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Updated June 21, 2024

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GoldStar Trust Company is a financial institution specializing in self-directed IRAs, providing custodian and trustee services for a wide range of alternative investments including precious metals, real estate, and privately-held companies.

Wondering if your retirement plan is as golden as it seems? Amid a sea of custodial firms and self-directed IRAs, GoldStar Trust distinguishes itself in the Gold IRA market.

With a strong position in retirement investments and a broad selection of alternatives to stocks and bonds, GoldStar Trust presents a unique strategy for securing your future. 

This in-depth review takes a closer look at GoldStar Trust ratings and highlights their standout qualities among myriad Gold IRA choices.

Key Takeaways

  • They provide comprehensive custodial services for a variety of retirement investment options, excluding direct sale of precious metals.
  • GoldStar Trust possesses over 30 years of specialization in self-directed IRAs.
  • With a respectable rating, GoldStar Trust stands out as an experienced firm in retirement planning.
  • Their services cater to a Traditional or Roth IRA, offering investors a broad spectrum of investment diversity.
  • GoldStar Trust's unique business model may have a substantial impact on investors evaluating a Gold IRA as part of their retirement strategy.

Compare With Other Gold IRA Companies:

Fees: None

Min. Investment: $25,000

Fees: $180/year

Min. Investment: $5,000

Fees: $225/year

Min. Investment: $2,000

Introduction to GoldStar Trust

Welcome to an in-depth look at GoldStar Trust, known for expertise in managing retirement accounts and ensuring financial security. Affiliated with Happy State Bank, this institution stands out in the finance world since 1989. Delve into its history and operations. Understand the importance of picking the right custodian for your retirement investments.

History and Background of GoldStar Trust

GoldStar Trust started as First State Bank in 1908, evolving into the trusted IRA custodian we know today. Its history highlights a consistent path of reliability and growth. Managing assets over $2.5 billion showcases its commitment to financial security. Every step reflects their focus on solid retirement account management.

The Importance of Choosing the Right IRA Custodian

Securing a stable retirement depends heavily on the right IRA custodian. This choice is crucial in retirement planning, affecting both safety and growth of your assets. GoldStar Trust offers experience in handling complex retirement products. Their services extend beyond custodianship, forming a partnership for reaching financial aspirations. A well-chosen custodian like GoldStar Trust is pivotal for a secure retirement.

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GoldStar Trust's Unique Position in the Market

In an industry filled with competitors, GoldStar Trust stands out by offering more than self-directed IRA services. They redefine retirement planning with innovative alternatives. At its core, as a custodial firm, they guide clients on a personal investment journey. This path significantly diverges from the route taken by traditional precious metals brokers.

A Diverse Range of Self-Directed IRA Services

GoldStar Trust shines in providing a variety of investment choices. These options are designed to meet the needs of modern, sophisticated investors. Their services include:

  • Church bonds and crowdfunding initiatives
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Privately offered investments.

This assortment enables investors to explore a wide range of assets. It opens up possibilities for customized risk management and growth opportunities.

Distinction from Traditional Precious Metals Brokers

GoldStar Trust goes beyond the typical focus on gold or silver that characterizes many custodians. They offer a platform for investing in a multitude of assets, easing the constraints linked to traditional precious metals brokers.

By providing gold IRAs and access to emerging sectors and unconventional assets, they redefine investment possibilities within self-directed IRAs, distinguishing themselves in the market.

GoldStar Trust Product Offerings

GoldStar Trust is revolutionizing retirement planning with a wide range of product offerings. They provide investors with options beyond the usual markets, encouraging growth through unique investment avenues.

Their portfolio opens up new possibilities for those looking to diversify their investment strategies.

1. Self-Directed Retirement Account Options

GoldStar Trust offers diverse self-directed retirement accounts. These accounts, including Traditional IRAs, Roth, SEP, and SIMPLE IRAs, cater to various financial objectives and tax planning needs. They serve as a cornerstone for effective personal finance management, allowing investors to tailor their retirement strategies.

2. Church Bonds & Crowdfunding Investment Opportunities

GoldStar Trust provides investment opportunities in church bonds and crowdfunding projects. These options are ideal for those inclined to support religious, community projects, or back innovative startups. Investing in church bonds is a way to support religious institutions while aiming for steady returns.

3. Publicly Traded Securities and Real Estate IRAs

GoldStar's offerings include publicly traded securities and real estate IRAs. These real estate IRA investments bring a tangible asset to retirement plans, attracting individuals looking to mitigate market volatility with property investments.

They offer a way to diversify retirement portfolios through property investments, providing an alternative to traditional market investments.

GoldStar Trust's IRA Fees and Pricing Transparency

In the investment world, knowing the fees for managing an IRA is essential. GoldStar Trust stands out by clearly outlining these costs upfront. Their fee structure is transparent, aimed at investors in precious metals IRAs and other retirement accounts. This transparency is particularly beneficial for those looking to understand the financial implications of their investment choices.

Investors interested in a precious metals IRA must be mindful of specific costs. GoldStar Trust excels in clearly communicating these fees, ensuring investors face no surprises. This clarity is pivotal for fostering trust and making informed financial decisions. By detailing expenses openly, GoldStar Trust distinguishes itself in the realm of precious metals IRA investments.

  • Establishment Fee: GoldStar Trust charges a one-time setup fee of $50 for new IRAs. This initial fee covers the administrative costs associated with establishing an IRA account.
  • Annual Maintenance Fees: Depending on the account balance and type, annual IRA fees vary from $75 to $275. These are comprehensive fees, covering account maintenance and custodial services.
  • Custodial Fees: As a responsible custodian, GoldStar Trust outlines their custodial fees openly. These are integrated into the annual maintenance cost and are pivotal for the secure and compliant management of your retirement assets.

Customer Experiences and Service Quality

GoldStar Trust positions itself as a leader in IRA company ratings and financial service quality. Their customer support aims to make complex financial decisions easier for clients.

Reviewing Client Testimonials and Trust Ratings

Client testimonials and trust ratings show a mostly positive view of GoldStar Trust:

  • Many customers praise the trust and security from the company's reputation.
  • Others appreciate how GoldStar Trust has enhanced their retirement fund management.
  • Some desire more focused support in precious metals investment.

Customer Service Evaluation and Accessibility

GoldStar Trust's accessibility significantly boosts their IRA company ratings:

  • Key team members are easily reachable through the company's website.
  • Personalized email support is a highlighted advantage in customer evaluations.
  • Detailed support caters to specific financial needs, enhancing service quality.

GoldStar Trust seeks to offer both comprehensive and tailored customer care. They work to align service delivery with client expectations, refining their offerings in the financial sector.

Pros and Cons of Investing with GoldStar Trust

Considering the benefits of GoldStar Trust, it's important to note its established history and wide investment options. These features allow for a customized IRA strategy, fitting various investor profiles. Yet, potential clients must also weigh the investment drawbacks before committing.


  • Its long history builds reliability and trust among clients.
  • Offers a broad custodian service including assets like real estate and private equity.
  • It provides flexibility in asset choices, enabling personalized investment strategies that cater to individual retirement aspirations.


  • The absence of specialized precious metals brokerage may disappoint those seeking expertise in this field.
  • The wide array of investment options might confuse newbies or those desiring a simpler, directed investment experience.

Understanding the gold IRA insights is vital for anyone thinking of choosing GoldStar Trust for their IRA custodian. Acknowledging both benefits and disadvantages enables a well-rounded investment decision. Investors should assess how well GoldStar Trust's offerings match their unique retirement planning needs.


In wrapping up this GoldStar Trust IRA review, it's evident that the company offers robust IRA services. These are geared towards investors aiming to diversify with alternative investments. Their long-standing history and clear pricing underscore their reputation as a dependable custodian.

Also, their focus isn't solely on precious metals. This might impact gold-focused investors. It's critical to understand their full range of services. This ensures they meet your investment objectives. While GoldStar holds a strong position, investors must consider their specific needs carefully.

Engaging with financial advisors when considering GoldStar Trust is highly advisable. Experts can guide you through their options, aligning them with your financial plans.


  • Services: Bullion Dealer
  • Products: Gold, silver, copper, palladium and platinum
  • Promotion: None

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