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Updated May 8, 2024

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Madaz Money is a trading platform and educational resource created by trader Madaz, offering tools and resources for day traders to learn about and improve their trading strategies. The platform provides video lessons, live trading sessions, and market analysis.

Madaz Money stands as a beacon for those venturing into day trading, thanks to its unique blend of community spirit and in-depth market analysis. Led by Max Madaz, a former engineer turned trading strategist, it's more than just a platform. It's an educational hub where over 650 members, from newbies to pros, find value.

The site offers a variety of tools: a chat room with live commentary, daily stock watchlists, webinars, and numerous videos. Aimed at enhancing traders' skills, Madaz Money presents both monthly and yearly memberships.

Key Takeaways

  • Madaz Money, founded by Max Madaz, is a recognized name within the realm of day trading education and trader resources.
  • The platform has amassed a diverse community of over 650 traders since opening its digital doors in 2017.
  • The array of resources at Madaz Money includes a chat room, daily watch lists, webinars, a podcast, a well-curated video library, and direct support from seasoned moderators.
  • Madaz Money extends multiple membership models to accommodate different needs but does not currently offer promotional discounts.

Uncovering the Foundations of Madaz Money

In the day trading world, Madaz Money is a pivotal player for traders looking to boost their market strategies. It originated from the vision of founder Max Madaz, whose journey significantly influenced its path.

About Founder Max Madaz

Max Madaz transitioned from an engineering career to full-time trading, inspired by a colleague's introduction to the financial markets. As an alum of UC Irvine and CSU Long Beach, his shift stemmed from a deep belief in day trading's potential. In 2017, he founded the MadazMoney website, adding a chat room in 2018, with the goal of creating a key educational resource for day traders.

Evolution of the Trading Community

Under Max Madaz's mentorship, Madaz Money has expanded immensely, fostering a culture of success and learning. It serves as a crucial platform for sharing strategies and educational materials. This growth underscores Max's effective methods and the community's welcoming environment for traders at different levels.

Now, Madaz Money exemplifies successful day trading mentorship. Max Madaz leads, blending traditional insight with new trading tactics, propelling members towards prosperous trading careers.

Investors Underground is a renowned day trading community known for providing top-notch education, real-time trade alerts, and comprehensive video tutorials. Their resources, geared towards both novice and experienced traders, focus on diverse trading strategies.

ABOUT the Investors underground

  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Trustpilot rating of 4.5
  • Over 1000+ community members
  • 700+ video lessons and guides
  • Study groups, trade recaps, and Q&A sessions.

The Core of Madaz Money: Chat Room and Live Voice Commentary

The trading chat room at Madaz Money is far from ordinary; it's where traders blend passion with skill. Accessible through Discord, it offers much more than a place for transactions. Instead, it builds a community. Here, members share knowledge and live trade insights eagerly.

Chat Room Dynamics and Member Experience

The design of the Madaz Money trading chat room supports different trading styles, including swing trading and investing. Its primary focus remains on day trading. This diversity enriches the Madaz Money experience.

Members engage in wide-ranging discussions, from technical trading methods to lighter, off-topic conversations. The addition of live voice commentary introduces an interactive element. This aspect creates an engaging environment that boosts both learning and trading.

Real-Time Trading Insights with Live Voice Commentary

The live voice commentary in the Madaz Money chat room stands out. It offers crucial, real-time trading insights. Members can swiftly adjust to market shifts and make informed choices. Live commentary clarifies complex market aspects. It's extremely helpful for newcomers, allowing them to acquire practical knowledge from experts.

  • Direct access to real-time discussions about current market trends.
  • Opportunity to ask questions and receive immediate feedback during live trading sessions.
  • Enhancement of the learning curve through exposure to live decision-making processes.

Madaz Money's communal approach isn't just about refining trading skills. It significantly elevates the overall member experience. This platform stands distinguished as a leading center for developing trading proficiency.

Exclusive Content: Private Members-Only Video Library

The Madaz Money library stands as a pivotal area of the platform. It offers a broad spectrum of educational trading resources. These are accessible exclusively to members. This specialized access guarantees every content piece, from detailed training videos to extensive trade analyses, aims to significantly uplift the trading competencies of its members.

  • Exclusive trading videos that cover various advanced trading techniques and strategies.
  • Members-only content including detailed market analyses and video recaps of trading sessions that provide real-time insights into market movements and decision-making processes.
  • Structured categories within the video library allow users to easily navigate and focus their learning on specific trading styles or methodologies, enriching their educational experience.

Gaining entry to the Madaz Money library is not just about accessing trading materials. It's an opening to mastering trading. With content specifically designed to meet the needs of both beginners and seasoned traders, the enriching knowledge stored here validates the value of the membership.

Maximizing Trades: Daily Watchlists and Trade Tracker

To help its members refine their trading strategies and maximize performance, Madaz Money offers specialized tools. These include daily trading watchlists and an advanced trade tracking system. Both are designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

Strategic Planning with Daily Watchlists

For traders aiming to stay ahead, strategic planning is crucial. Madaz Money aids this effort with daily trading watchlists, offered through its Discord chat room. These lists spotlight potentially lucrative trades, prepping members for swift, informed action in volatile markets.

  • Identifying top trade prospects for the day based on thorough market analysis.
  • Enabling traders to focus their research and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Supporting members in reducing the risk, enhancing decision making.

Trade Tracking for Performance Analysis

Madaz Money integrates a sophisticated trade tracking system to boost performance analysis. This feature allows for real-time trade monitoring, historical review, and insights into past trades. It's vital for ongoing improvement and professional development in trading.

  • Recording essential details of each trade to provide a transparent overview.
  • Analyzing trade data to identify both strengths and weaknesses in trading strategies.
  • Fostering accountability through detailed reporting and analysis of personal trading results.

The tools provided by Madaz Money, such as the trade tracking system and daily watchlists, play a crucial role. They not only aim at trade maximization but also empower community members. They enhance strategic planning, knowledge, and confidence for success in the markets.

Getting Personal: One-on-One Mentoring Benefits

In the dynamic realm of day trading, Madaz Money distinguishes itself with personalized mentoring for its members. This unique learning environment facilitates direct engagement with experts. They offer tailored guidance and actionable feedback to traders.

Individualized Guidance from Community Moderators

Madaz Money's one-on-one mentoring sessions with community moderators provide personal trading guidance. Members gain from the individual attention and focus. This approach encompasses:

  • Custom Tutorials: Tailored instruction addressing specific trading queries and challenges.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Instant guidance during live trading sessions to refine strategies and decisions.
  • Long-Term Planning: Assistance in developing a personalized trading plan aligned with individual goals.

The Impact of Direct Access to Trading Experts

Having direct access to trading experts through Madaz Money not only speeds up learning but also boosts trading performance. Key benefits include:

  • Accelerated Learning Curve: Traders quickly master new techniques thanks to seasoned traders' expertise.
  • Enhanced Decision Making: Expert advice leads to more informed decisions, boosting confidence and results.
  • Bespoke Strategies: One-on-one interactions foster the customization of strategies to fit the trader's strengths and market focus.

Madaz Money stands out as a top platform for both beginner and advanced traders. It integrates one-on-one mentoring, community moderators, personal trading guidance, and access to experts. This enhances traders' skills and strategies significantly.

Making the Right Choice: Pricing and Subscription Models

When assessing day trading educational platforms, affordability and flexibility are crucial. Madaz Money meets this demand with subscription options designed for both beginners and experienced traders.

It's a strategy that boosts its reputation for affordability while offering varied engagement levels. This helps traders to find a plan that matches their financial ability.

  • Monthly Membership Plan: At $99, this plan gives instant access to all trading resources and the active community. It's ideal for those new to day trading.
  • Annual Membership Plan: Costing $990 yearly, this plan is cost-effective, equating to two months free compared to the monthly plan. It suits traders dedicated to long-term participation and savings.

The membership plans underscore Madaz Money's drive to make day trading widely accessible. In contrast to some rivals, Madaz Money keeps prices fair without skimping on quality resources. This aligns with its mission to open up trading education to all. The affordability of these plans makes Madaz Money an inclusive community for traders.

Madaz Money Review: A Candid Look at Trader Testimonials

The discussion around Madaz Money often centers on user feedback, providing a deep dive into the community it nurtures. Through trader testimonials, we delve into the influence and range of the platform.

Success Stories Shared by Community Members

  • Many in the community have seen their trading skills sharply increase, crediting the platform's structured educational materials.
  • Individual stories tell of utilizing the community to connect with seasoned traders, thereby refining their trading tactics.
  • The availability of immediate trading guidance in chat rooms is a recurring theme in Madaz Money endorsements, key to daily trading achievements.

Areas for Improvement as Highlighted by Users

  • User feedback consistently emphasizes the need for more frequent updates to educational content, keeping up with market changes.
  • While the shared knowledge is praised, some wish for a broader focus that includes core trading concepts, beyond just profit-making strategies.
  • There's a considerable call for more individualized mentorship, addressing the varied skill levels among community members.

Grasping these success narratives and feedback for enhancement aids potential and existing members. It sets accurate expectations and offers critical insights for refining Madaz Money's services.

Breaking Down the Pros and Cons of Madaz Money

When exploring day trading platforms, Madaz Money is notable for its unique offerings. We delve into the benefits and drawbacks of Madaz Money for day traders. This ensures a well-rounded assessment of its trading capabilities.


  • Access to Elite Trader Knowledge: A major benefit of Madaz Money is its gateway to advanced trading strategies. Users gain insights from experienced traders, enhancing their decision-making in real-time.
  • Expansive Library of Instructional Videos: Madaz Money's large collection of instructional content is a boon for both beginners and seasoned traders. It enriches the user experience and promotes skill building.
  • Dynamic Trade Room Environment: The live trade room fosters camaraderie and facilitates a rapid exchange of strategies. This environment aids in swift and efficient strategy implementation.
  • Cost Efficiency: In comparison to its competitors, Madaz Money is more affordable. It offers extensive insights into the market and educational materials at a better value.

However, Madaz Money also comes with its own set of challenges:


  • Steep Learning Curve: The platform, rich in detailed trading analysis, requires users to navigate a steep learning curve. This might be daunting to new traders.
  • High Dedication Requirements: Successful utilization of the platform demands considerable time and effort. Only then can users fully benefit from its resources and community support.
  • Mixed Reviews on Educational Value: Though educational resources are vast, they receive varied responses on their practicality. This can affect the overall experience on the platform.


Madaz Money has carved a significant niche in day trading platforms. It's a final assessment of a resource-rich hub, aimed at developing stock trading skills. With a mix of educational content, trade tracking, and mentorship, it guides new and seasoned traders towards market success. 

The platform is celebrated for fostering an educational, supportive community. It stands out by aiding day traders to become more knowledgeable and ready for stock market challenges.

Overall, Madaz Money might indeed be an optimal choice for aspiring traders focused on education.


  • Service: Stock Trading Alerts
  • Pricing: $83.25-$99/month
  • Promotion: $2999 lifetime access

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