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Updated April 10, 2024

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Jason Bond Picks is a stock trading education service that offers training, real-time trade alerts, and resources for both novice and experienced traders, focusing on swing and day trading strategies.

For traders aiming to scale their portfolio through a well-established stock trading alerts service, understanding the offerings and Jason Bond Picks cost is fundamental. Catering to both seasoned and novice market players, Jason Bond Picks has carved out a niche in providing insightful swing trade alerts and intraday momentum alerts.

As a comprehensive stock trading educational service, it promises to elevate the trading experience with strategic insights and vigilant market analysis. Yet, behind the allure of lucrative trading potentials, lies a commitment that should be weighed carefully.

Let's delve into the nuances of this service and explore whether the investment aligns with traders' ambitions for financial growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Jason Bond Picks is recognized for its high-quality stock trading alerts, specializing in both day trading and swing trading.
  • The service offers varying subscription packages, aiming to tailor to the needs of diverse trader profiles.
  • Testimonials and high Trustpilot ratings imply a service that resonates positively with its user base, despite the absence of trial periods.
  • Traders are encouraged to conduct thorough research and due diligence before taking action on trade alerts.
  • Jason Bond Picks operates under the umbrella of Raging Bull, known for its vast educational content on trading strategies.

Introduction to Jason Bond and His Trading Services

Jason Bond Picks has become synonymous with success in the realm of online trading education. This platform is well-known among traders for its subscription-based trade alerts and robust trading mentorship programs.

The hallmark of Jason Bond's service is not just about providing trade alerts; it's fundamentally rooted in educating its members to understand the nuances of trading.

  • Daily intra-day trade alerts are designed for those aiming to meet a specific profit goal every day, enhancing the trading experience for day traders.
  • Weekly swing trade ideas, another core feature, cater to traders looking for significant gains over the longer term and are particularly beneficial for busy individuals.
  • The trading newsletter, which is dispatched weekly, includes a curated selection of swing and long-term trades, sent directly via email and text messaging.

Understanding that real trading success comes from informed decisions, Jason Bond Picks places a high premium on comprehensive online trading education. The service consistently encourages members to independently research and verify trade ideas for a well-rounded trading strategy that goes beyond just following alerts.

RagingBull is an online learning platform that provides expert advice, educational resources, and community support for stock traders of all skill levels. It offers insights into various trading styles, live interactive sessions, and real-time market alerts .

ABOUT the raging bull

  • Extensive educational resources for learning trading.
  • Advice offered by experienced professional traders.
  • Regular updates, stock picks, and market alerts.
  • Hosts live webinars and interactive sessions.

Jason Bond Picks Review: Overview of Service Offerings

Within the dynamic landscape of trading, Jason Bond Picks emerges as a versatile platform for investors seeking to diversify their portfolio and optimize their trading tactics.

Designed to accommodate an array of trading preferences, the service offers real-time solutions and educational resources invaluable for both the novice and the veteran trader.

1. Swing Trade Alerts and Intraday Momentum

For those focusing on the immediacy of the stock market, Jason Bond Picks provides a robust set of swing trade alerts, with a sharp eye on intraday trading.

Subscribers receive between 10-20 highly curated intraday trade alerts, facilitating decisive action in the ever-fluctuating stock market. This is coupled with up to ten swing trade ideas each week, a mix strategically intended to help traders maximize their short-term gains while keeping an eye on sustainable growth.

2. Long-term Trading Newsletter Features

For the investor with a horizon extending beyond the immediacy of intraday trades, the service's long-term trading newsletter stands as an essential feature. It serves as a complementary asset, channeling additional swing trade suggestions alongside long-term investment strategies.

Delivered through both emails and texts, these communiques are designed to empower investors by aligning their trading efforts with long-term financial goals.

3. The Exclusive Millionaire Roadmap Package

At the pinnacle of Jason Bond Picks' offerings is the exclusive Millionaire Roadmap package, a comprehensive compilation of the platform's services. This premium package extends VIP chatroom access to its clients, offering a space for real-time mentorship and networking with like-minded traders.

Alongside this privilege, subscribers gain a front-row view to Jason Bond's trading strategies with live displays from his own brokerage platform, transforming exclusive trading resources into actionable insights.

Diverse Educational Resources Offered by Jason Bond Picks

Educational advancement and skill development are at the forefront with Jason Bond Picks, where trading education resources are provided to help traders at all levels enhance their market acumen.

Recognizing the diversity in learning preferences and the varying stages of investor proficiency, the service meticulously curates video lessons, online trading webinars, and comprehensive courses. 

These tools serve as pillars of knowledge for anyone seeking to navigate the complexities of trading.

Accessibility of Educational Resources

Committed to making learning accessible, Jason Bond Picks offers a plethora of educational materials that cater to both greenhorn traders and seasoned veterans. Members can tap into a rich library of:

  • High-definition video lessons covering multiple trading concepts
  • Interactive online trading webinars for live engagement
  • Downloadable materials for on-the-go learning
  • Structured courses included in various service packages

Focused on providing a seamless learning experience, these resources are structured to allow traders to learn at their own pace, addressing the modern learner's need for flexibility and autonomy.

Depth of Trading Knowledge in Video Lessons

At the heart of Jason Bond Picks' educational offerings are video lessons that dive deep into actionable trading knowledge. These lessons cover a range of topics, meticulously designed to:

  1. Introduce the core principles of swing trading
  2. Demystify the nuances of penny stocks
  3. Provide insight into technical analysis and market trends
  4. Equip subscribers with strategies for risk management and decision-making

From the foundational to the advanced, the video lessons are sculpted to bolster a trader's proficiency and confidence in market participation.

Unveiling Jason Bond Picks' Trading Strategy

Delving into the realm of the stock market, swing trading emerges as a viable strategy for individuals seeking to capitalize on equity movements over a period longer than a day.

Jason Bond has crafted a swing trading strategy that is tailored for those investors who may not have the luxury to observe market fluctuations every minute but still desire to engage in thoughtful trading practices.

Swing Trading Focus and Techniques

At the core of Jason Bond's approach lies the swing trading strategy. This methodology stresses the importance of timing and patience, aiming to identify and leverage the price swings of stocks that often occur over a stretch of days or weeks.

It's a fine maneuver for working professionals or part-time traders, offering flexibility outside the rapid pace of day trading.

The selection process for potential swing trades involves a combination of:

  • Market research, to keep abreast of broader economic trends and company-specific developments.
  • Thorough stock technical analysis, pinpointing stocks with promising chart patterns and imminent breakouts.
  • Application of various trading methodologies to structure entries and exits, optimizing the balance between risk and reward.

Technical Analysis as a Research Foundation

Jason Bond's swing trading strategy heavily depends on technical analysis. This crucial aspect of stock market research is not taken lightly; it entails an in-depth investigation into price actions and volume data to forecast future movements. Bond advocates for meticulous stock technical analysis, considering it the backbone of any informed trading decision.

By identifying trends and chart patterns, traders equipped with Bond's insights strive to make calculated and data-driven decisions.

Key technical indicators include:

  • Support and resistance levels, to determine the potential range of stock movement.
  • Chart patterns, such as flags and wedges, that signify continuation or reversal.
  • Momentum indicators, which can provide signals for entry or exit points.

Ultimately, while Jason Bond's strategy lays a substantial foundation, it highlights the necessity for each trader to conduct their own due diligence, thereby aligning the trading strategy with personal investment goals and risk tolerance.

Chat Room Dynamics and Community Engagement

The heart of any trading chat room lies in its ability to cultivate a vibrant trader community, and the Jason Bond Picks chat room is no exception. Once home to a variety of trading discussions led by a myriad of trading personalities, this space has evolved significantly since its early days. The current environment is predominantly focused on providing timely trading alerts and facilitating an educational experience for all levels of traders.

Despite changes over time, the chat room remains a bustling hub of activity with more than 500 active participants engaging daily. The members, both novice, and experienced, contribute to a collective knowledge base, enhancing the trading discussion at every opportunity.

Here are some key characteristics of this thriving trader community:

  • The forum actively supports real-time interaction among traders during market hours, fostering quick communication and prompt sharing of trade ideas.
  • Seasoned traders often provide guidance to newcomers, creating a supportive environment that is conducive to learning and growth.
  • While educational content is a substantial part of the chat room's offerings, dynamic trading discussions still occur, providing members with a well-rounded trading experience.

The ability to be part of a group that combines both trading discussions and education is invaluable. The Jason Bond Picks chat room encapsulates this by ensuring that traders are not alone in their journey, emphasizing the importance of community in working towards stock market success.


In the landscape of stock trading education services, Jason Bond Picks has positioned itself as a significant player offering a suite of resources geared towards enhancing the skills of diverse traders.

In conclusion, Jason Bond Picks has established itself as a dedicated ally to traders aiming to navigate the complexities of the stock market. Whether it's through their focused alert packages or their comprehensive suite of educational materials, traders have at their disposal a resource-rich platform crafted to augment their trading acumen.

As with all investments in trader development, the ultimate return on investment with Jason Bond Picks will be determined by one's commitment to applying learned strategies and the disciplined execution of trades.


  • Service: Trading Course
  • Annual Price: $797.00 every year
  • Promotion: 50% OFF for 1st month at $27

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