Inside Look at Earn2Trade’s Gauntlet Program

Updated June 27, 2024

Imagine landing a profitable deal with a proprietary trading partner in just 10 days. This dream becomes achievable for those aiming to be funded futures traders through Earn2Trade's Gauntlet Program. An in-depth Earn2Trade Gauntlet review exposes a captivating trading test. It transforms beginners into confident traders capable of leveraging a virtual futures account to seize real-life opportunities. The program now proposes a tempting 50% discount on all subscriptions, easing the entry into proprietary trading.

Since April 1st, 2024, Earn2Trade has revamped its educational journey. They've cut down the training period to 10 days for new subscribers, meeting the fast-paced needs of budding funded futures traders. With options for virtual account sizes from $50,000 to $200,000, participants are thrown into an immersive trader funding test. It's set up to highlight their natural aptitude and learned skills within a competitive market simulation.

Key Takeaways

  • The Earn2Trade Gauntlet Program offers a streamlined path to become a funded futures trader.
  • Candidates face a trader funding test on a virtual futures account that mirrors real trading scenarios.
  • Recent program adjustments have reduced the required trading days from 15 to 10 for new subscriptions.
  • Diverse virtual account sizes provide flexibility for traders to demonstrate their strategy and expertise.

Overview of the Gauntlet Program

The Earn2Trade Gauntlet Mini™ has transformed the funded trader program. It has created a structured path for those looking to become professional traders. This exam, a bridge to proprietary firm funding, tests traders in realistic market scenarios without risking personal funds. Through the program, participants experience a clear pathway designed to lead to trading capital qualification.

The opportunity for proprietary firm funding via Earn2Trade involves ongoing assessment. Participants showcase their trading skills over an adjustable period. This flexibility allows candidates to adapt based on their readiness and performance. Success in the Gauntlet Mini hinges on following the rules closely. Any infractions can impede or halt progression toward funding qualification.

Access to the program is subscription-based, giving prospective traders many chances to hone their strategies. They can keep trying without a fixed end until they either succeed, alter their course, or withdraw. Through the Gauntlet Mini, traders learn discipline and strict adherence to guidelines. They prepare not just for trading's challenges but for a sustainable trading career.

This approach ensures candidates are ready to manage proprietary funds with competence. They gain extensive practice in a tough, simulated trading environment. The Gauntlet Mini prepares them for the real trading world in a unique and effective way.

Topstep is a trading evaluation program that allows traders to demonstrate their skills using simulated accounts and potentially earn a funded trading account by meeting predefined profit targets and risk parameters.

ABOUT Topstep

  • Accessible starting capital requirements
  • Comprehensive support for popular trading platforms
  • Extensive range of educational tools with live classes
  • 14-day trial for new members

What Sets Earn2Trade Apart in Trader Education

Earn2Trade leads in trader education by blending theoretical study and practical experience. It stands out by weaving virtual futures trading into its lessons. This approach gives traders a chance to develop their skills within a risk-free environment. They can tackle the market's challenges without fear.

It offers a broad range of educational material, from beginner to expert levels. This ensures a thorough grasp of both basic and advanced trading strategies. The trading simulator is especially advanced, mimicking real market conditions. Traders can test strategies without risking real money.

Earn2Trade also provides extensive Earn2Trade resources. These resources support every phase of a professional trading career. They cover essential topics like fundamental analysis and sophisticated trading algorithms.

Earn2Trade doesn't just share knowledge; it builds skills essential for success in trading. This creates a solid foundation for a professional trading career from home. Both beginners and experienced traders benefit from the top-quality educational material and state-of-the-art trading simulator. They gain necessary skills and refine existing strategies, respectively.

The Gauntlet Mini™ Evaluation Process

The Gauntlet Mini™ is a key part of Earn2Trade's trading education initiatives. It tests trading skills through essential metrics and targets. Participants are evaluated on their performance, aligning with what's needed to succeed in the Gauntlet Mini™.

Criteria for Passing the Gauntlet Mini™

  • Profit goals must be met or surpassed, scaled to the initial account size.
  • It's vital to follow exam rules, including loss and contract quantity limits.
  • Throughout the eval period, the account must stay above the set financial threshold.

Adjustments to Trading Days Required

After considering user feedback, Earn2Trade has made updates to the Gauntlet Mini™. Starting April 1, 2024, the required trading days drop from 15 to 10 for new sign-ups. This change helps traders finish their evaluation sooner, fitting better with their schedules.

Monthly Subscription and Costs

Subscription prices for the Gauntlet Mini™ change based on chosen virtual capital. It gives traders the chance to select an option fitting their risk level and strategy:

  1. Subscriptions renew every 30 days, offering ongoing platform access.
  2. Earn2Trade pricing caters to all trader levels, ensuring a fit for various budgets and needs.

Virtual Starting Capital and Profit Goals

It's essential for those on the verge of the Gauntlet Mini™ program to grasp the financial underpinnings, including the virtual Gauntlet Mini capital and Earn2Trade’s various funding account sizes. Each trader embarks on their journey with a diverse virtual balance. This balance is designed to echo the dynamics of live trading scenarios, catering to different skill levels and risk appetites.

The program’s profit targets portray yet another crucial element, setting succinct goals for traders. These aims are not mere checkpoints but pivotal benchmarks for gauging a trader's prowess in navigating actual trading accounts. Such objectives underscore the essence of performance evaluation within the Gauntlet Mini™ program’s span.

  • Account sizes available through Earn2Trade begin at $50,000, stretching up to $200,000, accommodating a broad range of trader profiles.
  • Profit goals corresponding to these accounts range from $3,000 for the smaller scales to $11,000 for the larger brackets.

A tiered setup ensures traders of all types find their fit, adapting the Gauntlet Mini™ to various trading methodologies and ambitions. The structure boldly supports traders aiming for aggressive growth or those prioritizing secure, consistent profitability. Indeed, the program charts a pathway to success for novices and seasoned traders alike.

Understanding the Gauntlet Mini™ Drawdown Rules

The Gauntlet Mini™ program by Earn2Trade introduces advanced risk management tools. These tools are designed to shield your trading account, allowing traders to proceed with confidence in the markets. The rules formulated are key to keeping discipline in trading activities.

Different Types of Drawdown

  • EOD Drawdown: This denotes the End of Day Drawdown which caps how much a trader's equity can fall in one day.
  • Trailing Drawdown: This measure evolves, adjusting as the trading account's peak equity changes. It helps traders not to give back significant gains.
  • Fixed Drawdown: This absolute limit defines a maximum loss that can't be crossed throughout the Gauntlet program, ensuring capital protection.

Managing Risks with Drawdown Limits

Equity drawdown limits and daily loss boundaries are core to the Gauntlet program's risk strategy. These pillars are structured to:

  1. Stop major losses in the trading account balance.
  2. Encourage thoughtful trading instead of quick, unplanned decisions.
  3. Support consistent, long-term trading techniques that focus on preserving capital.

For traders aiming to master market complexities, understanding and following these drawdown rules is vital. It's key for safeguarding their funds during unstable trading times.

The Funding Process after Passing the Gauntlet

Success in the Gauntlet Mini™ evaluation leads to an enticing proposal from Earn2Trade and its partners. This crucial step ushers traders from simulations to authentic futures trading in live markets. Grasping the components of this transition is vital for any ambitious trader.

  • Funded Trading Offer: At the heart of the opportunity for Gauntlet Mini™ achievers is this offer. It opens the door to a funded account where traders can employ their honed strategies in tangible market scenarios.
  • Proprietary Firm Contract: The contract's details lay out the terms between the trader and the trading firm. It’s crucial to review the conditions regarding account size, risk management, and profit sharing to align with one’s trading objectives.
  • Real Money Account Allocation: Real money account sizes are often similar to the balances used in the evaluation. This similarity aids in easing the transition from virtual to actual trading, allowing for strategy consistency.
  • Futures Trade Execution: A funded account enables traders to carry out futures trades in real market conditions. This experience sharpens their decision-making and deepens knowledge of market dynamics.

The move from simulated trading to participating on a real trading floor marks a significant transition. The proprietary firm contract and funding offer are key milestones for any futures trader’s career. Understanding these stages sets the foundation for a successful professional journey in trading.

Gauntlet Mini™: A Tool for Risk-Free Trading Experience

The Gauntlet Mini™, brought to you by Earn2Trade, stands as a leading-edge simulated trading tool. It provides a secure, risk-free arena for new traders to sharpen their prowess. Operating with a virtual account, users can dive into trading without the worry of losing real money. This design is crucial for safe market exploration and learning.

Simulated Trading Environment Benefits

  • Earn2Trade simulation grants the ability to tackle real-time market scenarios without the dread of financial setbacks.
  • By mirroring genuine trading environments, the platform offers an edge in developing actionable, ground-level strategies.
  • The risk-free practice zone of the Gauntlet Mini™ is an unparalleled educational asset, fostering skill enhancement with confidence.

Maintaining Emotional Discipline with Virtual Trading

  • The program spotlights Earn2Trade trader psychology, coaching users to master their emotional responses for successful trading later on.
  • Via virtual account discipline, it nurtures essential habits of resource management and savvy decision-making essential for real stakes trading.
  • It's structured to bolster emotional trading control, guiding users towards a more zen-like, disciplined approach in the trading game.

The Various Trading Account Sizes in Gauntlet Mini™

Earn2Trade stands out for its adaptability, aiming to meet the unique needs of each trader. The Gauntlet Mini™ offers various virtual starting capital options. This diversity ensures that traders at different stages of their journey can find an account ideal for their style and goals.

  • The Earn2Trade account flexibility provides traders with multiple predefined account sizes. This setup is perfect for those starting small or for experienced traders looking to leverage larger capitals.
  • With trader profile customization, users can adjust their trading parameters. This customization means aligning the account with their risk tolerance and strategy, boosting performance.
  • The virtual starting capital options cover a broad spectrum, offering a scalable approach for all traders. It aids in risk management and allows for strategy experimentation under varying market conditions.

Earn2Trade’s Gauntlet Mini™ program prioritizes educational growth and delivering tools that enhance the trading experience. It manifests Earn2Trade's commitment to making professional trading achievable for all, regardless of experience or financial capacity.

The Added Advantage of Educational Resources

Earn2Trade enhances traders' skills with exceptional educational resources. Its content and on-demand education give a competitive advantage. Those enrolled in the Gauntlet Mini™ benefit from this edge in trading.

Access to Detailed Course Materials

Enrollees in Earn2Trade's programs access exclusive trading courses. These materials cover crucial trading topics. They're designed to deepen understanding of market dynamics and strategies. This proves invaluable for both new and seasoned traders.

Free Trading Software and Tools

Signing up for the Gauntlet Mini™ offers more than theoretical insights. Earn2Trade provides vital practical tools, such as a live market conditions simulator. Participants also get a free NinjaTrader license and a Journalytix™ license. These resources allow for effective strategy application in a simulated, no-risk setting, guiding them towards a successful trading career.

  • Practical, hands-on trading experience with state-of-the-art software
  • Real-time data and analytics through Journalytix™
  • Continuous learning and strategy testing with the trading simulator


The Earn2Trade Gauntlet summary showcases an advanced strategy in trader education. This places the program at the leading edge of evaluation platforms for traders. With the Gauntlet Mini™ program, Earn2Trade offers deep knowledge and practical experience. It also opens a clear path to trader funding. This route is well-equipped with educational materials, trading tools, and a specialized curriculum designed to transform beginners into skilled traders.

The Gauntlet program provides countless virtual trading advantages. These greatly add to a safe environment where traders can polish their strategies. They do this without the fear of actual financial losses. Earn2Trade focuses on creating a realistic simulated environment. Thus, when traders step into the real markets, they're armed with valuable experience. They also have strong confidence in their trading abilities.

For those aiming to excel in the competitive trade market, Earn2Trade is the ideal solution. It serves not merely as a tool but as a steadfast guide in the financial landscape. It supports learners through practice, detailed analysis, and wise planning. Individuals who have successfully navigated through its training and evaluations are well-positioned for trading success and financial savvy in the future.

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