Madison Trust Company: Understanding Their Fee Structure

Updated June 14, 2024

Securing a custodian that demonstrates a transparent fee policy is crucial in retirement investment management. Madison Trust Company stands out as an IRA-approved custodian since 2004, known for its clear-cut pricing. Located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, they've established a reputation for transparency.

They charge a straightforward custody fee of $100 per quarter for the first asset and only $25 for each additional asset, eliminating surprises.

Key Takeaways

  • Madison Trust Company offers a transparent and straightforward fee structure for self-directed IRA costs.
  • Their quarterly custody fee includes the first asset, simplifying retirement investment management.
  • Additional assets only incur a minimal increase in fees, promoting transparent Madison Trust Company fees.
  • Fixed charges for investment activities contribute to a transparent fee policy, ensuring clients are not blindsided by hidden costs.

An Overview of Madison Trust Company

Since it was founded in 2004, Madison Trust Company has become a standout name in financial services. Operating from Sioux Falls, this firm is pivotal in redefining self-directed retirement planning. It places a strong emphasis on both empowering investors and adhering to regulatory standards.

Company History and Noteworthy Achievements

The mission to reshape the self-directed IRA market led to the birth of Madison Trust Company. Throughout its existence, it has maintained high service levels, confirming the strength of its Madison Trust Company history. The company has seen its client assets swell and earned accolades in the financial world. These successes have shifted how the industry views self-directed retirement planning.

The Mission and Vision of Madison Trust Company

Madison Trust Company has a mission to empower investors by offering them control and resources to diversify their retirement savings. Its vision goes beyond transactions. It strives to educate and enable clients to make decisions that benefit their future finances.

Core Values and Customer-Oriented Approach

The foundation of Madison Trust Company's efforts lies in transparency, reliability, and a focus on the client. These core values are evident in every interaction with their clients. Such dedication has built a solid client base and established Madison Trust as a financial service leader, especially in empowering investors. Their unwavering dedication to client satisfaction and bespoke financial strategies is key to their ongoing prosperity.

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  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

Comprehensive Services Provided by Madison Trust Company

Madison Trust Company provides a comprehensive suite of services tailored for modern investors. These services enhance how clients manage their retirement portfolios. They include Self-Directed IRAs, real estate IRA options, precious metal investing, and directed trust services. These offerings allow for superior control and an expanded view of investment possibilities.

Self-Directed IRAs: A Gateway to Diverse Investments

Madison Trust's Self-Directed IRAs open the door to a wide range of alternative investments. They let investors go beyond just stocks and bonds. You can invest in real estate, precious metals, promissory notes, and private equity within one account. This flexibility enables investors to customize their strategies to achieve their financial objectives and manage risk.

Real Estate and Precious Metal Investments

  • Real Estate IRA: Allows investing in residential, commercial, and land within an IRA. These assets can generate rental income and appreciate in value, offering significant tax benefits under IRS rules.
  • Precious Metal Investing: Madison Trust offers a Gold IRA, promoting the inclusion of valuable metals like gold and silver in portfolios. This provides protection against inflation and market fluctuations.

Directed Trust Services: Empowering Investors with Control

Madison Trust Company's directed trust services underscore the importance of asset control for investors. By choosing a directed trust, clients gain security and the liberty to invest as they see fit. It merges the legal safeguards of a trust with the investment versatility of a Self-Directed IRA. This arrangement positions investors to effectively grow their assets.

Madison Trust Company’s Investment Portfolio Opportunities

Madison Trust Company stands out by offering a wide range of investment options that increase portfolio diversity. Their Gold IRA product is a prime example. It is deliberately crafted to introduce investors to solid assets such as gold. This move helps in strengthening portfolios against the unpredictable financial market.

  • Gold IRA: Offering a stable investment in the face of market volatility, Gold IRA's are a cornerstone for those seeking to incorporate durable, valuable assets into their retirement plans.
  • Crowdfunding investments: Madison Trust opens doors to innovative investment opportunities, allowing clients to directly engage in the funding of startups and new projects with potential for high returns.
  • Alternative assets: Beyond mainstream stocks and bonds, they provide access to novel asset classes, expanding investor horizons and potential income streams through varied and unique investments.

Madison Trust Company is dedicated to enhancing investment portfolio diversity. They constantly seek new market segments to offer their clients. With options ranging from precious metals to groundbreaking crowdfunding initiatives, Madison Trust ensures investors receive a well-balanced mix of opportunities. Their approach not only meets various investor needs but also boosts the resilience and potential growth of financial portfolios.

Account Management and Investor Support

Madison Trust Company excels in exceptional investor support from the start of your account until the end. They prioritize flexibility and simplicity in financial management. For smooth account opening to consistent management, Madison Trust integrates every step. Their approach makes financial management both seamless and user-friendly.

Getting Started with Madison Trust Company

Beginning your investment journey with Madison Trust Company is designed to be simple. They aim to simplify the complex aspects of financial planning. The account setup is easy, with support from a team focused on a smooth intro. This makes starting your investment process informative and stress-free.

Navigating Account Transfer and Rollover

Madison Trust Company simplifies asset transfers and the rollover process. It's crucial for consolidating your investments, and they know it. Their experts ensure a smooth transition of funds from other retirement accounts. This guarantees that your investment journey continues without hitches or delays.

Personalized Assistance and Maintenance

When your account is running, ongoing support is crucial for maintenance and optimization. Madison Trust offers continuous support to keep your portfolio on track. They provide regular account reviews and personalized advice. This ensures your investment strategy adapts to market changes and your financial goals.

Madison Trust Company Fee Structures Explained

Madison Trust Company offers a fee structure that promotes clarity and predictability. It aids investors in navigating alternative assets. Knowing how these fees work is crucial for making smart, tailored investment choices.

Unveiling the Custody and Quarterly Fees

The company imposes a reasonable quarterly custody fee of $100. This fee takes care of the first asset's administrative needs. For any additional asset within the same quarter, a modest $25 fee is applied. This ensures transparency and affordability for all clients.

Details on Transaction and Service Charges

Madison Trust highlights uniform investment service charges to maintain simplicity. Activities such as buying assets or altering their registration incur a flat $50 fee. This approach removes the worry of fluctuating fees, streamlining investment planning.

Comparison of Asset-Based vs. Flat Pricing Models

  • Asset-based pricing suits investors with larger portfolios by tying fees to the volume and type of managed assets. It offers cost efficiency for those managing multiple investments.
  • Flat fee structure aims at investors desiring straightforward and predictable charges, regardless of asset volume. It simplifies budgeting, making it ideal for newcomers or those with fewer assets.

Madison Trust provides both asset-based and flat-rate pricing, catering to various investor needs. This approach highlights their dedication to fair and open financial services.

Transparency in Pricing: What to Expect from Madison Trust Company

When looking for a retirement planning partner, knowing the costs is crucial. Madison Trust Company stands out with a transparent fee policy. It simplifies retirement account management costs for customers. This approach is foundational to their operations, promising clear communication of all potential fees to avoid surprises.

  • Their simple fee structure clarifies what you're paying for, which underscores Madison Trust Company pricing clarity.
  • Madison Trust's upfront fee disclosure helps investors plan their retirement finances without worry.
  • This transparency fosters trust, as clients are confident there'll be no unseen fees later.

The transparent fee policy boosts client satisfaction and brands Madison Trust as a trustworthy player in financial planning services. They make their fee structures crystal clear, enabling customers to make informed decisions. This strategy helps in building a strong financial future.

If you’re either new to saving for retirement or considering a change in account management, knowing retirement account management costs upfront is key. Madison Trust’s emphasis on pricing clarity makes transitioning to their services worry-free. Their commitment ensures a clear, straightforward path to financial security for all clients.

Expanding Your Investment Horizons with Alternative Assets

Madison Trust Company emphasizes the need to expand investments beyond just stocks and bonds. They offer clients alternative assets, broadening the ways to increase retirement savings and ensuring more financially secure futures.

Investing in Real Estate through Your IRA

Investments in IRA real estate offer a chance to incorporate real property into retirement plans. These investments allow individuals to access rental income and appreciate property value, all within the tax benefits of IRAs.

The Potential of Precious Metals and Crowdfunding

Precious metal IRAs provide a stable safeguard against market instability, involving assets like gold and silver known for retaining value. Crowdfunding, meanwhile, allows investors to back and benefit from new ventures, enhancing portfolio diversification and growth.

The Inclusion of Startups and Private Equity

At Madison Trust, clients can invest in startups and private equity, pivotal for tapping into emerging markets and innovative models. Although these investments come with risks, they offer potential for notable returns, thereby enriching the investment options in an IRA.

Customer Experiences and Satisfaction Ratings

Madison Trust Company's commitment to service excellence greatly shapes its product quality and service delivery reputation. Through multiple feedback channels, the experiences of customers offer invaluable insights. This dedication to excellence is why the company enjoys a notable reputation in financial services.

Insights from Madison Trust Customer Reviews

Madison Trust customer reviews on various platforms often emphasize the company's timely responses and the staff's expertise. Such feedback plays a crucial role in shaping the company’s satisfaction ratings. Clients particularly praise the prompt and accurate assistance. It effectively navigates the intricate world of retirement investments.

Understanding the Customer Service Approach

The company tailors its customer service to meet individual financial needs and circumstances. By personalizing support, Madison Trust not only enhances its service excellence but ensures clients feel valued. This strategy fosters loyalty and trust among clients, strengthening their investment journey.

How Reputation Influences Your Choice

The reputation of a financial services company is critical in drawing and keeping investors. Madison Trust’s commitment to high satisfaction through unparalleled service makes it a top choice. Its A+ BBB rating reflects this trust, showcasing the company’s dedication to efficiently addressing client concerns.


Madison Trust Company's review showcases its role as a significant player in self-directed IRA services. They prioritize responsible financial planning. With a commitment to offering a full range of options, they gain their clients' trust. They are more than just a service provider; they redefine the essence of a reliable retirement strategy partner. This highlights their commitment to guiding clients through financial market challenges.

Their fee structure is designed for clarity and transparency. This aids investors in grasifying the details of their financial dealings, eliminating worries about hidden fees. Through a mix of fixed and variable fees, Madison Trust adapts to each investor's unique needs. This approach strengthens their reputation for being reliable and transparent in managing retirement funds. They offer various investment possibilities, from real estate IRAs to investments in precious metals. This encourages savvy, yet cautious diversification for a sturdy retirement portfolio.

Madison Trust Company is recognized for fostering an environment that encourages informed financial choices and strategic wealth accumulation. Their service model is deeply committed to protecting client interests and respecting each individual’s retirement goals. Madison Trust stands as a crucial partner for anyone seeking secure and diversified investment strategies. They play a major role in ensuring a stable and prosperous financial future.

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