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Updated January 31, 2024

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Monetary Gold is a company specializing in providing investment solutions for precious metals, particularly gold, within Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). They offer services to help individuals diversify their retirement portfolios by including physical gold as a strategic asset.

When considering a retirement investment that offers stability even amidst market fluctuations, a precious metals IRA emerges as an attractive option. Monetary Gold, a distinguished gold IRA company, specializes in such investment vehicles, catering to both retirees and savvy investors.

With its foundation laid in the year 2000 and a proud home base in Woodland Hills, California, Monetary Gold has carved out a reputation for providing accessible and reliable investment opportunities in gold, silver, and other precious metals, while also prioritizing affordable pricing.

Their steadfast approach and the significant expertise they contribute to the precious metals industry have earned Monetary Gold an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This acknowledgment serves as a testament to their commitment to excellence and positions them prominently as one of the top contenders in the realm of gold IRA companies.

By choosing Monetary Gold investment strategies, individuals can embark on diversifying their portfolio with a seasoned ally by their side.

Key Takeaways

  • Monetary Gold offers a robust precious metals IRA, aiding in diversified retirement planning.
  • Based in California since 2000, the company brings two decades of industry experience to the table.
  • Known for a commitment to affordable pricing, they facilitate investments in gold, silver, and other precious metals without unnecessary markups.
  • The A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau reinforces Monetary Gold's authority and reliability as a top gold IRA company.
  • Investors receive a combination of competitive pricing and knowledgeable customer service when they choose Monetary Gold for their investment needs.

Introduction to Monetary Gold

As we delve into the core of what makes Monetary Gold a cornerstone in the precious metals industry, it's clear that their ambition extends beyond just transactions. They strive for a diversified investment strategy to ensure clients are well-prepared for the unpredictability of today's economic landscape. Over two decades of consistent service have built a remarkable Monetary Gold reputation, an outcome of their stalwart dedication to the realm of precious metals.

A Glimpse into Monetary Gold's History

Since its establishment, Monetary Gold has been firmly rooted in the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to access the stability of gold investing. With a backdrop of increasingly volatile traditional investments, the company's inception was timely and necessary. Monetary Gold's journey through 23 years in the marketplace reveals an unwavering commitment to both competitive pricing and customer needs, having been nurtured by seasoned professionals boasting over half a century's worth of expertise in the precious metals sector.

Key Offerings: What Does Monetary Gold Provide?

Monetary Gold is renowned for services that transcend the simple buying and selling of gold and silver. Here's what clients can expect:

  • An array of investment products tailored to diverse preferences and objectives.
  • A library of educational resources, empowering clients with the knowledge to make informed decisions.
  • Exceptional customer service, with advisors ready to assist in constructing a robust portfolio.

Their extensive offerings reflect a holistic approach to investing, ensuring that clients are met with options and guidance every step of the way. Monetary Gold services are, indeed, a blend of tradition, innovation, and everything in between, setting the bar high in the precious metals industry.

Goldco is an industry leader in the precious metals space, offering a comprehensive approach to protecting your retirement savings in an ever-changing economic landscape.


  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

Examining Monetary Gold's Product Range

Delving into the diverse selection of investment options, Monetary Gold stands out with an extensive collection of precious metals that cater to various investor preferences. Their offerings encompass not only traditional choices but also cater to those looking for platinum and palladium investments, as well as collectors and investors interested in rare coin investments.

Tapping into Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium Selections

Investment in gold continues to be a cornerstone of portfolios that value stability and growth potential. Monetary Gold's catalog includes a variety of gold coins and bullion, with items that are perfect for IRAs or personal investment. Silver IRA options offer an accessible entry point for those looking to diversify with a metal that holds industrial significance alongside its investment value. The company's inventory extends to high-demand platinum and palladium products, offering sought-after pieces like the Platinum American Eagle and the Palladium Maple Leaf for discerning investors. Here's a snapshot of what's available:

  • Gold American Eagle and Buffalo Coins
  • Silver American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  • Platinum American Eagle Coins
  • Palladium Maple Leaf Coins

The Allure of Rare Coins: An Investor's Delight

Rare coin investments are not only a hobby but also a form of strategic investment, offering the dual advantages of historical significance and potential appreciation. Monetary Gold curates a selection of rare coins that promises to captivate both collectors and investors. The diverse array includes, but is not limited to, the following treasures:

  1. $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle
  2. $20 Liberty Head Double Eagle
  3. $10 Indian Head Eagle
  4. Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars

With Monetary Gold, every investment choice is made clearer, helping investors navigate through the options of precious metals, whether they are seasoned collectors or newcomers to the world of precious metals investments.

Monetary Gold's Pricing Strategy Unveiled

As a discerning investor exploring the landscape of precious metals, understanding the pricing strategy of your dealer is paramount. Monetary Gold, renowned for their direct dealer approach, offers an intriguing pricing model that focuses on delivering value and enhancing investment returns for their customers.

The Competitive Edge: Direct Dealer Pricing

Monetary Gold's role as a direct dealer of precious metals affords them the ability to offer bullion and coins at competitive precious metal prices. This direct-to-consumer model ensures that clients are purchasing metals at prices that are consistently close to the market's spot price. Without the need for intermediaries, the pricing strategy employed by Monetary Gold reduces overhead costs, leading to savings that are passed directly to the investor.

  • Direct dealer precious metals: Enabling investors to access gold, silver, platinum, and palladium near the market rate.
  • Elimination of intermediaries: Reducing unnecessary markups and facilitating better control over purchase pricing.
  • Transparent pricing strategy: Offering clear, upfront details on costs, helping investors make informed financial decisions.

Promotions and Discounts: Maximizing Investor Returns

Monetary Gold further bolsters investor confidence and maximizes potential investment returns through timely promotions and discounts. Their dynamic pricing strategy includes offering deals that can significantly lower the cost basis of precious metal investments.

  1. Seasonal offers and promotional discounts: Encouraging timely investment actions while tapping into savings opportunities.
  2. Loyalty benefits: Rewarding returning customers with special pricing, enhancing the overall value of their investment portfolio.
  3. Market-responsive pricing: Utilizing market trends to structure deals that appeal to both new and seasoned investors.

The astute investor will recognize Monetary Gold's pricing strategy as an opportunity to acquire precious metals with an eye towards optimizing cost efficiency and profit potential. The confluence of direct dealer savings and well-timed promotions presents a formidable avenue for enhancing the financial performance of one's precious metal holdings.

Security and Storage Solutions by Monetary Gold

Investing in precious metals is not just about purchasing assets; it's also about ensuring their secure storage and protection. Monetary Gold recognizes the importance of this aspect and offers safekeeping of precious metals through its partnership with the Delaware Depository, a premier storage facility renowned for its safety measures and services. Catering to the needs of savvy investors, this collaboration highlights key features such as:

  • Insured Gold Investment: Protection against unforeseen events is a crucial concern. Monetary Gold provides peace of mind by offering insurance through Lloyds of London, ensuring that your investment is covered.
  • IRS-Approved Depository: The Delaware Depository meets all the stringent requirements set by the IRS, making it a trusted facility for investors who require an IRS-approved institution for their precious metals IRAs.
  • Secure Storage: With state-of-the-art security systems, the Delaware Depository's fortified structure is specifically designed for the safekeeping of precious metals, so investors can rest assured that their assets are in a secure environment.
  • Tax Advantages: Located in the tax-friendly state of Delaware, the depository can offer potential savings regarding certain state tax liabilities, adding a strategic financial advantage to the secure storage of your investments.

Monetary Gold's commitment to the protection of your precious metals investment is evident in their strategic alliance with such a dependable facility. Investors gain not only a secure place for their assets but also an added layer of assurance thanks to the comprehensive insurance and credibility offered by the IRS-approved Delaware Depository.

Monetary Gold Review: The Customer Service Experience

At the heart of Monetary Gold's steadfast reputation is a customer service philosophy that doesn't just aim to complete a sale, but strives for exceptional customer satisfaction. This commitment is evident in their tailored approach to precious metals consultation, which is both educational and personalized.

  • Industry veteran representatives impart their knowledge, assisting clients to understand the nuances of precious metal investing.
  • Every Monetary Gold client receives individualized attention, ensuring their financial aspirations are met with careful consideration.
  • The focus on educating customers about their investment aligns perfectly with personal financial goals.

Monetary Gold's customer service doesn't stop at just solving problems — it's about creating a supportive journey from the initial conversation to making confident investment choices. Testimonials continually praise the service team for their patience and professionalism, highlighting a seamless experience in navigating through setting up a gold IRA and making investment decisions.

IRA Rollovers with Monetary Gold: Simplifying Retirement Savings

Embarking on the journey of securing your retirement savings through an IRA rollover can be a smooth sail with the assistance of Monetary Gold. This revered institution makes the self-directed IRA setup process straightforward, catering to both seasoned investors and newcomers to the gold IRA management sphere. The company’s personalized service ensures that rollovers from existing retirement accounts into a precious metals IRA are not only easy but also tailored to fit individual retirement goals.

Setting up Self-Directed IRAs Made Easy

Recognizing the growing demand for personalized retirement solutions, Monetary Gold has streamlined the procedure for creating a self-directed IRA. The effortlessness of the process begins with selecting a trustworthy custodian to safeguard your retirement savings. Monetary Gold collaborates with established custodians including Equity Trust, Kingdom Trust, Goldstar Trust, and Entrust, bringing their invaluable experience and security assurance to the forefront for your self-directed IRA setup.

A Roadmap to Funding and Managing Your Gold IRA

Following the setup of your self-directed IRA, Monetary Gold offers comprehensive guidance on funding options and effective gold IRA management. They ensure that the transition of funds from existing accounts to your new IRA is executed with precision and care, mirroring the convenience and customization that characterize their approach:

  1. A step-by-step guide to IRA rollovers, keeping you informed at every juncture.
  2. Assistance in selecting the right mix of precious metals to help diversify your retirement savings portfolio.
  3. Ongoing customer service support to navigate the intricacies of gold IRA management, ensuring your retirement planning remains robust.

The culmination of this service excellence is the power it hands to investors, allowing them to track the growth and stability of their gold IRA assets with ease and confidence.

The Comprehensive Educational Resources of Monetary Gold

Monetary Gold stands out as a beacon in the realm of investor education by offering an extensive collection of Monetary Gold resource materials designed to enhance the knowledge of both novice and seasoned investors. These materials are crafted to provide clarity and comprehensive understanding of the market, helping individuals navigate through the intricate world of precious metals investing.

  • Insight into the essentials of precious metals investment with the "Gold IRA Investment Guide."
  • A dive into coin collecting and investment strategies with the inclusive "Coin Guide."
  • Easy-to-understand precious metals guide filled with actionable tips.

Moreover, the educational suite includes resources such as live market news, analytical investment charts, and detailed historical perspectives that examine the ongoing journey of gold in relation to the dollar, enabling investors to make informed, strategic decisions that pertain to their financial objectives.

  1. Real-time access to cutting-edge market news and trends.
  2. Customized investment charts to track historical and present precious metals performance.
  3. Thorough analysis of gold versus the U.S. dollar to guide investor actions and expectations.

With investor education placed at the forefront, Monetary Gold's dedicated commitment to empowering clients with knowledge mirrors the company's belief in the importance of building a strong, educated, and confident investor community.

Monetary Gold's Trustworthiness: Ratings and Customer Feedback

Establishing trust with a gold investment company is perhaps as crucial as the investment itself. As a prospective investor, the reputation of Monetary Gold may significantly influence your decision. Both novice and seasoned investors often seek assurance from trustworthy sources regarding a company's credibility before committing their assets. In this section, we examine the foundations of Monetary Gold's reputation through its Better Business Bureau profile and actual customer experiences.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Insight

The Better Business Bureau is a storied institution, respected for its comprehensive evaluations of business trustworthiness and integrity. Monetary Gold's BBB accreditation serves as a hallmark of its commitment to ethical business practices and customer satisfaction. With a foothold in reliability sustained by an A+ rating, this gold IRA company goes beyond just meeting standards, reflecting a consistency in service excellence that speaks volumes to potential investors.

Customer Testimonials: A Measure of Reputation

Navigating through Monetary Gold ratings and customer reviews presents a narrative of the company's reputation. Customers have voiced their approval through positive feedback, underlining the company's dedication to educating its clients, transparent operations, and reliable customer care. This candid customer commentary, coupled with the company's active engagement by addressing each review, reinforces the narrative of a dependable company vested in maintaining open lines of communication and ensuring investor satisfaction.

Evaluating Monetary Gold for Your Portfolio

When it comes to precious metals investment, the final stage involves making an informed decision that aligns with one’s financial goals and investment criteria. An essential element of this process is comprehensively evaluating the dealer's reputation, pricing, customer service, and product offerings. In this light, Monetary Gold has been under our microscope.

Final Verdict on the Monetary Gold Review

Our investigations have revealed that Monetary Gold stakes a firm claim in the realm of precious metals investment. This company stands out for its commitment to competitive pricing and an emphasis on investor education—a testament to their dedication to empowering clients. The varied selection of coins and bullion they offer caters to collectors and investors alike, addressing the desire for portfolio diversity that many seek.

Is Monetary Gold the Right Choice for Your Investment Strategy?

Monetary Gold presents itself as a potential candidate for your investment decision-making, especially when considering a precious metals dealer evaluation. Various factors contribute to this conclusion:

  • A diverse product range that accommodates different investor needs.
  • Direct dealer pricing that aims to maximize investment value.
  • Secure storage options, providing peace of mind for your assets.
  • Customer service that prioritizes transparency and responsiveness.

In summary, a Monetary Gold summary reflects their standing as a reputable option in the market. While they may not be the sole choice for every investor, their offerings make a compelling case for those prioritizing direct, cost-effective access to the precious metals market.


Embarking on a precious metals investment journey with Monetary Gold offers a plethora of advantages, but it is imperative for prospective investors to conduct due diligence. Grasping the expansive range of servicespricing, and storage solutions should be at the forefront of these informed investment choices. Each investor’s individual goals and circumstances will dictate which products from Monetary Gold's selection will harmonize best with their financial strategy, taking into account specific IRA eligibility and the inherent potential tax benefits linked to the Delaware Depository.

Moreover, the commitment to a transparent fee structure is as vital as the investment itself. Knowledge of Monetary Gold considerations such as minimum investment thresholds, annual storage costs, and any associated service fees will enable you to manage your investment effectively without any unforeseen expenses. It's these details that amplify the worth of your venture and contribute to a landscape where your investment can thrive.

Finally, the echoing words of customer testimonials shed light on the caliber of service one can expect from Monetary Gold. The company's proactive engagement with its clientele and the desire to position education and customer service at the core of their operations asseverate their customer-first philosophy. This not only underpins the trust in their reliability but also solidifies their standing as a knowledgeable and steadfast partner in your investment journey.


  • Service: Precious Metals IRA, gold & silver bullion
  • Minimum investment: $10,000
  • Fees: $180/yr (depends on custodian)
  • Promotion: 1st year fees waived over $50k

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