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Updated April 30, 2024

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Investors Underground is a popular online trading community that offers educational resources, including webinars, tutorials, and chat rooms, to help traders of all levels develop their skills and strategies in the stock market.

Within the fast-paced world of financial exchanges, where milliseconds can mean the difference between profit and loss, lies a trading community poised for excellence. Investors Underground has established itself as a beacon for stock traders, novice and veteran alike, seeking a wellspring of day trading strategies and real-time trading support.

Since its inception, the platform has emphasized growth and learning in the dynamic realm of trading, carving a niche where members can interact, exchange ideas, and refine their investment tactics in real time.

Key Takeaways

  • Investors Underground is a seasoned trading community rich in experience and success.
  • Facilitates effective day trading strategies through member interaction and educational content.
  • Offers real-time trading support from market experts for immediate and actionable guidance.
  • Equips stock traders with resources crucial for both beginners and experienced traders.
  • Founded by Nathan Michaud, a pivotal figure weaving his insights into the community.
  • Hosts a diversified platform suitable for various day trading styles and preferences.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Investors Underground

Investors Underground stands at the forefront of online day trading communities, providing a platform where both novice and experienced traders can collaborate, learn, and enhance their trading performance.

The service's commitment to quality education, combined with real-time trading insights, makes it a hub for those looking to develop effective day trading strategies.

What is Investors Underground?

It's more than just a day trading community; Investors Underground is an educational powerhouse offering vital resources for traders.

The platform features a variety of trading chat rooms and courses tailored to specific markets and trading styles such as momentum, swing, and even crypto/OTC trading. This synergy of communication and education cultivates an environment where traders can thrive.

The Origins and Evolution of the Platform

Nathan Michaud, the brains behind Investors Live, re-envisioned the platform in 2008, thus inaugurating Investors Underground. Michaud's vision was clear: to create a dynamic online day trading community focused on transparent and effective trade education.

After migrating from to its own domain, Investors Underground has prioritized a user-centric experience, directly contributing to the success of its members.

Investors Underground is a renowned day trading community known for providing top-notch education, real-time trade alerts, and comprehensive video tutorials. Their resources, geared towards both novice and experienced traders, focus on diverse trading strategies.

ABOUT the Investors underground

  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Trustpilot rating of 4.5
  • Over 1000+ community members
  • 700+ video lessons and guides
  • Study groups, trade recaps, and Q&A sessions.

Who is Nathan Michaud? The Man Behind the Curtain

Nathan Michaud has truly carved a niche for himself in the stock trading world, gaining recognition as the founder of Investors Live, and ultimately establishing one of the most active and insightful trading communities online.

His journey, which began in 2003, symbolizes the evolution of a passionate trader who has since blossomed into a guiding force for many aspiring traders.

Nathan Michaud's Trading Journey and Expertise

Nathan's entry into trading began in the early 2000s, a time marked by rapid technological advancements and the democratization of stock market access.

What started as an avenue to augment his college funds soon transformed into a full-fledged career, driven by passion, discipline, and an unrelenting pursuit of market mastery. 

Michaud is not just your average trader; he's a paragon of trade education, upholding standards like the 3:1 risk/reward ratio that have become guiding principles for many successful traders.

The Impact of Nathan Michaud on the Trading Community

The influence of Nathan Michaud extends far beyond the chat rooms of Investors Underground. As a thought leader, he consistently shares valuable insights and market analyses to his dedicated following on Twitter, contributing to the wider discourse surrounding day trading.

Michaud’s role in this thriving community is a testament to his commitment to fostering sound trading practices and empowering other traders to thrive using calculated, informed trading decisions.

Key Features of Investors Underground

Investors Underground distinguishes itself by offering a diverse array of features specifically tailored to meet the needs of various trading styles. One of the central aspects that sets it apart is its carefully curated collection of chat rooms. These serve as the nerve center where community interaction fosters active learning and strategic exchange.

1. Exclusive Chat Rooms that Cater to Various Trading Styles

Whether you're drawn to the fast-paced world of momentum trades or prefer the calculated approach of swing trading, Investors Underground has a designated chat room to match your approach. Each chat room has its unique atmosphere and focus:

  • The Momentum Trade chat room pulses with real-time trade alerts and is perfect for those looking for quick, substantial moves in the stock market.
  • The Swing Trade chat offers a platform for traders who aim for profits over several days or weeks, providing longer-term trade ideas and discussions.
  • For those delving into less traditional markets, the OTC trade chat provides guidance and shared knowledge on over-the-counter securities.

Access to these rooms is akin to entering a Trader's Lounge, where experience merges with innovation to create dynamic trading strategies.

2. Essential Day Trading Concepts and Indicators Explored

The use of indicators and understanding essential trading concepts is crucial for any trader's success. Investors Underground emphasizes education on key indicators such as the revered VWAP indicator, which helps traders gauge the market sentiment and potential turnover points with precision.

Additionally, mastering the following concepts can elevate your trading to the next level:

  • Understanding the significance of volume in the ABCD pattern for determining entry and exit points.
  • Applying technical analysis to assess market conditions and steer clear of emotional trading decisions.

3. The Nightly Stock Watch List: A Critical Tool for Traders

Preparation is a cornerstone of successful trading, and the Investors Underground's nightly stock watch list is a testament to this. Delivered every evening, this list:

  1. Breaks down key stocks to watch and why they may be significant for the next trading day.
  2. Providing strategic foresight, it equips traders with actionable plans to navigate the markets effectively.
  3. Ensures that members start each trading day informed, poised, and with a leg up on market movements.

By integrating these critical tools and resources, Investors Underground sets the stage for both novice and seasoned traders to explore and harness a spectrum of trading opportunities.

Investors Underground Community: Beyond the Chat Rooms

Within the Investors Underground community, there is a synergistic atmosphere that moves past mere conversation and into the realm of genuine connection. Members are not only exposed to valuable day trading education but are also immersed in a network where seasoned and aspiring participants form a collaborative nexus, striving towards a shared goal of trading excellence.

This ecosystem is conducive to exploring diverse investment strategies and receiving actionable trading insights, all while staying updated with a meticulously constructed stock watch list.

Fostering Connections Amongst Traders

The strength of the Investors Underground community lies in its ability to foster meaningful relationships among traders. Through interactive dialogue and shared experiences, individuals can delve into various aspects of trading, learning from each other's successes and setbacks.

It's a space where collective wisdom prevails and the concept of competition transitions into one of collective triumph.

Real-Time Support and Information Sharing

Real-time support is the backbone of Investors Underground, ensuring that traders never feel isolated in making critical decisions. The presence of immediate communication channels with fellow traders and knowledgeable moderators helps demystify even the most intricate trading scenarios, turning complex concepts into digestible strategies ready for real-world application.

  • Weekly webinars offer in-depth analysis and foster a profound understanding of market dynamics.
  • Daily trade recaps dissect the day's activities, turning them into learning opportunities.
  • Mentoring sessions provide personalized guidance, enhancing the trading acumen of each community member.

By embracing a philosophy that goes beyond the mechanics of trading, Investors Underground cultivates a nurturing habitat where each trader is empowered to reach their full potential.

Educational Resources and Courses: Building a Trading Knowledge Base

Investors Underground takes pride in its broad spectrum of day trading courses, each meticulously designed to enhance one's financial education and mastery of stock trading techniques. Through these structured learning pathways, traders can amass a wealth of trading knowledge, essential for thriving in the volatile world of day trading.

Let's explore the core courses that mark the cornerstone of the platform’s educational offerings.

Unlocking the Potential with Textbook Trading

Textbook Trading is an apt starting point for newcomers and a solid refresher for seasoned traders. This extensive course covers the essentials of day trading over eight content-rich hours. Participants dive into:

  • Basic trading principles and terminology
  • Understanding market psychology and trader mindset
  • Key technical analysis and charting fundamentals
  • Risk management strategies to minimize losses
  • Real trading examples to put theory into practice

By focusing on these foundational concepts, Textbook Trading equips traders with the skills required to navigate the markets confidently.

Real-World Applications in Tandem Trader

Tandem Trader takes knowledge application to the next level, offering 12 intensive hours of guidance into nuanced trading scenarios. This course emphasizes:

  1. In-depth analysis of live trades
  2. Strategic entry and exit points
  3. Utilization of advanced technical indicators
  4. Adaptation to evolving market conditions
  5. Perspectives on trader psychology in action

With real-world transaction breakdowns, Tandem Trader helps bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and their practical application in live trading environments.

Specialized Strategies in Swing Trading

For those gravitating towards the less frantic pace of swing trading, Investors Underground offers a dedicated Swing Trading course. The six-hour journey through these specialized sessions furnishes traders with insights on:

  • Identifying multi-day trade setups
  • Effective management of swing trades
  • Market analysis techniques for swing trading
  • Position sizing and risk control
  • Capitalizing on longer-term trends and patterns

This tailored training fosters comprehensive understanding and strategic planning, vital for succeeding in the realm of swing trading.

An Analysis of Investors Underground Pricing and Value

When examining the Investors Underground pricing, it's essential to consider the comprehensive value provided to members. The platform's membership cost is designed to accommodate different levels of trader commitment and financial readiness.

Those new to the platform might experience initial hesitation due to what might appear as steep prices, but a deeper dive into what these fees cover reveals the long-term investment value inherent to the service.

Members can choose from a range of pricing plans tailored to fit their trading journey:

  • A Monthly Plan for those testing the waters or preferring short-term commitment, priced at $297.
  • An Annual Plan designed for dedicated traders seeking to fully immerse themselves in the community and its resources, costing $1,897 – resulting in significant savings over the monthly rate.

Beyond these membership options, Investors Underground provides specialized trading course fees for in-depth educational material, which are separate from the community membership. Courses like Textbook Trading and Tandem Trader represent a separate but valuable investment in a trader's education.

The true investment value materializes as members actively engage with all facets of Investors Underground. From dynamic trading chat rooms to daily market insights and extensive educational content, the resources at disposal accelerate learning and trading skills development, potentially leading to improved market performance.


Investors Underground has established itself as a premier day trading education platform, providing an essential toolkit for those in pursuit of successful trading. It's clear that the platform's strength lies in its seamless blend of practical learning resources, dynamic real-time discussions, and an unwavering support system cultivated within its community.

By engaging with the wealth of knowledge and collaborative energy found here, members are given the unique opportunity to develop, test, and refine robust investment strategies in sync with today's volatile markets.

In essence, the platform is more than just a hub for information—it's a gateway to a sophisticated day trading experience. As members invest in their growth through this robust community, they gain access to the essential tools and peer support crucial for thriving in today's stock market.


  • Service: Trading Course
  • Annual Price: $297.00/month
  • Promotion: Discounts at quarterly & yearly pricing packages

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