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Updated June 25, 2024

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Investment Rarities specializes in rare coins, precious metals, and collectibles with over 50 years of experience in the industry. They offer a wide range of investment opportunities for collectors and investors looking to diversify their portfolios with tangible assets.

Delving into the realm of precious metals investing unveils Investment Rarities Incorporated, a distinguished beacon in the industry known for guiding investors toward securing their retirement savings protection.

For those considering the inclusion of a gold IRA to bolster their financial stronghold, Investment Rarities ratings stand as a testament to their enduring commitment.

This exploration offers prospective investors an in-depth discernment of the opportunities and principles that have shaped this esteemed establishment.

Key Takeaways

  • Investment Rarities Incorporated has carved a prestigious niche in precious metals investment since the 1970s.
  • Gold and silver investment opportunities orchestrated by IRI serve as cornerstones for retirement diversification.
  • Trusted by their clients, IRI holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, signaling a reliable market presence.
  • A commitment to ethical practices in gold and silver sales positions IRI as a purveyor of investor confidence.

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About Investment Rarities Incorporated

Since its establishment in 1974, Investment Rarities Incorporated has matured into a stalwart of the precious metals industry, guiding countless clients through the nuances of gold and silver investments.

With a substantial record of over four decades in the field, the company has built a strong foundation of trust and expertise, contributing significantly to their robust Investment Rarities history. 

At the helm, Jim Cook, an author celebrated for his insights on precious metals, infuses the firm with a unique blend of knowledge and passion, marking it as a beacon for investors nationwide.

Company History and Longevity

Investment Rarities' journey began under the vision of Jim Cook, whose foresight into the value of precious metals carved out a new path for investors. Over the years, the company has weathered economic storms, marking it as a consistent player in the precious metals industry.

The sheer volume of their transactions, exceeding $3 billion, underlines their prominent position, and attests to their integrity and the lasting relationships fostered with their clientele.

The Philosophy of Physical Investment

In an era where virtual assets dominate, Investment Rarities holds firm to the philosophy of physical investment. Their emphasis on tangible assets equates to a transparent and leverage-free service, ensuring that every gold and silver investment translates to actual precious metals in the hands of their investors.

This doctrine is not just a business model, but a commitment to offer unwavering value through the solidity of physical commodities.

Jim Cook's Leadership and Vision

As a prestigious author and the architect behind Investment Rarities, Jim Cook's authorship extends beyond the written word into visionary leadership. Cook's expertise in the precious metals market is a lighthouse for the company's course, dictating a steadfast approach in offering authentic, value-driven investment opportunities in gold and silver.

His methodologies reflect not only a savvy financial acumen but also a dedication to investor education and asset preservation.

Goldco is an industry leader in the precious metals space, offering a comprehensive approach to protecting your retirement savings in an ever-changing economic landscape.


  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

Assessing Investment Rarities' Product Offerings

Investment Rarities Incorporated (IRI) boasts an extensive array of precious metals, appealing to a variety of investor preferences and strategies. Discerning collectors and investors will find a robust lineup of gold coins and silver bullion, each with their distinct advantages, historical significance, and potential for appreciation.

1. Diverse Selection of Gold Investment Options

IRI extends an impressive catalogue of gold investment opportunities, including internationally recognized coins such as the Canadian Maple Leaf, American Gold Eagle, and the revered Buffalo Gold.

These gold coins are celebrated not only for their purity and legal tender status but also for their global popularity amongst investors and collectors. The selection spans several denominations, allowing for diversification and flexibility in investment strategies.

2. Silver as a Strategic Investment

Distinguishing itself from other precious metals dealers, IRI places a particular emphasis on silver bullion, providing a wide array of products like classic 1964 Kennedy half-dollars and larger bars tailored for substantial investments.

Silver presents a relatively lower entry point for investment, and its industrial demand underlines its intrinsic value and potential for growth.

3. IRA-Compatible Precious Metals

Understanding the importance of retirement planning, IRI offers products that integrate seamlessly into a metals IRA.

Their selection of precious metals is crafted to adhere to the requirements for IRA eligibility, offering clients opportunities for tax-advantaged investments. The partnership with reputable storage providers like Brinks underpins the security aspect of these investments, ensuring that clients' assets are in safe hands.

  • Gold and silver IRAs allow for a physical, tangible asset in one's retirement portfolio.
  • Aiding in portfolio diversification, these Investment Rarities products can serve as a hedge against inflation and economize downturns.

Investment Rarities Review: Customer Experiences and Business Ratings

Investment Rarities Incorporated (IRI) prides itself on having secured an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, reflecting its accredited status and commitment to customer satisfaction in the silver and gold market. Still, the dearth of comprehensive customer feedback prior to this accreditation means that individuals looking to engage with a precious metals dealer might question the company's service consistency over the years.

IRI's online presence provides surprisingly few reviews, leaving a slim volume of customer feedback for prospective buyers to consider. This limited availability of user-experiences poses a challenge for those who seek to conduct a thorough precious metals dealer evaluation based on the experiences of their peers.

  1. Study the Better Business Bureau accreditation to understand the standards IRI meets.
  2. Examine the limited but valuable user reviews across various platforms.
  3. Consider initiating a modest transaction to personally evaluate the services and customer support.

Business ratings can provide a snapshot of a company's professional conduct, yet they may not fully encompass the entire customer journey with IRI. As such, potential investors are advised to undertake controlled investment trials to form their own judgements about the company's performance.

Understanding the Investment Process with Investment Rarities

Embarking on the journey of precious metal investment through Investment Rarities Incorporated (IRI) unveils a process that is distinctive yet highly navigable for the individual investor. Self-directed IRA details play a pivotal role in setting the tone for a prudent and personalized investment strategy, known colloquially as Golden IRAs.

These retirement accounts offer investors the liberty to diversify their portfolios with physical metal investments, such as gold and silver, underpinned by the stalwart security measures of facilities like Brinks storage.

The Role of Self-Directed IRAs

Self-directed IRAs grant investors the freedom to broaden their retirement investment horizons beyond conventional stocks and bonds. IRI's facilitative service connects clients seamlessly with esteemed custodial entities, including GoldStar Trust Company, affording a level of flexibility for investors to include precious metals in their retirement savings.

Navigating Precious Metals Investment

IRI's expertise lies in guiding clients through the intricacies of acquiring precious metals. Advisors provide personalized assistance, ensuring that clients are well-informed about the inherent benefits and considerations when investing in physical metals.

It is this strategic guidance that enhances the investment experience, steering clients towards savvy decisions within the golden landscape.

Storage and Security Solutions for Your Investments

Security is a non-negotiable aspect of investing in precious metals. Partnering with a globally recognized name like Brinks, Investment Rarities ensures that from purchase to storage, your physical investment is safeguarded.

This collaboration echoes the company's commitment to delivering not just a product, but peace of mind through transparent, secure logistics backed by solid industry standards.


In summary, Investment Rarities Incorporated (IRI) is a venerable presence in the precious metals sector, cultivating a place of significance since its inception in the 1970s.

Catering to those considering trustworthy precious metals investments, IRI offers an array of quality gold and silver products, aligning with the needs of investors seeking tangible assets. Their commitment to no-leverage transactions underscores a business ethic founded in transparency and reliability.

For individuals intent on precious metal portfolio diversification, IRI's offerings and guided IRA services present noteworthy options. Yet, it bears repeating that thorough investigation and contemplation are crucial steps before embarking on the journey of precious metals investment or the establishment of a self-directed IRA.


  • Service: Bullion Dealer
  • Products Offered: Gold, silver
  • Promotion: None

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