools can notably affect a trader's ability to seize market opportunities. A proper trading platform serves as the trader's lens, offering clarity and precision in market analysis. It's vital for those aiming for trading success, as it aids in processing information quickly and executing trades with efficiency.

Overview of Motivewave and TradingView

MotiveWave is designed for advanced users who need detailed technical analysis and customization in a dedicated application. Traders looking for deep market analysis prefer MotiveWave’s complex charting tools.

Conversely, TradingView targets a wider audience with its accessible web-based platform and emphasizes collaborative trading with its social features. It promotes shared insights and community building among traders of all levels.

These platforms showcase their commitment to meeting diverse trader needs, underlining the critical role of trading tools in financial markets.

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Understanding Motivewave's Strengths

MotiveWave emerges as a top choice for traders aiming to enhance their market analysis. Known for its comprehensive features, it meets advanced users' needs while offering a customizable environment. This platform adapts to various trading styles and strategies, making it highly versatile.

Comprehensive Desktop Experience with Customizable Features

The platform boasts a seamless desktop experience, meeting professional traders' dynamic needs. It allows for a high degree of customization, letting traders mold their trading environment. This adaptability ensures the application aligns with users' strategies, enhancing their trading psychology.

  • Workspace tailoring for organized chart and data analysis
  • Flexible chart layout adjustments that cater to different trading styles
  • User-defined modules conducive to swift navigations and transaction executions

Advanced Technical Analysis for Experienced Traders

MotiveWave excels in technical analysis, offering tools like Elliott Wave analysis and Gartley Patterns. These features support traders in applying complex market theories. Thus, it becomes an essential tool for detailed market examination and forecasting.

  • Elliott Wave analysis for precise market forecasting and trend tracking
  • Integration of Gartley Patterns aiding in identifying key reversal points
  • A plethora of technical indicators available to bolster trading strategies

The integration of advanced tools into MotiveWave enriches market analysis and strategy testing. Its backtesting and strategy development capabilities make it indispensable for those who emphasize thorough technical analysis.

Exploring the Versatility of TradingView

TradingView has established itself as a leading platform in financial charting and analysis. It's known for its easy-to-use web-based interface. This platform draws both beginners and experts by offering broad access from any web-connected device.

Its versatility shines through its wide range of technical indicators and drawing tools, catering to various trading styles and strategies.

User-Friendly Interface and Web-Based Accessibility

The intuitive design of TradingView's web-based platform is widely praised. It offers users easy and convenient access. Even those new to trading can easily understand market complexities, thanks to this design.

The platform's accessibility across different devices solidifies its status as an essential tool for market analysis and trading.

Social Trading and Community Engagement

Social trading is becoming crucial for investors and traders. TradingView leads this trend by embedding community engagement into its core. It promotes sharing insights and collective idea analysis, improving users' trading skills.

Thanks to its social community and Pine Script for custom indicators, TradingView stands out for promoting a collaborative market analysis approach.

  • Web-based platform enabling smooth access from any device
  • A plethora of technical indicators and drawing tools at users’ disposal
  • Pine Script offering customization of indicators and strategies
  • Robust social community fostering interactive learning and idea exchange

Motivewave vs TradingView: Feature Comparison

When comparing MotiveWave and TradingView, we uncover significant differences in their features. These variations cater to diverse trading strategies. For those who prioritize in-depth technical tools analysis, MotiveWave offers an extensive array of features. These are intended for detailed market evaluation.

  • Advanced charting capabilities enabling detailed technical scrutiny
  • Extensive back-testing environment ideal for refining strategies
  • Highly customizable workspace for a tailored trading experience

On the other hand, TradingView provides a unique blend of TradingView tools. It integrates technical analysis with elements of social trading. This feature is particularly appealing for traders who value community insights and collaboration.

  • Vast selection of technical indicators accessible across multiple devices
  • User-centric Pine Script language fostering the creation of bespoke trading tools
  • Interactive trading community for sharing strategies and insights

Quick Recap:

  • Chart Layouts: Motivewave users can pick predefined layouts or design their own, whereas TradingView allows adjustments and custom template saves.
  • Market Analysis: Motivewave is built for in-depth market exploration. TradingView’s user-friendly tools also support comprehensive analysis effectively.
  • Strategy Development: Motivewave is ideal for creating and testing strategies within an elaborate setup. TradingView, in contrast, uses an intuitive interface and community insights for strategy formulation.
  • Technical Indicators: Both platforms boast a vast collection of indicators, but Motivewave is tailored for those seeking advanced or unique analysis tools.
  • Customizable Trading: Each platform emphasizes flexibility differently—Motivewave through software customization, and TradingView with its adaptable web design, meeting varied trader needs.

Both platforms excel in their respective areas. MotiveWave features are suitable for those needing intricate technical analysis. Meanwhile, TradingView tools are ideal for traders who value versatility and community interaction.

By evaluating these aspects, traders can identify the platform that best suits their strategies and ambitions.

Assessing Pricing Models: Which Offers Better Value?

When exploring trading software, investors must consider more than just returns. It's crucial to evaluate pricing models, including MotiveWave pricing and TradingView subscriptions. Doing so helps identify which platform offers greater cost-effectiveness.

By comparing the initial trading software costs against the features provided, traders gain insights into the real value provided by each service.

Breakdown of Motivewave’s One-Time Purchase Options

MotiveWave’s pricing model is unique with its one-time purchase options. These options are designed to meet the needs and budgets of various traders. From the Basic edition for novices to the Ultimate edition for experts, there's something for everyone:

  • Basic Edition: Starts at $245, ideal for newcomers to technical analysis.
  • Ultimate Edition: Up to $1,595, packed with advanced tools for the pros.

MotiveWave offers more than just initial purchases. It provides optional yearly maintenance for an extra fee, guaranteeing updated features and support.

TradingView Subscription Plans and Benefits

TradingView caters to all trading levels with its diverse subscription plans. Even those new to trading find value in its free plan. Each subscription level unlocks more technical indicators and interactive community features:

  • Pro Plan: At $14.95 per month, perfect for traders advancing beyond basic tools.
  • Premium Plan: At $59.95 monthly, it's designed for highly active traders, offering expansive tools and top-tier support.

TradingView stands out for its cost-effectiveness, offering discounts on annual subscriptions. This significantly lowers the trading software costs for long-term commitment, positioning it as a compelling option for users.

Customer Support and Resources

In trading, quick access to customer support and trustworthy trading resources is vital. MotiveWave and TradingView understand this, ensuring their users have everything they need for a superior trading experience. They provide extensive support to help traders maximize their potential.

Access to Help and Guidance for MotiveWave Users

MotiveWave shines with its dedicated email and phone support. Users can expect fast and detailed answers to their questions. Technical issues or queries are resolved quickly. This shows MotiveWave's deep understanding of the importance of customer support in trading.

TradingView’s Commitment to User Support and Service

TradingView enhances its platform with a strong email support system, open to its community. Premium members get the extra benefit of phone support for immediate help. TradingView's dedication to thorough support helps users trade with confidence.

  • Responsive email support from both platforms for timely problem resolution.
  • Phone support as a premium feature in TradingView, emphasizing its dedication to top-tier service.
  • Active trader communities that double as a secondary form of peer-to-peer trader assistance.

Both MotiveWave and TradingView strengthen their role as dependable trading partners. They are committed to customer satisfaction and flawless trading experiences.


In choosing the ultimate trading tool, it boils down to personal preference and the desired experience.

Motivewave stands out for those seeking a strong, customizable desktop platform. It appeals to those who dig deep into technical analysis. Its advanced features cater to experienced traders needing a platform that adapts to complex strategies.

On the flip side, TradingView appeals to a wide range of traders, from beginners to seasoned experts. Its web-based interface promotes easy access. The platform is known for its vibrant social trading scene, encouraging sharing and learning among various trading styles. For those valuing accessibility, community engagement, and support, TradingView is a superb pick.

Each platform shines with unique advantages for enhancing the trading experience. Considering factors like pricing and customer support helps align the choice with personal needs.


  • Service: Charting Tool & Screener
  • Pricing: $12.95-$59.95/month (depending on plan)
  • Promotion: Try FREE for 30-days

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