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Updated July 5, 2024

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Hertel's Coins is a renowned numismatic establishment specializing in the buying, selling, and appraising of rare and collectible coins, offering expert advice and quality service to both novice and experienced collectors.

Hertel’s Coins stands as an authoritative source in the world of numismatics, catering to both avid collectors and those new to the hobby. Known for their high-quality rare coin offerings, Hertel's consistently earns excellent reviews.

These accolades reinforce its esteemed position in the collectors' world. Splitting into two key aspects, this review highlights Hertel’s role not just as a marketplace but also as a community for numismatic passion.

Key Takeaways

  • Hertel's Coins stands out for its exceptional numismatic services, catering to both beginners and seasoned collectors.
  • The establishment boasts an extensive variety of rare coin deals, appealing to diverse interests and investment strategies.
  • Professional coin collectors often refer to Hertel's Coins ratings as an indicator of the company's reliability and service quality.
  • Hertel's commitment to their clientele underscores their reputation in providing knowledgeable guidance in coin collection and investment.

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An Overview of Hertel’s Coins

At the heart of numismatic passion, Hertel’s Coins shines as a guiding light for both experienced collectors and newcomers. Here, enthusiasts find a range of numismatic gems. This establishment offers more than just coin collecting; it assists in investments too. Every collector gains the chance to own a historic gem. Hertel’s Coins excels by teaching the fine points of numismatics and market trends to collectors and investors alike.

  • Hertel’s Coins services include expert consultations, crucial for navigating the complex world of coin investment. The guidance ensures decisions are well-informed and tactical.
  • Their passion for numismatic treasures shines in their selective collection. Each coin tells a story, attracting both historians and savvy investors.
  • Collecting coins at Hertel’s isn’t merely about gathering items. It's learning the stories and values behind each piece. This knowledge turns each addition into a valuable investment.

Hertel’s Coins boasts of providing unique insights and access to highly sought-after numismatic pieces. Whether aiming to broaden a portfolio or hunting a rare find, collectors receive unparalleled resources and advice here. Hertel’s ensures every goal is within reach.

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  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • Money.com 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

Assessing the Different Types of Hertel’s Coins

Hertel's array of coins uncovers a wealth of numismatic treasures. Highlighting gold, silver, and platinum, each type shines with distinct characteristics and backgrounds. This diversity attracts both collectors and investors, offering something unique to everyone.

1. Gold Coins: Value and Heritage

The selection of gold coins showcases the American Eagle gold series' excellence. Noted for their fine purity and intricate designs, these pieces draw attention not just for their value. They also hold profound historical importance, narrating crucial episodes and ideologies from U.S. history in each design.

2. Exquisite Design of Silver Coins

Silver coins, especially from the Silver Eagle series, are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship. Boasting detailed illustrations and a stunning, mirror-like surface, these coins reflect the minters' high level of skill. They captivate collectors and investors alike, offering beauty as well as investment worth.

3. Rarity of Platinum Coins

Platinum coins are marked by their rareness and the intricate methodologies involved in their minting. Their scarceness not only sets them apart but also boosts their collectibility and value. The allure of platinum, alongside its industrial applications, positions these coins as intriguing assets in Hertel's vast collection.

The Rich History Behind Hertel’s Coins

The impact of Hertel’s Coins goes well beyond mere transactions or collecting. Each coin tells a story, linking us to bygone eras. As a trusted entity in the numismatic field, Hertel’s Coins plays a key role. It connects past and present through the historical coins it preserves and shares.

Hertel's Coins is committed to keeping the legacy of coin collecting alive. They use specialized preservation techniques to maintain the coins' value and historical significance. These efforts ensure that each coin is more than just a collector's item. They are essential pieces of history, connecting us to ancient civilizations.

  • Expert curation and authentication services distinguish Hertel’s from casual marketplaces, making it a sanctuary for serious collectors and historians alike.
  • The dedication to numismatic legacy at Hertel's facilitates an ever-expanding repository of knowledge that supports both seasoned numismatists and fresh enthusiasts embarking on their coin collecting journey.

Hertel's Coins does more than just preserve important historical coins. It also enriches the numismatic market. Each transaction is a preservation of history, celebrated by a community passionate about the past.

The Perks of Investing in Hertel’s Coins

Investing in Hertel’s Coins enriches investment portfolios in several key ways. It serves as an effective inflation hedge and offers portfolio diversification. Additionally, it represents the ownership of tangible assets with significant value. These coins possess intrinsic historical value and offer the potential for asset value appreciation over time.

Inflation Hedging with Numismatic Pieces

Amidst inflation, the value of paper currency can decline. However, Hertel’s Coins serve as a reliable inflation hedge. Being tangible assets, they typically retain their value. They can even appreciate during inflationary periods, offering protection from the uncertainties of traditional markets.

Potential for Diversification

Diversifying your portfolio is vital for minimizing risk and stabilizing returns. Adding Hertel’s Coins introduces a non-correlated asset. This asset acts independently from conventional financial instruments like stocks and bonds, thus enhancing diversification.

Holding Historical Significance in Your Hands

Hertel’s coins are not just investments; they are pieces of history. They embody moments, cultures, and art from across the ages. Collectors and investors get financial benefits and the satisfaction of owning historical artifacts. Holding these coins is a unique experience, blending personal joy with historical connection.

Understanding the Market for Hertel’s Coins

Investors and collectors look into the Hertel’s Coins market must weigh several factors. These include the unpredictability of the numismatic market, the threat of counterfeit coins, and costs related to coin storage and insurance. It's vital to understand these factors as they heavily impact the security and potential profits of investing in rare coins.

The Impact of Market Volatility

The numismatic market's volatility can cause coin values to swing drastically. Economic shifts, global events, and changes in collector interest can all alter coin prices quickly. To effectively manage these fluctuations, investors should remain well-informed and might need to consult with numismatic experts.

Identifying Authenticity: Counterfeit Coins

Counterfeit coins pose a significant threat in the numismatic world. Not only can fake coins lower the value of real collections, but they can also erode investor trust. To counter this risk, collectors are advised to buy from trusted dealers. Getting coins professionally graded ensures their authenticity and quality.

Costsof Coin Collecting: Storage and Insurance

Costs for storing and insuring coins are crucial for maintaining a collection's value and safety. Climate-controlled safes are recommended for protection against environmental harm. Meanwhile, insurance offers a safeguard against theft or loss. These precautions are essential for safeguarding the collector's investment and supporting steady returns.

Insider Tips for Prospective Investors and Collectors

Starting in numismatics is both exciting and intimidating. Our goal is to offer crucial tips for coin collecting and numismatic investments. These will guide you to success. Understanding the intricacies of coin collecting is vital, whether you're a newcomer or looking to expand your collection.

  1. Research Thoroughly: Before investing, learn each coin's history and value. This knowledge can drive better buying decisions and prevent expensive errors.
  2. Assess Market Trends: Watching market trends is key to finding opportunities for buying and selling. This advice is crucial for maximizing returns and lowering risks.
  3. Verify Authenticity: Confirming a coin's authenticity is essential. It guards your investment and maintains your collection's integrity.
  4. Proper Storage: High-quality storage is critical for preserving your coins. Humidity and temperature changes can damage materials, decreasing the coin's value.
  5. Connect with Experts: Interacting with seasoned collectors and reputable dealers offers deep insights and access to rare items.
  6. Continual Learning: Numismatics constantly evolves. Keeping up with new knowledge enables you to make informed decisions.

With these insights and advice, embarking on a coin collecting journey can be rewarding and profitable. Numismatics isn't solely about financial gains; it's about owning historical artifacts. Ensure your collection mirrors your enthusiasm and investment wisdom.

Comparing Hertel’s Coins with Other Numismatic Players

In the competitive numismatic industry, Hertel’s Coins stands out with unique offerings and superior service. This analysis highlights how Hertel's distinguishes itself in the rare coin market.

Unique Offerings at Hertel’s Coins

Hertel’s Coins attracts both new and experienced collectors with its unique inventory. It offers:

  • Exclusively authenticated coins, ensuring their quality and rarity.
  • A diverse portfolio, featuring both common and rare specimens.
  • Special editions and limited-run mints, perfect for any collection.

Customer Satisfaction and Service Excellence

Hertell’s Coins sets the bar high with its customer service in the numismatic industry. Here’s how they nurture lasting relationships:

  • Personalized service for each customer, meeting specific investment needs.
  • Comprehensive educational resources to inform on market trends and valuation.
  • Responsive support, addressing all inquiries and concerns quickly and efficiently.

Hertel’s Coins excels by offering remarkable products and building trust. It remains a top choice among collectors for its reliability in the rare coin market.


At the heart of numismatics, Hertel's Coins merges culture and market value, attracting diverse collectors. The allure of these coins goes beyond their monetary worth. They shine for their beauty and historical importance. Thus, engaging with Hertel's Coins means embracing not just assets, but pieces of history and art.

Hertel's Coins stands out with its diverse portfolio and dedication to quality. It sets standards for both new and experienced collectors. They highlight benefits like inflation protection, diversification, and collecting historical moments. This reinforces Hertel's market position, creating a vibrant community where rarity and heritage are valued.


  • Services: Gold Dealer
  • Products: Gold, silver, copper, palladium and platinum
  • Promotion: None

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