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Updated May 22, 2024

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L&C Coins is a trusted coin and bullion dealer with a strong focus on rare and collectible coins. They offer a wide selection of coins, precious metals, and numismatic supplies for both novice and experienced collectors.

For those deeply immersed in the world of numismatics, discovering a coin dealer that resonates with your passion for coin collecting is like finding treasure. L&C Coins emerges as a cornerstone in this vibrant community, providing numismatic evaluations and an opportunity to acquire rare gems that any collector or investor would be proud to own.

Established in 1974 and flourishing through decades of dedication, L&C Coins has cemented itself as a trustworthy rare coin dealer, equally adept in the sale of bullion coins and fostering precious metals investment.

Whether you are an experienced numismatist or new to the intrigue of coin collecting, L&C Coins offers a treasure trove of resources and expertise to enhance your collection or investment portfolio.

Key Takeaways

  • L&C Coins is a seasoned player in numismatic evaluations and coin collecting with a heritage dating back to 1974.
  • The company is celebrated for providing authentic rare coin dealer services, appealing to collectors and investors alike.
  • With an impressive selection, L&C Coins stands out for its variety of collectible and bullion coins.
  • Savvy investors find value in the company's expertise in guiding precious metals investment decisions.
  • This family-owned business combines tradition with modern e-commerce efficiency for a comprehensive customer experience.

Introduction to L&C Coins

For decades, L&C Coins has been at the forefront of empowering both investors and collectors with opportunities to enhance their portfolios with precious metals and collectible coins. Established in the 1970s, this family-owned business has grown from a passionate numismatic hobby into a formidable presence in the online market for silver coins, gold investment, and numismatic experiences.

The dedication of L&C Coins to providing exceptional customer service is evident in their mission to aid clients in making educated decisions regarding their financial ventures. Whether you're looking to invest in precious metals to diversify your portfolio or seeking to own a piece of history through collectible coins, L&C Coins accommodates your needs with expertise and a personal touch.

  • Extensive selection of precious metals for portfolio diversification
  • Wide range of collectible coins for numismatic enthusiasts
  • Decades of numismatic experience enabling informed investment decisions

Helmed by the Crane family, L&C Coins translates their intrinsic numismatic knowledge into a seamless and enriching experience for their customers. They prioritize not just the sale of coins and precious metals but fostering long-term relationships with those who trust in the L&C Coins legacy.

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  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • Money.com 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

What Makes L&C Coins Stand Out?

With a rich L&C Coins history and a dedication to numismatic expertise, it's no wonder that this family-run coin business has become a beacon of trust and quality within the coin collecting community.

Their approach, deeply rooted in family values and a passion for coins, not only makes collecting more approachable for beginners but also caters to the seasoned numismatist looking for that singular U.S. collectible coin.

History and Family-Owned Business Approach

The L&C Coins story began with the vision of cultivating a numismatist’s haven, driven by a family's enthusiasm for sharing and expanding their numismatic knowledge. Over the decades, they have not only crafted a legacy in the coin industry but also nurtured a close-knit community of collectors and investors who trust their family-run coin business ethos.

The Crane family leverages their decades of numismatic expertise to guide both novices and experts through the intricate world of coin collection, ensuring their decisions are well-informed rather than hastily made.

Broad Selection of Coins and Bullion

The inventory at L&C Coins is nothing short of a treasure trove. Collectors can immerse themselves in the vast universe of U.S. collectible coins, examining everything from the lustrous gleam of newly minted proofs to the historical allure of circulated pieces.

Investors can navigate through a swath of gold investment options, securing assets like the American Gold Buffalos, a favorite among gold enthusiasts. This extensive catalogue reflects the Crane family's commitment to quality and diversity, meeting the needs of every individual’s financial goals and personal preferences with various qualities and price points.

  • American Silver Eagles
  • Pre-1933 U.S. Gold Coins
  • Modern Commemorative Coins
  • Proof and Mint Sets
  • Bullion for Gold Investment

Through a discerning eye for detail and an unwavering dedication to their clientele, L&C Coins has clearly defined what makes them an exceptional choice for the coin collecting and investing community. Their unique blend of personal attention, expert knowledge, and extensive selection continues to serve as the pillars of their respected standing in the numismatic field.

Exploring the Products offered by L&C Coins

For the collector keen on expanding their assortment with collectible U.S. coins or the investor focusing on the tangible asset security of gold coins and silver bullion, L&C Coins provides a treasure trove of options.

Their detailed catalog presents an extensive range of products designed to meet the diverse needs of the numismatic community.

Diverse Coin Catalog

Their selection encompasses everything from cost-effective starter pieces to rare, high-grade specimens, offering an array of choices for all levels of collecting interest. Noteworthy in their collection are:

  • Commemorative coins that celebrate significant events and historical figures
  • Pre-packaged U.S. Mint sets, perfect for those looking to acquire uncirculated coins
  • A rich array of U.S. numismatic selections for serious collectors

Gold and Silver Bullion Options

Beyond coins, L&C Coins extends its offerings to include investment-grade palladium bullion and platinum, alongside the more traditional gold and silver. Investors have the opportunity to diversify their assets with bullion products such as:

  1. Gold American Eagles in various denominations catering to different investment scales
  2. Silver rounds and bars for the silver enthusiast or bulk buyer
  3. Palladium and platinum options for those seeking alternatives to gold and silver

Their inventory systematically caters to both the historical allure of numismatics and the practical demands of bullion investment, establishing L&C Coins as a comprehensive source for collectors and investors alike.

The Purchase and Selling Experience at L&C Coins

Embarking upon online coin purchasing can seem daunting at first, but L&C Coins streamlines the digital numismatic sales marketplace with an efficient and satisfying customer interface.

The L&C Coins buying process has been fine-tuned to reflect the best practices of e-commerce convenience, while providing comprehensive support for both buyers and sellers.

E-commerce Convenience: Buying Process

The journey towards expanding your coin collection is made effortless with L&C Coins. From your first click navigating the intuitively designed website to selecting your desired numismatic treasures, every step is user-friendly.

A selection of your chosen items, complete thorough product descriptions and transparent pricing, can be swiftly added to your cart. The checkout process is equally streamlined, ensuring a secure and swift path from browsing to owning.

Accepted Payment Methods

In terms of payment flexibility, L&C Coins accommodates a variety of payment options. Whether you prefer the quickness of a major credit card transaction, the convenience of PayPal, or the more traditional approach of mailing checks and money orders, you'll find an option that aligns with your financial preferences.

Understanding the need for security, L&C Coins ensures that all payment methods require appropriate clearance, promising peace of mind with every transaction.

Selling Your Coins to L&C: What You Need to Know

If you are looking to transition from coin owner to coin seller, L&C Coins simplifies the coin selling process as well. Prospective sellers can expect direct communication with the company's seasoned numismatists—Lee or Pete—who prioritize a transparent and honest assessment of your coins.

Before placing an offer, L&C Coins ensures a meticulous physical review, ensuring a fair evaluation for your prized possessions.

Customer Satisfaction and Trustworthiness

The coin collecting community values not only the rarity and quality of their coins but also the integrity and customer service of their chosen coin dealer.

L&C Coins takes pride in fostering trust and satisfaction amongst its patrons, a feat that's clearly reflected in the feedback and ratings it has received over time.

Business Ratings and Accreditations

One of the benchmarks for a business's reliability is its standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). L&C Coins holds an esteemed BBB A+ rating, denoting a high level of commitment to customer service and ethical practices.

This rating is especially noteworthy considering that L&C Coins is not formally accredited with the BBB—yet still upholds the stringent standards required for such a high score.

Positive Testimonials and Areas for Improvement

L&C Coins feedback, predominantly from customer testimonials, often tells a story of professionalism, expertise, and customer satisfaction. Many patrons commend the seamless transaction process and the quality of collectibles received.

While accolades are plentiful, the company also recognizes the importance of constructive criticism. Some testimonials suggest areas for improvement, such as discrepancies in coin valuations and pricing.

L&C Coins remains open to such feedback, seeing it as an opportunity to refine their services and further enhance their standing in the numismatic community, ensuring their coin dealer reputation remains robust.


Our coin dealer review has shown that L&C Coins is more than just a transactional business; it is a hub for numismatic education and passion, with final thoughts reinforcing its dedication to customer satisfaction.

The substantial lineage of family values converges with professional acumen has established L&C Coins as a beacon for collectors and investors seeking to steward their portfolios with tangible assets.

While they may not offer IRA services or on-site vaulting, L&C Coins compensates with an extensive inventory, spanning a range of numismatic collections and bullion pieces to meet diverse investment strategies.

Ultimately, engaging with L&C Coins offers an opportunity to not only diversify with precious metals but to also become part of a community that appreciates the crossover between history, art, and finance.


  • Service: Bullion Dealer
  • Products Offered: Gold, silver, platinum, palladium
  • Promotion: None

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