Key Features of Topstep that Make It a Valuable Platform

Updated June 5, 2024

Futures trading offers lucrative opportunities, yet few platforms match TopstepTrader’s commitment to intensive trader assessment and simulation. Known for its narrow focus on futures trading, Topstep connects users to major exchanges like CME, COMEX, NYMEX, and CBOT.

While many platforms spread their attention across Stocks, Forex, and Cryptocurrencies, TopstepTrader dedicates itself solely to futures. This commitment highlights the platform's distinction in a densely packed financial market.

Key Takeaways

  • TopstepTrader prioritizes futures and prohibits other financial derivatives, ensuring specialized trader growth.
  • The Trading Combine feature represents a thorough evaluation process with over a quarter of participants reaching fundable status.
  • Futures trading accessibility is extended through major exchanges such as CME, COMEX, NYMEX, and CBOT.
  • Real-time trading simulations provided by TopstepTrader create an environment for practical skills development while emphasizing risk management.
  • With TopstepTrader's strict Risk and Compliance safeguards, the platform maintains professional trading standards and discipline.

Comprehensive Trader Evaluation Program

Topstep's Trading Combine thoroughly tests and enhances traders' skills in a dynamic practice setup. It explores how the program imitates real market conditions, assesses trader outcomes, and upholds strict guidelines on risk management and behavior.

Realistic Simulation of the Market

Topstep’s Trading Combine presents a market simulation that pushes even experienced traders to their limits. This accurate portrayal involves volatility and the pressures of actual trading. Traders must employ strategic thinking and analyze situations as they unfold, essential for successful trading.

Success Rate and Performance Insights

Only 25.51% of participants have passed the Trading Combine in the last six months, underscoring its demanding nature. This rigorous selection process proves the need for profound trading knowledge and proficiency. It serves as a critical indicator of one's potential for a lasting and successful trading career.

Risk Management and Prohibited Conduct Policies

Topstep enforces strict policies on risk management and bans improper conduct to maintain professional trading norms. Such policies include immediate penalties for any form of gambling or manipulative strategies. Violations can lead to the removal of trading days or even account termination for severe or repeated offenses.

This approach promotes a disciplined trading milieu, emphasizing strategic planning and risk sensitivity.

Topstep is a trading evaluation program that allows traders to demonstrate their skills using simulated accounts and potentially earn a funded trading account by meeting predefined profit targets and risk parameters.

ABOUT Topstep

  • Accessible starting capital requirements
  • Comprehensive support for popular trading platforms
  • Extensive range of educational tools with live classes
  • 14-day trial for new members

In-depth Training and Educational Resources

Topstep is dedicated to elevating trading education. It offers a vast array of resources aimed at improving traders' skills. The platform grants access to essential market insights, critical for skill development. Through Topstep coaching, users get a personalized educational approach. This approach evolves to meet their learning needs effectively.

  • Trading Education: Mastering the markets requires skill and a thorough understanding of various trading principles. Topstep’s education resources are crafted to equip both new and seasoned traders with necessary success knowledge.
  • Strategic Market Insights: Topstep provides essential insights into market trends and behaviors. Such information is vital for making informed decisions and planning long-term strategies.
  • Topstep Coaching: The platform’s in-house coaches offer mentoring sessions, real-time feedback, and support. This is crucial for ongoing learning and skill improvement.
  • Educational Trading Resources: With webinars, e-books, and real-time simulation tools, Topstep ensures learners have ample materials for their trading education.
  • Trading Skill Advancement: Through regular updates to learning resources, traders receive the latest knowledge and tools. This supports consistent growth and advancement in their careers.

Topstep centers its platform on individuals with a basic understanding of market dynamics. Yet, its educational offerings’ depth ensures all users can excel. Every element of Topstep’s educational strategy aims to empower traders. They learn to craft strong strategies and consistently enhance their market performance.

Multiple Trading Platform Options

Topstep offers traders a wide choice to tailor their strategies across varying market situations. This ensures compatibility with top trading platforms. Traders can pick from an array of options like NinjaTrader, Tradovate, and TradingView. Each platform presents distinct features and tools designed to boost trading success.

Wide Range of Compatible Platforms

Topstep showcases its dedication to adaptable trading solutions through partnerships with leading platform providers. These collaborations ensure that traders can work on software that matches their trading style perfectly. Offering a range of features, from chart analysis to order placement, these partnerships provide a robust foundation for success in the financial markets.

Live Funded Account Brokerage Partners

In the live-funded account phase, Topstep works with reputable brokerage partners. This collaboration not only offers a variety of platforms but also guarantees the reliability of established brokerages. Traders gain access to these platforms, often without initial fees during the start of their live-funded account period.

However, it's vital for traders to be aware of the changing costs when switching platforms. Evaluations may need to be redone, compared with Topstep's clear monthly evaluation charges.

Performance Coaching from Industry Experts

Topstep's dedication to improving trader skills is anchored in its performance coaching program. This program gains immense value from expert trading coaches. They focus on deepening traders’ market understanding and fine-tuning their trading skills. The aim is to achieve a notable enhancement in trading performance.

  • Personalized Guidance: Topstep provides customized coaching for every trader. This not only spreads crucial trading insights but also customizes learning to fit each trader’s unique needs and strategies.
  • Strategic Development: Coaches work with traders to craft strategic, forward-thinking trading plans. These plans adhere to financial market best practices and are key in succeeding in Topstep's Trading Combine.
  • Psychological Conditioning: It’s critical to understand the psychological facets of trading. Topstep’s coaches prepare traders for the emotional challenges of trading by building the right mental framework.
  • Feedback and Adjustments: Traders receive ongoing feedback. This helps them refine their methods and tweak their strategies with the fluctuating market conditions.

Topstep stands out not just for the trading insights its coaches offer. Their structured methodology, designed for trader success, also sets them apart. This approach ensures all participants, from beginners to seasoned traders, can access these resources. Therefore, Topstep cultivates a supportive atmosphere that fosters success in the competitive trading arena.

Profit-sharing and Incentives Structure

Topstep’s unique method boosts growth in trading with its exceptional profit-sharing. It rewards traders with incentives while amplifying profit potential. This ensures that every trader strives for excellence.

Earnings: The First $10,000 and Beyond

The Topstep model greatly enhances traders’ earnings. Initially, traders retain all of the first $10,000 earned, promising an exciting start on their profit journey. Once this milestone is surpassed, the profits are split favourably, giving traders 80% of their earnings.

Competitive Payouts with High Profit Share Ratios

Topstep is renowned for its competitive payout ratios. These are not just rewards, but motivators to enhance trader performance. With some of the industry's best payouts, Topstep guarantees significant rewards for successful traders. Prompt payout options make accessing earnings straightforward and fast.

  • Generous profit-sharing structure enhances funded account profits.
  • Trader incentives strongly aligned with high performance in live-funded accounts.
  • Advanced payout systems ensure quick financial gratification from trading success.

Diverse Futures Trading Instruments

Topstep's platform offers a broad spectrum of futures trading instruments. They cater to varied trading strategies and needs. These tools are pivotal in the commodity markets, enabling traders to broaden their portfolios and manage risks.

The wide range of Topstep tools enhances traders' abilities to navigate different markets. It highlights the depth of opportunities within futures trading on this platform. This flexibility ensures that both experienced traders and newcomers can discover value and growth chances.

  • Equity Index Futures: Traders access major indices like the S&P 500 and Nasdaq. They mirror overall market trends, crucial for those focusing on stock indices.
  • Commodities: Key commodity market components such as crude oil and gold are available. They allow traders to hedge against inflation or leverage market shifts.
  • Currencies and Treasuries: This category includes futures on diverse global currencies and U.S. treasury securities. It supports strategic trades in light of economic shifts.

Proprietary Risk Management with Topstep

At Topstep, the essence lies in a robust risk management system. It prioritizes shielding both the traders and the firm’s resources. The process involves strict trading rules to drive disciplined actions among traders. Consequently, this minimizes the financial threats they might face.

Daily Loss Limit Controls

Key to Topstep’s risk strategy is setting daily loss limits. Traders can lose no more than 2% of their capital each day. Such limits foster prudent trading habits. They are especially beneficial during unstable market phases, preventing deep financial dents.

Maximum Trailing Drawdown Management

Topstep employs trailing drawdown management for enhanced risk regulation. It adjusts the loss cap as the account balance reaches new peaks. Essentially, it prevents traders from taking excessive risks that might erode their portfolio. This strategy not only protects the trader's investments but also upholds the company’s risk control principles.

Scaling Account Options for Growth

Welcome to the visionary realm of Topstep, a place where scaling accounts unlock significant growth. Grasping the nuances of different account types is crucial. From evaluation to express funded accounts, each brings distinct advantages for traders seeking advancement.

From $50,000 to $150,000 Evaluation Accounts

Topstep presents a broad spectrum of evaluation accounts, with balances ranging from $50,000 to $150,000. Created to meet the needs of diverse trading experiences and strategies, these accounts offer the flexibility needed to align with individual goals. The various sizes enable traders to effectively scale their involvement, adapting swiftly to market changes.

Express Funded Accounts and Their Benefits

Express funded accounts are a cornerstone of Topstep's scalable account offerings. Successfully navigating the Trading Combine opens the gateway to live market engagement for traders. The transition to express funded accounts offers vital real-world trading experiences, promoting growth.

One of their key benefits is the elimination of stringent deadlines for meeting performance targets. This removal encourages a learning environment where traders can continually refine their strategies. Such an environment is pivotal for crafting successful, well-thought-out trading tactics amid the realities of live markets.

  • Immediate market access after passing the Trading Combine
  • Opportunity to apply learned strategies in real trading scenarios
  • Lack of time constraints allows for a focused, growth-oriented trading approach

Topstep paves a practical route for traders eager to enhance their skills and attain lasting success in futures trading. Through both evaluation and express funded accounts, it fosters a journey of scaling and achievement.

Supportive Community and Networking

The heart of Topstep is its trader community, aimed at creating a collaborative trading experience. It promotes a culture where members share experiences, insights, and strategies. This culture not only boosts individual trading skills but also augments the group's collective know-how.

  • Topstep facilitates social trading support, blending it with practical education. This fusion helps traders climb the learning curve effectively.
  • The Topstep networking hub connects traders with seasoned market experts and coaches. This grants novice traders access to invaluable experienced insights.
  • This environment is ripe for trading strategy exchanges and providing the crucial emotional and motivational support traders often require.

Interacting with Topstep’s community via forums and platforms like Discord brings the vibrancy of trading floors online. Here, support is relentless and available at every phase of a trader’s path. Continuous engagement offers a glimpse into market trends and shared wisdom, which is indispensable for active participants.

The importance of a collaborative trading experience is immense. Clearly, Topstep's dedication to creating a wide-reaching support system through social trading support and active engagement is crucial to a trader’s progress and prowess.


As we wrap up our exploration, Topstep emerges as a key tool for traders. It offers unique benefits for those navigating the financial markets. With its diligent trader evaluation and a wealth of educational resources, Topstep stands out. It not only fosters trading success but also underscores the importance of professional growth.

Topstep enhances its value by pushing for mastery among its users. It provides diverse futures trading options, helping traders refine their market strategies. The focus on risk management highlights Topstep's commitment to responsible trading. This approach ensures a journey marked by careful strategy and control.

Topstep is more than just an access point to the markets. It fosters a supportive community and provides guidance from experienced coaches. This environment transforms traders, enabling them to thrive and possibly excel. Topstep's dedication to user growth makes its advantages crucial for a successful trading career.

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