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Updated May 23, 2024

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Monument Metals is a distinguished precious metals dealer offering a wide array of products, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bars and coins, with a focus on competitive pricing and exceptional customer service.

Monument Metals has become increasingly crucial as retirement savings take center stage in personal finance discussions. It offers unique investment options beyond ordinary market assets.

Here, a diversified portfolio isn't just a slogan; it's a genuine approach backed by real, tangible assets. These range from shiny gold and silver to practical copper and rare pre-1933 coins.

Let's explore how Monument Metals can be a key player in preserving and boosting your wealth for years to come.

Key Takeaways

  • Monument Metals serves as a bridge for investors to access precious metals, bolstering a diversified investment portfolio.
  • Gold and silver, known for their resistance to currency fluctuations, are central to Monument Metals' offerings.
  • With a broader array of options including palladium and rare coins, Monument Metals caters to the nuanced needs of seasoned and novice investors alike.
  • By focusing on precious metals, Monument Metals provides a strategic option for those concerned with safeguarding their retirement funds.
  • The company's commitment to serving diverse investors is reflected in its range of metals, which potentially protects and grows investor wealth over time.

A Quick Overview of Monument Metals

Monument Metals, a trusted precious metals dealer, has found its unique place within the industry. Initially focusing on wholesale, they broadened their horizon by welcoming the public in 2014. This shift expanded their customer base, including both seasoned investors and novices.

History and Background of Monument Metals

Monument Metals transitioned from wholesale to serving a wider public market. This move not only expanded their reach but also cemented their status as a leading supplier. Their commitment to quality and value has marked them as a distinguished entity in the precious metals arena.

Monument Metals' Approach to Precious Metals Sales

Monument Metals understands the intricacies of both wholesale and retail sales. They excel in making gold accessible to individual investors. Their model prioritizes customer convenience with an easy online platform. They also offer deep engagement through updates and discounts, enhancing the buying experience.

Goldco is an industry leader in the precious metals space, offering a comprehensive approach to protecting your retirement savings in an ever-changing economic landscape.


  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

What Products Does Monument Metals Offer?

Monument Metals is recognized as a leading choice for investors aiming to enrich their portfolios with precious metals. They offer a wide variety of products that cater to both conventional investors and numismatic enthusiasts.

Diversity in Metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum, and More

For those seeking traditional investments, Monument Metals has a vast array of gold bullion, silver bars, and platinum coins. Each product is of the highest quality, meeting investor needs flawlessly.

  • Gold Bullion: Available in various weights and designs, ideal for diversification and hedging against economic uncertainty.
  • Silver Bars: Offered in multiple sizes, these are a favorite for their affordability and potential industrial demand upside.
  • Platinum Coins: A unique choice for investors, these coins are known for their rarity and intrinsic value.

Beyond Bullion: Rare Coins and Collectibles

The charm of Monument Metals lies not just in bullion, but also in its assortment of rare collectibles. These pieces are treasured for their rarity and the historical narrative they carry. They provide a distinctive investment opportunity that combines financial value with a touch of history.

  • Exquisite rare coins from different eras and regions, providing both numismatic value and investment potential.
  • Limited edition collectibles that are often sought after by collectors for their uniqueness and potential for appreciation.

Product Availability and Ease of Access

Monument Metals shines in delivering an accessible experience for both experienced and novice investors. Their online platform is designed to be user-friendly. Comprehensive product descriptions, alongside stunning visuals, help customers make informed choices.

  • An easy-to-navigate website enhances the shopping experience, allowing users to effortlessly browse and purchase their desired products.
  • Account creation is simplified to facilitate smoother transactions and tracking of orders.

Setting Up an IRA with Monument Metals

For those considering retirement investment, a precious metals IRA via Monument Metals presents a clear path. With experienced IRA custodians by your side, navigating IRS regulations becomes simpler. This journey aims at fortifying your investment future through precious metals diversification.

1. Understanding the Process of IRA Custodianship

Choosing the right IRA custodians is essential for a precious metals IRA setup. Monument Metals ensures these custodians are IRS-approved, offering peace of mind that your retirement assets adhere to legal standards. They help clients through each step, making it easy to transfer funds from existing retirement accounts to the new precious metals IRA.

2. Strategies for Increasing Your IRA's Value

Monument Metals advises on expanding your IRA's value by incorporating various IRS-approved precious metals. This strategy embraces investment diversification and has the potential to grow your portfolio. They offer a wide selection of metals, catering to diverse investment preferences and objectives.

3. IRS Compliance: The Role of Approved Depositories

Monument Metals ensures IRAs are stored in IRS-approved depositories, staying in line with regulations. This practice protects your investment and upholds the legitimacy of your retirement planning. Sticking to these guidelines is crucial for the integrity and safety of IRA investments.

Monument Metals' Shipping and Insurance Policies

The significance of secure shipping and thorough insurance in precious metals investment is crucial. Monument Metals acknowledges this fact, implementing strict protocols for shipment security and discretion. This approach assures investors of their peace of mind.

Packaging and Delivery of Your Investment

  • Monument Metals opts for discreet packaging, safeguarding the privacy of each transaction. This minimizes any risk during transit.
  • Packages are meticulously prepared, protecting contents against possible shipping damages. This ensures the safety of your valuable investment.
  • The company uses secure shipping with tracking on all packages. From departure to arrival, every shipment is closely monitored.

Ensuring Safety and Security Through Insurance

  • All shipped items come with metals insurance, protecting against theft, loss, or damage. This secures the full value of your investment.
  • In case of transport issues, Monument Metals quickly manages claims. They provide customers with security and confidence in their service.
  • Each delivery incorporates advanced security measures, such as GPS tracking. These tools help monitor the transit process effectively, ensuring safe delivery.

How to Buy Precious Metals from Monument Metals

Monument Metals makes buying precious metals a straightforward, secure process. Their online platform is user-friendly, showcasing a wide variety of precious metals. This simplifies diversifying your investment portfolio.

  1. Navigate to the website to explore precious metals categories. Gold, silver, and more are displayed, with details to aid your decisions.
  2. Select the precious metal type and quantity you want. The process is intuitive, suited for both new and experienced investors.
  3. At checkout, create an account for faster future purchases. This also allows tracking of previous investments in precious metals.
  4. You can choose from several convenient payment options. With transparent pricing and secure payments, your transactions are safe.
  5. Shipping options are clearly outlined, including rates and delivery timelines. Monument Metals ensures discreet packaging and insured shipping, with GPS tracking for your confidence.

Every step of purchasing precious metals is backed by extensive customer support. Whether investing or collecting, Monument Metals offers a valuable entrance into precious metal investments.

Customer Service and Support at Monument Metals

At Monument Metals, customer service surpasses mere transactions. It ensures comprehensive support and satisfaction throughout the buying process. This is demonstrated in their detailed policies covering order cancellationsmarket loss policy, and precious metals returns.

Order Cancellations and Return Policies

Monument Metals recognizes the importance of flexibility in investment decisions. They have developed protocols to accommodate post-purchase changes:

  • There's clear communication regarding order cancellations within the first 24 hours to prevent fees tied to the market loss policy.
  • Transparent rules guide returns and exchanges, protecting both client interests and the firm's market stance.
  • Returns must be initiated within a strict five-day period post-delivery, crucial for handling precious metals returns accurately.

Dedication to Resolution and Client Satisfaction

Monument Metals takes a proactive stance toward customer resolution:

  1. They respond immediately to client queries and issues, showcasing their commitment to outstanding service.
  2. If clients are unhappy with their purchase, exchanges are offered, with refunds as a last resort. This ensures satisfaction for everyone involved.
  3. Their fair market loss policy is clearly communicated. It helps clients make informed decisions, highlighting potential financial impacts.

This approach reinforces Monument Metals' commitment to trust and value, affirming their reputation as a dependable partner in the precious metals sector.

The Pros and Cons of Monument Metals

When exploring investments in precious metals through Monument Metals, it's critical to weigh both the advantages of Monument Metals and the limitations of precious metals investment. These considerations are vital for an informed, balanced decision-making process.


  • Diverse Product Offerings: Offering a wide range including bullion, exclusive coins, and collectibles, Monument Metals caters to a range of investor interests.
  • Easy Purchase Processes: The streamlined online buying process, from selection through checkout, significantly enhances the customer experience at Monument Metals.
  • Robust Customer Service: Committed to customer satisfaction, Monument Metals provides comprehensive product details and support, positioning them as a dependable investment ally.

However, potential investors should also note the Monument Metals drawbacks. The absence of a buyback program for precious metals poses a challenge. This might hinder the ease of converting investments back into cash quickly, an essential factor for many investors.


  • Liquidation Challenges: Without a buyback option, liquidating assets with Monument Metals may demand more time and incur additional costs, impacting asset liquidity.
  • Market Dependence: All precious metals investments face market volatility impacts. This common constraint could influence investment returns significantly.

To successfully invest with Monument Metals, a balanced understanding of its pros and cons is indispensable. Such an approach ensures investors are well-prepared to navigate their investment paths efficiently.


In the world of precious metal investments, Monument Metals shines as a key contender. They provide a range of reliable products and opportunities for investors at any level.

The company prides itself on offering everything from gold and silver to platinum and palladium. This ensures investors have many options for preserving their wealth. Furthermore, their well-thought-out return policies and ability to adapt to market shifts are crucial. They enable investors to make informed decisions with confidence and insight.

Monument Metals excels by providing top-notch services, detailed guidance, and a vast selection of precious metals. Their deep understanding of market trends positions Monument Metals as a strong partner in building a diverse and stable investment portfolio.


  • Services: Bullion Dealer
  • Products: Gold, silver, copper, palladium and platinum
  • Promotion: None

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