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Updated March 25, 2024

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Legacy Precious Metals is a provider of gold, & silver products for investment purposes. With a commitment to offering high-quality precious metals and exceptional customer service, Legacy Precious Metals helps investors protect and diversify their portfolios with physical assets.

When it comes to safeguarding your retirement savings, the steadiness of precious metals investment often comes into purview.

Legacy Precious Metals, is reputed for guiding individuals towards achieving that much-desired financial security. It's crucial to consider various strategies like investing in a gold IRA or silver IRA to fortify your future. 

This detailed review sheds light on the merits of Legacy Precious Metals and how it can contribute to securing your wealth and ensuring a stable retirement.

Key Takeaways

  • Legacy Precious Metals offers a credible path for precious metals investment, focusing on wealth protection.
  • Investing in a gold IRA or silver IRA with them could add a resilient layer to your retirement savings.
  • The company stands out for prioritizing investor education and direct secure shipping of valuable bullion stocks.
  • An exclusive buyback program underscores their commitment to your financial flexibility and security.
  • Known for a client-centric approach, they ensure a no high-pressure sales environment conducive for informed decision-making.
  • Legacy Precious Metals champions financial security in retirement through competitive market pricing and comprehensive customer care.

Understanding Legacy Precious Metals

In a financial landscape where the future can often seem uncertain, Legacy Precious Metals emerges as a beacon for those looking to secure their financial future through precious metals investment. With a mission to enable investors to protect their wealth, particularly during the twilight years post-retirement, Legacy Precious Metals commits itself to the pursuit of financial freedom for its clientele.

Despite entering the market more recently, Legacy Precious Metals has quickly established itself as a trustworthy destination for those seeking to diversify their investment portfolios with precious metals.

They offer not just products, but also a wealth of knowledge designed to guide both the seasoned and the inexperienced investor through the intricacies of metal investments.

  • Comprehensive Investment Education: Clients have access to educational resources that delve into the details of wealth protection and asset management, ensuring informed decision-making at every step.
  • Expert Advisory Services: With a team comprised of knowledgeable industry professionals, clients receive personalized advice tailored to their individual financial aspirations and circumstances.

However, as with any financial service provider, it is crucial for investors to gather as much information as possible. Legacy Precious Metals, while rich in service offerings, currently limits online transparency regarding pricing and product details - potential investors are encouraged to engage in direct dialogues to gain a full understanding of the offerings and costs involved. 

This step is vital to ensure that their decision to invest with Legacy Precious Metals aligns seamlessly with long-term objectives for wealth protection and prosperity.

Goldco is an industry leader in the precious metals space, offering a comprehensive approach to protecting your retirement savings in an ever-changing economic landscape.


  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • Money.com 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

Comprehensive Services Offered by Legacy Precious Metals

Legacy Precious Metals understands the importance of a secure investment when it comes to your retirement account. With a tailor-made suite of services, they cater to investors looking to make the most of precious metals as a robust investment option.

Whether facilitating a gold IRA rollover or ensuring direct metal shipping, their commitment to customer care is steadfast.

1. Gold and Silver IRA Services

At the forefront of Legacy Precious Metals' offerings is the conversion of traditional retirement accounts into gold and silver IRAs. This crucial service enables investors to diversify their retirement funds with physical gold and silver, providing a stable investment foundation with collectible coins and bullion stock.

Expert guidance through the gold IRA rollover process empowers clients to enhance their financial portfolios with tangible, secure assets.

2. Direct Bullion Purchases and Secure Shipping

Investors seeking direct access to physical gold and silver trust Legacy Precious Metals for its direct bullion purchases. With a selection that includes premier coins and bars, clients can acquire meaningful assets for their investment portfolios.

The company strikes a balance between high-quality offerings and investment liquidity by ensuring that each coin or bar reaches its new owner through secure, direct metal shipping services.

3. Exclusive Buyback Program

Furthermore, the company's precious metals buyback program adds an additional layer of assurance, promising a reliable option for investment liquidation when needed.

This program reflects Legacy Precious Metals' versatile approach to investor needs, underscoring the firm's dedication to offering solid exit strategies for their clientele's diverse and adaptable investment journeys.

Insights on Investment Security and Wealth Protection

At the core of Legacy Precious Metals is a belief in the enduring value of precious metals as a means of asset protection and wealth preservation. For generations, these assets have served as a hedge against inflation, holding their ground amidst the ebb and flow of economic changes. Legacy Precious Metals is committed to guiding investors towards financial strategies that ensure the safety and security of their assets.

One of the most persuasive arguments for including precious metals in any investment portfolio is their ability to withstand the pressures of inflation. By safeguarding purchasing power, precious metals provide a financial buffer that can mitigate the impact of currency fluctuations. Legacy Precious Metals advocates for the ownership of physical assets, underscoring their value as follows:

  • Precious metals have a proven track record of retaining value over time, unlike many paper assets whose worth may diminish with inflation.
  • Owning physical gold, silver, and other precious metals places control directly in the hands of the investor, not subject to the same risks as digital or paper representations of wealth.
  • The intrinsic value of precious metals provides a stable foundation for wealth that is not reliant on the performance of other markets or financial systems.

Investing in precious metals through Legacy Precious Metals is touted not just as a means of wealth accumulation but as a strategy for ensuring that one's life savings are preserved for the future. The security of tangible assets such as gold and silver can instill a degree of confidence that is much sought after in uncertain economic times.

Key Factors Contributing to Legacy Precious Metals' Reputation

Legacy Precious Metals has built a solid reputation grounded in its commitment to ethical sales practices and a mission-driven service that resonates with investors who value an investor-focused approach.

Integral aspects contributing to its standing in the market include its adherence to stress-free interactions, attention to service quality, and a strong alignment between company leadership and its foundational mission.

No High-Pressure Sales Tactics

The cornerstone of Legacy Precious Metals' approach lies in its ethical practices. The absence of high-pressure sales tactics has been a significant positive differentiator, setting Legacy apart as a firm that respects the investor's autonomy and decision-making process.

Customer Service Experience and Feedback

Gauging service quality through the lens of customer feedback reveals a mixed but insightful picture. Positive experiences highlight the firm's attentiveness and responsiveness, while the constructive criticism points towards opportunities for enhancement, always with the investor's well-being in mind.

Founder's Vision and Company's Mission

Finally, the clear investor-focused vision set by Founder Charles Thorngren aligns with the company's mission. This synergy between leadership and objectives fosters a transparent, mission-driven service underpinned by a profound desire to aid clients in securing their financial future.

Comparative Analysis: Legacy Precious Metals vs. Industry Competitors

When examining Legacy Precious Metals in the context of an industry comparison, it's essential to measure it against benchmarks set by established entities such as Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals.

Notably, specific details like minimum investment requirements and fee structures are not as transparent with Legacy Precious Metals, which may affect their investment firm rankings. Legacy Precious Metals holds potential as a significant player in the precious metals investment space, but certain incentives offered by competitors can overshadow this. 

To illustrate the differences:

  1. Promotional Offers: Competitors may entice new investors with incentives like free promotional silver, an attractive proposition for first-time investors evaluating their options.
  2. Fee Structures: Long-term fee waivers are a standard practice for investment firms aiming to create lasting relationships with their clientele; a feature not publicly addressed by Legacy Precious Metals.
  3. Market Position: The standing of Legacy Precious Metals within the industry competition is less defined, with an opportunity to enhance visibility by clarifying their offerings and benefits.

Addressing these comparative gaps is crucial for Legacy Precious Metals to bolster its position and appeal to savvy investors looking for a comprehensive investment package. By aligning closer to industry leaders through competitive offers and clear communication, they could significantly improve their standing among investment firms.

Evaluating Legacy Precious Metals for Your Retirement Portfolio

When navigating the complex landscape of retirement planning, integrating precious metal assets plays a pivotal role in the diversification of your portfolio.

Legacy Precious Metals stands as a partner in reinforcing your financial future with gold and silver IRAs, harnessing the specifics of precious metals investments to bolster your long-term goals.

Assessing the Value of Precious Metals in Retirement Planning

The inclusion of precious metals like gold and silver in a retirement portfolio transcends conventional investment practices. Recognized for their intrinsic value and stability, these assets serve as a counterbalance to the ups and downs of market trends and geopolitical climates. The practical aspects of retirement portfolio diversification include:

  • Providing a safeguard against inflation and currency devaluation
  • Enhancing portfolio resilience amidst stock market fluctuations
  • Contributing tangible assets that endure over time

Understanding the Specifics of Gold and Silver IRAs

Gold and silver IRAs represent a specialized class within precious metals investment specifics. Legacy Precious Metals facilitates this unique approach to retirement saving by:

  • Assisting in the selection of IRS-approved precious metal assets for your IRA
  • Guiding the process of allocating physical gold and silver to diversify retirement holdings
  • Offering strategic insights into how these investments can serve as a hedge in varied economic conditions

With a focus on longevity and stability, exploring the integration of precious metal assets through Legacy Precious Metals could be a strategic move for securing a prosperous retirement.

Legacy Precious Metals: Pros and Cons

When it comes to making informed financial decisions, understanding the investment advantages and considerations is crucial. Legacy Precious Metals has cemented its role as a significant player in the precious metals investment field, with a range of services tailored for individuals seeking to enhance their portfolio.

Nevertheless, like any financial institution, it presents a blend of pros and cons that prospective investors should weigh carefully.


  • No High-Pressure Sales: Legacy Precious Metals stands out for its customer-friendly approach, ensuring that investors feel at ease while making critical financial decisions without the stress of aggressive sales tactics.
  • Exclusive Buyback Program: The availability of a buyback program offers investors a clear exit strategy, presenting an advantage for those concerned about investment liquidity.
  • Transparent Fee Structure: With no disclosed fees, investors may find a sense of financial clarity and predictability when engaging with their services.
  • User-Friendly Website: Their intuitive website serves as a beneficial resource for investors to explore and understand the intricacies of precious metals investment.

However, potential drawbacks exist that warrant attention:


  • Limited Founding Team Information: There is scant information regarding the founding members of Legacy Precious Metals, which can be a point of concern for those who seek comprehensive background details before investing.
  • Non-Disclosed Pricing: Without listed prices on their website, investors may need to engage in direct communication with the firm to obtain vital cost details, adding a step in the financial decision-making process.
  • Less Established Reputation: Compared to industry giants, Legacy Precious Metals is building its reputation, which can lead to hesitancy among investors accustomed to well-known brands with extensive track records.


Considering the insights presented throughout the article, Legacy Precious Metals emerges as a strong candidate for individuals ready to elevate their approach to investment decision-making, specifically within the realm of precious metals.

The firm prides itself on fostering financial stewardship among its clients, employing a bespoke service model distilled from a genuine desire to see investors thrive. Their policy of avoiding pushy sales tactics reflects a respectful understanding of the nuanced needs and timelines unique to individual investors.

In the final measure, Legacy Precious Metals stands forth as an option worthy of attention for any investor dedicated to preserving wealth punctuated by robust financial health and peace of mind.


  • Service: Precious Metals IRA
  • Products Offered: Silver, Gold
  • Promotion: None

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