How Lear Capital Safeguards Your Investments

Updated May 22, 2024

For over 25 years, Lear Capital has been a trusted name in precious metals. It provides a safe option for your portfolio. They deal in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Lear isn't just selling; they offer valuable advice for adding these assets to self-directed IRAs. They're rated AAA by the Business Consumer Alliance. This shows their top-notch service in managing over $1 billion in IRA transactions for more than 90,000 clients.

Lear Capital values clear and fair pricing. They ensure investors fully understand their investments through a Price Advantage Guarantee. They offer written confirmations for purchases and a 24-hour risk-free period for transactions. This shows their strong commitment to protecting client investments.

Key Takeaways

  • Lear Capital specializes in precious metal assets, aiding in portfolio diversification.
  • They offer valuable advice for including gold and silver in self-directed IRAs.
  • The company is lauded with a AAA rating by the Business Consumer Alliance.
  • Lear Capital ensures security with transparent pricing and a Price Advantage Guarantee.
  • Clients benefit from clear written purchase confirmations and risk-free cancellations.

Understanding Lear Capital’s 25-Year Industry Presence

Since 1997, Lear Capital has become a trusted name in precious metals. Founded by Kevin DeMeritt, the company helps investors with portfolio diversification and self-directed IRAs. Its commitment to providing valuable investment opportunities has made it a key player in finance.

The Establishment and Growth of Lear Capital

Lear Capital was created to make precious metal markets more accessible. In 25 years, it has helped investors add gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to their portfolios. This move boosts financial security and enriches the investor’s collection of assets.

Kevin DeMeritt's Expertise and Leadership

Kevin DeMeritt's leadership has guided Lear Capital brilliantly. His background in international banking and as an author on finance has been crucial. He understands the value of precious metals in protecting against economic ups and downs. His vision has greatly contributed to the company's achievements.

Accolades and Recognitions: A Testament to Trust and Reliability

Lear Capital's reliability is backed by an AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance. It has also been honored by the Professional Coin Grading Service and the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. These honors reflect its commitment to quality and secure precious metal investments.

Goldco is an industry leader in the precious metals space, offering a comprehensive approach to protecting your retirement savings in an ever-changing economic landscape.


  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

Commitment to Investor Security in Precious Metal Investments

Lear Capital focuses on investor security. It follows strict industry rules, making each precious metals investment safer and more valuable. Lear Capital is trusted by the Professional Coin Grading Service. It meets the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's quality standards.

  • They check coins carefully for grade and authenticity. This gives investors confidence in their precious metals choices. This is crucial for investor security.
  • Investors see real-time prices. This transparency helps them make well-informed choices and control their tangible assets.
  • Email alerts and detailed product descriptions keep investors informed. This encourages active management of their assets.

Lear Capital ensures safety and peace of mind for its investors. It proves that investing in precious metals protects against market ups and downs. It's a wise way to manage tangible assets. This builds a trust that lets investors confidently and safely enter the market.

Lear Capital’s Personalized Approach to Customer Service

Lear Capital shines by offering personalized customer service. They meet the specific needs of every investor. By understanding that everyone has unique goals, they assign dedicated account representatives. These reps offer custom investment solutions.

Designated Account Representatives for Individual Guidance

Working with dedicated account representatives at Lear Capital is a unique experience. These experts provide precious metals investment guidance and support. They're involved from the first meeting to ongoing portfolio management. Passionate about aiding clients in reaching their financial goals, they're committed and helpful.

Accessible Customer Support and Transparent Communications

Lear Capital is known for its accessible customer support. They offer immediate help through a dedicated phone line during work hours. This enables quick and efficient answers to urgent questions. Every message is clear and honest, with details given both in writing and verbally. This builds trust and satisfaction after every interaction.

Lear Capital’s Strides in Precious Metal IRA Facilitation

Lear Capital has made setting up Precious Metal IRAs a lot easier. Every step, from the first form to the final money placement, has been simplified. They prioritize fast and safe investment options, enhancing your experience with smooth processes and trusted, IRS-approved storage.

  • To help investors, Lear covers some initial costs for those who invest enough. They offer to cover setup and storage fees initially. Also, they give tiered fee help in the early years to lessen investors' immediate costs.
  • Applications get processed fast, usually in one day. Transfers of funds are typically done in five business days. This shows Lear's commitment to quick service.
  • Lear Capital makes it easy to move your money from other retirement accounts without taxes. They handle all the paperwork and coordination. This includes direct transfers and the 60-day rollover option. They ensure this process is hassle-free and beneficial for those looking to save on taxes.

After the deal is done, the metals are sent securely to the Delaware Depository in Lewes, Delaware. This place is a well-guarded secure IRS-approved storage spot. It has full insurance coverage, keeping your investment safe, with Lloyd's of London backing it up.

Lear Capital takes careful steps in handling Precious Metal IRAs. They ensure you get good investment opportunities that are tax-wise. Plus, they keep your assets secure with the best safety and insurance standards.

Ensuring Authenticity and Quality through Accreditation

Lear Capital's accreditation is vital for investor trust. It proves their dedication to coin grading and numismatic ethics. They work closely with top grading services to uphold high standards.

The Role of the Professional Coin Grading Service

Lear Capital is approved by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). PCGS is key in ensuring coins are graded correctly. This means every coin from Lear Capital meets tough standards. It makes sure every coin's value and authenticity are certain.

Adherence to Numismatic Guaranty Corporation Standards

Lear Capital follows strict rules from the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). This guarantees every coin's quality and trademark meet the top standards. It gives investors confidence to make smart choices.

Transparent Pricing and the Price Advantage Guarantee

Lear Capital leads with transparent pricing in the precious metals market. They make pricing clear to investors, helping them stay informed about costs. This approach ensures investors fully understand what they are paying for.

The Price Advantage Guarantee adds extra confidence for investors. It shows Lear's commitment to offering the best prices and making customers happy. Here's the breakdown:

  1. Investors get a detailed account agreement. It covers their purchase terms, highlighting transparent pricing.
  2. If investors find a lower price within a day after buying, Lear Capital will match it. This option shows the strength of their Price Advantage Guarantee.
  3. This policy gives investors the courage to buy precious metals, knowing they have a safety net.

Lear Capital focuses on making the precious metals market easier to navigate. They offer clear pricing and support to investors, making complex decisions simpler.

Lear Capital: Innovative Leadership and Executive Direction

Lear Capital is strong in the precious metals market because of its top-notch leaders. The journey from its start by Kevin DeMeritt to the leading role of CEO John Ohanesian shows growth towards creative management. Their approach to guiding the company is active and forward-thinking.

Mapping the Leadership: From Kevin DeMeritt to John Ohanesian

Kevin DeMeritt set the stage for Lear Capital with his clear vision and drive. He knew how to handle market ups and downs, helping investors keep their assets safe. With John Ohanesian in charge now, he's taking the company further. He aims to reach more people worldwide and create investment plans that meet their needs.

Public Perception and Executive Contributions to Investor Success

People trust Lear Capital a lot because of its honest leaders who plan ahead wisely. The leadership team works hard to make investment plans that protect and grow investor money. This effort has built a solid customer group. Plus, there are many good reviews about the company’s helpful leadership and trustworthy investment chances.

Lear Capital’s Comprehensive Insurance and Storage Solutions

Lear Capital shines in offering top-notch comprehensive insurance and advanced storage. These options are vital for investors wanting to protect their assets.

By working with the Delaware Depository, Lear Capital makes sure clients get access to a secure IRS-approved depository. This place isn't just secure; it also has insurance from Lloyd’s of London. That means investments are safe from unexpected physical loss or harm.

Their insurance policy is built to keep your investments safe all around. It covers your assets from the time they leave the depository until they reach you.

At the heart of their plan is strong physical loss protection. It protects your investments from many dangers. Lear shows it truly cares about keeping your assets safe, no matter what.

Choosing Lear Capital’s protection means you can relax, knowing your precious metals are safe. This brings peace of mind and trust in the protection of your investments for the future.


Lear Capital has been a key player in the precious metals industry for more than 25 years. It offers services that mix safety in investment with smart strategies. For those looking to add precious metals to their mix of investments, Lear Capital is a wise choice.

Their personalized service includes clear pricing and a Price Advantage Guarantee. This shows they're more than just a company; they're leaders in thoughtful investment help.

A detailed review of Lear Capital shows they're dedicated to top-notch service and security. They offer safe, insured storage and reliable customer support. Lear Capital excels in guiding investments in tangible assets.

In short, Lear Capital ensures the safety and growth of clients' investments. They're a go-to for both newbies and experienced investors in gold and silver. With a focus on their clients' evolving needs, Lear Capital has earned a spot as a trusted partner in the precious metals industry.

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