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Updated May 22, 2024

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Overview is a online platform founded by precious metals expert Mike Maloney, providing educational resources and offering a variety of gold and silver products for investors seeking to navigate and capitalize on opportunities in the precious metals market.

Embarking on the journey of precious metals investment can be a transformative endeavor for your financial portfolio, offering a blend of security and potential growth.

A key player that has carved its niche in this sector is, a platform that seizes the opportunity to guide investors through the nuances of adding physical gold and silver investments to their asset collection.

Committed to empowering your portfolio diversification, serves both novice and veteran investors, providing an array of bullion products to meet diverse investment strategies.

Key Takeaways

  • Founded in 2005, has been a staple in precious metals investing.
  • An array of products and services, including private storage and diverse payment options, cater to various investor needs.
  • Educational materials provided by empower investors at all levels.
  • The company’s reputation is a mix of strong offerings and customer service concerns, with unresolved complaints noted.
  •’s unaccredited status with the Better Business Bureau may affect potential investor trust.

About Investing in Precious Metals

Founded by Mike Maloney, a leading figure in investment and economics, stands at the forefront of precious metals diversification, extending a helping hand to investors aiming to enter the world of secure gold investments. Through comprehensive educational resources and tools made available on their platform, strives to clarify the intricacies of the precious metals market, shaping a more informed investment community.'s commitment to investment-grade bullion is evident through their carefully selected inventory:

  • Popular gold and silver coins
  • Alluring bars for the avid investor
  • Other premium options that hold promise for liquidity

This selection is sourced from the most reputable mints worldwide, reinforcing the company's reputation for quality and reliability. Additionally, Mike Maloney’s association with the brand lends significant credibility, assuring investors of the integrity and expertise behind their secure gold investments.

In essence, is not just about buying and selling precious metals; it's about fostering precious metals diversification across investment portfolios, ensuring each investor has the tools and resources for a sound financial future.

Goldco is an industry leader in the precious metals space, offering a comprehensive approach to protecting your retirement savings in an ever-changing economic landscape.


  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

Comprehensive Services Offered by enriches the investor experience by presenting a meticulously curated range of services tailored for those who demand excellence in precious metals acquisition and management. Understanding the nuanced needs of modern investors, provides a trio of cornerstone services to ensure confidence, security, and versatility in precious metals investing.

Investment-Grade Bullion Products

Investors prioritize the quality and authenticity of their assets. caters to this need by offering an array of investment-grade silver and gold.

Esteemed pieces such as the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin and the American Silver Eagle coin headline their selection, emblematic of the purity and value that discerning clients expect. These, alongside exquisite investment-grade jewelry crafted from pure gold, provide a robust portfolio foundation.

Private Vault Storage Options

To safeguard your investment, they collaborate with high-security private vault storage facilities including Brinks and the International Depository Services Group.

These alliances ensure that your IRA-approved precious metals are securely stored under vigilant scrutiny, giving you peace of mind whether you're an avid collector or a strategic investor scaling your assets.

Global Shipping Solutions and IRA-Eligible Metals

Escalate your investment game by taking advantage of their global bullion delivery services, guaranteeing that your IRA-eligible gold and silver investments reach your doorstep, no matter where in the world you are. 

Although mindful that domestic shipping for orders below $499 may incur charges, they remain steadfast in their commitment to delivering your assets efficiently and securely wherever your operations may extend.

Evaluating Its Standing in the Investment Community has long held a position as a trusted venue in the precious metals marketplace, a status underscored by its association with the acclaimed figure, Mike Maloney. Offering an array of physical investments, the platform stands as a beacon for many looking to enhance their portfolios with gold and silver. A key aspect when judging such a dealer is the takeaways from various investor experiences, and in this respect, has a storied record.

  • The review landscape paints a portrait of a company with proficient dealings, as numerous Trustpilot evaluators have expressed positive reflections on their transactions and customer engagement.
  • Notably, the precious metals dealer rating remains complicated; while customers have voiced satisfaction, the absence of Better Business Bureau accreditation and an F rating due to unaddressed complaints leaves a blemish on its record.
  • Customer feedback forms the backbone of a business's reputation in this digital age, and so, the aggregation of experiences on review platforms becomes a crucial aspect for potential investors vetting's credibility.

Enhancing the customer service department and improving the resolution of grievances are pressing matters revealed through this diverse array of investor feedback. These responses suggest that while many find value in's offerings, there remains room for improvement in ensuring each investor's journey is seamless and satisfactory.

Customer Satisfaction and Support at's reputation is partly reflected through its extensive array of Trustpilot testimonials, showcasing a range of customer experiences. It is here that individuals seek to voice their satisfaction or express their concerns with the brand's performance in the market of precious metals.

Analyzing Reviews and Testimonials

The feedback found on review platforms like Trustpilot often provides valuable insights into a company's service quality. Positive reviews for frequently commend the straightforwardness of the transaction process and the high standard of the precious metal products on offer.

Such positive feedback underscores the importance of maintaining excellence in customer support and product quality.

Customer Service Response & Issue Resolution

On the flip side, negative reviews are inevitable for any service provider, and they present an opportunity for growth. is no exception, as negative reviews often revolve around customer support and complaint handling. Customers have reported delays in email responses and issues with order cancellations.

These points of criticism highlight the need for continuous improvement in communication channels and the efficiency of remedying customer grievances.

  1. Analyze the polarity of customer testimonials to understand overall satisfaction levels.
  2. Identify recurring themes in negative feedback to address and resolve systemic issues.
  3. Implement strategies to bolster trust and transparency in complaint resolution processes.

The Leadership and Expertise Behind

At the heart of's operation and ethos lie the wisdom and authority of two leading lights in the realm of precious metals investing: Mike Maloney and Jeff Clark. Maloney, a seasoned financial author and the enterprising spirit behind the comprehensive educational series Hidden Secrets of Money, brings his acumen to the platform, infusing it with the depth of knowledge investors can rely on.

Clark complements this ensemble with his exceptional prowess as a precious metals analyst, contributing to the robust educational resources is celebrated for.

Their investment expertise provides a foundation of trust and fosters a learning environment that helps both novices and seasoned investors make informed decisions. This educational approach is instrumental for those who aim to navigate the often complex landscape of precious metals investments with confidence and clarity.

Together, Mike Maloney and Jeff Clark are not just stewards of's vision, but they are also esteemed educators and advocates for the mindful investment in silver and gold.

  • Mike Maloney: Financial educator, author, and advocate for precious metals as an asset class.
  • Jeff Clark: Renowned precious metals analyst, bringing a sharp eye to market trends and investment strategies.
  • Educational Resources: Maloney's and Clark's shared commitment to empowering investors with knowledge and tools for success in precious metals investment.

Their tandem guidance illuminates the path for investors seeking to fortify their portfolio with the tangible security offered by precious metals. In an ever-evolving financial landscape, the insight provided by's leadership is an invaluable asset for those committed to preserving wealth through the acquisition of gold and silver.

Considering the Pros and Cons of

When considering as a conduit for your precious metals investments, it’s crucial to take a broad perspective. The platform has carved out a niche in the investment decision-making process, allowing investors to explore the realms of silver and gold with confidence and support. However, a prudent investor should also consider buyer experiences and be aware of any company shortcomings that could impact their investing journey.

Benefits of Choosing GoldSilver for Investment

  • Extensive selection of precious metals products, providing a rich suite for portfolio diversification.
  • Flexible payment methods, including the modern option of Bitcoin, catering to a variety of investor preferences.
  • Educational resources that enhance investor knowledge, contributing to informed decision-making.
  • A buy-back policy that supports the liquidity and reassurance for investors concerning the resale value of their assets.
  • International shipping capabilities that ensure global reach for investor access to precious metals.

Challenges and Concerns Raised by Customers

  • Shipping fees on domestic orders below $499 may discourage smaller investments and add to the overall cost.
  • Trustpilot complaints, although outnumbered by positive reviews, reflect areas needing improvement in customer service and transaction management.
  • Potential delays and communication issues have been cited in buyer experiences, signaling the need for more responsive customer support.

As investors navigate the advantages and potential difficulties with, each investment decision should be balanced with personal goals and the highlighted insights from existing customers. Weighing the advantages against its documented company shortcomings will serve as a basis for a sound, individualized investment strategy.


As we compile our summary, it is apparent that the platform is a commendable contender in the world of precious metals investment. The expertise on display, led by notable figures in the industry, creates an environment where both novice and seasoned investors can navigate the complexities of purchasing investment-grade gold and silver with ease.

The company showcases a commitment to investor education and a variety of options for secure boltholes for one's assets, heightening its appeal to individuals looking to diversify their portfolios.

Final Assessment and Recommendations

In drawing our concluding thoughts,’s approach to empowerment through knowledge and the flexibility in transaction methods are major advantages that resonate well with the investment community. However, it is essential to reflect on the less favorable facets, such as additional shipping costs for certain orders, the absence of accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, and the spotlighted customer service issues.

As potential investors contemplate future investment strategies, these aspects call for a careful and informed decision-making process. Prospective buyers are advised to engage in exhaustive research, weighing both the merits and the points of contention raised by existing customers.

Aligning Expectations with Services

In essence, while is a beacon for those pursuing precious metals investment, it is vital for investors to align their expectations with what the service currently offers. This entails a balanced consideration of the company's strengths and areas flagged for improvement.

By meticulously appraising's comprehensive suite of services against one's own investment goals, investors can embark on a promising journey towards diversifying with confidence and clarity.


  • Service: Bullion Dealer
  • Products Offered: Silver, Gold
  • Promotion: None

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