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Updated February 5, 2024

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Investors Underground is a popular online trading community that offers educational resources, including webinars, tutorials, and chat rooms, to help traders of all levels develop their skills and strategies in the stock market.

Within the fast-paced world of financial exchanges, where milliseconds can mean the difference between profit and loss, lies a trading community poised for excellence. Investors Underground has established itself as a beacon for stock traders, novice and veteran alike, seeking a wellspring of day trading strategies and real-time trading support.

Since its inception, the platform has emphasized growth and learning in the dynamic realm of trading, carving a niche where members can interact, exchange ideas, and refine their investment tactics in real time.

Key Takeaways

  • Investors Underground is a seasoned trading community rich in experience and success.
  • Facilitates effective day trading strategies through member interaction and educational content.
  • Offers real-time trading support from market experts for immediate and actionable guidance.
  • Equips stock traders with resources crucial for both beginners and experienced traders.
  • Founded by Nathan Michaud, a pivotal figure weaving his insights into the community.
  • Hosts a diversified platform suitable for various day trading styles and preferences.

An Introduction to Investors Underground

Established by the renowned Nathan Michaud, Investors Underground began its journey as 'Investors Live' and swiftly evolved into one of the premier online day trading communities known today. In the dynamic realm of stock trading, where information is as valuable as currency, this platform stands out as a treasure trove of stock trading tips and strategical education.

  • Seamless integration of trading chat rooms fosters a collaborative space where traders, both novice and seasoned, can exchange real-time market insights.
  • Daily stock picks and analysis from Nathan Michaud himself equips community members with actionable knowledge to navigate the markets.
  • An expansive selection of online courses ensures that members of Investors Underground have the resources necessary to sharpen their day trading acumen continually.

Recognizing the critical impact of informed trading decisions, the community brings together like-minded individuals. Here, the emphasis is not just on individual success, but on collective growth and learning within the sphere of day trading.




Community Driven Chat Rooms

Real-time discussion platforms moderated by experienced traders.

Immediate exchange of ideas and strategies.

Curated Daily Stock Tips

Handpicked stock recommendations by Nathan Michaud and other experts.

Enhanced trade preparation and decision-making.

Diverse Educational Content

Comprehensive courses tailored to various skill levels.

Structured learning path for constant skill improvement.

Investors Underground is not just another platform; it's a dedicated forum where the pursuit of trading mastery is a shared journey, significantly influenced by the expertise and commitment of Nathan Michaud.

The Origins and Evolution of Investors Underground

The humble beginnings of what is today a cornerstone in the active day trading communities can be traced back to 2004, when Nathan Michaud introduced the world to Investors Live. This early incarnation was devised as a dynamic space for traders to convene and exchange strategies for navigating the often turbulent financial markets. In 2008, a strategic rebranding saw Investors Live transform into Investors Underground, marking a pivotal evolution of the brand.

Investors Underground's journey is marked not only by its metamorphosis from Investors Live to its current iteration, but also by a notable partnership with the trading platform This collaboration played a role in the platform's formative years, although the two entities eventually parted ways, allowing Investors Underground to chart its own distinct path.

Throughout these changes, Nathan Michaud has been a constant source of guidance, underpinning the community with invaluable stock tips and deep trading insights.

Today, Investors Underground flourishes as one of the preeminent trading chat rooms, where novices and experts alike gather to share best practices and sharpen their day trading expertise.

Specialized chat rooms are categorized by trading style, ensuring that every trader finds their community niche — from those who thrive on the immediateness of momentum trading to those who form strategies based on swing trading patterns.

  • Investors Live creation in 2004 by Nathan Michaud
  • Rebranding to Investors Underground in 2008
  • Collaboration and subsequent separation with
  • Expansion into one of the leading active day trading communities
  • Continuous contributions of trading wisdom from Nathan Michaud

The ethos of Investors Underground remains, to this day, rooted in fostering a supportive and educational environment for traders. Undoubtedly, its inception as Investors Live and subsequent growth are testament to its adaptability and enduring commitment to day trading excellence.

Nathan Michaud: The Mind Behind Investors Underground

Nathan Michaud has truly carved a niche for himself in the stock trading world, gaining recognition as the founder of Investors Live, and ultimately establishing one of the most active and insightful trading communities online.

His journey, which began in 2003, symbolizes the evolution of a passionate trader who has since blossomed into a guiding force for many aspiring traders.

From Day Trader to Thought Leader

From his early days in trading, Nathan Michaud has been honing his craft, gradually transforming from a novice trader captivated by the dynamism of the stock market to a seasoned full-time day trader and a stock trading expert.

His penchant for developing robust trading strategies and adapting to the ever-changing market dynamics has helped him to mentor a multitude of traders, turning Investors Underground into a beacon for those navigating the complexities of the stock market.

The Impact of Nathan Michaud on the Trading Community

The influence of Nathan Michaud extends far beyond the chat rooms of Investors Underground. As a thought leader, he consistently shares valuable insights and market analyses to his dedicated following on Twitter, contributing to the wider discourse surrounding day trading.

Michaud’s role in this thriving community is a testament to his commitment to fostering sound trading practices and empowering other traders to thrive using calculated, informed trading decisions.

Investors Underground Review and Community Feedback

The reputation of Investors Underground continues to be reinforced by the overwhelming number of external reviews and personal accounts provided by the members themselves. It's clear that the platform has established itself as a significant presence in the day trading sphere, offering a robust trading room experience that caters to the expectations of both novices and seasoned traders alike.

High Ratings Across the Board

Independent review platforms have consistently highlighted Investors Underground’s commitment to providing a high-value service. Leading sites like Trading Reviewers, Day Trade Review, and Top Trade Reviewers have given high ratings that speak volumes about the credibility and efficiency of the platform. The aggregate of these ratings underscores the trust and satisfaction customers have with Investors Underground.

Traders' Testimonials Reflect Community Strength

The testimonials from traders are a testament to the platform's strengths—particularly emphasizing the structured chat environment and wealth of educational opportunities. These first-hand accounts reveal that members appreciate the real-time sharing of ideas and trading strategies by experienced traders. This collaboration fosters an educational ambience that goes beyond mere signal providing.

Review Source



Trading Reviewers

4.8 / 5

Exceptional educational content and chat room structure.

Day Trade Review

4.7 / 5

Supportive community and live trading insight.

Top Trade Reviewers

5 / 5

Unmatched learning resources and seminar offerings.

The ratings and reviews illustrate a common theme: a high quality experience created by a synergetic trading community. Investors Underground's dedication to maintaining a supportive environment for all traders is a pillar of its success.

Explaining the Concept of Day Trading

Within the dynamic sphere of stock trading, day trading stands out as a prominent strategy practiced by active traders. It's a short-term trading strategy that capitalizes on price swings during a single market day. Investors Underground, a hub for traders, emphasizes this approach, focusing energy and expertise to guide members through fast-paced market environments, particularly during market open.

Trading Styles and Strategies within Investors Underground

Investors Underground offers a mosaic of trading styles and strategies, each designed to suit the varied preferences of its members. Below is an overview of how these align with short-term trading strategies:

  • Momentum Trading: Seeks to capitalize on stock movements caused by significant news events or company announcements.
  • Swing Trading: While traditionally not entirely within a single day, some approaches adapt swing trading into a shorter-term to harness small to medium-term price swings.
  • Crypto/OTC Trading: Emerging and volatile markets such as cryptocurrency provide ample opportunities for intra-day trading, due to their rapid price changes.

How Investors Underground Approach Day Trading

Day trading at Investors Underground isn’t about mimicry; it's about mastery. Instead of merely replicating someone else's trades, members are encouraged to develop personal strategies that resonate with their trading goals and risk tolerance. The environment is designed to cultivate knowledge sharing, with an array of chat rooms where seasoned traders and novices alike can discuss real-time market scenarios as they unfold.

Chat Room


Active Times

Momentum Room

High volume stocks

Market open and peak trading hours

Swing Trading Room

Short to medium duration holds

Throughout trading day

Crypto/OTC Room

Cryptocurrencies and Over-The-Counter stocks

24/7, synchronized with crypto market activity

These various trading rooms at Investors Underground are a testament to the community’s commitment to accommodating different day trading strategies, with active traders at the helm ready to pivot with the market’s incessant ebb and flow.

Analysis of Investors Underground's Educational Resources

At the heart of Investors Underground is a commitment to the continuous education of its members, which is powerfully reflected in its extensive library of educational resources. Newcomers can jumpstart their trading journey with the Textbook Trading course, meticulously designed to cover the fundamentals, while more seasoned traders can elevate their skills with the insights offered in Tandem Trader.

  • Training videos: Catering to various experience levels, these videos range from introductory lessons to deep-dives into advanced day trading concepts and strategies.
  • Textbook Trading: A foundational course that introduces novice traders to the building blocks of day trading, spanning everything from setting up a trading station to understanding level 2 screens.
  • Tandem Trader: An in-depth exploration that takes traders through live trading sessions, showcasing real examples of successful trades and dissecting the decision-making process behind them.
  • Advanced day trading concepts: For those looking to specialize, the platform offers materials that delve into complex strategies, risk management, and psychological components of trading.

In summary, Investors Underground does more than simply provide a day trading community; it also serves as a well-spring of knowledge, where the array of educational tools on offer play a pivotal role in trader development and success.

Understanding Pricing and Value at Investors Underground

Investors Underground stands as a beacon for those seeking to deepen their trading knowledge and skills, but how does the cost translate into actual value? Let's dissect the membership fees and uncover the true worth of becoming part of this enigmatic trading community.

Breaking Down the Membership Costs

Opting for membership at Investors Underground unveils various membership options tailored to accommodate different levels of commitment and investment capabilities. With a focus on flexibility, members can choose from monthly, quarterly billing, and annual plans, with significant annual discounts favoring the long-term user. This tiered system not only makes it easier for traders to manage their expenses but also ensures they can access the platform in a way that best aligns with their financial strategies.

Is Investors Underground Worth the Investment?

The heart of the Investors Underground experience lies in the wealth of knowledge available through video lesson access. With an impressive library that exceeds 1,000 meticulously curated videos, each membership plan offers a gateway to a treasure trove of learning materials.

This compendium of educational content presents as a more cost-conscious alternative to purchasing courses separately, thus fortifying the overall investment into a membership as a prudent choice for serious traders.

Membership Type

Access Features

Price Point



Full access to chat rooms and video library

Standard Rate



All monthly benefits plus priority support

Reduced compared to monthly

Approximately 10% Savings


All quarterly benefits with exclusive webinar invites

More expensive upfront, but less annually

Up to 50% compared to monthly

Unique Features That Set Investors Underground Apart

In an industry where trading platforms vie for attention, Investors Underground distinguishes itself through a suite of features that provide a significant edge to active traders. These features are designed to streamline the trading experience and enhance the decision-making process through real-time trading updates and market alerts. Let's delve into the components that make Investors Underground a distinguished service in the day trading domain.

Exclusive Chat Rooms: The Hub of Day Trading Conversations

Moderated chat rooms are at the heart of Investors Underground, facilitating a focused environment where traders can engage in focused discussions. Various trading room rules ensure that conversations remain relevant and beneficial, allowing members to stay on top of market conditions with minimal distractions.

Each chat room caters to specific trading styles, ensuring that all members, whether they prefer momentum or swing trading, have a place where they can exchange ideas with others who share their approach.

Advanced Tools and Alerts for Market Advantage

Access to advanced tools and timely market alerts give members a distinctive advantage, allowing for swift adaptation to the ever-changing market landscape. Price alerts and the proprietary "Ticker Watch" are particularly useful for members who require immediate information to make informed trading decisions quickly.

By leveraging these insights, Investors Underground members can confidently navigate the market with the support of real-time data and analysis.

Diving into Investors Underground Trading Concepts

In the world of stock trading, success hinges on the strategic application of technical analysis. Investors Underground stands as a beacon for many active traders, guiding them through the thrumming corridors of the stock market with an arsenal of market indicators and robust analyses.

Key Technical Indicators Used by IU Traders

Traders at Investors Underground aren't just following trends; they're decoding market signals with precision. By harnessing a slew of technical indicators such as:

  • The nimble Relative Strength Index (RSI) for gauging overbought or oversold stocks
  • Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) acting as a harbinger for potential price shifts
  • Bollinger Bands that help in understanding market volatility and price levels

These indicators are instrumental for traders who practice short selling or any other strategy that requires keen understanding of the market's pulse.

How Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP) Drives Decisions

Amid these tools, the Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP) shines distinctly, serving as a beacon for Investors Underground members. It blends price with volume to offer a weighted average, illuminating the 'true' price as opposed to the plain daily average that overlooks trade size.

Operating as a staple in technical analysis, VWAP is leveraged by traders for several reasons:

  1. To spot market direction and assess trade execution quality.
  2. As a benchmark for initiating positions, allowing traders to enter or exit stocks near this average to ensure a favorable transaction.

VWAP's revered status among market indicators comes from its dual ability to reflect pricing trends and guide investment choices, especially when merging with other analytical insights provided within Investors Underground.

The Holistic Approach of Investors Underground's Community and Education

In an era where financial independence is a sought-after goal, the day trading community of Investors Underground emerges as a beacon of collective intelligence. Rooted in the principle of communal efforts, the platform promotes a learning environment where successful traders share their insights and foster growth among peers. It's not just about the profits; it's about elevating every member of the community through carefully curated educational tools.

The cornerstone of this approach is the nightly stock watchlist, meticulously assembled to ensure participants are equipped with the foresight needed for the next trading day. Unlike some communities hinged on a singular methodology, Investors Underground embraces plurality, with various trading styles and markets converging under one educational umbrella.

This is where beginners transform into informed investors, and seasoned traders refine their mastery.

  • Comprehensive educational offerings that include real-time seminars and video content.
  • Daily collaborations in the chat rooms provide a live exchange of market perspectives.
  • Emphasis on personal strategy development, moving beyond cookie-cutter methodologies.

Education at Investors Underground is not an afterthought—it is the very fabric that constitutes its existence, with each thread representing the shared knowledge of dedicated practitioners.

Education Feature


Benefit to Community

Nightly Stock Watchlist

An in-depth look at potential stock movements and strategic planning for the upcoming day.

Prepares traders with actionable insights and cohesive strategies for the next trading session.

Real-time Seminars

Weekly webinars covering a range of trading topics from technical analysis to risk management.

Keeps traders informed on the latest market trends and trading techniques.

Educational Video Content

Access to a vast library of trading videos catering to various skill levels.

Offers continuous learning opportunities to enhance trading skills at any stage of a trading career.


In summarizing the in-depth exploration of Investors Underground, the platform distinguishes itself as a multifaceted epicenter for day trading services. From fresh entrants to the stock market to sophisticated traders, this nexus offers an unparalleled stock trading education and an assortment of market strategies that can be tailored for any portfolio. Investors Underground is not just about the sharing of trades but taking part in an ecosystem where trading mentorship flourishes amidst a community of dedicated professionals.

One cannot overlook the thoughtful integration of structured community engagement with the platform’s expansive educational offerings. With its well-rounded approach, Investors Underground ensures that members receive more than cursory knowledge; they gain practical insights and real-time guidance from well-known traders. This dynamic synergy between learning and direct application is invaluable for anyone who aims to not only navigate but excel in the volatile tides of day trading.

Although it may come at a higher cost, the premium pricing reflects the depth and breadth of resources that are at each member's disposal – a deliberate investment into the suite of day trading services that Investors Underground provides, fortified with ongoing educational support and mentorship. Indeed, for serious traders focused on advancing their skills and forging successful trading careers, Investors Underground stands as a cornerstone on which to build a robust trading foundation.


  • Service: Trading Course
  • Annual Price: $297.00/month
  • Promotion: Discounts at quarterly & yearly pricing packages

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