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Updated June 24, 2024

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Indigo Precious Metals specializes in the sale and secure storage of precious metals, offering a diverse range of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products along with expert advisory services to investors worldwide.

In a world where financial stability surpasses gold, investors lean towards firms like Indigo Precious Metals (IPM). Stationed in Singapore's financial epicenter, IPM stands as a guiding light for portfolio enhancement through gold, silver, and other precious metals.

It provides a haven for investment in precious metals, eliminating concerns over minimum trade sizes and intricate dealings. But what makes Indigo Precious Metals distinct in the crowded field of Gold IRA options?

Key Takeaways

  • Indigo Precious Metals stands out as a global player from Singapore, offering a wide range of precious metal investments.
  • IPM champions regulatory compliance, giving investors assurance against money laundering and financial terrorism risks.
  • The firm provides seamless online investment options in gold and silver, without the constraint of a minimum trading size.
  • A trusted platform for both seasoned and new investors looking to diversify their portfolios with a Gold IRA or physical metals.
  • IPM ensures that the investor's journey into the precious metals market is as lustrous as the metals themselves.

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Introduction to Indigo Precious Metals

Since 2014, Indigo Precious Metals has emerged as a key player in precious metals investment. Based in Singapore, the company is known for its wide range of investment options. It specializes in enhancing investment values for its global clients. Focusing on the benefits, this review highlights their tax-advantaged storage facilities worldwide.

  • The range of metal investment options available through Indigo Precious Metals caters to both novice and seasoned investors, underlining the company's commitment to inclusivity in investment opportunities.
  • As a Singapore-based dealer, the firm takes advantage of the country's favorable investment environment to provide lucrative opportunities for those interested in precious metals investment.
  • The worldwide tax-advantaged storage solutions offered by Indigo Precious Metals not only ensure safety and security of the physical assets but also present a compelling tax-efficiency aspect, which is critical for maximizing investment yields.

Indigo Precious Metals shines as a trustworthy provider on the global stage. With a focus on diverse investment assets and an easy-to-use online system, investors can confidently grow their portfolios. This analysis offers insight into their position as a top entity in the sector.

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  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

Company Profile and Founding Principles

Indigo Precious Metals (IPM) serves as a fundamental entity in the financial realm, offering investment-grade precious metals. With strong founding values, IPM excels in delivering products of the highest quality and integrity. This commitment positions them as a trusted partner among their varied clientele.

About Indigo Precious Metals

As a regulated entity, IPM provides a vast array of metals like gold, silver, and platinum. It caters to private individuals, asset managers, and family offices. Its standout feature is an intuitive online platform. This feature greatly eases the investment process for all users.

The Leadership: David Mitchell

David Mitchell steers IPM with his deep financial expertise and background in banking and trading. His leadership skillfully navigates IPM through market complexities. Thus, ensuring its standing as a dependable source for investment-grade precious metals.

Regulatory Compliance and Client Assurance

IPM is based in Singapore, a key financial center. It strictly follows global regulations including anti-money laundering laws. Such diligence boosts investor confidence, establishing IPM as a secure and reputable metals dealer. This solidifies its reputation for safety and integrity in investments.

Indigo Precious Metals Review: Global Reach and Services

Indigo Precious Metals has become a dominant force in the investment world, with a broad international client base. They provide a wide range of services to satisfy clients around the globe, including in Europe, Scandinavia, the Americas, and Asia. They're known for their commitment to excellent service, making them key players in client relations.

The company stands out for its real-time pricing and deep market analysis. Offering timely information allows clients to make well-informed investment choices. This practice has cemented their reputation among investors aiming to navigate the volatile economy.

  • Global Investment Opportunities: Engagement in markets worldwide facilitates a broad spectrum of investment possibilities.
  • International Client Base: Services tailored to meet the needs of clients from various global regions ensure a personalized investment experience.
  • Professional Service Support: Expert advice and comprehensive support guide clients through their investment journey.
  • Live Pricing: Immediate access to current market prices enables timely and strategic investment actions.
  • Market Fish: In-depth analysis and reports provide clients with the insights needed to make educated investment choices.

Indigo Precious Metals harnesses direct ties with refiners for competitive pricing, enhancing their offerings. Their strategic moves not only boost their global presence but also aim to secure and add value to their clients' investments.

Exploring the Range of Precious Metal Products

Indigo Precious Metals provides a wealth of options for those wanting to incorporate precious metals into their portfolios. Whether your interest lies in the solid investment of bullion coins or the unique charm of collectible metals, IPM has offerings to suit any investor's needs.

From Bullion Bars to Rare Metals

  • Bullion Coins: Ideal for investors looking for a material asset with enduring value.
  • Rare Earth Metals: These give your portfolio entry to some of the most sought-after materials in the tech industry.
  • Collectible Metals: For those valuing metals for their historical and aesthetic significance, IPM has a selection of collectible coins and bars.

Investment Sizes and Options

Indigo Precious Metals caters to the needs of all investors by offering a broad variety of bullion and bars:

  • For beginners, 1 oz coins provide an accessible entry point to precious metal investments.
  • The 10 oz bars serve well for those with a moderate investment approach.
  • For the serious investor, 1000 oz silver cast bars represent a significant opportunity to enhance their portfolio.

This diversity affirms the company's dedication to offering varied investment opportunities, catering to every investor type.

Tailored Investment Services for Diverse Portfolios

Indigo Precious Metals is celebrated for its personalized investment methodologies. It aids clients in achieving optimal balance and financial objectives through bespoke strategies. It caters to novices and seasoned investors alike, offering elite portfolio management.

Customized Portfolio Advisory

Recognizing the distinct financial ambitions and risk preferences of each investor, IPM provides customized advisory services. These are pivotal in formulating investment strategies that align with client goals. Whether aiming for rapid growth or stability, IPM's experts adeptly manage market complexities to deliver personalized guidance.

Tax-Efficient Strategies and Storage Solutions

IPM's offerings extend beyond mere investment advice. They include solutions like offshore asset storage which safeguards assets while optimizing tax impacts. Such services guarantee both security and efficiency, essentials for sustained wealth growth and achieving financial objectives.

  • Strategic planning for portfolio growth and balance
  • Offshore storage options to optimize tax situations
  • Continual adjustment and alignment of investments with personal financial goals

Through integrating precise portfolio management with strategic offshore storage, Indigo Precious Metals epitomizes excellence. They are devoted to providing customized services, ensuring that the needs of their clients are thoroughly and efficiently met.

Client Testimonials and Service Feedback

Indigo Precious Metals stands out for its exceptional customer service and clear business practices. The firm is known for reliable investment advice and its understanding of market dynamics. Customer feedback is vital in refining Indigo's offerings:

  • The Value of Transparency - Clients often praise Indigo Precious Metals for its straightforward dealings. They value the clarity about investment choices and market insights. This allows them to make decisions confidently.
  • Customer Service Excellence - The top-notch customer support is a key feature of Indigo Precious Metals. The team's readiness and warmth bolster the company's status as a top investment firm in precious metals.
  • Independent and Impartial Reviews - Indigo Precious Metals cherishes the objective reviews it receives, especially on Feefo. The positive feedback on Feefo reinforces the trust clients have in Indigo, based on honest customer experiences.

Security and Storage Solutions Offered by Indigo Precious Metals

Indigo Precious Metals prioritizes your investment's safety and security. Robust measures are in place, ensuring each client's precious metals receive ultimate protection and management. This dedication safeguards your assets efficiently.

  • Secure Vaulting: Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, IPM offers secure vaulting services that guarantee the safety of precious metals. These vaults are monitored around the clock, employing advanced security protocols to deter and detect unauthorized access.
  • Precious Metals Safety: Understanding the value of your investments, every piece of metal under IPM’s care is handled with precision and protective measures to prevent any potential damage or loss.
  • Singapore Freeport: Strategically located, Singapore Freeport is one of the world's most secure vaulting locations. It provides a sanctuary for precious metals, combining high-security features with the benefits of allocated storage space.
  • Allocated Storage: IPM’s allocated storage solutions ensure that each client's metals are securely stored under their name and account. This segregation assures that your assets are identifiable and retrievable at any moment without any mix-up.
  • Insurance Coverage: To further enhance the security of your investments, IPM includes comprehensive insurance coverage. This ensures that your precious metals are financially safeguarded against any unforeseen circumstances that might arise.

Indigo Precious Metals stands as a beacon of trust and reliability. It offers clients peace of mind regarding the safety and security of their precious metal investments. These features underscore IPM's commitment to excellence.

Why Investors Choose Indigo Precious Metals

Choosing the right investment partner is vital in the unpredictable precious metals market. Indigo Precious Metals (IPM) excels for many reasons that appeal to global investors. Their approach to cost, investment simplicity, and expert market insights sets them apart. Additionally, their strategic locations and secure logistics solidify their status as a preferred choice.

  • Cost Advantages: IPM cuts out intermediaries by transacting directly with refiners, delivering savings to clients. This method ensures lower prices, making investments more affordable and financially sound.
  • Ease of Investment: With its intuitive online platform, IPM simplifies the investment process. This ease of use benefits both experienced and new investors, enabling effortless portfolio management.
  • Market Expertise: The IPM team provides deep market knowledge and insights, offering crucial advice to investors. This guidance allows clients to navigate market shifts confidently.
  • Strategic Locations: IPM's presence in vital global markets enhances access and services tailored to regional needs. Their strategic locations ensure efficient metal handling and distribution.
  • Secure Logistics: IPM prioritizes investment security with stringent logistic solutions. Their approach guarantees safe, swift delivery of metals, underpinned by thorough insurance and allocation protocols.

IPM distinguishes itself through its cost efficiency, straightforward investment process, and deep market understanding. Their geographical advantage and commitment to secure logistics further elevate their appeal. Such a blend of qualities makes Indigo Precious Metals a leading option for those looking to diversify their portfolios with precious metals.


After a thorough review of Indigo Precious Metals (IPM), it's clear the firm is pivotal for seasoned and novice investors alike. Within the complex realm of precious metal investments, IPM shines. It provides tailored advice and secure storage solutions, on an efficient, user-friendly platform.

It's a go-to for informed decisions, offering extensive resources and a clear path to diversify one’s portfolio in precious metals. With competitive offerings, strategic partnerships worldwide, and dedicated client service, IPM has established itself as a trusted partner. Its unwavering dedication to excellence meets investor needs, ensuring a secure and diversified financial future.


  • Services: Bullion Dealer
  • Products: Gold, silver, copper, palladium and platinum
  • Promotion: None

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